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Super sweet chapter image by &thereshegoes at TDA

I love those times when you wake up naturally, and the sun is shining through the window and your linens all soft and fresh smelling…

 I do not love those times when you wake up on the floor to the sound of your best friend vomiting violently into your toilet.

I rub my eyes and walk over to Rose to help hold her hair. And, of course, she manages to still look gorgeous while puking. I look in the mirror, my hair is up in a greasy bun and my face is all oily. That’s how I look every morning, while Rose wakes up looking like a fashion model.

She finally finishes and flushes, rushing immediately to the sink to rinse the taste out of her mouth, “Chase, I am not cut out for this shit.”

“Heh, whatever happened to not cussing while there’s a child inside of you?”

“Morning sickness fucking happened, okay?” Rose snaps at me.

“Woah, that had better be the hormones talking. Rosie-Baby, you don’t usually curse like a sailor or, well, me, and that’s what’s so cute about you,” I pinch her cheek, “When you cuss, you're just some random badass red-head walkin' 'round town.”

She throws me a glare, but the smile can’t stay off her lips, “I hate you.”

I give her a big hug, “I love you too. Even though you kind of smell like barf.”

“Ugh you’re right!” She pulls away and shrieks, “I need to take a shower! Scorpius is coming here today to see me!”

As she frantically starts undressing, we’ve known each other way too long to be shy, and hops in the shower I remember the question I’ve been asking her non-stop, “Have you told him yet?”

For a second all I hear is the sound of the shower running, but finally Rose speaks up shakily, “I was going to do it today.”

“Good. He should have been the first person you told, not me.”

“I know, I know,” She sighs, “Will you… Will you come with me? Y’know, be there when I tell him?”

“I was going to meet up with Louis, but I will if you want me to. What are you so scared of?”

The shower stops and I see Rose’s arm reach out and grab her towel, “I don’t know what I’m scared of. I guess I’m just afraid that Scorpius isn’t going to want me anymore.”

“Rose, that’s absurd. That boy is crazy for you, and as long as there’s a properly functioning brain in your head Scorpius will always want you.”

 She smiles at me, but I can see the worry still in her eyes.

I take my turn showering and we get dressed, Rose looking gloriously girly in a floral blouse and a little ruffly skirt. I look perfectly sidekick-ish in a graphic tee with some clever saying and denim shorts.

We walk out of my room and into the kitchen. Mom is downstairs working the breakfast crowd, but Dad is sitting in the kitchen reading the Quibbler, the wizard world’s most accurate newspaper. The lady who ran it, my Aunt Luna, was a good friend of Dad’s and so he always read it.

“Er, um, hello,” Dad says awkwardly, avoiding eye contact with either of us. He’s been acting awkward like this since he found out about the pregnancy; my guess is that he still sees us as little girls and can’t handle the fact that either of us is old enough to get knocked up. He tries to be the cool dad, but I know his paternal instincts are kicking into hyper-mode right now.

“Hey Dad,” I grab two bagels from the bread box, “We’re going to go meet up with Scorpius and Louis, okay?”

“Sc- Scorpius?” Dad’s eyes go big, and he immediately looks at Rose, “You guys are going to be with Scorpius?”

Rose squeaks a little as she realizes my dad’s thought process, but I come to her rescue, “Don’t worry, Louis and I will be there the whole time. Besides, Scorpius is a good kid.”

He nods, and we leave.

We walk down the stairs, and I almost burst out laughing at what I see. Scorpius, bless his little heart, is sitting smack in the middle of Big Carter and Pete the Cobbler.

“Tell me, boy,” Pete says in his jittery old voice, “What are yeh doin’ walkin’ ‘round in them ugly sneakers? If yeh want some good quality shoes, yeh come on down tah mah place, Pete the Cobbler’s. I can make yeh some real nice pairs of shoes tah impress the ladies with.”

“Pete, don’t try to get the boy’s business, he probably likes his ugly sneakers,” Says Big Carter in his deep, but always kind voice, “I bet he’s already got himself a nice lady.”

Scorpius speaks up, “Actually, I do, and she’s staying here for the week. You’ve probably seen her, she has beautiful big brown eyes and pretty red hair?” what can I say, the boy is smitten.

“Oh, you mean Rose!” Big Carter laughs his hearty laugh, “Why, she’s right there!”

Scorpius turns and sees the girl next to me, and I swear his smile is a mile wide. He rushes over and takes her in his arms and plants a kiss in her hair, then takes a step back, still failing to have noticed me, and starts talking a mile a minute, “Rose, it’s so great to see you! When you said in your letter that you were staying at Chase’s place I was confused, but then you invited me here and I realized you came here for me! Because when we’re here there are no judgmental fathers to keep us apart, so I planned for us to have a very nice romantic day and a picnic and I even rented us a room here just in case,” He flushes red, “you wanted to, you know, again.”

I snort, “I don’t think you guys are gonna be doing THAT again anytime soon.”

Still blushing, he looks at me as if he just realized I was there, “Oh, hi Chase. Wait, what do you mean?” He looks at Rose, “What does she mean? I mean, if you don’t want to anymore that’s okay but…”

Rose, who’s been standing there stunned this whole time, puts a finger on his lips, “Scorpius, sweetie, you talk too much. There’s uh, there’s something that I need to tell you.”

Just then my world stops for a second, because at that moment there is a very perfect blonde veela boy walking through the door. A year older than me, Louis could not be any more of my dream man than he already was.

“Hey, Chase!” He calls when he sees me. He’s the only person that notices me before noticing Rose when he walks into the room. And boy, does he know how to walk into a room.

“Hi, Louis,” I say at the same time as the bar locals. They all love him just as much as I do, since he’s always coming here to visit me. In a strictly platonic way, of course.

He casually throws his arm around me, “How’s the insomnia?”

“I knew it was back!” Rose shrieks, “You should have told me!”

I shrug, “Louis only knows because he continues to I.L. me after you’ve fallen asleep,” I.L. meant Instant Letters, which is where two people enchant their parchment so that when they write on one it appears on the other. All the teens are using it nowadays.

“Have you told Scorpius yet?” Louis asks Rose.

Her eyes go big, “How do you know?”

“The entire Weasley family knows after all the shouting Uncle Ron was doing the other night.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Scorpius asks.

I cut in, “Let’s go find somewhere better to talk about all this.”


We sat awkwardly in silence under the shade of a beautiful big olive tree. It was behind the ice cream store from which we’d just come, and was perfectly private for our conversation. Louis and I are sitting next to each other, as usual, and like always I can’t help wondering how he’s been one of my best friends for practically our entire lives and still hasn’t been able to tell I was in love with him. Maybe he could, but he just ignored it. After all, guys never go for the sidekick, and Louis was the type that definitely deserved a leading lady. I mean, I can practically see his six pack through his messily-worn white button up, and that was not the type to go for second best.

“So, um, what’s going on?” Scorpius asks, innocent as a puppy dog. It’s funny, because Rose told me he’s pretty wild in the sack, nothing like his usual OCD self.

“Rose, tell him,” I push her gently.

“Um,” the syllable stumbles out of her mouth, “Scorpius, remember how the, ahem, condom broke?” Scorpius goes pale in anticipation for what she’s about to say, “I’m pregnant.”

“But, uh, how will this affect our grades…” he mumbles airily before full on passing out.

Always with the dramatics.

The three of us quickly get up and bend down to make sure he’s all right, and Rose starts giving him panicky kisses on the face hoping that he’ll wake up.

“Rose, honey, he’s a teen dad, not Sleeping Beauty,” I tell her and tenderly try to pull her away so he can get some air.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Louis smile at my joke, but I’m too preoccupied trying to calm down my crazy and pregnant best friend to really get enjoyment out of it.

“Louis, find a brown paper bag for Rose, she’s hyperventilating!”

He looks around quickly, panicked, and runs back to the ice cream shop. He retreats back here with the bag, and I give it to Rose who immediately grabs it and starts breathing in and out of it. Finally, Scorpius comes to, and Rose throws the bag aside to throw herself onto him and hug him tight.

Foggily, he manages to let out a sentence, “If it’s a boy, there is no way we’re giving him any of my family names. We need a Malfoy kid with a normal name.”

Rose pulls back from the hug, her eyes watering slightly and a smile creeping onto her face, “You mean you want to keep the baby? And stay with me?”

His eyebrows furrow, “Of course I do. Rose, I’ve always wanted for us to get married and have kids. We’re just going a little out of order… And a little sooner than I expected.”

She starts kissing him passionately, and they make out for about a half a minute.

Louis and I stand there awkwardly with our hands in our pockets, not wanting to disturb their little family moment.

We finally split them up when they start whispering arithmetic equations to each other seductively, though, because we don’t need them to make another baby right here on the sidewalk.

“Er, Chase,” Rose says, wiping her smudged lip gloss off her face, “I know Uncle Neville didn’t want Scorpius and I to be alone, but do you think that you could give us just an hour to talk about everything?”

I shrug, “Take two hours; I hear they’ve just released new ancient runes books at the book store.”

They smile at each other excitedly, and run off hand in hand.

Louis and I start walking back in the direction of the Cauldron together.

“So,” I say nonchalantly, it’s always easy to be around him, “Are they the perfect couple, or what?”

He smiles, “They are meant for each other, if anyone around here is going to have a baby they’re probably the best suited.”

I snort, “They’re probably buying a bunch of parenting books, like they’re studying for some big test.”

“Knowing them, if they thought that having a baby was a test there would probably be another one on the way soon after.”


“Whatcha thinkin’ ‘bout, Chasey Whasey?” He asks me using a lame nickname.

“I’m thinking about how it would be if I were pregnant. If you were an outsider looking in, and I was pregnant, who would you assume the father was?”

Louis shrugs, and discreetly steps a little closer to me, “If I was an outsider, I would probably assume that I was the father.”

I stop walking completely, my heart skipping a beat, “Do you mean you as in… you, or you as in the outsider?”

He takes another step closer to me, and his breath smells like caramel, “I mean me.”

His eyes go big as if he’s suddenly realized that we’re almost touching, and he quickly turns and starts walking again. I take a deep breath, dazed, and catch up to him.

“Why would you think it was you, Louis?”

He doesn’t look back at me, obviously feeling awkward, “Er. Well, y’know, I’d assume that we were… err… friends with benefits. Or whatever. ‘Cause we’re always hanging out and stuff.”

“Well… It’s a plausible idea,” did I just say that? Was this entire conversation really happening? Usually Louis and I just playfully argued about random stuff, like our favorite candy! Not the idea of us sleeping together! Although, I can’t say I’m complaining at the thought.

This time Louis is the one that stops short in his tracks, “It is?”

“Well, um, yeah,” I say, but then I’m afraid I’ll scare him so I add on, “But, like, just as friends of course. That casual type of thing.”

He turns around and really looks at me for the first time since the subject was brought up.

And then he kisses me. 

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