How they reached the Headmaster’s office was a blur to Jake Roberts. They were divided mostly in pairs, their mission to reach their houses and call them to arms against the Carrows. Princess and Selena were the first to leave through a door opening to a fourth floor corridor. Matt and Scott soon followed leaving through a door that revealed a broom closet that Jake recognized as being near their Transfiguration class. Despite of the situation, Jake smirked remembering the number of girls he had snogged there. Diana then left alone to rally the Gryffindor House. Jake and Majah took the hardest job of all, reaching the Headmaster office.

“I hope they are alright.” Jake muttered as they stood in front of the gargoyle guarding the office. Their excursion from the fourth floor corridor was tense-filled especially as they had to use every bit of knack and cranny that they know to hide from the patrolling Slytherin students. From time to time the castle would shake from a nasty blast.

“There are professors. They know what they are doing.” Majah replied though a frown marred her face. Neville and Hannah had remained to distract Carrows and their forces. With the blast and the shaking, Jake and Majah could only assume that the Carrows did not bite their mentors’ alibi of dalliance.

“Amortencia.” Jake muttered to the gargoyle. They slipped in even before the door was fully opened.

“Mr. Roberts, Ms. Raj?” the Headmaster raised a pudgy brow when they rushed into his office.

“Headmaster, the…” Jake stopped when Majah elbowed him. Sitting in front of the Headmaster’s table was a coat and tied wizard, his baton resting lightly on his lap, a horn-rimmed glasses adorn an aristocratic face.

“Ms. Raj?” The man inclined a head. “The Miss Majah Raj that I’d been hearing about from the Carrows? I heard great things about you Miss…a lot of great things that I thought to ignore the most recent of those things but it seems I was hasty in doing so. Why would a Slytherin be caught dead with a Gryffindor?”

“Begging your pardon, Headmaster…” Jake turned to Slughorn even before Majah could react to the man. “You have four professors dueling in the corridor.”

“And who are these professors?” Slughorn asked, giving the man a short glance before looking back at Jake and Majah.

“Professor Carrows, Longbottom and Madam Abbot.” Majah replied for Jake.

“Longbottom and Abbot, you say?” The man smirked before Slughorn could say anything. “I told the Dark Lord those two would be more trouble than they are worth. I told him to dispose of them but…”

“Do you doubt the Dark Lord’s decision, Mr. Mitchell?” Slughorn asked as he stood up.

Majah stifled a gasp. So this was Selena’s father. She thought to himself.

“As for your peace of mind young ones, Professor Carrows were sent to apprehend the two who has been rumored to be starting a rebellion here in our school.” Slughorn stares bore through them, him hoping that the couple will not do anything drastic. “They have acquired the service of the Slytherin House to patrol the corridors while the other Houses were asked to return to their dormitories. Now, Ms. Raj, I suggest you escort Mr. Robert back to the Gryffindor dormitories. As a prefect, the Slytherin would need you out there helping them suppress any rebellion that Professor Longbottom and Madam Abbot have started.”

“Wait a moment…” Mr. Mitchell finally stood up, his baton on his hand. “I am still curious as to how students from Gryffindor and Slytherin Houses could find themselves rushing together to inform the Headmaster of…”

“We are dating.” Majah interrupted him, her back ramrod. Even Jake did a double-take and looked at her with mouth agape. “Is there a new law that a Slytherin pureblood could not date a Gryffindor pureblood or has the illustrious, immensely wealthy Roberts family been declared a blood traitor?”

“There is none of course.” Mr. Mitchell agreed with a nod. “I am just curious. From what I heard of you, Miss Raj, this boy is not your type if you are really interested in boys.”

“Can we go now?” Jake grabbed her wrist warningly. “I guess we were wrong to think the headmaster was not aware of what was happening in his school.”

“I wonder…” Mr. Mitchell hefted his baton, looking suspiciously at the couple.

“Mitchell…” Slughorn sighed as he read the situation. Raj was already gripping her wand tightly, barely being restraint by Roberts who himself is already on the verge of losing his resolve. Mr. Mitchell seemed to have deduced the students’ true intention. There is no choice…

“It seems Headmaster that the Carrows might have missed a student or two…” Mr. Mitchell smirked as he took a step toward the retreating students. He was raising his baton when the fire to the fireplace whoosh green flame. Slughorn has hastily threw a floo powder in it.

“You don’t now the half of it.” Slughorn shrugged as he raised his wand against the death eater benefactor. Jake and Majah followed suit.

“Slughorn, what is the meaning…?”

“Revolution, my good man.” Slughorn smirked as the Headmasters portrait gave him a round of applause. “Now, you thank your stars that you are my head girl’s father. I have opened a one way floo connection to your mansion. I suggest you take it with your dignity intact.”

“You are making a big mistake, Horace. The Dark Lord…”

“He will surely be angry.” Slughorn agreed. “And he will probably rush here immediately but I promise you, he will find Hogwarts a more impregnable castle than the previous war. I have not been idle in my reign as headmaster.”

“I suggest you take the way out offered, sir.” Jake smirked. “Selena would truly be angry with me if I hexed you with some of the hex she taught me.”


“She’s is one of us.”


Selena Mitchell and Princess Adams cursed their luck as they dodged flying curses and hexes. They were one corridor away from their dormitory when the four Slytherins spotted them. After an intense duel, they managed to take down three of them but were forced to retreat when more Slytherins rounded from a corner.

“Detention!” Selena Mitchell shrieked as she took down a seventh year Slytherin prefect.

“I don’t think it will matter much to them.” Princess muttered as they rushed into a room. Selena only smirked as she magically locked the door. Without a word both of them rushed out of the room’s second doorway. Selena also magically locked it.

“Let them think we are holed up there.” She muttered as they run away. From time to time they would they loud explosions followed by the castle shaking.

“Looks like Professor Neville and Madam Hannah is giving them a hard time.” Princess as they ducked into a secret passage. “What do we do now?’

“We need to find a safer way to our dormitories. We need to rally the Ravenclaw.” Selena said as she leaned against a wall, taking a much needed rest from running. “We don’t know long can the professors keep the Carrows and the rest of the Slytherin house at bay.”

“Let’s hope the others faired better than us.” Princess sighed dejectedly.

“What is more important is for Jake and Majah to reach the headmaster.” Selena pointed out. “With the headmaster on our side, the rest of the faculty will follow.”

“Those two will reach the headmaster with little problem. No one would think we would try to go in that direction. There would be less Slytherins to bar their way. Unless Raj betrays Jake.” Princess muttered darkly.

“I don’t think she will.” Selena said without a doubt. “Are you rested enough? There is only one route left for us to take and I am sure the rest of the Slytherin knows it as well and are probably waiting for us even as well speak now.”

“We can handle the Slytherins. I just wonder…”


“What if we are dealing not only with the Slytherins?” Princess asked darkly. “What if some from our house betray us?”


“Matt…” Scott hazards a glance as he stepped back at the same time repelling a reducto curse from a seventh year Slytherin. His best friend Matt was calmly reading a book of spell as he also took a step back, hiding behind his shield. “Now is not a good time to read a book.”

“On the contrary, reading at a time like this is very useful.” Matt casually pointed his wand at their attackers and whispered a word unfamiliar to Scott. He gaped as the five seventh year Slytherins were frozen in their tracks. “What…?”

“It says here that when you merge a wind spell with a freezing charm will result into a ice-freezing charm that will keep humans in suspended animation for at least an hour.” Matt continued leafing through the book as he walked away from his handiwork.

“Where did you get that book?” Scott asked as he tried to catch up with his friend.

“This is one of Ravenclaw’s private collections stored in their dormitory. Princess was good enough to lend it to me.” He glanced up to see Mrs. Norris stalking toward them. “Are you friend or foe…?” He murmured.

“She is just a cat…”

“Where ever she is, her owner is sure to follow.” Matt explained before using the same freezing spell on the cat. “Better be sure, she won’t call him.” He pocketed the book deep in his robe. “We are almost in our…Frank Marcus?” He raised a brow when they saw their fellow Hufflepuff, along with two others, approached them with wands out.

“Have you seen any Slytherin?” The small, wispy Hufflepuff asked them as they stopped a few steps from each other. “We’d been looking for them ever since the headmaster called for a lockdown and the Carrows started fighting Professor Longbottom.”

“Saw some of them back there but they won’t be bothering us for a long while.” Scott smirked, pointing with his thumb where they came from. “They didn’t stand a…” Matt pushed him away when Frank and the two other Hufflepuff started cursing them without warning. Without losing a stride, Matt released an impedimenta spell that fell one of Frank’s accomplices before raising a shield to deflect Frank’s curse. Scott rolled on the floor using the momentum of Matt’s push to evade the curses of the other accomplice at the same time sending with his own spell.

“Gotcha!” Scott whooped as he hit the guy with a sleeping charm and just like that, Frank Marcus found himself two against one.

“Out numbered, Frank.” Matt pointed his wand at their housemate.

“You two don’t know what you are doing.” Frank glared at them as he lowered his wand. “You are doing nothing but endangering everyone and I will not let you drag our house down.”

“Attitude like that has kept our house in the shadows of the other houses.” Scott scoffed. “We have been given an opportunity to do something now, to step out of the shadows…”

“Hufflepuff will not…”

“Shut up.” Matt muttered as he put Frank to sleep with a wave of his wand.

“What if he is right?” Scott asked.

“He better not be.” Matt muttered as they continued their slow trek toward their house.


“Why should we join the fight?” A Gryffindor seventh year asked Diana as she stood in the center of their common room. To reach the Gryffindor tower, she had to elude roving Slytherins, using her natural skill of metamorphmagus to fool them. As such, she barely had to fight anyone. Yet she knew the hardest part of her mission is not navigating through the hostile hallways but to win the Gryffindor to their cause.

“You and Roberts have been declared blood traitors. Why should we throw our fortune to your lot? Why risk the safety of our families?” Another one shouted.

“If you haven’t heard the news, the Kingsley has joined forces with Hagrid deep in the Forbidden Forest to make a last stand.” Diana explained, her hair turning bright red in her suppressed anger. “There are rumors that Professor McGonagall is leaving wherever she and the other true Hogwarts professors are hiding to join their wands with Kingsley and Hagrid. To those of you thickheaded not to understand…this is it. They are making a final stand: one last fight to push back the darkness and save not only our families but the muggles as well. This is our chance and for time immemorial Gryffindor has always lead the fray against the dark. Will it be written that our generations weren’t bold enough? Weren’t strong enough? Weren’t courageous enough that we swill stood aside as the other houses took arms?”

“The Dark Lord is unbeatable. Even the Chosen One was no match against him.”

“He is unbeatable because we allow fear to rule over us. Just think what would have happened if we didn’t just stood by and watched Harry Potter fight our war…if we joined our wands with his against the Dark Lord…?” She replied passionately. “He won because we were too scared to fight him but I say to you: Never again! Never will I allow him to scare me into submission. I have been scared for far too long. No matter what happens now, I will stand up and earn my right to be counted as a member of this House. I will be strong and I will be brave. I will be Gryffindor…” She paused for a moment, looking at his Housemates one by one. “I have made mine. Now you must make your own decision. Are you a lowly scaredy-cat or growling Gryffindor?”


Professor Neville Longbottom smirked as he surveyed the destruction he has wrought upon their attackers. Almost a dozen of Slytherin seventh year were either lying unconscious amidst the rubbles or tied up by vines against whatever remains of the hallway. He shook his head as he noticed what was left of the Tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy.

“Nev…” Hannah called out as she viciously kicked an unconscious Alecto. “Have you found Amycus?”

“I think he is under that rubble.” He pointed at a mound of debris. Last Neville had seen of the Death eater was when the ceiling collapse on top of him. “He was really stupid trying to fight us in such a confined place.”

“What now?” Hannah asked, concerns all over her face. “I hope the kids are all right.”

“We taught them well.” Neville stated proudly. “They reminded me of Harry, Ron and Hermione when they refused to just to run to the safety of the Forbidden Forest…choosing to do something difficult rather than taking the easy way out. They’ll be ok.”

“Comparing them to the Golden Trio doesn’t really assuage my concern.” Hannah spat as she magically tied Alecto. “Harry is dead, Hermione is missing and presumed dead as well.”


“Don’t start with the guy with a death wish. I hear he keeps putting himself in danger, pushing his luck and limit…”

“He is just doing what he needs to do to survive.” Neville said softly as they started walking toward the Great Wall were most of the students should be gathering if the DA was successful in reaching their Houses. “We all have own way of surviving. His is just a little more extreme…yet still justified in these troubled times.”

“Have you heard what he did to a town full of Dark Lord’s supporters?” Hannah asked in disgust.

“He killed them all, leaving not one death eater who could have join the sports of killing muggles.” Neville shrugged. “You would have done the same to the Malfoy household if you had the chance.”

“I know…” Hannah sighed as she stepped aside, leaning flat against the hallway as Neville stepped forward and immobilized a surprised Slytherin scout. “I am just worried that we are all sacrificing our values to defeat the Dark Lord and we might find ourselves with dozens of wannabe Dark Lords when we, if we are lucky enough, finally defeats the current Dark Lord.”

“It won’t come to that…” Neville said as they near the Great Hall.

“I hope you are right because I don’t think I will have the necessary strength to fight another war after all this.” Hannah gave him a peck in the cheek before she used her wand to open the massive door of the Great Hall. “Oh boy…” She gasped when they were welcomed by dozens of wands pointed at them both.



NEXT CHAPTER: Minerva McGonagall returns to her beloved Hogwarts and it is not the HOMECOMING she expected.

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