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Project Marauder by AnnaEverdeen
Chapter 1 : And Drama Ensues- Lily
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Lily Evans
"Bye Mum!" I called. My mum always has that sad look on her face right before I step through to the platform. My father looked proud and wished me luck. This year was different than all the others, though.

This year Petunia hadn't been dragged along to wave goodbye to me. She was engaged! I'm sure Vernon was a nice man, but he was quite obnoxious and a bit of a show off. That wasn't the biggest difference though. This year, Severus didn't stand beside me. He didn't grip my hand as we sprinted towards the brick wall. He didn't whisper, "Trust me Lily. They won't miss you as much as you think they will." He didn't blow a kiss to Pentunia like he did two years ago, which made me giggle until I was in tears.

I had other things to think about though.

The train blew it's whistle and I stepped on. Crumpled inside my hand was the letter announcing my accomplishment in becoming Head Girl of Gryffindor and where to report once I was on the train. I longed to see my friends, but I wasn't going to jeopardize my position by being selfishly late.

I quickened my pace as I went to the Heads compartment where we were to direct prefects and such. I needed to be there first, or at least around the time the Head Boy was to arrive.

Luckily the compartment was empty, and I slipped in, hiding my trunk under the seat. The room seemed warmer than usual, perhaps it was because the summer had been particularly cold.

It hadn't been awful- that was a lie. It had been horrible. I focused most of my time inside, avoiding any reason to cross paths with Severus. With that, all of my homework had been finished in the first two weeks, leaving literally nothing to do but gain extra practice in the magical arts. As my birthday had already come, I was allowed to do magic freely. Well, I was freed by the law, but not by my mum. She didn't want to see or hear any magic, which raised my suspicions that Petunia was trying (and being sucessful) to convince my mother of me being a freak. It only took her seven years.

Not only that, but Dad had seen how bored I was. Instead of offering to take me out to do a round of Muggle golf or pick out a few records at the music store, he invited his boss's son to lunch one Saturday. Charlie was very boring, flat and hard-headed. We hung out often, much against my wishes, but I had to be nice though, for his dad was my daddy's boss. Besides, I was a witch, and I wasn't going to date a muggle.

"Do you have to leave?" Charlie had asked on the day before. He pushed back my hair and I swatted his hand away.

"Yup," I replied flatly. Even James Potter was more tolerable than the many meetings I had with Charlie.

"Where is it you go again?" he clearly hadn't taken the hint and gave me a hug. I pulled away quickly.

"Miss Carlton's School for Girls," I recited.

"I've never heard of it," he whispered in my ear, kissing my jaw. I sighed.

"That's 'coz it's for the insane," I said in my craziest voice.

Sitting in the Hogwarts Express, I smiled at what I'd said to Charlie. I didn't regret it a single bit. I picked at a spider bite on my arm and had just began to plan out my fabulous year when I heard an obnoxious knock on the door.

"Who is it?" I called.

"Three guesses who!" I rolled my eyes as he opened the door. Potter.

"Hey you can't be in here yet-" I was cut off by what I saw. Potter's Head Boy badge.

I buried my face in my hands. Of course.

"Looks like we'll be spending plenty of time together this year," he taunted, smirking.

"Wow, all summer I was dreaming of the moment when I was granted my wish of being forced to speak to James Potter more than once a week- civilly. And now it's come true!" I said sarcastically.

"I know you missed me, Evans. Don't pretend like you didn't dream about this," he replied. "This" apparently meant him modeling a new sweater set and trousers.

"If you mean your ill-fitted trousers than no, actually, that's not what I missed about you."

"Oh? Then please tell me what it is you missed about me."

I grinned, pulled out my wand, and sent a jelly-legs jinx at him. He fell to the floor and I leaned over him.

"That's what I missed about you Potter. Doing that to you."

Potter swore and whispered the counter-curse.

"Very funny, Evans. But I hardly think you-"

We were interrupted by the first batch of Gryffindor prefects to arrive. They were four fifth years, all looking very excited.

"Sit down," I told them. "We'll begin in a moment."

I looked at James and mouthed, "We'll finish this later."

The remaining prefects showed up and I began to conduct the meeting, explaining duties and other things they had to do.

James took over for a few moments, and I searched the crowd. I spotted one of my best friends- Fo- who grinned at me.

As the meeting came to a dull close, we dismissed all of the prefects and gathered up our own things to go find our friends in their compartment.

Fo had stayed behind and hugged me.

"How was your summer?"

"Dull and uneventful," I sighed.

"That's because I wasn't around to liven things up!" James said behind us.

"Shut up James."

Fo looked at the two of us and began to laugh.I rolled my eyes and Fo helped me with my trunk as we began to walk.

"Did we get our own compartment?" I asked, ignoring the shooting pain in my shoulder from the trunk.

"Something like that," she said hesitantly.

We entered the compartment and I was greeted by my two friends and the other three marauders.

"Hey dudes!" James pushed past me and Fo and said hello to his friends.

I ignored the fact that I had to deal with the boys for the rest of the ride, and hugged my friends.

"Hey girl!" Caroline screeched, hugging me. Emma did the same, and we all laughed, admiring the clothes each other was wearing.

Emma is my all time best friend. She's feisty, temperamental but hilarious. I think she's very pretty, with her dark, shoulder length, hair and teeny blue eyes. As for beauty, though, nothing compares to Fo.

Fo, she is our shy friend. She's very smart and her ambition is to become a professor, but she is the most beautiful of all of us. Like Emma, she has dark hair. It's curly and waist length, but she has the biggest most beautiful eyes to match and a smile that always lights up a room- and a certain Marauder's face. Too bad she has only had one boyfriend- ever.

Boyfriends aren't a problem for Caroline, though. It's no secret that the blonde haired, green eyed Gryffindor has hooked up with almost every single guy in our year, including one Marauder.

"So," Emma began, grinning. "Who hooked up over the summer?"

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Project Marauder: And Drama Ensues- Lily


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