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Blake followed his mom through Knockturn Alley. One would think that a woman who as head of defense and put away dark witches and wizards alike would not be welcomed, but she was, and, as always, many even bowed down to her. She was one to be respected…and feared.

Blake followed her into the bookstore and watched his mother step in and look around cautiously.

“Tempest,” said his mother taking his mothers’ hand. Blake watched her give him a reassuring smile.

“It’s nothing Draco.” Tempest looked down at Blake, smiling. “Go grab your books sweetheart.” Tempest stepped aside, taking a seat at one of the dusty coffee tables that had probably never been used and henceforth cleaned. She stared out the dark and dirt stained window. Blake walked off, thoughtful. He hadn’t told his mother what Mr. Morte’s son had said. He had told Zilla and Zero though, and they had both been as perplexed as he was.

“Curses are complicated things,” said Zilla when they were far away from his mother. “Someone very powerful is the only one who can properly conjure one and make it stick to it’s intended target. Two people I know of that are that powerful are your mum and Merwick. Also anyone is your family. They’re tricky and complicated. You can’t just say I curse you, it doesn’t work that way. Take werewolves for example, that’s an ill contained curse that originated when Celtic witches cursed wolf hunters. It spreads. They’re tricky.”

“How the bloody hell do you know this stuff,” exclaimed Zero.

“Because she’s bloody brilliant.” Zilla blushed, looking away. Blake smiled, grabbing a book off the shelf.

“Bloody hell Zilla, we’re not even in school yet and you already know more than you should.”

“That’s because I read.”

“I read.”

“Hardly,” came a voice. Blake turned around and Zero groaned. “Reading muggle comics is hardly educating yourself,” continued Ultima leaning herself on Zero.

“Bloody hell, why can’t you royals back off?”

“Because we’re Blake’s friend,” said Dante.

“Then why bring the pest?”

“I’m only a pest to you dummy.” Ultima kissed his cheek and laughed as he rubbed feverently at it.

“Don’t be disgusting Ultima.”

“Don’t be such a bloody prick.”

“Can you guys stop bickering, please?” Blake rubbed the bridge of his nose and looked over his shoulder, sniffing the air. “Arvad, you can come out now.”

Arvad stepped from behind the shelves, his blue/grey eyes sparkling. “Hey there. What’s all this talk about curses?”

“Something they shouldn’t be talking about.” Every spun and stared at Nate. “Our parents are waiting. Get your stuff and come on.” Nate turned sharply on the heel of his shows. They squeaked against the ground. Blake stared at him angrily. Nate used to be nice, until about two years ago. Something happened, something changed.

“What are you waiting for?”

“Lay off man,” said Scorpios appearing from behind the shelves. He punched Nate lightly on the shoulder and winked at Blake. Blake was glad to have an older brother.

Blake grabbed his books and made his way to the cashier, paying for his books. Watching his mother, he saw her tap her new dagger against her hip, a faraway look in her eyes. He wondered if she was lost in thought or lost in visions of the future. Scorpios sometimes got that look in his eyes, making Blake wonder if this gift was a gift or a curse.

Tempest, as though sensing Blake, looked over at him and smiled. Paying for his books, he watched Scorpios pull out his small dagger and looked around warily.

“Expecting another visit,” snickered the bookkeeper as he rang them up. Blake looked over at him mother and watched her smile.

“In a way, yes,” answered Scorpios.

“I pity the fool your mother is after.”

“She wouldn’t want your pity.” Blake looked at his mother who was quickly at his side. She laid a few galleons on the counter and ushered the kids a long to his aunt Nila. At the table, his mother looked out the window again. Blake followed her gaze this time.

The sky had darkened, sending a chill up his spin, making the hair on his arms and neck stand up.

“Looks like a storm Zeph,” said his Aunt Nila, crossed her arms.

“Regrettable isn’t it.” She looked at Blake then at Scorpios and Nate. “You two take them to buy the rest of their school supplies. We’ll meet back at the Leaky Cauldron.” Blake stared at his mother confused and watcher her and the other adults leave. Blake looked up at his older brother.

“Don’t worry about it Blake. Come on, let’s go get the rest of your supplies.” Scorpios shoved Nate forward as they made their way deeper into Diagon Alley.


Blake checked his checklist twice, then another time over. His mum had not only given his Excalibur but Aidan as well. He figured Aidan was mainly to watch over him and make sure he didn’t get into trouble.

Blake had most of his supplies he realizes, except a wand. His mother always surprised someone with a wand when they started school. He wondered when he was going to get his.

“Blake, have you to everything?” asked Scorpios looking at some merchandise on the shelves.

“Everything except a wand.”

“Eh, I wouldn’t worry about that. Mum probably has one waiting for you.” Scorpios touched a necklace only to jerk it back as it sting his fingers. Blake laughed as he left the store, Zilla and Zero beside him.

“Where do you think your mum gets the wands,” asked Zero as he pulled his blond hair out of his eyes.

Blake shrugged, turning a corner. “My mum’s a mystery.” Blake coughed stopping dead in his tracks. He had walked into a dead end. Fog rolled in out of nowhere and he heard a wicked laugh fill the air. He turned to leave, but a black glowing wall blocked his path. Zero reached out to touch it but Blake pulled him back. Something in his gut not to touch it. The laughing grew louder and louder. Blake stepped back, pulling Zero and Zilla long with him. Turning around, he looked back at the dead end. A woman appeared, walking through the fog and shadows. Her skin was white like porcelain and her jet black hair hung down, obscuring her face. Her shoulders shook with laughter. A sword hung at her side. She was clad all in black with lace fingerless gloves reaching to her elbow. She lifted her head slowly, and Blake almost stopped breathing. Her eyes were the color of honey with gold encircling them. Her smile revealed fangs.

“Young Blake Phoebus Malfoy,” she laughed. Biting her lower lip, she traced a long black fingernail against the brick wall. “Son of the damnable Tempest Artemisa Nyx. The death of my brother.” Her eyes flared. “Has your mother failed to mention me Young Malfoy?” She inched closer and closer and Blake stepped back slowly, fearing his life depended on it. His mother didn’t talk much about her past, aside from Merwick. However, she had told him one little story.

“You’re Entia.” Entia threw her head back in a cold spin chilling laughter, clapping her hands.

“Bravo! Bravo! Bloody brilliant. That slut of a witch actually remembered my name. I’m honored.” She inched her way closing, drawing her sword. “I wonder if you’re as talented as her. Hmm, guess we’ll find out.” She pulled out her blade, holding it aloft. “Come here deary, face the Mistress of Darkness.”

Blake thought of Excalibur. It quickly flew to his hand and he unleashed it’s power. He had seen his mother do it enough times to know how to do it. Entia charged, giving him limited time to defend. But luckily he was able to block. Her eyes pierced into his.

“Such a darling little boy aren’t you?” She parried him away and he stumbled back, nearly falling into the dark wall behind him. “So much like your damn mother. A pity you had to be born. If only she had succeeded in killing Draco. A pity.” Her ears twitched and she smiled. “It would seem she’s on her way.” Fog began to envelop her. “Tell her I said hello.” She vanished along with the fog and wall. Blake sheathed Excalibur and allowed Zero and Zilla to help him stand. His mother arrived, a second too late. Blake stared at her angrily, dusting himself off.


“Entia says hi mum.” Blake stalked past her, making his way back to the Leaky Cauldron.

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