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Somewhere From My Memory by Dumbledores_Fave
Chapter 30 : Real Happy Day
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Birthdays have always been an okay day for me. Nothing special, but better than ordinary days. This year, however, should be different.

I slyly mentioned to John once when my birthday was but he hasn't said a word about it since. To be honest, I'm a little scared about whatever he may or may not be planning. Valentine's Day didn't go too well, did it?

On the other hand, I know that my friends are planning a huge surprise party in the Common Room because, between the eight of them, they suck at keeping secrets. But I'll pretend to be surprised if it makes them happy. Which, of course, I know it will.

They've all left me alone in the library, claiming they had Quidditch practice or something. Hermione and Ron want to watch and Lee is planning to practice his commentary. But, I can see Oliver Wood just on the other side of the library so that's a lie. They're probably finishing up last minute party plans for tomorrow and they told me that I should get all the homework I can done tonight so I have less on my birthday.

My friends are bad liars.

But I go along with it because I am such an amazing friend. And they're kind of right - I would rather have less homework tomorrow so I can enjoy the party.

A few hours later, John shows up and tells me to meet him by the Entrance Hall again for my surprise. I nod and tell him I need to focus since we never fully made up from Valentine's Day. He stalks off, leaving me to 'clear up my schedule' for tomorrow and I'm alone again for another hour and a quarter. It's then that I finally shut my books and rub my eyes. There's no way I can focus any longer. I did as much as I could possibly do, which is almost triple what I would have normally done.

I head back to the Common Room and stop in front of the Fat Lady.

"Remember how I said you were really smart last year?" I ask her.

She nods, "I do. You can go in. They're finished talking about your party for the time being."

I laugh and thank her, giving her the password so she can swing open.

"Hey," I hear a chorus of people trying to act casual, to no avail.

Resisting the urge to roll my eyes at them and give away the surprise, I smile and sit down in the circle they've created. "I'm done homework for tonight. I think I'm just going to get some sleep so I have tons of energy tomorrow, okay?"

They all nod and I head to the stairs, stopping once I'm out of sight to listen to them quickly. Yes, I'm right.

"So, me and Leash will leave dinner early to get up here and decorate. The rest of you keep her distracted somehow," Angelina instructs.

My friends are horrible at keeping secrets. I am so much better. How long did I keep Harry a secret? Not to mention I'm keeping a secret by not telling them I know about the party. It's actually quite impressive of me.


The morning comes too early but, like I had hoped last night, I am fully rested and ready to enjoy my day. Today. Which, apparently, starts with an early morning round of happy birthday and jumping on my bed.

How are the two of them so energized? They got less sleep than I did if they're already fully dressed.

"Morning," I say, sitting up in my bed.

"Morning birthday girl!" Alicia sings.

"Leash, we're done singing," Angelina reminds her.

"Right, sorry," she smiles. "I just got so into it."

"Shut up!" Patricia and Trisha yell in unison, covering their ears with their pillows.

The three of us chuckle at them and I hurry to get dressed so we can go eat. I get a bunch of 'happy birthday' shouts when we enter the Great Hall. It's still rather early but it seems that there are more people here than normal. The first people I see are the twins and then Harry, Hermione and Ron. John has come over to the Gryffindor table and he leans over to give me a quick birthday kiss but then heads back to the Ravenclaw table. Like I said, we haven't exactly made up yet.

I sit down and eat my breakfast, which I swear tastes better than normal. I'd bet my socks that Fred and George went to visit the house-elves last night.

"Happy birthday Lex," Fred says and George echoes it, which makes our whole group say it again. Eight people saying 'happy birthday' seems to be enough to get the majority of Gryffindor wishing me a happy birthday.

Okay, I don't hate being the center of attention sometimes, but this is a lot.

"Happy birthday Ms Potter," Professor McGonagall says to me as she passes by later during the meal.

Woah. I just realized that Lily and James would have still been at school when I was born, which means most of these teachers would remember me being born. Hell, they'd remember is more than my parents!

The day passes quickly with no more interaction between me and John. That one kiss seems to be the extent of it. And, lucky for me, I'm supposed to meet up with him later. I'll have to figure that one out since I am also supposed to be at the party I still don't know about.

By the time dinner comes, the entire school seems to know of my birthday and I have received birthday wishes from people I didn't think knew me, and even from people I don't know! I think I have Fred and George to blame for that one.

"So, how was your birthday?" Harry asks me at supper.

"Alright," I smile. "It was actually really great! One of the best yet, I think."

"That's fantastic," Alicia grins. "And it's not even over yet."

Okay, they seriously are the worst secret keepers in the history of...ever.

"Yeah, I guess," I play along. "But what's left really? Desert and sleep?"

"Well, you never know," she smiles.

She and Angelina excuse themselves about ten minutes before dinner ends. Right, this is the part Fred and George are supposed to distract me. How, I wonder, will they possibly do that?

Only a few moments after the girls leave, Fred stands up on his seat and calls for attention.

"Mr Weasley, please sit down," Professor McGonagall shouts to him.

"In a minute Professor," he calls back, his eyes drifting to me.

She purses her lips but I think she knows what is about to happen so she allows him to continue.

And he launches into a huge round of 'Happy Birthday', during which, most of the Gryffindor table joins him standing up. John and his friends are standing as well and almost the entire room is singing along.

I'm going to kill him.


I try my best to look surprised when I enter the Common Room but I never was a great actress.

"She knew!" Alicia exclaims, slightly disappointed.

I shrug, "Hard not to. But seriously, Leash, this is way better than I ever imagined! Thank you!"

"You are very welcome," she smiles back, though I can tell she is still a little upset that I figured it out.

There are balloons all over and streamers. There is a huge table of food and drink at the back and the fire is dancing with colours in it. Music is playing and it feels like a party. It really does. And it's amazing.

Fred pulls me onto the dance floor first and I dance with him, laughing for a while until I remember what happened at supper.

Rage comes over me but I know that it's not real rage. I mean, it was kind of sweet, after all.

"You didn't have to get the whole school singing, you know!" I shout at him over the music so he can hear me.

"But it was more fun that way," he shrugs, leaning close to my ear so I can hear him.

"Not for me!" I say back. "Was McGonagall in on it as well?"

He nods and laughs, "Of course. Dumbledore too!"

"You're kidding!"

But I know he's not. Fred wouldn't kid about something as serious as my birthday.

He gives me a look saying I should know the answer, which, of course, I do.

I sigh and say, "Well it was a little nice, I guess."

"You guess?"

"Yeah! I guess! You had the entire school singing happy birthday to me! It was a little overwhelming!" I somewhat yell to him.

"You loved it," he says and sort of ends the conversation, twirling me around to the music.

I can't deny that. While I certainly hated it at the time, it was really kind and sweet of them to plan that for me. I kind of did love it. Not that I will ever tell him that. I'll never tell any of them.

Once I'm nice and warmed up to being the center of attention for the night, I manage to whisk Harry out to dance.

"One song," I promise him and he agrees, albeit grudgingly.

"Good party?" he asks me.

I nod, "The best. How long have you been planning this?"

"It was actually Hermione's idea. She suggested it ages ago, I don't know when," he tells me. "Before Valentine's Day. That's why we had so much work to catch up on when you came in. We'd been planning it for so long."

"Right," I smile. "Well, thank you."

"Speaking of Valentine's Day," he says and I know what is about to come out. "What happened with you and John that you were back so early?"

"We had a fight. His plans included going outside but the snow had started already so that was ruined. And I refused to just hang out in the castle. He wanted to find somewhere quiet to have this picnic thing he had planned or something."

"Somewhere quiet at night?" Harry asks. "Is he nuts? There's a monster going around this place!"

"That's what I said!"

"And so you came back here," he nods, understanding. "Makes sense. But, um, where is he tonight?"

Crap. I forgot about meeting up with him. I glance to the clock and realize we were supposed to meet fifteen minutes ago. If I left now, I'd just be a little late, understandably late. But I don't want to leave. This is the best party Gryffindor has thrown in a long time, and it's for me.

"Doesn't matter," I shrug and Harry accepts that as an answer. I don't think he was ever a huge fan of him either. I don't think any of them are.

I manage to keep him dancing for three songs. When the third song finishes, he finally leaves the dance floor and I go with him. I could use a drink. Just pumpkin juice or butterbeer or something. Sheesh, I'm only fifteen!

"Hey! Alex?" somebody calls me from across the room. It's Ginny. I head over to her. She's standing next to the portrait hole.

"What's up?" I ask her.

She pushes the door open and I see John standing there. Oops.

"Hey," I smile.

"Where were you?" he asks. "I've been waiting!"

"There's kind of a party going on here," I tell him. "Want to come in?"

He shakes his head and glares at me a little. Then he storms off. I slam the portrait door shut after him and hear a quiet 'Oi!' from the Fat Lady on the other side.

"Sorry!" I shout through.

I head back to my friends and pretend nothing happened. Ginny seems to understand so she doesn't mention anything to them either.

But Angelina never misses anything.

"Was that John?" she asks me.

I nod and shrug, "He left."

"Did you ask him to come inside?" she asks.

"Yes," I say shortly and she seems to understand I don't want to talk about it. And, thankfully, she doesn't bring him up again.

The rest of the night is a blast. By the time people start to leave the Common Room, it's incredibly late. It's way later than I would normally stay awake. But it's my birthday, so who cares?

When I finally leave, I fall asleep instantly. I don't even change out of my clothes, which is very unhealthy but that's kind of the least of my worries. Tonight, I have no worries.

A/N: Well, there you go. I did tell you this one would be up much more quickly, didn't I? I hope you enjoyed it. For any of you who actually like Alex/John, there will be quite a big chunck of them in the next two chapters. And for those of you who don't, grin and bear it. Please? Anyway, hope this chapter was alright! Please leave a review! Reviews make me update quicker!

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Somewhere From My Memory: Real Happy Day


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