[Draco’s POV]


Ginn...She-Weasel butted in, “Now for the last game!” With the clap of her hands she proceeded to explain the last step into completing this ‘challenge’.

“Since we are all of age and there aren’t any classes tomorrow, it seems like a  perfect chance to drink.” As she went on I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head, that Granger doesn’t believe me. Well, I do know that I’m doing this all for a bet, but why does my chest tighten up? Let’s just listen to the She-Weasel.

“This is how it’ll work, everyone will go around in a circle and reveal something interesting about themselves. The rest will see if what the person said is interesting enough,and if not the person will have to drink a shot and try again. This will continue until everyone is satisfied with the newly learned information. Let’s start with... Harry.”

“Okay... when I was little I had this toy my parents gave me, and I have it ever since.”

“What was it Potter?” Blaise just couldn’t resist.

“Well it’s this.... rattle.”  BWAAAAA everyone was in fits of laughter. In between, you could here the She-Weasel muttering something along the lines of “That’s...*haha*.. fine...*haha*... let’s continue, Luna.”

Potter was a deep shade of red, which was quite similar the color of Weasley's hair.

“Once my father and I went to find nargles near the lake near our house, and one of them bit his pants. So he was screaming around HELP ME.”

“Okay, but how is that about you Luna?”

“I like Nargles.” Quite odd that one.

“That’s fine, Hermione shoot.”

“I enjoy wizard rock?”

“Now why does that sound like a question Hermione.” Neville questioned.

“ It is not.” She was always the one to protest almost everything.

“Whatever you say, oh and please drink.” One of the Patil Twins giggled.

“ I don’t want to do this anymore.”

I just had to tease her a bit. “Come on Granger, don’t be a baby.”

And in one go the shot was gone.

“I enjoy reading.”

“Nope, drink drink drink.” Everyone chanted, and again she drank.

“I like looking at the stars at night.”

“Come on Hermione, tell us something we don’t know about you.” She took another shot and was clearly drunk.

“ Victor *hiccup* Krum and I *hiccup* did it in fourth year.” *hiccup*  

Everyone’s eyes were widened, including mine. Who knew Granger had it in her, but it could be the firewhiskey talking. “Wow Granger, I think you’re the only one here.” Blaise just had to smirk. The other girls had  visibly turned pink. Of course it wouldn’t be our first, we are the most seeked out Slytherins, but back to the game.

“Next, Draco.”

This would be easy. “I have my heart on winning a specific girl over in this room.” Potter eyed me then Granger, but come on, Granger is here just as much as Headless Nick is alive. Weasley  was just staring at me, then tried to slip Granger a small smile.The rest of the night was the same, laughing, blushing, and lots of drinking. Everyone walked to their dorms and I accompanied Granger, well I dragged her along. She was undoubtedly drunk, along with everyone else, except for us Slytherins. Shame how Gryffindors can’t even take their firewhiskey yet still they decide to drink.  I lifted her up bridal style with ease, because she decided to sit there in the corridor. She fit perfectly in my arm, then she unconsciously wrapped herself tighter, making herself comfortable on my chest.

“I see you working hard mate.” Blaise added with his Slytherin smirk.  With a slight nod Blasie and Nott went their ways and we went ours. I carefully laid her down on my bed, and took off my clothes {( not what you guys are thinking.... pervs lol), heading to take a shower. (Sorry, but you guys can just imagine how he looks) . While stepping out of the bathroom I put on a pair of  black, silk boxers, and laid down next to her, propped up on one arm. I found myself staring at her beautiful face.Her hair covered the entire pillow and her lips were extremely plump and red. She whimpered a bit and they slightly parted. Oh how much I wanted to ravish her right there and then.  I subconsciously lowered down, nearing her face inch by inch until we were centimeters away. No one was around, just Granger and I  so I stayed there hovering over her. Slowly I pecked her on her cheek, she stirred a bit making me freeze on my tracks. My breath was caught in my throat, an unfamiliar feeling was coming over me. How was I going to explain this,....wait I’m Draco, I would come up with something. But it wasn’t necessary because she huffed a little, and went right back to sleep. I let go of the breath I was holding, and continued to watch her. I know thats sounds creepy, but it isn’t when you try it. My eyes seemed to be drooping slowly, and sleep had caught up with me.  


[Next Morning]


When I woke up, she was still right there next to me sleeping peacefully. How I woke up before her, is out of my comprehension. I traced her features with my finger. First, her eyes and then brushed her soft, rosy cheeks. Her little bunny nose, how it was so cute when it would twitch slightly. Her full lips, soft to the touch, and then her collarbone. Just as I was to pull away, she shifted her position trapping my arm under her. We was now face to face, the only thing holding me back was the fact that she would not be thrilled seeing me  ravishing her in her sleep...yet , and that I don’t quite like the idea of being hexed, but mostly the first one. Slowly opening her eyes, rubbing the grogginess away, she sat up and stretched revealing part of her smooth, milky stomach. Her only free hand went straight to her head, then  was rubbing her temple. I pretended to sleep, and when she felt her legs  trapped protectively under mine, she screamed. I immediately darted up and greeted  her. “Good morning to you too.”

“W..w..why am I here?”

“Last night you drank a little too much, and I brang you in here. Then I fell asleep due to exhaustion from carrying all the way here.” I guess she seemed to ignore my remark because she headed to interrogate me some more.

“Why not my room?”

“Force of habit, and so who knew the Gryffindor Princess knew how to drink.”

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me.” Was she flirting with me? I smirked when I noticed her blushing and looking away. I wasn’t wearing a shirt, honestly it was refreshing knowing that I had this effect on Granger.”

“Well, I should be getting back to my room.”


“Remember we have a meeting today to discuss about the dance.”

“Hermione that is just like you.”

“What?” How could she be confused about that, and man did that expression make her look cute.

“ A ‘normal person’ would be to tired from the hangover, making it impossible to think. The first thing you do is mention duties.” She smiled and walked away.

I sat there for a while, just thinking about her. ‘Her blood doesn’t matter to me, and she is cute almost all the time, even when she’s angry. However, the stuff she says when she’s mad makes my blood boil, but that’s besides the point. She’s the first girl that could keep a conversation going and isn’t some stupid bimbo like the other girls I f****d. Wow, I think I fancy Hermione, heck I’m sure in my mind I already knew I fancied her. Does she like me...., wait every girl likes me, but Hermione’s not like every girl. When did I become this sappy, and am I arguing with myself? Whatever, I’m going to ask her to accompany me to the dance. When she came out of the bathroom, I went in with all my things. The  warm water hitting my cold bare skin made me feel so good. Being on the Slytherin Quidditch Team for 2 years had done me well. I was not sexy and skinny, but toned, muscular, and  even more sexy. I finished up and put on my clothes, then headed to the common room.

“Draco, are you ready to go?”

“Yes, ladies first.” Alongside each other, we made jokes and it surprised me on how comfortable I was feeling with her.

“Well, see you at the prefects meeting, we’re discussing the roles for everyone.” With a curt nod she left, smiling as always. Classes were a dread, and the difficulty level always made me wonder how anyone could actually fail. You would have to work hard on not comprehending these childish concepts. Lunch arrived after merlin knows how long. Sitting with Blaise and Nott we discussed the normal topics, quidditch, girls, Granger. Finally time for the meeting had come, we walked together to the common room before anyone else had showed up. She took off her robe, revealing her tight light blue top, and a short skirt with leggings underneath. Wow she was hot, and when everyone had gotten here the male species in the room couldn’t seem to keep their  filthy eyes in their sockets. How dare they look at my Hermione like that.

“Listen up this is the order, Ravenclaw -food, Hufflepuff-decorations, Slytherin- music, and Gryffindor- dress code and helping out with the decorations. Any problems?” Everything was said in my knowable harsh tone.

“No.” Everyone was afraid of me right now, but it was a necessary approach.

“The dance is near so you better start moving.” Everyone scurried out, which finally calmed me down.

Hermione started to break the silence. “ Well that went well.” Was she tense?

“So, I’ll be heading upstairs now, Goodnight.”

“Hermione wait.” Wow did I panic, but I guess I could make this work right now.

“I wanted to ask you, would you do me the honor of accompanying me to the dance?” I flashed her my charming smile, but on the inside I was worried out of my wits.

“Oh Draco, I would love too.” Yes, yes, she said yes!  Behind my back, I transfigured the nearby vase to a beautiful rose.” I am gifted in non-verbal magic.

“This is for you.”

“Oh, it’s beautiful thank you.”

“I should be going now.” When she was inside her room, I started to think of something, how would I explain this to Blaise and Nott? Oh well, I’m sure it would be fine.


[Hermione’s POV]


Draco just asked me to the dance, I’m so excited! The dance is only two weeks away, and I should start on a checklist later on. Oh, I need to get a dress. The last time I had dressed up was the Yule Ball, I have to remember to talk to Ginny about that. A little over a week had passed by with preparations for the dance and school work. Draco and I had gotten closer and Ginny and I had picked out our outfit; the dance was only three days away.

“Hermione aren’t you going to lunch?” Harry asked, while I was just sitting on the comfy chair in the Gryffindor common room.

“Harry, I’m not really hungry, but I’ll pick something up from the kitchen later on. For now, I’m heading to the common room to pick up some stuff, then off to the library.”

“Would you mind if I walked with you half way?”

“No problem, Harry I have something to tell you.” I would have to tell him at some point,and he is my best friend. I slowed down my pace and tried to put together the words I was looking for.

“Since you are my bestfriend I want you to be the first one to know. Draco asked me to accompany him to  the dance and I agreed. I know it’s not something big, but I really like him. I also decided that I would tell him I really really like him.” I seemed to be rambling a bit, and when I looked up Harry looked shocked, but it wasn’t like I expected him to be jumping with joy. I was getting nervous, ‘should I have not told him? Does he hate me?’

“Mi, I’m happy for you and support you, and I can try to be nicer to him.”

“Oh thank you, thank you Harry.”

“Here we are, before I go I just want you to know, how happy I am that you trusted me enough to tell me first, and I will beat him muggle style if he dare hurts you. Bye.”

“Bye.” Now I was glowing, literally all smiles. I haven’t been this happy in a long time, maybe my life is heading in a happier direction.  When I walked inside Draco was nowhere to be seen, so I headed to my room to grab a couple of books. Right when I was going to come out; Draco, Blaise, and Nott walked in laughing about something. My curiosity got the best of me and I just had to listen in on these Slytherins. You know what they say, ‘Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brang it back.’ But what came next was something totally unexpected.

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