“Where’s Luna?” Ginny asked a fellow Ravenclaw girl, Madeline Carr, during Potions last.
“I don’t know,” the girl replied, “I don’t really care either.” Ginny narrowed her eyes into slits at Madeline before turning her attention to Snape who had just begun to talk.

“I must say the essays which you handed me last lesson were disappointing, though I am not surprised. Some of you lack understanding of basic common potions and antidotes; others just lack basic understanding and intelligence.” A few Ravenclaws screwed up their faces in disgust at the suggestion that they were stupid. Professor Snape caught onto this, “I am aware how students such as yourselves believe that you have a better understanding of subjects than the actual teacher themselves. That is why I shall set a 12 page essay on growth and shrinking potions.”
“But sir, we haven’t even begun those types of potions yet!” Madeline exclaimed.
“10 points from Ravenclaw for speaking when not spoken too. I want the essay in Monday. Class dismissed.”

As Ginny went to walk out the classroom, Professor called after her,
“Miss Weasley, come here.” Ginny instantly felt her stomach drop, how did Snape find out that Blaise had helped her with her essay? He’d probably take 50 house points from Gryffindor alongside putting Ginny in a month’s detention.
“Do sit,” Snape pronounced, gesturing towards a chair in front of his desk. Ginny nervously did as she was told, her eyes unable to focus on one place.
“Dumbledore has instructed me to tell you the whereabouts of your so called friend, Miss Lovegood.” Ginny instantly felt a sigh of relief, though she was still slightly anxious. “Miss Lovegood’s father has died and so has been given a cancelled time table for the final 4 weeks of term,” Snape stated with pursed lips, “It is advised to treat Miss Lovegood as you normally would and only ask about her father if told.”

Ginny looked at Snape in a peculiar manner. A sudden rush of guilt washed of Ginny, she just wanted to find Luna straight away and wrap her into a hug. Ginny glanced away from Snape but when she looked back she felt a sudden spurge of anger. Snape seemed to show no sign of pity for Luna; if anything he seemed somewhat happy to be the bearer of bad news.
“Are we finished?” Ginny spat.
“Yes,” Snape replied just as harsh.


“What’s wrong, Dra?” Pansy cooed as Draco walked into the Slytherin common room later that night.
“Nothing,” Draco muttered, “Where’s Blaise?”
“With that blood traitor, Ginny,” Pansy scowled, “I feel like I haven’t spoken to you properly in ages. Just me and you.” Draco came and sat down by Pansy, being as it was the only seat spare. Pansy snuggled in closer to Draco, fiddling with odd strands of his hair.

“The Yule Ball is coming up,” Pansy stated.
“The what?” Draco replied absent minded.
“The Yule Ball,” Pansy repeated, “It’s a big dance which everyone from fourth year upwards goes too.”
“Oh yeah, I vaguely remember,” Draco muttered.
“Well, have you got a date for the ball?”
“Me neither,” Pansy moaned, resting her head against Draco’s shoulder, “Maybe we should go together?”
“Maybe,” Draco replied not really paying attention. On that note, Blaise walked into the common room with a daunted looking expression written on his face.

“Draco, have you read your mail yet?” Blaise asked.
“No?” Draco answered, “Why?”
“I’m pretty sure you should read your letter from your parents,” Blaise suggested, handing the letter to Draco. Draco ripped the envelope open, scanning through the scrawled message which was written.
“What does it say, Dra?” Pansy asked curiously, trying to poke her head over the letter to read it. As Draco read the letter, his face became more and more pale. Even more pale than normal.
“Dra, what’s wrong?” Pansy questioned with actual, genuine concern.
“I’ve got to go get some air,” Draco stated, pushing himself off the chair and dashing out of the common room. Blaise was soon on his trail.

“Draco, are you okay?” Blaise asked once Draco had finally stopped walking.
“Xeno is dead,” Draco said rather hysterically, “He’s actually dead!”
“I know. Ginny told me.”
“Has she spoken to Luna? Is Luna okay? Did you see her?”
“No, Gin doesn’t know where Luna is. She thinks that she might be in her room or by the Thestrals.”
“Yeah maybe,” Draco muttered. “I need to find her. I need to make sure she’s okay.”
“Draco, is that really best?”
“I don’t care, I need to make sure she’s okay. You wouldn’t understand Blaise.”
“Why wouldn’t I?” Blaise questioned rather defensively.

Draco gave an aspirated sigh, resting his hand and forehead against the stone wall.
“You just wouldn’t. No one would.”
“You’ve grown up with both Xeno and Luna your whole life. You’ve obviously got some form of feelings for her…not exactly affection before you jump down my throat!”
“Has Ginny gone to find Luna?”
“I dunno,” Blaise shrugged, “Maybe. Ginny is supposed to act like she doesn’t know.”
“Then why did she tell you?” Draco asked with a harsh tone.
“Because she needed someone to talk too,” Blaise replied simply.
“Poor Ginny needed someone to speak too. While Luna is somewhere in this school grieving the loss of her father! Tell your girlfriend to get some bloody priorities.”
“Don’t you take your anger out on her!” Blaise exclaimed.
“You and her aren’t even worth an insult let alone an argument,” Draco spat before walking off.
“Where are you going?!” Blaise shouted after Draco.
“To find Luna.”

Luna sat in the girls’ toilet by herself, staring at the cracked tiles on the wall. No one ever came to these toilets for two reasons. Either Moaning Myrtle was there or Luna was there. Luna didn’t care; she was used to being by herself. Luna diverted her attention to a spider which was running across the floor. Normally Luna enjoyed following a spider’s movement with her eyes. She loved every animal which life had to offer her. But today, instead of enjoying the company of the spider, Luna crushed it with her shoe.

“Nasty,” Myrtle called from her toilet cubicle. Myrtle glided over to Luna, looking at the remains of the spider. “Is little Loony Luna having a bad day?”
“Shut up,” Luna muttered, her eyes darting around the toilets for another spider.
“Did someone call you loony? Ugly? Fat? They call me ugly and fat. How am I meant to lose weight if I can’t eat?” Myrtle drifted off into a high pitch sob which agitated Luna even more.

“Just shut up!” Luna shouted over Myrtle’s long winded wail. Myrtle instantly stopped what she was doing, darting up into the air.
“How dare you tell me what to do! You’re just like all the others, picking on poor little innocent Myrtle. Well you’re a freak, Loony. I hear how people talk about you around here. Even the teachers. No one wants you here, so does us all a favour and just leave!” shouted Myrtle. Instead of responding with calming words, like Luna normally would, she simply stood up and left the toilets, slamming the door on the way out.

Luna paced quickly down the corridors, keeping her head low to avoid any awkward smiles or conversations with people who she may know. Luna didn’t know whether Dumbledore had informed people in her year about the circumstances which she was in. With all these thoughts rushing through Luna’s head, she ended up accidentally barging into the shoulder of Draco. Luna just carried on walking before noticing another pair of footsteps next to her.
“Luna are you okay?” spoke a familiar voice.
“Go away, Malfoy.”
“Mother has told me what happened. If you ever need anyone-”
“-You’ll be there? Taking pity on me once again, are we Malfoy? Or have you realised that we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other now, so you can’t just blank me out of your life?” Luna questioned, stopping her fast pace walk to look at Draco.

Draco stood still; he couldn’t see any warmth in Luna’s eyes. He couldn’t see that sparkle of happiness which she normally had.
“I just wanted to check you were okay, Lu.”
“Of course you did,” Luna spat, “Did Mother tell you that you had to be nice to little, pathetic Loony? Well I don’t need your pity; I don’t need anything from you.” Draco looked around him, aware that Luna was drawing attention to both him and herself.
“Can we speak in private?” Draco muttered, grasping his hand around Luna’s wrist.
“No, we can’t! I don’t want to speak to you!” Luna exclaimed. But instead of listening to Luna’s wishes, Draco pulled her into the nearest emptiest class room.

“What do you think you’re playing at?!” Luna shouted furiously.
“I want to talk to Luna,” Draco replied calmly.
“I want to talk to Luna,” Draco repeated.
“Are you an idiot? I am Luna.”
“No, you’re not.”
“Yes, I really am.”
“The Luna I know doesn’t act like this.”
“The Luna you know is dead,” Luna replied bluntly. A silence fell between the two students. It wasn’t that Draco wasn’t going to reply, it was more the fact he didn’t know what to reply.

Draco opened and closed his mouth a few times, not sure of how to respond but after a brief minute he began to speak once again.
“Luna, I know you’re grieving. I understand. Do you think I’ve never experienced death? Who was there for you when your mother died?”
“Your parents forced you too.”
“I wanted too. Lu, I know we’ve never been friends but I’ve always cared for you. You need to talk to someone and not shut yourself off from the world,” Draco begged.
“You care for me?” Luna questioned rather hysterically, “Just the other day you told me you didn’t even like me? I’m done being this pushover who everyone can talk down too. I don’t want to be a pushover anymore.” Luna pulled out her turnip earrings, placing them on the table.
“What are you doing?” Draco questioned.
“Getting rid of the old me,” Luna replied.

Luna pushed past Draco and left him in the classroom. Draco felt his eyes slightly prickle from what he had just witnessed. He had always seen Luna as one of the strongest individuals in his life. And there she was, broken. All this time Draco had been pushing Luna away, afraid of how his parents would react, never did he take into consideration of what Luna was going through. Of course Luna must have been aware that her father hadn’t really gone to Africa, she wasn’t entirely naïve. Suddenly guilt filled Draco’s body to the brim.

Just the day before Luna had told Draco that she really liked him. That she felt safe around him. Perhaps the only reason why Luna was that clingy, Draco thought, was because she needed something which no one had ever given her. She needed a friend. Luna had Ginny, but Ginny was never Miss Reliable, even Draco knew that. Everyone else at Hogwarts just ignored Luna; they’d rather act like she wasn’t there, that she didn’t exist.

Draco snapped out of thought to the sound of Peeves outside in the corridor. He walked over to the table where Luna had placed her earrings and picked them up. Draco then noticed that the classroom which he was in was the one where he and Luna had had their previous discussion.

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