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“Renesmee? Who is Renesmee? I’m Hermione, who are you. Why are you here, and why do you keep looking at me like that?!”  Hermione’s resolve had cracked. The questions, along with the introduction of herself, slipped out of her mouth before she had a chance to stop them. In truth the name Renesmee did spark something in the back of her mind, but Hermione refused to acknowledge it.

The two vampires looked away rather sheepishly, as they had been looking at Hermione with the wonder of first time parents looking at their newborn, which was truer than Hermione cared to know.”I am dreadfully sorry, but we have failed to introduce ourselves. I am Edward Cullen, and this is my wife, Bella Cullen. We came to England to get away. We came to this delightful little town to get way from our rather vast family.” Edward introduced them, while Bella looked like she couldn’t handle Hermione talking.

“But you’re Vampires, you don’t have families. You have covens.” Hermione was confused, as they had just contradicted everything her precious books had told her of vampires. Then again they weren’t supposed to have gold eyes, but bright red ones that worked to paralyse and hypnotise the victims into staying put. That and their very large arsenal of natural weapons and enticements made them very efficient hunters.

Edward seemed disturbed for a moment before he schooled his features into an unreadable mask. “Our family is rather different to others of our kind, although how you knew what we were, without knowing who you are still intrigues me. We hunt animals, rather than humans, and we bond for love, not a mutual thirst for power. That is what makes us a family, rather than a coven, and also explains our eyes. Now you explain how you know so much about vampires.”

“I’m a witch; I’m expected to know about Vampires. Why did you call m-“Hermione suddenly cut herself off as she realised where they where having this impromptu question and answer session. In the middle of the street, in her little home town, where no secret was a secret for long. Damn!

“Maybe we should continue this conversation elsewhere?” Bella had become animated once again, somehow guessing Hermione’s thoughts, although it was Edward who made a comment about the hilarity of Hermione’s thoughts.

“No, I have to get to the shop. I should have been there and back again by now.” Hermione was suddenly worried that her parents were worried about her, and the fact that she had to leave very shortly if she was to make the train, but her mother hadn’t had her morning coffee... Double Damn!

“I’m terribly sorry, but I must take my leave. Goodbye.” And with that, she turned on her heel and sprinted away, no longer caring if they took chase.






Hermione got her mother’s coffee whitener (after having to stop for a minute to remember what she came to the shop for) and ran home the long way to make sure she didn’t pass the alley way where she had the fateful meeting.

The morning passed very fast after that. The Grangers left for the station and got there with minutes to spare. Hermione rushed through the barrier, after saying goodbye to her parents who didn’t like the idea of running full pelt at a brick wall, and hauled her luggage onto the train that had just piped up its last warning whistle. Hermione just got onto the train before it started to move.

Sighing at her luck, or lack thereof, Hermione turned around and came face to, well, chest, to Draco Malfoy. Grrr, as if this day hasn’t been bad enough! The thing that scared Hermione was the actual growl that was ripped from her chest. She gave Malfoy no chance to speak before she pushed past him to find the compartment that housed her best friends.

About half way down the train, she spotted the splash of red hair that indicated Weasleys. She slipped into the compartment and grinned at the familiar noise that awaited her. Shouts of “Hermione!” and “Hey, girl!” and a strange, “Well, where have you been all my life?” from all of her friends. The last comment had been made by none other than Fred (or maybe George) himself. She grinned wider, and dumped her trunk and cat basket with her new kitten in (Crookshanks had run away during the War and had yet to return) on the luggage rack above their heads.

The train ride home passed in a blur of Exploding Snap and Weasley Jokes. It was a good way to start her last year. Some way into their journey they were joined by Luna and Neville, and some others that Hermione didn’t really pay attention to. She arrived at Hogwarts on a way of friendly bliss.

The sorting was strange. Dumbledore stood up before the poor terrified first years stepped through the doors, and made a strange announcement.

“Good evening to all of our returning students, and a very hearty welcome. This is a rather strange announcement, but worth announcing. This year at Hogwarts we have two new seventh years that must be sorted before the first years can. I expect these new students to be accepted as part of what ever house the sorting hat may place them in, and that these students be helped when they need it. Please welcome Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.” Tentative applause broke out while the new students stepped out of the door behind the head table.  Hermione’s breathing sped as two very beautiful, and rather familiar, people came into her view.


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