He nearly ran back to his room, commanded the door the open and went straight for the bedroom, where his newly repaired fist very cleanly went through the wall that had hurt. He kicked his dresser next, things toppled to the ground. What in the bloody hell was he doing? What was he thinking?

He growled banged his balled up hands on the wall a few more times, only then did he hear the voice of his door. He took a minute or so to compose himself waved his wand and his room went back to its usual and opened the door, the site stopped him dead in his tracks. As Ginny Weasley whirled around to look at the room her hair followed her like a sweeping mass and he had to admit she was quite appealing.

She noticed him for the first time and jumped, he couldn’t keep the expression off his face.

“I…” she stuttered slightly. He raised his brow and her cheeks flushed, “Who the hell do you think you are, Draco Malfoy?” he didn’t’ answer that one, that was way too obvious a question, he simply let her continue, “You kiss me like that and just run off!” she was shouting now.

“Like what?” Draco asked calmly venturing further in the room towards her; he watched her take an unsure step back, ignoring the pain in his heart as she looked slightly afraid of him for a second he took another step.

“Like...” her anger was faltering, “Like I was the last person on this world and the only girl you’ve ever seen”, it flared again “Don’t you know people have feelings!” she shouted and took a step towards him. This made Draco’s face move reflexively into a smirk, which only seemed to aggravate her more, but she was so damn cute when she was angry. “I don’t understand at all, this twisted thing you’ve started”.

“I started?” he interjected, “I don’t believe I was the only one in that room”, he pointed out. Ginny flushed.

“… and the rose” she ignored his logic, “What was that all about? I’m not your plaything; I’m not one of your little girlfriends so you can put that out of your head right now!”

“Are you finished?” he asked calmly, they had grown very close he looked down on Ginny.

“No” she said back up to him defiantly, “I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t kiss me like that ever again”, she said simply. Draco’s face turned to a glare, she wasn’t serious. He would prove it. It only took him a short moment to capture her lips, he put all the intensity in it as he had done outside the Great Hall, but this time he had a point to prove. She pushed on his chest for a moment then her hands fell soft and reached up around his neck, and her kisses were coming just as violent as his.

“I…” she began, but he cut her off.

“Shhh…” he silenced her with another kiss.

“Draco… really you…” She tried again.

Another kiss.

Ginny physically had to remove herself from him, which warranted that same pout, that she now understood was because, yes he always got his way.

“Look you’re not going just have your way with me all the time”, she immediately regretted his words and his brows perked up. “That’s… that’s not what I meant”, she said flustered now. “I mean you can’t always have your way!” She felt triumphant.

“One way or another Weasley, I always get it”, he rounded on her hands finding her hips, “You’ll see.” The look he was giving her was almost predatory.

“Do girls actually fall for that?” She returned his advances with a no nonsense look, hands immediately replaced his on her hips. She had seen the other side of him. The scared vulnerable one and she wasn’t buying this for a damn minute. Although it was flirty and cute, and any other time she probably would have fallen in a heartbeat, but this was different. This was complicated.

“What girls? I don’t have girlfriends Ginny, despite popular opinion”, he had used her first name again.

“Right… you only have…” he cut her off with another kiss.

“No, wrong again Weasley, are all of you red haired people this irrational or is it simply limited to the females”, he sighed this witch was going to be the death of him afterall. She placed him with a look as if she was trying to figure out if he was being honest or not, which merely made Draco more amused.

“Stop that”, she glared.

“Stop what?” he asked innocently throwing his hands up.

“That look, that little smile, like I’m so stupid and can’t even comprehend you”, she rolled her eyes at the last part. No one had ever accused her of being thick before. Well no one had accused her and gotten away with it.

“You planning on hexing me woman?” he brushed the hair back from her face, and she tried not to lean into the touch. He sighed then and his face turned serious. “I… Ginny… This could…”

“Draco Malfoy at a loss for words, hell has frozen over, shall I check out the window for flying pigs?” it was her turn to smirk, god damn she would have made a fantastic Slytherin.

Draco growled at her, but before he could reply there was a commotion at the door.

 “What do you mean he already had company you stupid fucking door, you let me in this instant, don’t you know who I am”, Pansy’s shriek was probably loud enough for the entire dungeon to hear.

“Fuck…” Draco breathed and Ginny’s eyes widened. “You have to hide, now!” His voice was urgent he placed her with an apologetic look. “Bathroom”, he pointed to the far door, and Ginny scurried for it, he watched her go appreciating the view for the moment. He sighed ready to hit something, but Pansy would not stay out there for long. As soon as he heard the bathroom door click shut he moved the door the harpy was behind.

 “Let her in” he groaned at the door and it swung aside to show a very flustered Pansy.

“What did it mean you already have company”, she yelled before she was even halfway into the room.

“Fuck, Pans”, he turned on his clueless boy voice, “I told it to say that so people wouldn’t fucking bother me, while I was studying, you know how it is, keeping face”, the lie was a shaky one, but from the look on her face and the small smile it had worked.

“If only all the girls of Hogwarts knew you were all mine”, she ran a polished nail down his cheek to his neck. Draco attempted not to cringe outwardly.

“Aunty Bella sharing her nail polish with her too?” his voice had taken a sharper edge, as he grabbed her hand and threw it down away from him. Pansy placed him with a pouty look.

“Don’t you like it?” she batted her eyelashes up at him. On anyone else it would have been cute on her, well it just made her seem more sadistic than ever.

“I have work to do”, he kept his voice even. Merlin, this crazy witch. She made a pouty face at him and continued her ministrations through Draco trying to remove her from him.


you were all mine”, Ginny could hear Draco’s voice strain. She felt a sickness in her stomach. She was pretty sure if she vomited just now it would give her up. Why the hell was she hiding anyway. Was she really the other woman? Draco was balancing fifteen girls or so and that’s all this was to him.

Come on Drakey… You know you want it”. The bile was rising now.

“I told you to never fucking call me that” . There was an aggressive nature to his voice and Ginny could practically hear Pansy whimper.


Being called “Drakey” hadn’t inflamed his anger nearly as much as wanting her to leave “I told you to never fucking call me that”, he yelled and the girl flinched and her pouty face all but broke down into real tears. “Get the fuck out!”

“Draco”, she whimpered, “I’m…” he thought he may see tears, but the girl had no emotions left, Bellatrix Lestrange seduced and tortured them all out of her. “I understand”, she said blankly. “I shouldn’t have, I apologize”, she said as she was leaving. What a good little servant for the Dark Lord she’d make. He’d probably even let most of the deatheaters have their way with her as he did his aunt. He said nothing just shut the door behind her as she left. Making sure it was locked and giving the door strict instructors to admit no one and tell them he wasn’t there.  He walked over to the other door he dreaded.  He turned the nob and opened it.



As soon as the door opened Ginny’s hand flew neatly across Draco Malfoy’s face. “You disgusting little maggot”, were the first words out of her mouth as a red welt appeared on Draco’s face. He was still reeling from the hit, she backed her arm up to hit the other side but he caught her at the wrist in mid swing.

“You don’t understand”, he hissed his anger rising. He held her arm in a vicegrip, she needed to understand.

“Let me go”, her own anger matching his, “you’re hurting me”. Those three little words and Draco’s rage cleared from his face and he dropped her arm. She had a red mark from where he gripped her but was otherwise unharmed. “I’m leaving, and I don’t want to see you again.”

She was halfway to the door brushing past him “She’s my betrothed” Draco said all of a sudden he wasn’t sure why. He rarely told anyone, no one but their families knew and Voldemort of course. “She assumes it gives her… certain rights”. Ginny had stopped walking Draco breathed a sigh of relief as she turned around. Good she was listening.

“I don’t love her, hell I barely even like her anymore.” He sighed. She was a part of that world he hated, but feared to leave.

“So you came and found me to get over your problem?” Ginny scowled.

“No, I wasn’t looking for you, it just sort of happened”, he sighed.

“Why did I have to hide?” This would be an interesting one for him to explain.

“She’s a deatheater Ginny”, that made her stop for a moment, he knew now he was treading in dangerous waters even telling her this was treason against the Dark Lord. “She’s a deatheater and she’s insane, she’s likes to hurt people”, he shivered. Bellatrix showing him what his pretty little betrothed had learned to do to mudbloods. “She even suspects, whatever this is, she’ll try to kill you”.

Kill? Certainly not at Hogwarts, then again. It had happened before and it wouldn’t have been the first time she nearly died here. “Alright, say I believe you”, Ginny arched a brow. The Weasley look again Draco flinched. “What is this?”

“I…” That he wasn’t ready for, for her to be angry, yes, but not just a plain question. With an answer that should be so simple. He pinched the bridge of his nose. Ginny kept her eyes on him. He looked so strained. She felt for him.

“It can’t be”, he said his face falling. “Anything, I never should have, I put you in enough danger as it is.”

“Danger?” Ginny laughed bitterly. “I hardly call hiding in the bathroom while some insane girl tries to throw herself at you, quite cheaply might I add, danger”.

Draco rolled her eyes she wasn’t understanding. “This Ginny”, he pulled up his sleeve, “Do you think we’re the only ones who felt that?” Her face fell on sudden realization, she hadn’t even thought about it.

“You know what I am, what I’m going to be, I am everything you will soon want to destroy and you are what I’m supposed to hate, what do you think can happen?” he had gotten closer to her and he didn’t remember moving but he was looming over her now.

“You have a choice”, she said simply. As if it was that easy. His temper was flaring again.

“You’re right, this” he brought his attention back to the mark. It was hard to ignore the ugliness of it, “or death”.

“I’m not scared of him, I’m not scared of them” she said stubbornly.

“Then you’re an idiot”, Draco shot back. She narrowed her eyes and one swift motion she grabbed where he exposed his arm. The fire shot up his arm again and her face cringed with pain.

“No...” he barely managed out. He ripped his arm out of her grasp. “What in the hell are you doing, do you have a suicide wish? Do you even think? Are all you Weasleys this daft?”

“Yes”, she said simply. He starred at her. She was mad. Maybe he shouldn’t have been worried about what Pansy may do to her. This Weasley woman could trump her in crazy any day.

“This isn’t a fucking game!”

“Shut up”, Another calm response to his anger. He wanted to hit something.

“What did you..”

“Shut up”, she repeated this time a little louder. “The only thing you need to do right now is kiss me”, the look on her face was dead serious he looked for a sign of hesitation. Gryffindor bravery apparently wasn’t a lie.  He crossed the short distance between them with a small step and pressed his lips to hers. She reached up for his neck and pulled him close to her, pushing her body into his. He couldn’t stop the moan from escaping his lips and he pushed her back towards the couch. Bringing her up to the back of it, she already was pulling at his shirt again. Dear god this witch was going to kill him.  He brought her hand to him, and inspected the angry looking red welt the mark had left there, pressing his lips to the palm he kissed it.

Ginny smiled at him, a real smile and Draco was again speechless.

“Stay with me,” he said it in a whisper she wouldn’t have heard it if she hadn’t been right next to him, “just for a while.” He added.

Ginny nodded and popped herself up on the thing ledge on the back of the couch to pull off her shoes, but balance wasn’t exactly her forte and soon as they were off she fell completely backwards crumpling onto the oversized couch. Draco was alarmed for a second put peered over to see her fiery hair spread around her and her hear laughing.

He smiled down at her in that moment. She was beautiful. She was life. She had more good in her than he could comprehend and she trusted him right now. He didn’t even deserve to look at her. He felt stupid for even thinking it. Had he become as masochistic as the house elves?


Ginny watched as his features darkened, and her laughter ceased.  She held a small smile that Draco wondered what it meant for a moment before she gripped his collar and pulled him down over the edge of the couch as well.

Draco fell with a graceful “Ahh” and a thump half falling on top of her, half off the couch onto the floor, he nearly dashed his head open on the glass table he usually used for a footrest.

“Are you trying to kill me woman?”

“Are you trying to kill me?” she responded in kind, “you’re crushing me”, she faked being short of breath as he quickly moved off of her.

“Sorry”, he mumbled.

“Did Draco Malfoy just apologize?” she was stunned. “Alert the media!” she laughed.

“Don’t get used to it”, he glared, but his glare softened when she snuggled up against him, and kissed his lips.

Ginny wasn’t sure when she fell asleep, but when she woke up Draco was looking over a parchment and her legs were over his and her head on the other side of the couch. She sat up suddenly remembering that no one really knew where she was. She would have to come up with a damn good lie.

“What time…?” she began, but Draco silenced her.

“Don’t worry it’s only been an hour”, he shouldn’t have let her pass out, but he really did have work to do and she looked stunning lying there her hair a mess around her. Like some goddess character out of those ancient muggle books he never had the audacity to actually pick up in the library.

Ginny nodded.

“But Ginny?” Draco began placing the parchment on the table in front of him “Gotta… move” Draco said nodding at her legs. She quickly moved them off of him.

“Sorry”, she said with a slight blush.

“Did Ginerva Weasley just apologize?” he repeated her earlier statement, “Alert the media!” he joked as he stood. He headed for the bathroom and closed the door leaving Ginny time to find her shoes and put them back on. Only an hour is like a decade of not knowing where she is in her brother’s minds.

He sighed as he came out of the bathroom. She watched him knowing what was coming next. “We shouldn’t.”

She stopped him. “I told you I’m not afraid of you, them ,or him”, Ginny stood stubbornly.

“If we told anyone”, he sighed.

“They would kill me, don’t worry my brothers would do the same to you”, she smiled.

That didn’t sound like an enticing idea. “This doesn’t change anything, I am what I am”.

“And what is that”, she asked simply.

“This” he brought attention to his mark and he nearly yelped in surprise as he looked down on it, was he going crazy or had the clearly black outline started to go a little grey. He had to be imagining it.

“That’s not what you are, that’s a choice you’ve made”, her face was sad as she starred at it. Draco hid his arm out of habit, “Like what just happened was a choice”, she said steadily, her heart was tearing into two. Reality would come back to them eventually. “We can always make different choices”. It was the oldest argument in the book. Another choice seemed so good when she was standing there in front of him not even worried about covering herself. Trusting him.

He wouldn’t let anyone hurt her, not because of him.

“Hermione is probably worried”, Ginny sighed seeing this was going no where at the moment. Draco asked the door if the hallway was clear before turning to Ginny.

“Am I going to see you again?” he asked already knowing the answer.

“On the battlefield”, She said with a sad smile. “on one side or the other, when it comes to the safety of people I care for, I do not hesitate Malfoy”. She looked fierce just then. Perhaps the Dark Lord had a lot more to worry about than just Potter. He tilted her chin up and kissed her lips.

“Until then”, he opened to the door for her.  She nodded and left without another word. She held the tears until she got back to the common room, letting the warm water of the shower wash away her sins. Who could she tell? Who wouldn’t hate her for what she had done? Who wouldn’t try to kill him for what he was? Why was she defending him anyway, he was a deatheater, wasn’t he? He hadn’t done anything wrong yet surely. He was still in Hogwarts afterall.


He closed the door after her, afraid of himself. He wouldn’t let her leave if he didn’t. He’d stop her, he’d find a way, force her to be more like him. He was thinking insane now. He wasn’t his aunt or his father. He couldn’t force someone to just follow him blindly. She wasn’t a follower she was a force in her own right.

She could be his though, she was pureblood at least, if she gave up her family. Draco banged his head on the closed door. Like that would ever happen more like she’d curse you to death for even suggesting it. What was he supposed to do? Run to her, tell her he wanted to join the golden gang in their quest to take down his Lord and master? Everything would be hunky dory after that. They’d torture her in front of him. Let Goyle and Crabbe have their way with her and then murder what was left of her. Perhaps his father would even join in the show. Most assume it was Draco who took Pansy’s innocence and made her what she is today, but it was another Malfoy entirely. He wasn’t sure he could ever forgive himself for not protecting her. She was what she was today partially because little Draco could never say no to his father.  

There was a time when Pansy could still feel, Draco knew that time had long since past. He had tried once to love her, to show her love, she had laughed in his face. She only understood one thing, manipulation, power, and pain.

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