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Hermione was going to fail her N.E.W.T.S she knew it. She was going to fail and then she wouldn’t be able to get a job and then she was going to be destitute and no better than a dog on the street. 

“Somehow Hermione I do not think that it is going to be quite that bad,” Harry laughed, “and you have a place in the auror department if you want it, no grades needed. 

“Then why are you here?” she snapped looking up from her charms notes trying to make the information go into her sleep deprived brain. She hadn’t slept properly since Draco was taken. It had been two weeks and they were now a week and a half back into school and the exams were in three weeks and she didn’t know anything. Not one thing was going into her brain. 

She couldn’t eat or sleep or study. Even the library did not hold sanctuary for her anymore. She just floated along, going to lessons sitting in the great hall with Harry and Ginny…and Ron when he dared. They tried to talk to her about it but had just given up knowing it was better to prattle on about Quidditch or Ginny’s new fashion choice than Draco. 


She hadn’t heard from him since he left. She did not know how he was or if he was okay. She didn’t know if he was in trouble or which side he was betraying whilst they questioned him. Was he being tortured? Was he getting medical help? Did he miss her? Did he know how much she missed him?

The questions went round and round her head until she felt like her mind was against her. She would spend nights in bed not getting rest, wondering why Kingsley would not answer her owls. She didn’t listen to the rumours floating around the castle as to the reason he did not return and she ignored the glares of Astoria when on Harry’s orders Blaise had told her that he had gone to visit his mother in Italy as she was ill. 

Hermione knew that Astoria would know this to be a lie. She knew that she would report him missing to her brother, she knew that they would come after him again. 

All she wanted to do was study and get her grades but all she could think about was him, ways of keeping him safe. He needed to be safe and safe was not here, not where they could find him but for all she knew they could find him anywhere. 

“I am here,” Harry continued, “because they want me to finish my schooling in case it helps and to keep my eye on the students, and make sure everything is okay after last year…you already know that.”

Hermione looked down at her notes and did not say anything. Harry was right; she did already know that, she was simply on edge. She needed to rest, to sleep and tomorrow would be another day. Wednesday; she had defence, potions and runes. Enough to keep her mind busy at least. Enough so that by the end of the day she would have plucked up the confidence to go to Professor McGonagall and ask her for help. Hermione knew she would help if she could. 

The common room was fairly full and Hermione knew her mind would never rest in all the noise. Hastily she packed up all of her things, said goodnight to Harry and left to go into her own room. On the way she bumped into Dean and a heavy blush settled over her cheeks when he grabbed her shoulders to steady himself and held her gaze for longer than she thought necessary. 

“Sorry,” he mumbled, “didn’t see you.”

“It’s okay,” Hermione smiled, “my fault really, don’t know what’s gotten into me at the moment.” 

Dean smiled and carried on down the corridor into the common room, he stopped and waved before he left and Hermione couldn’t help but giggle. She knew he liked her, it was strange, she had never thought about him like that. It had simply never occurred to her.  

Hermione made it to her room and ran a bath hoping it would clear everything out of her head. She was almost ready to step into it when she had the most overwhelming need to sleep. Leaving the water to go cold she crawled under the covers fully clothed and closed her eyes in an attempt to sleep away her racing thoughts. 

It worked to an extent. She slept and she dreamed and they weren’t nightmares. Just pleasant dreams about her friends. Nothing that she would hate in the morning. But there were plenty of them and they made it all the worse when a sharp knock sounded at her door and she was woken abruptly. 

Hermione checked the time on the clock by her bed. 4am. Great who was knocking on her door at this time of night. Maybe Ginny having another crisis about something or other. Hermione shoved off her covers and went over to the door opening it with the intention of tell the person to get the hell to bed and out of her space when he eyes locked on the silver grey of the man she had missed so much for the past two weeks.

“Draco,” she whispered, unable to believe what her eyes were telling her. 

“Hermione,” he smiled producing a single red rose for her. 

Without saying another word Hermione ushered him in and closed the door so they could both be in private. She put the rose gently on the dresser and kissed him as hard as she figured she could seeing as he still looked in pain. 

Apparently he wasn’t in that much pain seeing as within seconds he had all her clothes off and was working on his own. Kissing her and telling her he loved her and how much he missed her and it was all Hermione could do to enjoy the feel of his hands running themselves over her skin. 

Oh god she missed him and oh god he was throwing her on the bed, kissing down her neck, along her ribs. Hermione didn’t know whether to be happy or shocked but she stopped him before things went too far. 

“Draco…” she said wriggling out of his grasp and pulling the covers up to hide her naked body.

“Yes?” he asked a little breathless. Hermione couldn’t help but feel bad that she had stopped him, a tingling sensation had settled in her stomach and she did want to carry on but…well she needed to know. 

“What happened?” she asked softly. 

Draco looked at her and then pulled her back to him, kissing her lightly on the lips. 

“Let me have you and I will tell you all…Please, I just, I just need you right now.” 

Hermione gave into what he wanted and what she wanted. She knew that this reunion would be the best feeling she had had in a while. 


“Tell me what happened,” Hermione said curling up into Draco’s arms and kissing his chest lightly. Draco shifted uneasily underneath her. 

“I’m not allowed,” he said quietly. Hermione’s head shot up and she looked down on her boyfriend.

“You are not allowed?” she asked. 

“They told me I was not allowed to divulge the details of our interviews,” he said simply. 

Hermione rolled her eyes and hit him playfully with the pillow. 

“Do you really think Draco Malfoy that I care about what they asked you? I have already guessed what they wanted to know and you have already told me. I want to know how they have treated you, why you were so long, if they did anything to hurt you.”

Draco looked up at Hermione and place a hand on her face, “they treated me fine, I was put up in a private room in the ministry where a healer saw me every day. They gave me plenty of food and water and I was escorted to an interrogation room every day to answer the questions they asked. No they did not torture me; the new minister is too good for those kinds of things.” 

Hermione let out a sigh of relief, he was treated well and now he was returned to her. Knowing he was safe was the best thing she had ever felt. Glancing at the clock Hermione groaned. 6am. She had to get up and get ready, breakfast was in an hour and a half! 

Leaping up out of bed Hermione rushed to the bathroom and drained the water from the bath, turning on the taps to fill it up again. Draco wrapped his arms around her from behind. 

“Can I join?” he asked quietly.

“Of course,” Hermione giggled. 


An hour later Hermione appeared in the common room alone and greeted Harry with a sharp hug and a quick apology for being miserable. He smiled at her and told her it was fine but then looked her in the eye seriously. 

“I found out who told on Draco,” he said quietly. Hermione grabbed the boy’s arm quickly and led him to a quiet corner of the common room. 

“Tell me quickly,” she hissed pulling her cloak tighter around her. Harry looked scared of the girl and glanced around the room quickly. Hermione followed his gaze as it settled on Dean and Seamus talking to Blaise and then Ron in an armchair by the fire, actually doing work. Hermione was taken aback. Ron doing work at this time in the morning. 

The redhead glanced up at the pair and then looked quickly back down at his work. The penny dropped and Hermione took a step back from Harry. 

“He wouldn’t,” she whispered. Harry looked at his friend and nodded his head slowly. 

“Professor Anderson told me,” Harry said just as heartbroken, “I confronted Ron last night after you went to bed. He didn’t want me to tell you but…”

Harry hadn’t finished his sentence before Hermione stormed over to where Ron was sitting. He rose from his chair as Hermione approached and grabbed at his wand to shield himself from any unfriendly spells but Hermione simply stopped inches from his face and glared at him. 

The common room fell silent, most expecting another showdown like they had seen before though no one knew the reason. Most were still oblivious to the fact that Draco was the prince charming. 

“You are dead to me Ronald Weasley,” she said slowly and calmly with as much restraint as she could muster, “if you ever come near me again you will live to regret it. I will never forgive you for this.” 

Ron flinched at her words but Hermione simply turned on her heel and marched from the common room. She met Ginny in the corridor and when asked what was wrong she told her to ask her brother. Ginny didn’t say anything but carried on past Hermione knowing not to rile her when she was in a bad mood. 

Stupid Ron and his stupid jealous big mouth. Everything was good again and he had to come along and ruin it. He always had to ruin it! 

She didn’t go to the great hall like she told Draco she would instead she made her way her way to the library found a runes book and attempted to read it. The difficult task used up her brain and she didn’t notice when Ginny crept in beside her. 

“So Draco is back then,” she said. 

“Yeah,” Hermione agreed not really in the mood to talk. 

“Harry told me what happened, Hermione if I had…”

“It’s not your fault Gin,” she said turning to her friend, “I know he is your brother and I would never ask you to choose sides… I’m not asking you to choose sides. I just want you to know that I might not see you but I’m still your friend. And tell Harry that too.”

“Hermione you and I and especially you and Harry have been through too much to not see each other just because my brother is a class A twit. I just… I don’t really know how it is going to work in school. Obviously outside, when we have finished it will be different but…Mione…”

“He is your brother I understand,” Hermione said trying to let the tears welling in her eyes fall down her cheeks. Ginny did not reply just placed a hand on Hermione’s arm and left her in peace. 

Ron was dead to her and now her friends were all but gone. 


Hey guys! Guess what, only three more chapters left!!! And then maybe the start of a sequal! =) Hope you enjoy, read and review. Secret Passion x

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