“Damn it!” Hermione muttered as a persistent knock disturbed her dreams. She was perspiring despite the cooling charm she had placed on the room. She also felt clammy, knowing she had reached her peak while dreaming of her unexpected, stolen moment with Harry.

The passion she felt remembering that particular moment has not left her when she was woken by whoever is outside the door. She still feels the tingling within her and she bit her lips, as flashes of Harry entering her filled her mind.

It has been a long time since she has been this aroused. Even Victor, with his prowess in bed, didn’t make her this wanton. She cursed herself, aching for a man already dead. Still sweating she reached for her wand.

“Who is it?” She asked cautiously. Despite the unexpected fervor coursing through her veins, she has not forgotten that she is enemy’s territory now. She needs to be careful. She glanced at the window, reassured that she could use it as exit point if forced.

“Old Tom told me that we would find whoever we are looking for in this room.” A somewhat familiar female voice said from the other side of the door.

“Who are you looking for?” Hermione asked back, her brows furrowed. Tom would never reveal her presence here unless he is forced to or if he thinks whoever is asking is trustworthy. Besides, the voice seems familiar though somewhat more matured.

“Hermione…This is Susan Bones from Hufflepuff.” The woman on the other side of the door whispered frantically. “Let us in before I break this door down and make a scene here!”

“Bones?” Hermione raised a brow. Last she heard from Victor’s sources is that Susan Bones was one of those who refused to join the regime and has joined Hagrid in the Forbidden Forest.

“Yes, now open up before somebody sees me standing here.”

“Who is with you?” Hermione asked. One of the charms she had casted was Homenum Revelio and right now it is telling her that there are two human beings at the other side of the door.

“He can be trusted, damn it!” Susan almost shouted. “Just open this door now or I am out of here and you will regret it for the rest of your sorry life.”

“This better not be a trick Bones. You don’t know half what I learn since last we met.” Hermione slowly removed the charms on the door. As the charms and protection is slowly peeled away, she gasped as more vivid scenes shared with Harry flashes through her mind. She felt warm and woozy, her knees buckled, forcing her back to the bed as intense desire slammed against her. Already she could feel herself coming.

This is madness. She muttered as she managed to finally remove the last trace of defense. “It is open…” She whispered as she tried to hold the desire at bay. She tried thinking of the day Harry died in hope of distracting her from what she is feeling right now but all she could think of is Harry, how noble he was during those final moment…how appealing he… She closed her eyes, biting her lips.

“What is happening to you?” Susan asked as she entered the room. Blurrily, Hermione noticed her move to the side to let in somebody she couldn’t see. “Are you…?” Susan bit her lips trying to stop the laughter. “Oh…never minds…that’s why he was so antsy while you took your time opening the door…”

“Who…?” Hermione almost whispered weakly. Against her will, her hands dropped her wand.

“Lucky for you Old Tom decided to trust me when I took my chance and ask him if there is someone here still loyal to Harry.” Susan raised a hand as if holding someone at bay. “And lucky for you… I know what you are feeling right now…It is useless to resist actually…especially seeing how stronger it is with you.”

“What are you…?’ Hermione whispered as she slumped on the bed, fighting the urge to touch herself. Unconsciously, she imagines Harry entering her.

“I’ll explain later…as much as I can… Luna should have come with us…she knows more than me.” Susan shrugged as she reopened the door. “All I can say is that you are not imagining things. Trust him as you always had. He needs that more than ever now. I’ll be back later when you are more in control of your feelings.” With a last chuckle, Susan closed the door after her.

“What was that all about…?” Hermione tried to maintain focus, looking around for the man Susan left behind. She is sure the man is hidden under concealment charm or something. She was trying to reach her fallen wand when he appeared kneeling in one knee in front of her.

She gasped in shock even as desires inundated her even more. How many times had she seen him reappear out of his invisibility cloak? And how many times had she cried over the fact that she won’t see him do it again? Yet, here he knelt in front of her, doing just what she imagined him doing countless of time: pulling off his invisibility cloak to reveal his presence and save the day.

Despite the overriding desire within her, tears flowed from her as she stared in the depths of his emerald eyes.

“Harry…” Slowly, she reached out to cup his cheek. “Please, don’t be an illusion and disappear again.”

“It’s me…” Harry leaned against her palm. She cried even more, hearing the voice she thought she’d never here again. She felt his tears wet her palm even as he gently removed strand of hair from her face, reminding her of the same gesture he did during that so long a night ago, flooding her with even stronger passion.

Harry’s back! Jubilation filled her heart, mixing with the desire already in it.

“How…?” She whispered as she fought against the desire. It is becoming more difficult as the joy of seeing Harry is adding flame to the ember that is trying to control her.

“Susan was right. Luna really should have come along. She could exclaim this better than me.” Harry whispered as if speaking was hard for him too. More heat coursed through Hermione when she saw the same passion burning within his emerald eyes. “All I know is that I’m back. It took me a long time and everything is still fuzzy for me but I am back.”

“Harry…I don’t think I care right now for the details of your return…” Hermione said as her hand drifted from her cheek to tangle in his messy hair. “All I care is that you are here now…”

With a flash of desire in his eyes, Harry suddenly kissed her, eliciting a purr of pure fervor from her. She pulled him closer, finally letting passion overrule her rational mind as she responded to her kiss.


Harry didn’t know how much time have passed nor can he remember the passion that consumed both of them. One moment they were kissing, the next he was aware of was lying naked under a sheet, hugging Hermione while she sleeps contently.

Their activities have taken a toll on him but as much as he would like to sleep, he couldn’t. Memories flashes through his mind, memories he didn’t even know he lost. He is so used to them coming back now that he barely reacted as he remembers them.

The disastrous escape from Privet Drive… They lost Mad-Eye and one of George’s ears…

The bittersweet wedding of Bill and Fleur…what started as a happy occasion turned sour at the arrival of the death eaters…

Their sneak attack in the Ministry…They barely escaped with their lives…

That fateful night when Ron left them…It led to a sweet encounter that he thought would never happen again…

Their search at Godric Hollow…He lost a wand for his foolishness…

Harry closed his eyes as memories flashed faster.

Ron’s return…Mr. Lovegood’s house…Their capture…Dobby’s death…The hard choice to let Voldermort take the wand…The break-in at Gringotts…The dragon…The battle of Hogwarts…

He pulled Hermione closer and she burrowed deeper into his nape as more painful memories flooded him.

The memories of the Half-blood Prince…The long walk to his death…His encounter with Dumbledore…His return…His moment of triumph snatched away…

“I remember…” He murmured as he remembers the moment of his death and the Dark Lord’s ultimate triumph.

If it wasn’t for Hermione’s warm body beside him, Harry would be shivering at the cold brought about by the memory. For the second time that day, he was hit by a killing course and though it took longer for him to recover, he had once again survived.

He remembers the Hallows and it all make sense now. Somehow, the Hallows were buried with hem and through them has been resurrected. He is the master of death yet he feels no different except that something is still missing as if he isn’t complete yet.

His musing was interrupted by a soft yet incessant knock.

“Damn it!” Hermione murmured as she sat up, covering herself with the blanket. “Give us…”

She glared as Susan entered the room, not even bothered at their state of undress.

“Don’t look at me like that. It is you who forgot to lock the door…so eager to bone Harry…bone…heehee…I made a pun.” Susan giggled as she sat at the only chair beside the bed.

“Could you at least wait for us to be dressed before you barge in like that?” Hermione glared at her as she levitated their clothing toward them. Susan couldn’t help but smile as she watched Hermione blushed.

“What’s the used? I know what you were doing in here.” Susan said with a twinkle in his eyes. “After all, Harry and I did it and before me… Luna got a taste of him first.”

“You have a lot of explaining to do.” Hermione hastily got dressed. She had guessed Susan but she never thought Luna too.

“We’ll try to explain it later.” Susan turned to Harry who was also getting dressed. Unlike Hermione, he was totally at ease as he stood up and pulled his trousers on. Susan bit her lips when she caught a glimpse of his manhood. With or without the pull, she will always be attracted to Harry now.

“Mind out of the gutter.” It was Hermione’s turn to smirk.

“Do you remember everything now?” Susan asked, ignoring Hermione.

“Remember?” Hermione looked at them both, her arms frozen in the act of putting on her blouse.

“Long story.” Harry replied. “I’ll explain it in details later. Susan, I think I remember everything…I remember up to the moment when the Dark Lord defeated and killed me but I have this weird feeling that I am still missing something.”

“You got your memories back from Luna, me and now Hermione.” Susan pointed out. She then turned to an utterly confused Hermione. “Somehow, his memories were transferred to us when we did ‘it’ with him for the first time. And don’t you deny you didn’t do it with him before this. Anyway, we became holder of his memories…a failsafe to ensure he survive the ordeal of dying. And the only way to give it back is…you understand of course.”

“If that is the case then if Harry is feeling something is still missing then it is safe to assume that he has not yet recovered all of his memories.” Hermione theorized.

“But what? I think I have everything now.” Harry asked frustrated “At least the important ones.”

“Do you still feel the pull?” Susan asked. “That’s what we all feel before we uhhh ‘do’ it with him. Yours is stronger though.” Susan explained to Hermione.

“I am not sure…it usually manifest minutes after I regain a portion of memories.” Harry sighed. “I guess we will just have to wait if and when I feel the pull again. And is it just me or everyone else is feeling like a stud right now?”

“The problem with memories is that you never know what you have forgotten.” Hermione rolled her eyes at Harry, glad that her friend could joke about their current predicament. “The good news is that even if you don’t remember forgetting anything, we could narrow prospective holders.”

“You and Luna are a no-brainer.” Susan pointed out. “You two were close to Harry. But remember, he and I barely talked during our Hogwarts’ days. There is a possibility that Harry would have been ‘pulled’ toward anyone of our classmates that he encountered or had a conversation with.”

“Well, we could at least narrow it done to the likely suspects. We could head directly to anyone of them and just veer course if this ‘pull’ manifest.” Hermione reasoned out. “It beats sitting here waiting for it to point Harry the way.”

“You’re probably right.” Susan sighed, leaning against the chair’s back. “I have one person in mind but last I heard she had been carted away into who-knows-where prison camp. Some even think that she is dead.”

“Who?” Harry asked in concern.

“Ginny.” Hermione said quietly, waiting for Harry’s reaction.

“Ginny?” Harry’s brow furrowed in concentration. “Ginny Weasley? What about her?” His eyes bulged. “Wait a minute…don’t tell me…I wouldn’t…she’s Ron’s sister…I would have resisted the pull…”

“You don’t remember?” Hermione asked in surprise. How could he have forgotten Ginny?

“Remember what?”

“She is the last memory to collect…” Susan murmured to herself. “The most precious memory…”

“You will just have to remember.” Hermione answered Harry. Deep inside her, she has to admit that she felt relived that they wouldn’t be seeing Ginny anytime soon. She needs time to think of a reason why she slept with Harry not just once but twice and even thinking of a third time, with or without the so-called ‘pull.’ “For now at least this confirms that you still have memories to recover and I couldn’t think of anyone else who holds such memories but…”

“Her?” Susan raised an eyebrow. Now that she thinks about it. It made sense that she’d be the holder of Harry’s last missing memories. His first girlfriend, his childhood love holding his memories about his ultimate love…

“Yes, her.” Hermione nodded. “Cho Chang.”


disclaimer: everything belongs to JK ROWLING

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