The next morning Harry woke up and looked out his rain washed window, the sky was still dark gray and the rain kept pouring down. He went downstairs to the kitchen where Mrs. Weasley and Ginny were busy cooking breakfast. “Hello Harry.” Ginny greeted him.

“Morning.” He said.

“It looks like we won’t be doing much today.” Ginny said, sitting down opposite him.

“Yeah, well I’m still planning on going to see William.” Harry said.

“Okay, well other than that.” Ginny said.

“Harry, can I get you something?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“I’ll just have some toast and eggs.” Harry said. Mrs. Weasley set it down in front of him. “Thanks.” He said.

“Remember to ask William if he’s found a ship.” Ginny told him.

“Right, I’ll do that.” Harry said. So after breakfast he fastened his traveling cloak and put his hood up then set out into the wind and rain. As soon as he was outside the gate of the Burrow he spun on the spot and was compressed until he appeared outside the bookstore. He knocked on the door of the shop. “Hello?” He called. No one answered. He rapped at the door again, this time he saw William poke his head out the door behind the desk. He walked up to the door and peered out. Harry put the hood down, William smiled and opened the door.

“Harry!” He said, “Come on in!”

“Thanks.” Harry said he walked into the blissfully warm shop.

“What brings you here?” William asked.

“Well, I came to tell you that we have another person coming.” Harry told him.

“What? I thought it was you, me and Ginny.” William said.

“Well last night all of Ginny’s family came and Ginny told her aunt about our trip and her aunt wanted to come.” Harry said.

“Okay well then we’ll need a ship for four.” William said.

“Her aunt said that she’d been to America so she might be able to help, plus she’s got some money.” Harry said.

“Okay that’s good.” William said.

“I’m also supposed to ask you whether or not you’d found a ship.” Harry said.

“No I haven’t yet.” William said.

“Alright then,” Harry said, “I better get back.” He put his hood back up, waved and stepped out the door. He appeared outside the gate of the Burrow and hurried inside.

He walked into the sitting room where Ginny and Mrs. Weasley were sitting. “Harry, you’re back!” Ginny said.

“That storm is still going strong out there.” Harry said sitting down.

“What did William have to say?” Ginny asked.

“Well I told him Stephanie is coming and he said okay.” Harry said. “Then I asked if he’d found a ship and he said not yet.” And when Ginny looked disappointed he said, “Hey it’s only been a day, we can’t expect him to find one that fast.”

“I know I guess I’m just ready to leave.” Ginny said.

“Yeah me too.” Harry said.

“Me too.” Said a voice at the doorway, Harry looked and saw Hermione standing there.

“Hermione!” Ginny said.

Hermione smiled, “I couldn’t bear to stay up there much longer. Anyway Ginny I need to talk to you.”

“What about?” Ginny asked.

“Well, while I was sitting up there I realized you’re not done at Hogwarts!” Hermione said.

“Oh, right well wouldn’t you rather I go save Ron?” Ginny asked.

“Well yes, but what about your education?” Hermione asked.

“Hey, what about you?” Harry asked.

“Well I’m still thinking about it, I might go.” She said.

“Ginny I agree with Hermione, you need to finish your education some how.” Mrs. Weasley said.

“Well I’d love to go to Hogwarts but I’m not going.” Ginny said.

“And what about you Harry?” Hermione asked, “You never finished either.”

“Hey I’ve got an idea!” Ginny said.

“What if Aunt Stephanie and William could teach us!” Ginny said.

“Well I suppose that’d work.” Mrs. Weasley said. “But how would you do your N.E.W.Ts?”

“Well we could talk to McGonagall and see if we could do them when we got back.” Harry said.

“Alright I’ll invite her for dinner and if she says yes we’ll ask William and Stephanie about teaching you two.” Mrs. Weasley said and bustled out of the room.

“I hope McGonagall will let us do newts when we get back.” Ginny said.

“I know we can’t go back to Hogwarts now.” Harry said.

“Yeah that wouldn’t be good.” Ginny said.

“Well Hermione how are you we haven’t seen you for awhile.” Harry asked.

“Oh I’m alright.” Hermione said.

Later that night Ginny and Hermione were helping Mrs. Weasley prepare dinner while Harry was setting the table, when they heard a loud banging from upstairs, “What was that?” Ginny asked.

Harry ran up the steps to Ron’s room where he was sure that the sound had come from, as soon as he reached for the door knob more banging came from the other side of the door. He pulled out his wand and opened the door. Ron was standing in the middle of the room about to charge at the door again. Harry raised his wand but this new Ron was fast, to fast he knocked Harry’s wand from his hand, hit him hard across his face and pushed him to the ground. Harry was pinned he struggled for a moment then pushed with all his strength, he rolled Ron off of him then dived for his wand. Ron stood up and charged at Harry again. Harry raised his wand for the second time and fired a stunning spell, it hit Ron in the face and he toppled over onto the floor. Harry levitated him back into bed and covered him up. He walked back downstairs holding his head where Ron had hit him, he could feel a small bump growing there.

“What happened?” Hermione asked.

“Ron.” Harry said simply. They seemed to understand what he meant.

“Is he okay?” Hermione asked. Harry nodded and sat down.

“What happened to you?” Ginny asked, Harry had accidentally uncovered his bump and Ginny had seen.

“It’s nothing.” Harry said.

“Nothing!” Ginny exclaimed. “Harry you’ve got a chicken egg growing out of your head!”

Harry laughed, “Okay, Ron just hit me.”

“Well let me get something for it.” Ginny said. She hurriedly got a rag with cool water on it. “Here, that might make it feel better.”

“Thanks.” Harry said, placing it over his swelling bruise. He held it there until Mr. Weasley got home then they waited for McGonagall. She arrived soon after Mr. Weasley and they sat down to eat.

“Well Harry, what happened to you?” Mr. Weasley asked while they ate.

“Ron just got a little aggressive earlier.” Harry then explained about the fight in Ron’s room.

“I see.” Mr. Weasley said looking worried, “Well has William found a ship yet?”

“Harry went by there this morning and asked but no such luck.” Ginny said.

“Ah, well hopefully it won’t take much longer.” Mr. Weasley said.

“Yeah.” Harry and Ginny said together, they looked at each other and laughed.

“Well from my understanding of Molly’s letter you two had something to discuss with me?” McGonagall asked Harry and Ginny changing the subject.

“Oh yes, well see professor, Ginny and I are going to America soon and we realized today that we’re not done with Hogwarts.” Harry said.

“Go on.” McGonagall said.

“So we wondered if my aunt and our friend who are coming with us could teach us.” Ginny said.

“Well I see no reason to disagree with that.” McGonagall said.

“But we also wondered if when we got back we could do our N.E.W.Ts when we got back.” Harry said.

“Well, what time do you plan on getting back?” McGonagall asked.

“Well sometime next year.” Ginny said, “Probably closer to the end of the year.”

“Well it would be pretty late to do it, but I can try to get that to work.” McGonagall agreed.

“Okay thank you professor.” Harry said.

“No problem.” McGonagall said. They had pretty much finished eating by now so McGonagall stood, “Well, I should be going now.”

“Alright, well we’ll see you then.” Mr. Weasley said.

“I’ll see you all later.” McGonagall said and walked out the door.

They didn’t stay up long after that and Harry went to sleep fast with the rain and thunder pounding outside his window.

The next morning Harry awoke to a particularly loud thunder he moaned and got up. He dressed and headed downstairs to get some breakfast. Ginny and Hermione were walking past his door, talking worriedly when he came out of his room, “What’s up?” Harry asked.

“Ron’s getting a lot worse.” Ginny said hugging him.

“What do you mean?” He asked starting to get worried.

“He’s running an awful fever.” Hermione said.

“Mum went in to check on him this morning and he was moaning and that stuff so she checked him and he was about one hundred and twenty degrees.” Ginny looked worried.

“Come on, let’s go eat, he’ll be okay.” Harry said. Ginny laced her fingers with his and they walked with Hermione downstairs. Mrs. Weasley had already got some food set out on the table when they arrived down in the kitchen.

After they ate Harry, Ginny and Hermione went into the sitting room where they all found something to do: Harry pulled out his wand and started practicing spells he knew such as transfiguration spells; Hermione got a book to read and Ginny was reading Witch Weekly. “I don’t want to bother William but I really want to know if he’s found a ship!” Ginny said after awhile.

“Ginny, I’m sure if he’d found one he’d let us know.” Harry said as he made the tea cup on the table next to him grow legs and run off the table where it smashed. “Reparo.” The cup flew back together and landed on its saucer.

“I know but what if he has, and can’t get here because of the rain.” Ginny said.

“Come on, he’s a wizard of course he’d be able to come.” Harry said.

Ginny sighed, “Yeah you’re right.” She said then changed her mind. “But what if he can’t apparate here.”

“Then he’d walk.” Harry said simply.

“What if he doesn’t want to walk.” Ginny retorted.

Now Harry sighed, “Okay fine. I’ll go down there if you will please stop that.”

“Deal.” Ginny said. Harry walked out to the front door and got his cloak. He stepped out into the rain hurried out the gate and apparated to William’s shop. He opened the door and walked in, the bell tinkled over his head. William came out of one of the isles and when he saw who it was he exclaimed, “Harry, Didn’t expect you to be back today.”

“Trust me I wouldn’t have gone out if Ginny wasn’t driving me mad.” Harry said.

“Ah, girls.” William said. “Lemme guess she wanted you to come see if I’d found a ship?”

“Actually, yeah.” Harry said.

“Well tell her no but I might be onto one.” William said.

“Will do.” Harry said.

“Okay see you. Oh and tell her I’ll come tell you as soon as I find one, rain, snow or shine.” William said as Harry exited the shop. He waved and apparated to the Burrow.

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