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Chapter 15. Can't Be Good

"She blew me off again!" 

Nobody looked up from what they were doing. I was balancing my arithmacy book on top of my stomach, Clo was lying on her back by the fireplace reading Witch Weekly, Chase had lost a bet and was forced to massage my feet for the next twenty minutes and Bray was dozing off in a chair right by Clo.

"Hello!" Deuce called out and clapped his hands to summon our attention. I looked up lazily and Chase did the same, but when I noticed he'd stopped massaging me I gave him a little kick. He kept going, but scowled at me while doing it.

"I am in the middle of a crisis here, people!" Deuce moaned loudly, and started groaning like a woman in labour. I knew because Mum had forced me to watch some films about child birth over Christmas. It was disturbing to the point of vomiting.

"Sweet Potter, you are one dramatic bloke," Chase commented and rolled his eyes - his fingers were still working their magic on my feet and I sighed. "What is it now, Miss Minelli?"

"She blew me off again!" Deuce repeated and threw his hands in the air. "Jade, she blew me off. Again. For, like, the tenth time or something. I don't get it! And you know the worst part? When I asked her what she was doing instead this weekend, she replied that she had to go bird watching. Who goes bird watching on a Saturday night?"

"Who goes bird watching?" Bray asked rhetorically, yawning a bit while he stretched.

"Apparently she does," Deuce responded, not noting his mate's sarcasm. But Bray had stopped listening. He'd turned around with his back to the rest of the group, and was snoring lightly, not caring at all about his mate's lady trouble.

Deuce slumped down on the floor in defeat and rested his head on the edge of the sofa I was perched upon. I automatically started to play with his hair, something I'd always used to do when he and I briefly dated. He exhaled slowly and leaned into my touch.

"I don't get it," he mumbled, his eyes closed. "I really have no idea..."

Clover was sneaking peaks at the lad at my side, and I subsequently stopped touching him when I noticed the jealous gleam in those hazel eyes.

But Deuce, who didn't allow this stopping of affection, reached behind himself, found my hand and put it firmly back onto his head. This made me giggle silently as I resumed the gentle fiddling.

Why couldn't he always be like this? Sweet, vulnerable, approachable? He was obviously capable of being a standup human being, so why did he have to bury it underneath mountains of manure?

"I've tried every line, but none of them seems to be working on this girl. I'm at a loss for what to do," Deuce said, eyes still closed. "This has never happened to me before, and I have to say, I don't particularly care for it." He let out a sigh. "I guess this is the whole karma thing everyone's talking about."

"Well, here's a crazy idea," I started, and his eyes slid up, looking at me upside down. "Why not try being romantic? You know, not play her like a one-string banjo, but actually do something different."

"But, but I-I don't know how to be romantic!" he exclaimed, and sat up so he could study me more easily. "How do I do that? What do I say? How do I act?"

"Well... It's not that hard. Just be yourself."

"You know," Chase interrupted, but being careful not to stop massaging, "that's some of the worse advice you can give to some people."

"Oh, shut up, Chase," Deuce growled at his brother.

"Case in point," Chase pointed out.

Deuce sent his twin a glowering gaze before turning to Clover, and she immediately looked away as if she hadn't spent this entire time staring at him. "Clover, you're a girl."

"Took you this long to figure that out, huh?" she asked with her eyes fixed on the magazine she was holding.

"No," Deuce scooted closer to her, "what I mean is," more scooting, "what do you think I should do?"

Clover stiffened as she watched her crush get closer and closer. "I-I don't really know-"

"Sure you do. Come on, tell me," he said in an eager voice, and settled down directly in front of her. "Just tell me something romantic, just so I get the gist."

"All right, ehm." Clover swallowed hard while sitting up straight. She didn't look at him yet. "If it were me, I'd want you to..."

"Yes?" Deuce dragged, and stared at her.

"I dunno, catch me off guard with a really -" she inhaled carefully, still not meeting his gaze, "-...good kiss. Really sort of, uhm, soft at first. And then maybe... Maybe brush the hair away from my face."

"Yeah." Inching forward even more.

"And then look far into my eyes..." Finally she lifted her gaze, and her voice lowered dramatically. "In a way that lets me know something great is about to happen."

"Uh-huh." Deuce stared at her intently, observing her every move. Chase and I shared a look, and then we turned back to our friends.

"Then, I dunno, then maybe you could pull me really close to you so that I'd be pressed up right against your chest. And, uhm, it would get kind of..." She drifted into his eyes, and her voice drifted as well. "It'd get intense...and blurry. And then it would just happen."

"What would happen?" Deuce asked in whispers, equally lost in her eyes as she was in his.

"I'd fall for you."

There were no sounds except from the crackling of the fire next to them; they were almost leaning in towards each other, eyelids almost fluttering shut.

Then Deuce started grinning ecstatically and jumped up. 

"Thanks, Clo, bye!" he called after patting the top of Clo's head and bouncing out of the common room.

Clover sat there, watching Deuce leave with a gaping expression. The hazel in her eyes got blurry from tears, and she gave a stuttering excuse before getting up and leaving the room.

"I can never..." I started, and put the arithmacy book away with a sigh. "I can never get why he is like that."

Chase shrugged, letting out a breath as well. "He's got issues. Never really got over that Mum cheated on Dad."

"She cheated on him?" I asked, locking eyes with Chase. 


"So they're not together anymore?"

"Yes, they are," he replied with a sigh. "He forgave her."

"Then why-?"

"Why can't Deuce as well?" Chase shrugged. "Dunno."

I couldn't believe I'd been friends with the Zabini twins for this many years, and still hadn't known this about them.

A massive clock situated on top of the mantle started playing its usual, soothing lullaby like it always did at midnight, and Chase helped me to my feet.

"Night," I told him in a small voice after he'd followed me up to the door into my dorm room. The green light ricocheting off the water on the other side of the glass wall played in Chase's eyes, and I once again noted how nice they really were. A fish swam past us while we looked at each other in silence.

"Night, Del," he finally said back, and then put his hand on top of my swollen belly. "Night, babies."

To both of our surprise, the individuals inside my stomach started roaming about against the palm of Chase's hand, and he responded by putting his other hand on it as well. A grin spread across his face, and for several seconds we stood like two giggling idiots being sickly excited about those silly movements.

After what seemed like both the shortest of seconds and a whole lifetime, Chase let go of my shirt-covered stomach, and bade me goodnight once more.

I went to bed happier than I'd been in a long, long time.

And just when I put my head on the pillow, I realised I hadn't said goodnight to Bray. He was probably still lying on the couch downstairs, and I'd just...walked away.

Bugger. Now I was back in a bad mood again.

"Entire galaxies have formed and died in the time it has taken you to walk up these stairs, Adella."

I paused in the middle of another step, and sent my best friend a seething look. Daggers were shot out of my eyes at the beautiful, impatient blonde, but she didn't seem to care in the least.

"Pardon me," I panted, "for carrying the weight of three people and two servings for lunch."

"And pardon me for wanting to get to class on time," Clo replied sourly, tapping her foot against the floor. "I don't quite fancy getting detention. And Professor Martinez already has it in for the both of us, especially you."

"Argh, Professor Martinez can just do us all a favour and go suck on a cactus. Maybe that'll shut her up." I laughed at my own funny.

"Well, I think she feels the same way about you and that Tristan bloke," Clover snorts. "Do you two ever run out of things to talk about? I can always hear the pair of you whispering and giggling like two gossiping grandmothers."

I was just about to retort when I suddenly heard someone running down the stairs above us. A girl came flying through the group of students with a sweater tied around her waist, her hair flying behind her. But the girl stepped on her own shoelace and subsequently went tumbling down the rest of the stairs until she landed in front of a big mountain of a female.

"Hey!" the large cow-face screamed furiously. "Watch where the hell you're falling, pipsqueak!"

The little girl's eyes were spouting tears as she tried to get up, but the fat girl gave her a shove so she stumbled back on her hands and knees. And when that happened, the girl's sweater fell off of her waist, and she gave a yelp once she realised that all of us now had a clear view of her behind. And it was covered in blood.

I gasped. Just like everyone else did.

"What's this?" the large one asked with mockery in her disgusting voice. "Did someone forget to change their tampon?"

The girl let out a sob; I summoned every particle of strenght I had in my body and ran the last steps until I was right beside the crouching, young girl. She couldn't have been more than thirteen.

I bent down(as best I could) and helped her tie the sweater back around her waist.

I groaned when I almost toppled over due to the strange distribution of weight on my body.

"What's this?" the big hippo grunted in a pig-like manner, I wrinkled my nose in disgust at her. "Is the ex-queen bee actually feeling compassion for another human being? Do I need to get my camera?"

"Don't you talk to her like th-!" Clover started, but the cow turned to her furiously.

"Why are you speaking?" miss hippo interrupted, spitting. "You do not have any place in this conversation."

The young girl allowed me to help her up to a standing position, and then she ran away from the scene in a flash, sobbing into her hands.

Once she was out of sight I whipped to face the monster who was now going to suffer my temper.

"You know, that could happen to any one of us," I began in a voice vibrating with anger. "You don’t have any right making fun of her. What’s wrong with you?"

"God gave me a mouth to speak and I’m gonna use it," was the hippo's snarky answer. I snorted.

"Well, God gave you a mouth to eat too, but you abused that privilege."

The monster-girl was utterly speechless. I wish I felt bad for saying these mean things, but this girl deserved it.

I grabbed Clo's wrist and dragged her with me up the stairs, continuing on our jurney up to the HR classroom. With another surge of hatred for the evil girl, I stopped in front of her on my way past her and her gaping friends.

"Oh, and you might wanna wipe that ketchup off of your chin," I added in a stage whisper, and the evil wench began wiping herself.

"No, your other chin," I told her, and the other students on the staircase immediately began applauding me as I went back to ascending it.

I had no regrets.

But the combination of angrily walking up stairs and being seven months pregnant with twins can be fatal. Something I learned when I all of a sudden stepped on the foot of some poor unsuspecting second year when Cloe and I rushed past him, and completely lost my balance.

I got that uncomfortable, horrifying sensation you get from falling down and watching the hard surface come closer and closer to your face. It all went so slowly. I felt like I'd lived a lifetime before I finally hit the floor with a thud. I vaguely picked up on someone screaming, and I wasn't sure whether it was me or Clover. The pain wasn't even that bad. My big stomach had taken most of the impact, and I'd managed to bump my head pretty good against the railing, thus causing me to slip into an oddly numb and comfortable blackness.

The last thing I remember before completely blacking out was the eerie feel of something warm and gooey trickling down my legs.

In my fragile, hazy state I didn't realise what it could have been, but I knew this much: It wasn't good.

And I had yet to learn just how 'not good'.


Yes. That just happened.

What do you think is going to happen next?

Love you,


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