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“Come on, Rosie, lighten up!” Scorpius trilled, nudging my arm. I continued to glare out of the window, but leaned into him slightly to let him know his gesture was appreciated, but at the same time suggesting he shut the hell up. I was still extremely annoyed at my father, there was no need to take it out on Scorp, I knew, but I was never a very nice person when I was irate like this. My so-called Father had some sort of issue with Scorpius that stemmed from his parentage. So what, Scorpius’ father used to be a Death Eater? Big deal. Scorpius was a nice enough guy, and surely Dad could grow up a bit and accept the fact that I, Rose Weasley, was dating Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. Mum always made a big deal about not judging people because of who they were related to, because not every child is a clone of their parents, believe it or not.






Scorp and Al were being idiots as usual, trying to crack jokes and slip me the gross flavours of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans. I was having none of it. Usually, I’d joke along with them, but not today. Louis and Lucy were a great deal more bearable, the two of them lost in their own conversation of how they’d spend the next few weeks, wild James Sirius Potter style parties in the Room of Requirement, getting stoned on the Astronomy tower. I’d much rather not have to overhear such conversations, and I sent them death glares when they tried to convince little Hugo to join them. Hugo was a quiet kid, very introverted and preferred to keep to himself and focus on his studies. Some said he was a bore, but once you got to know him, he was probably one of the nicest people I knew. People never gave the kid enough credit.






The worst part of returning to Hogwarts was the long train ride on the Express. It was about as boring as was humanly possible, it’d been fun the first few times – staring out the window, gawking at Muggle creatures we passed and joking around. Sure it was a good time to catch up, but when half the school is related to you, and you already know all their business, there’s not much to talk about. There was also the fact  that I got ridiculous motion sickness, I’d lost count of the amount of times I’d thrown up in this very compartment - the grossed out look of my friends and relatives as they cleaned it up with a quick charm was always the same. It was fair to say that train journeys didn’t really agree with me. I usually tried my best to fall asleep, and get it all over and done with in a jiffy, but that hadn’t worked this time. I’d been far too annoyed to relax my muscles and drift off against Scorp’s shoulder. So I settled for glowering at my reflection and trying desperately to keep the contents of my stomach firmly where they were.


I tuned out the mutterings of the others in the compartment. Al and Scorp were hooting and tossing sweets at each other, brains of a pair of five year olds, Lucy and Louis trying to subtly convince Hugo to join their gang of misfits, which was hardly a gang, really. Usually their infamous posse involved the two of them and Katarina Zabini, and occasionally a few others from their year who were feeling rebellious, cutting class together and trying to avoid detention. The pair of them were awfully good liars and forgers, the amount of notes signed by Madame Pomfrey they’d faked over the years was preposterous. There were about two hours of this left to go, so I busied my mind with thoughts of Hogwarts, my second home, from the delicious array of food at the feast, that my brother always ate far too much of, to sneaking into the kitchens with Lucy and Louis from time to time, while my best friend Georgia Hoffman - whom I hadn’t seen so far today - whined and complained about how we might get caught. Severely lacking in Gryffindor courage if you ask me. Louis and Lucy were always great fun to hang out with, and Albus and Scorp often joined us when we’d gone swimming in the Black Lake after curfew and then spent the next week scrubbing the grubby suits of armour as punishment. The rest of us didn’t cut class as much as Louis and Lucy did, but they were both Ravenclaws and would have no trouble catching up on the heaps of work they’d missed, if they had it in them to bother. This year being OWL year, I feared for them a little. They always got passed end of year exams with flying colours, which annoyed the hell out of the rest of us who worked so hard and hardly ever achieved as they did. In the eyes of Percy and Audrey, Lucy was Little Miss Perfect; it never failed to surprise me how unaware they were of their daughter’s antics, and never even saw through Molly’s half-arsed attempts at covering for her younger sibling. Fleur and Bill, however, were fully aware of what Louis got up to, and had given up trying to calm his rebellious side, hoping that it’d all play itself out in due time. I highly doubted that Louis behaviour was a phase, though.






“Rose! Rose! Rosie!” Scorpius said gently, shaking my shoulders trying to grab my attention. I wasn’t aware that I had been ignoring him, I heard him, but I wasn’t paying attention. He calling my name was just a niggling noise at the back of my mind, something that could be easily tolerated and pushed aside.


“OI, WEASLEY!” Albus yelled, playfully smacking me round my head. I blinked a few times and narrowed my eyes at him, he responded with a coy grin. Arsehole. I thought about hexing him for a second, and decided against it. Uncle Harry wouldn’t like me so much for that, and I’d rather stay on Harry’s good side, it did have its benefits.


“Rose, we have to go get changed.” Lucy chimed, tossing my uniform at me and giving me an impatient stare. I shook myself further out of my reverie and gave her a smile, getting up to follow her out of the compartment, smacking Al’s shoulder as I went. He pulled a face at me and Scorpius laughed. Mature.






We weren’t the only students rushing to get changed at the last minute, with a glance out of the window I saw we were about half an hour from Hogsmeade station. I hadn’t noticed the sky grow darker, it was now a foggy dark grey, last time I’d paid attention to it, the sun was still high and there wasn’t a fluffy white cloud in sight. Lucy and I pushed past the crowd of frightened first years, moving forward hastily to see what had been holding them up. I knocked a third year boy out of my way and saw Rheagan Goldstein leaning against the entrance to her compartment, already changed into her Gryffindor robes. Rheagan was the definition of beautiful, she was tall and curvy, with ridiculously long legs, she had long chocolate brown hair that fell, dead straight, down to the small of her back, and big dark eyes that I always found rather intimidating. She didn’t have that kind of atmosphere about her being though; she gave off a sweet vibe and hardly ever frowned. She was frowning now, though. My idiot cousin, easily a head taller than her, was arguing in a hushed voice. Rheagan didn’t look to be having any of it, which only infuriated James further. He was leaning against the door to the compartment, his face too close to hers than could possibly be comfortable for either of them. Rheagan hissed profanities in response and I saw something I hadn’t noticed before. Laurel Jordan flicked her perfect jet black hair and turned away with a triumphant smile. I knew this scene had been her doing; she loved creating arguments between people, something that irritated everyone to no end. Her favourite victims were James and Rheagan. She was infatuated with James, and even though the two of them would be two perfect slutty little peas in a pod, James felt absolutely nothing towards her. To him she was only good for a quick shag every now and then.






I tried not to think about that too much.






So what would Laurel do in retaliation? Mess up his relationship with the one girl James had ever loved. Rheagan Goldstein. It didn’t make much difference, Rheagan had had enough of James back in third year, and to say he’d had commitment issues was a slight understatement. Even at the tender age of thirteen he had no problem sleeping around half of the school. So that ended his relationship with her, after just six months when she’d finally gotten fed up of giving him second chances. He’d spent the last four years hopelessly trying to win her back. In a way I felt sorry for him, I’m sure it wasn’t entirely his fault he was a disgusting man whore. Some people thought it was kind of pathetic, while some of the crazy singletons thought it was romantic and secretly wished it was them. I’d often heard them calling Rheagan insane for turning him down.


Unfortunately for Laurel, I wasn’t in the mood for her fucking up my cousin’s life even more than he’d fucked it up himself right now, just as she’d been doing since he dumped her after six weeks of trying to get over Rheagan four years ago. She was persistent, I’d give her that. I pulled my wand out of my back pocket, and threw the first spell at her I could think of. It narrowly avoided hitting James as he tossed his raven head back finally looking like he was about to give up. Laurel stumbled as the hex hit her. She screamed.


Actually, I think to say she screamed is a bit soft. She shrieked the foulest blood curling noise I’d ever heard in my life. And I highly doubted I’d ever hear at that particular frequency again – not that I wanted to. I’d hit Laurel Jordan with the Furnunculus Curse, and ghastly boils began to sprout all over her perfect olive skin. I wish I’d been able to say that I was safe after this. But obviously that wasn’t going to happen.


“You BITCH, Weasley!” she yelled, pulling her own wand out of her green robes. “Sectumsempra!”





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