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Model Student. by Half_Empty
Chapter 1 : Birds of Prey, Winter and the Rubber Variety.
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The Robin: A plump little bird with a bright red breast, face and throat. It is also well-known for having olive-brown under parts.


My name’s Robin Olivia Abbot. Imagine my chagrin to find this dictionary definition of my names sake.

I mean, I’d just like to state that despite this common misconception I do not have a bright red face (or breast for that matter) and certainly, most definitely do not currently and have never had olive-brown under parts.

Remember that. You know… in the future.

Another thing about Robin’s! They’re winter birds, and let me get this straight.

Winter. Is. Shit.

Yes I went there.                   

It’s cold, it’s wet and snow ball fights are absolutely terrible for your hair.

It’s just… shit. Plain and simple.

This is why I despise my nickname: Winter.

Whose bloody idea was it to nickname a model after a season anyway? It’s basically limited me to modelling knit wear for the rest of my life. Who ever heard of Winter in a summer dress? That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one, but apparently it draws a crowd if my second place status in Witch Weekly’s who’s who list is anything to go by.

Not that I’m bragging. You know… much

Most people would think second place is good right? Correct.

It’s better than last in any case, but guess what?

I absolutely despise it.


Because I’ve been in bloody second place for three years in a row now, and believe me when I say that it’s incredibly frustrating. Especially because I keep losing to the same, annoying person: the genius red head with an attitude problem Rose Weasley.

… who just happens to be my best friend.

It’s an unusual relationship but it works judging by the way we’ve been best friends since first year. Well… her first year. I don’t go to school.

Yeah… go figure. The pretty little Model doesn’t go to school.

But ha! I’m not dumb! So you can forget about that stereo type right now.

I’m actually quite intelligent… very really but I don’t quite have enough time in my schedule to actually go to a school. I barely have enough time for the one on one tutoring that my father insists upon, but it’s necessary.

My mum on the other hand isn’t fussed. I could do a tap dance in my underwear right beneath her nose and she wouldn’t look up from the pile of official documents in front of her. She’s the Minister of Magic, mummy dearest.

Obviously this makes her a bundle of joy to be around. (Note my sarcasm).

Back on subject... We met on the platform as I dropped my brother off for his first day of second year. It was an instant love. Well… not instant considering when we first met I actually walked into her causing my hair to fly into her mouth and vice versa, but it was an after-an-apology kind of love I guess (She tried to hit me with her trunk beforehand).

After the trip to St Mungo’s complete with concussions we became the best of friends. We bonded over our mutual fame… mine made by myself and hers made from her family’s past so it’s easy to see why we work well together.

Rose and Robin- partners in crime.

…and I guess it’s also fair to say that we have our temper in common as well.

I’ll just say two words: ‘Dung bombs’ and leave it at that.

My mother: Annaliese Abbot (She kept her last name after her divorce, but merlin knows why with that terrible alliteration.) is what one would describe as a working mother. As in she works… all the time. I’m not even exaggerating; it’s non-stop, like clockwork. Once we decided to go on a family holiday (before the divorce that is) to America and she even used that bloody wand of hers to contact her colleagues at the beach, the beach. She got sand all inside it and believe me Olivander gave her a grilling for that one, (which I enjoyed immensely as I watched from the shop corner).

My dad on the other hand doesn’t work. He’s what one would usually call a stay at home mum, yes mum. He plays for the other team and I don’t think the worse of him for it. He has a new baby at home now (adopted) to look after whilst his partner goes to work.

His partners my mum’s P.A… so I guess you can see the reason behind the divorce…

But I love Jared! He’s funny and sweet and rich…

But that’s beside the point.

Not that I only like him for his money, I mean, honestly! I’m a world famous model and my mums the Minister of Magic why the monkeys would I care about money?

Well… I am a teenage girl. We all care about money, we need it to buy shoes.


Kind of.

But I’m getting off subject again. I like Jared! He’s fit!

…and about half my father’s age, which is kind of creepy when you think about it. But he’s nice to look at so it’s fine.

Sort of.

Well.. not really, but it’s okay… and this nice little subject is what brings us to my current situation.

Robin Abbot + Rose Weasley + Nice Weather = A Pool Party

Well… Not really a party, it’s actually more like a play date in all honestly considering we’ve been joined by her younger brother Hugo. He may only be two years younger than us but he acts like a ten year old.

“Cannon Ball!”

Exhibit A.  I really pity those Hogwarts girls if boys like Hugo are all they have to choose from.

“Hugo! Put. Megan. Down.”

Ahh… Rose Weasleys dulcet tones defending my dog’s honour.


“Hugo Weasley, if you don’t release my poor little dog you’re going to be eating slugs for the rest of the day!”

He dropped Megan pretty fast after that comment.

You see, Hugo has this irrational fear of basically anything that moves. After his father’s traumatic experience in his second year he’s had some strange aversion to slugs… and spiders.

Go figure. Apparently giant spiders trying to eat you and slugs wiggling up your oesophagus can scar a boy.

“Girls, have you seen the floaty ducky? Because Belle needs him for her daily swim.”

…and in comes Jared.

I grinned at the ridiculous question- classic Jared. “Nope. Sorry Jared.” I responded apologetically- Belle (his adopted daughter) has quite the temper.

“Dang.” Jared sighed. “She won’t go in without it.”

I smirked.

“You’re a wizard Jared, use your wand.”

Carefully lifting my own wand and swishing it I levitated a small pebble from the garden path into the air

“Robin you’re not supposed to use magic outside of-“

With a flick of my wand the pebble had transformed into a large yellow rubber duck that gently floated to the ground.

Jared sent me a disapproving glance as I handed him the rubber animal, but smiled nevertheless ruffling my hair like I was his own daughter and not just his partners.

Jared had always tried his best to be like a father to me seeing as my own by blood leaned more towards the motherly side.

“Thanks sweetheart, but one of these days you’re going to get yourself into trouble…”

I interrupted. “And my mother will be right by the wings, waiting to shout at me. I got it.”

He grinned, shooting me cheeky thumbs up as he grabbed the duck from my outstretched hands. “You got it. I owe you one sweets.”

I smiled benignly. “You just better hope that Belle doesn’t notice the difference, she’s perceptive you know.”

He shivered. “Believe me I know.”

I laughed, raising a hand to run through my hair. “She’s a fire cracker that one. Remember when-“

He interrupted me suddenly, placing his free hand over my mouth. “I’d prefer it if you didn’t broad cast my poor parenting to your friends I think Robin.” He chuckled though in good humour before I licked his hand, effectively making him release my mouth.

When he removed his hand in disgust, wiping it on his baby blue swimming trunks I continued. “Two words-“

“Alright! I’m going, I’m going!”

I giggled as he escaped down the side path and into the house, the ‘floaty ducky’ firmly in his grip.

Of course Rose Weasley felt the need to interrupt the silence.

“He is so fine.” She squealed, climbing out of the pool and wrapping a towel around her chest. Her long red hair fell to her waist in tendrils that were heavy from the water.

I rolled my eyes. “And taken.” I broke into her fantasy causing her to scowl in my general direction as she lathered sun scream religiously onto her arms. “Not to mention that he’s-“

“Don’t say it.” She warned, wagging an index finger in my direction “Don’t you dare say it you’ll ruin the mood.”

I smirked. “Let’s just say-“

“Nu uh!” She glared.

“that he doesn’t exactly-“

“Don’t even think about it…” A blush blossomed on her cheeks.

“play for your-“

She charged, knocking me from my sun lounger and the magazine from my hands. As if in slow motion we fell landing head first in the shallow pool in some form of deranged dive. Water splashed out around us in every direction soaking both Hugo and Megan as they played fetch beside the pool.

I resurfaced, gasping for air.

“Team.” I spluttered as water escaped from my wide open mouth.

Rose smirked triumphantly, but what she was so pleased about was beyond me. She’d been soaked too… but I guess she was the one already in a bikini…


“Rose.” Hugo whined, grabbing a now damp towel from the side and using it to ineffectively  rough dry his long shaggy hair. “Couldn’t you have punished Winter in some other way?”


I scowled. “First of all, my names Robin, not Winter and Rose can punish me however she bloody well likes!” I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest as I floated in the water.

Hugo smirked.

… did I really just say what I think I said?

My eyes widened comically. “I didn’t mean it like that!” My blush brightened. “You know I didn’t mean it like that.”

Rose shoved me in the arm. “Thanks Robin. You know many people would die to be having a relationship with me.” She actually looked offended.

I spoke slowly as if talking to a small child, my hands floating before me in a placating gesture. “Yes but most of those morbid people are men not teenage girls.”

“Oh.” She blinked once in an owl like gesture before smiling, apparently appeased.

…how most think of her as the smartest witch of our generation is beyond me.

Hugo just laughed.

I rolled my eyes before climbing out of the pool where Megan lay waiting, lying on top of my newly damp towel. She barked happily as I approached.

“Hey Tiger.” I used her nickname affectionately.

Her tail wagged expectantly, causing me to smile as I drew closer.

“I’m coming.” I assured her.

Reaching her a few seconds later I gently stroked the length of her back once, picked her up and pulled her to my chest. She didn’t appreciate the gesture. She growled, her lips pulling back to expose her sharp teeth.

“Oh shush.” I scolded, drawing her closer to my chest. “I’m just taking you out front to do your business.”

She whimpered causing me to roll my eyes.

“Don’t be pathetic.” I grumbled as I walked towards the garden gate.

Rose shouted at my retreating back “Stop talking to the bloody dog Robin!”

I scowled even though she couldn’t see.

“I know you just made a face Winter!”

Shut up Hugo.” I stuck my middle finger up at him over my shoulder causing them both to laugh as I rounded the corner, faltering slightly as I took in the scene.

I wasn’t exaggerating when I said that Jared was rich. Apparently being PA to the Minister of Magic is a gold mine even if you do steal their husband and for half of the year their child.

His garden is huge and that’s an understatement. Two large, no enormous steal gates lay locked at the edge of the drive way which can only be opened with the correct clearance (For mine and Rose’s safety I am told to my chagrin). Along either side of the gravelled path are plant beds filled with a bounty of multi coloured and beautiful smelling flowers that give the place an Alice in Wonderland-esque feel that just makes the entire estate seem like something  from a fairy tale. A large willow tree stands proudly in the centre of a large circle of grass, which a magpie reseeds into slowly as it sees a human nearing it’s nest.

Only one thing ruined the nearly perfect picture… and that was the wild ferocious beasts attempting to breach the perimeter.

They aren’t real wild beasts obviously, only reporters but the way they act would indicate otherwise. They’re sneaky, manipulative people that can make you or break you in just one article with their lies and scandals printed on tabloids all over the country.

It’s best to stay on their good side.  So being the clever person I like to think I am I lifted my hand to politely wave in greeting…

… of course completely forgetting that there was a dog lying in my arms.

So Megan fell, granted it was only about half a metre because I was already kneeling on the ground to release her but she still fell… and if the numerous flashes of light were anything to go by one of the vultures had caught it on camera.

In short? I was screwed.


A copy of Witch Weekly was slammed on the table in front of me, landing in my un finished bowl of cereal.

My poor Cheerio’s.

Animal Abuse? Really?” My mother screeched, her face flushed red and her hair is disarray.

I swallowed my mouthful of Cheerio’s before smiling sheepishly, and running a hand through my long dark hair. I shrugged, playing with the hem of my t-shirt awkwardly.

“How could you be so stupid?” Her tone was exasperated not angry as she berated me, giving me the strength to look up and answer her question.

“It’s quite simple really.” I began with trepidation. “You see, Megan’s so light it was understandably easy to forget-“

“Don’t get cheeky with me Robin Olivia Abbot!”

I shrank back into my seat, looking back down to where my hands fiddled nervously with the table cloth. I blushed in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry mum.” I mumbled. “It was an accident.”

She crossed her arms over her chest. “Yes, but it’s always an accident Robin. You just can’t seem to help yourself.”

I shrank –if possible- even further back into my seat.

“I didn’t mean-“

“And now what are we going to do?” She wailed dramatically, interrupting me as if I wasn’t even saying anything. “You need that first place this year, you need it and now with this… this abomination-“

Gee… way to make me feel wanted mum.

“-you’ll never get first. You’ll just get lousy old second once again.”

She glared, kicking the leg of the breakfast table with all the might in her tiny frame (which wasn’t much I might add).

I sighed at her melodramatics.

“It’s not like this is the worst thing they’ve printed mum.” I said in a peace keeping tone. “Remember that time with the leopard at the zoo-“

“I know!” She interrupted me once more, lifting her head in one quick motion and leaving me in confusion as to how that manoeuvre didn’t break her neck. “I’ve figured it out. Oh how brilliant!”

…see this is how she’s Minister of Magic- her flair for the dramatics. Everyone loves a bit of melodrama.

It was as I was considering this that I dug my spoon into my cereal.

“We’ll call Cathy!”

 I spat out my mouthful of the newly reclaimed Cheerio’s, floundering helplessly for a response “I really don’t think that’s necessary-“

But once again she ignored me completely. “I’ll go ring her now. Oh this is marvellous!”

…and she was gone, out of the door in 5 seconds flat leaving me with my spoon suspended in mid-air and a wooden table covered in milk and cereal.

Thanks mum.


“Robin, Cathy’s here!” My mother sang cheerfully from the bottom of the stairs an hour later. “Are you decent? You better be decent.”

I rolled my eyes even though she couldn’t see. Typical mum, a question and an order, like her scattered brain couldn’t make up its mind.

“No mum.” I shouted. “I’m dancing around naked in my underwear like all the cool kids do these days!”

A moment of silence.

“Don’t be so sarcastic Robin.”

… and there you go.

I sighed. “I’m coming!”


I frowned.

Cathy Jenner is least to say not my favourite person. To be frank she is and always will be my least favourite person on the planet. Nothing will change that. I don’t know whether it’s her perfectly styled hair or her very fake electric blue contacts that annoy me so, it might even be both but what I do know is that I sincerely wished my mother had never invited the bloody woman into our home.

With this taken into consideration you can understand why I didn’t exactly smile when I entered the lounge to find her sat on the recliner holding a steaming cup of tea. It was more like a scowl, maybe a grimace.

“Hello Winter.”

now I remember why I hate her guts. She’s the bint who came up with the nickname.

“Hey Cathy.” I responded casually.

My mother scowled. “Don’t be so rude.”

I glowered at the floor. “Hello Miss Jenner.”

Why I was being forced to refer to my agent as ‘Miss’ was beyond me. I was the one paying her bills.

My mother nodded in satisfaction whilst I grimaced.

“Now Cathy-“ She began, her tone perfectly polite. “Have you any ideas on how to get Robin to the top this year?”

‘Miss Jenner’ smiled widely, exposing all of her bleached white teeth. “I certainly do Annaliese-“

Wait! So this crack pot gets to call the Minister of Magic by name but Ihave to call her ‘Miss’?

Bull. Absolute Bull.

“-I think that the reason that god awful Rose Weasley-“

Nice to know how you feel about my best friend Cathy.

“-keeps winning is because she’s relatable.”


Obviously my mother’s facial expression mirrored mine as Cathy continued an exasperated edge to her whiny voice.

“Rose Weasley goes to Hogwarts, Rose Weasley has had boyfriends, Rose Weasley-“

“We get it.” Mum interrupted, holding her hand in the air. “But how does this help us?” she asked carefully as if scared of offending the stone cold agent.

Pshh… it’s not like she’s the ruler of Wizarding Britain. Of course not…

Cathy sighed, taking a sip from her now cooling fruit tea. “It’s simple really. We have to make Winter here relatable.”

My mother nodded, as if in comprehension before picking up some parchment and-

Oh my Merlin she’s actually taking notes.

My mother responded to Cathy’s explanation, taking a quill from the desk draw. “And how do you suggest that we do that?”

I took a sip from my own tea, curious as to the answer myself.

Cathy smiled but it seemed more like a leer to my eyes.

“Simple. We get her a boyfriend.”

I choked on the scalding tea, my face burning red, but from embarrassment or irritation I wasn’t sure.

“What?” I spluttered out between coughs, my mother patting my back absentmindedly.

“Oh you.” Cathy giggled, girlishly playing with the ends of her long bleach blond hair. “We just have to find you a boyfriend is all. A bit of gorgeous arm candy and the title is yours for the taking. They’ll forget all about the Megan Incident for sure.”

Mum clapped excitedly, a bright smile overtaking her features. “Brilliant. Just brilliant.”

Act you age.” I muttered beneath my breath. “No offense. “I said but louder. “But I don’t particularly want to have a fake boyfriend.”

My mum dismissed the comment with a wave of her hand. “It’s necessary dear.” She assured me, excitement the only emotion in her voice.

Cathy grinned.

“Ohhhh Cathy!” She squealed. “I just had the biggest brainwave! We could take this even further!”

The uncomfortable ice cold feeling of dread slithered down my spine.

“She could go to Hogwarts!”

I really need to stop drinking tea at dramatic occasions.

“I beg your pardon?” I choked. “Have you forgotten the reason I don’t go to Hogwarts?”

I was dismissed yet again but by both adults this time.

“We’ll figure something out Winter.” Cathy assured me, patting me gently on the arm like I was some sort of dog.

I’m ‘Robin’ you imbecile not ‘golden retriever’.

“But who should be her boyfriend?” Annaliese taped the quill against her chin by habit.

I sank back into the recliner that I was currently inhabiting, desperately trying not to be noticed. Knowing Cathy she’d pick someone who was all looks and no brains with some form of attitude adjustment needed.

“Il est parfait!” ‘Miss Jenner’ gasped. “Why did I not think of this sooner?”

Better question:

1)    Why the hell are you speaking French?

And for her answer:

1)    Because you’re a stupid bint hell bent on stealing my money?

Ohhh sorry…. Was hers a rhetorical question? My bad.

“Grayson DePaul!”

Please just…. Kill me now.

“That is perfect!” My mother agreed, taking her wand from the breast pocket of her lilac suit. “I’ll just send his agent a Patronus.”

“But-“I started but was dismissed by Cathy holding up a hand to silence me.

“It will be fine Winter.” She was patronising me.


“I don’t particularly-“

“Shhh it’s theirs responding!” Mum broke in, effectively silencing my argument as she waited in baited silence for the bear Patronus now inhabiting our lounge to open its translucent jaw and speak.

Its fur covered jaw finally swung open, breaking the tense silence as its clear lips formed a reply. “Grayson agrees to your terms Miss Abbot and under the correct circumstances looks forward to working with your daughter.”

My stomach plummeted at the answer, my heart slowing its rapid beating as I ran a distressed hand through my silky hair. Then, abruptly the Patronus disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

I shook my head, attempting to clear my thoughts.

I’m going to Hogwarts… and I have fake boyfriend, all the space of 5 minutes.

Freedom of speech my arse.



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