Chapter 1

I don't spy on people but this was the only exception I was making. And besides Heather is here with me. We crouched behind the desk watching my best friend, Ty and his girlfriend, Ivy, kiss each others neck and faces as they lay on the Ravenclaw common room couch pretty much clawing at each others clothings.


I shoved my knuckles in my mouth to keep me from laughing. Heather shushed me and shoved me lightly.


Heathers bright green hair rippled as she stood up. "YO, TY. I STUDY ON THAT COUCH YA KNOW!!!" she screamed.

I stood up with her and burst out laughing. 


Ty jumped and gently pushed Ivy off him. "What the fu--" he said



I  cut him off and said "Ay. No cussing!"

Heather cackled and plopped down on the armchair lazily. "Did you just say cussing? And since when did ou have a problem with swearing sailor mouth?" she snickered

"Oh shove off!" I grinned

"How long were you two spying on us?" Ty asked

"Long enough to know that your girlfriend is a horny eager for sex sl----" Heather said but stopped herself when she saw that Ivy was buttoning up her shirt. 

I saw her purple lacy bra peeking out of he school shirt

Slutty fucking whore. She's what,15 and she's got some sexy lingerie on! 

"Don't ever spy on us again!" Ivy snapped. 

"Technically speaking we weren't spying, you two were out here in the open where anyone could see." I fired back. 

Ivy stepped towards me. "What were you two lesbians doing, getting horny off of what Ty and I were doing?" she smirked 

I scoffed. It's not the first time someone's called Heath and me a lesbian, I'm not though, Heath isn't either. "First of all, No we were not And Heather and I are not lesbians. You're such an Ice cold bitch, Ivy. Just because we aren't whores like you and rush into having boyfriends doesn't mean we are lesbians. So fuck you, bitch!" I snapped. That last bit may have sounded childish but I really don't care and I'm really mad at her this point.

Heather burst out laughing turning red, Ty looked shocked, and Ivy, well she punched me. Or she tried to. She hit the wall instead. 

"Fuck!" Ivy cried out in pain

I snickered. Ivy charged towards me. I swerved. I watched her hit the wall and tried not to laugh. 

"You little skank. Stay away from my boyfriend. You think I don't know you like him?" Ivy seethed clutching her stomach.

"Don't tell me what to do. Tyler is my best friend of course I like him!" I said

Ivy rolled her eyes and said "That's not what I meant. You know what I meant. Aggh. My fucking head hurts. Screw you and your little Seaweed haired friend. Ty take me to Madame Pomfrey." 

Ty nodded and held his girlfriend close to him as they walked out the door. He looked back at me throwing me a nasty look at me. I rolled my eyes and turned away.

I sat on the ledge of the Rowena Ravenclaw statue and propped my head in my hands. Heather sat next to me and put an arm around my shoulders. 

Tylers been having so many shit-fits lately. I'm worried for him. 


"Damn what crawled up his ass?" I murmered

"Screw her! Don't worry. She can't hurt you. You've got me to back you up!" Heather said 

I snorted. "Gee, that makes me feel so much more safe." 

"Watch the sarcasm, gurllll!" Heather chuckled. 

I burst out laughing. "Did you just call me gurllll?" 

She crossed her arms over her huge chest. "Yes. Yes I did!" she said holding her head high. 

I laughed and stood up. 

"Quinn, do I really look like I have seaweed hair?" Heather asked

"What? No. Your hair is amazing!" I said grinning

"You little bitch. You're being sarcastic!" she squealed. 

"No I'm not!" I said honestly. 

Heather stood up and threw a couch pillow at me. The corduroy fabric hit my face. 

"Oi! Bitch!!" I squealed. 

"What's with all the commotion?" said a voice from the door. 

We spun around and saw our other best guy friend, Jason. 

"Oh. Hey Jay!" I said smiling and waving 

He smirked and said "So what's up with Ice cold bitch? I saw her and Ty going down to the hospital wing." 

My smile faltered a bit. "Oh. We kinda interrupted them while they were uhmmm ya know at it." I said softly. 

Jay laughed loudly and shoved his hands in his pockets. "Nice one, Lerwick!"

The door burst open again. This tome Ty burst, angrily though. He ran over to me and grabbed my arms roughly. "That wasn't funny, Quinn. She could've gotten a concussion!" he snapped

I tried to pull away but he held his grip on me. "Oh so it's my fault that whore attacked me for no reason!" I snapped. 

"You were spying on us!" Ty yelled. 


Ty shoved me against the wall

Heather gasped. Jay ran over, pulled Tyler off me and punched him in the face. 

"Shit! Dude. What the fuck. We're best friends. Why are you siding with that bitch?" Tyler snapped. 

I burst into tears. "YOU THINK I'M THE BITCH. IVY'S THE BITCH. SCREW YOU MALFOY!" I screamed. 

"Don't you dare ever touch her again Tyler Malfoy. She is your best friend. And she is a girl. You don't harm her." Jay said calmly.

Tyler drew his fist back, before he could punch Jay I threw myself infront of him taking Tylers fist to my jaw. I heard a cracking noise and everything went black.

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