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Hermione pulled the string tight over the brown paper and set the parcel lovingly on the desk. Dipping her quill into a pot of dark blue ink and gently write out the address of the publishing agency on the letter she had been pouring over for the past two days. Glancing over to the bed her eyes landed on a sleeping Draco. They had been there for nearly a week already and he was still sleeping most of the day. Mrs Weasley had told her it was normal after such a traumatic experience but Hermione was worried. 

Ron had been ignoring her since she had returned from Draco’s. He refused to eat dinner at the table and spent more than a normal amount of time working at the shop. 

“He’s trying to earn more money,” Ginny said to Hermione when the bushy haired girl explained her worries about her ex, “so that when Lav has the baby he can provide for it and all that, I think he’s scared of his child growing up in the same life we have.”

The red-head turned scarlet, “of course we had a good childhood and all, I just meant, you know, with money and that.” 

Hermione knew. Ron had moaned enough over the past eight years about the money situation for Hermione to know all about it. Of course he would want to provide for his child. It was good that he was taking it upon himself to do that but…she was still pregnant, it still hurt. 

Hermione finished writing the address and called Hettie from the window sill. She spent a few moments stroking her rich brown feathers before tying the parcel and letter to her leg. The owl took flight and Hermione watched the owl fly through the trees and out of sight. Well, that was it. The book was finished and it was gone, she couldn’t get it back. All she could do was to wait for a reply. 

“Mione?” Draco’s voice sounded from the bed. Hermione turned and smiled at the pale creature.

“Yes?” she asked walking over to the bed and feeling Draco’s forehead with the back of her hand.  He didn’t answer just pushed himself up and kissed her gently. His lips felt dry so Hermione pulled away and made him drink the glass of water by the bed. 

“Better,” she smiled.

“Better,” he repeated, “I really should be getting back to my flat,” he continued looking worriedly around the room as if he half expected Ron to jump out and jinx him at any moment. He pushed himself up further and went to get out of bed but Hermione pushed him back down.

“Don’t you dare,” she said rearranging the pillows and pulling the patchwork quilt that Mrs Weasley had obviously made back over him. Draco didn’t have the energy to fight her. 

“I am imposing, I am the reason her son…”

“No,” Hermione snapped, “no you are not the reason Fred is dead and don’t you dare think it. You did not kill him and Voldemort was the reason he was killed.”

Draco flinched at his old Masters name and closed his eyes to the sunlight that streamed through the window. Hermione watched his chest move up and down and didn’t disturb him as he drifted off back into sleep. It was better for him to sleep; if he slept he wasn’t in pain. 

The healer had done a good job but the cuts had been so deep, so damaging, that there was still feint scars over his torso. To look at his face you would think he had never been touched but the feint purple circles around his eyes and the lack of pink in his cheeks you would know otherwise. 

She couldn’t sit here for the rest of the day watching him like some deranged stalker. She knew he was safe and she had other things to do. Studying for her N.E.W.T.S for one thing and Ginny wanted to go shopping…again… 

Hermione had promised to take her to a great muggle shopping centre she had once been to with her mother but whether Ginny would be able to wrap her head around actually being able to buy clothes with her own money. George paid the girl way too much for how much time she actually worked in the shop but he was her only sister so Hermione guessed he just wanted to spoil her, much to Mrs Weasley’s dismay and gratitude. 

Hermione left the room and closed the door silently behind her. Making her way down the stairs Hermione was stopped short as an argument irrupted in the kitchen. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs and hid from the view of those in the next room. 

“Ron will you just drop it,” Harrys voice snapped. 

“No, I’m not just going to drop it!” Ron replied, “how can she even think that this is ok, how can she even think that I would be ok with it!” 

“Ronald,” Ginny’s voice burst out, “may I remind you once again that she is no longer your girlfriend!” 

“But she could have been,” Ron hissed, “she could have been if the ferret hadn’t got his death-eater claws into her.”

“No!” Ginny cried, “no she wouldn’t have been, you gave up any right over her when you slept with Lavender!”

“I could have got her back,” Ron sulked.

“No you couldn’t have,” Ginny snapped, “stop acting like the victim in this when you’re not, Hermione is, anyway if it wasn’t Draco it would have been Dean!” 

“Dean?” Hermione whispered to herself. Hadn’t Privati said something about Dean.  

“Dean? As in Gryffindor Dean?” Harry said.

“As in your ex-boyfriend Dean?” Ron said.

“Yes Dean,” Ginny replied, “he’s liked Hermione for ages, gosh, for two people that are meant to be going into the auror department when you leave you really don’t know anything.”

“That bastard,” Ron shot, “and he calls himself my friend!” 

“Again Ron, not your girlfriend, now if you two don’t mind I’m going to see my best friend and her sick boyfriend, and Ron when your hiding out at Georges please remember to pick me up the things I asked for.” 

Hermione heard the kitchen door wrench open and then slam shut again. Ginny rounded the corner and almost bumped into her friend 

“Hey Gin,” she beamed as she walked into the kitchen, pretending that she had only just walked down the stairs. Ginny followed her.

“Hey, how is he doing?”

“No change really, where are the boys?”

“Oh Harry has gone to sort out some sort of Quidditch plan for Ravenclaw, he’s convinced they are going to beat us, Ron’s gone to the shop. I came to tell you that mum has sorted everything out with McGonagall and we are going to use a portkey to get back to school, a carriage will pick us up at the three broomsticks and Draco can go straight to Madame Pomfrey.” 

“Good,” Hermione replied, her gaze wandering over Draco’s pale face, “so, Dean?” Ginny blushed scarlet. 

“You overheard that then… I wasn’t supposed to say anything. I overheard him telling Demelza after Quidditch practice once. He told me not to tell you but he’s smitten Mione and he hates the idea of this prince charming.” Ginny giggled and sat down on the edge of Malfoy’s bed.

“Parvati mentioned it once…” Hermione said to her friend. 

“Everyone knows about it, I mean I didn’t because everyone knows I would tell you but you know… he really likes you. You could do worse, I mean I know we ended badly but I was in love with Harry, that’s what we used to fight about, he really is a nice guy. If you weren’t with Draco…well he would be good to you.”

Hermione smiled at her friend, “Draco is good to me,” she said.

“Oh I know that, I just meant he would be uncomplicated,” Ginny shrugged, “the only thing you would have to do is learn about that weird game that muggles play.”

“Football?” Hermione ventured with a small smile. 

“Yeah, that’s the one,” Ginny said as she started to clear away some plates that had been left on the table, “one ball and no broomsticks…mad these muggles sometimes…no offense.”

“None taken,” Hermione laughed, “and I already know about football. My father might be a posh dentist but take him to a Chelsea match…”

“Chelsea? What is that some sort of disease?” Ginny asked, her brown eyes wide with shock.

Hermione shook her head and waved the conversation away. Sometimes she was glad she was a muggle born; the wizarding world didn’t even get the most played and the favourite sport in the world…Crazy people but then again they thought that about muggles. Yes Hermione definitely had the best of both worlds.

Ginny motioned the girl to help and they washed dishes by hand in silence. Mrs Weasley normally had them done by magic but Hermione had noticed that since the war everyone had been hand washing them, as if it gave them time to think, Ginny especially but Hermione knew better than to interrupt the girl when she was thinking. The last time she had done so she had almost ended up on the wrong side of a bat bogey hex. 

Just as they finished Hermione turned to glance out the window. Mrs Weasley was working in the garden talking to Harry who had spread his Quidditch diagrams over the garden table. He said something and she laughed but then her face paled.  

Hermione followed the witches gaze and saw Kingsley walking up the driveway, three aurors following him, all with their wands out. A flash of panic shot through her heart. She knew why they were here. Why the minister for magic was here. Mrs Weasley knew it too yet she stormed up to Kinsley and demanded that they lower their wands and next time send an owl to let her know they were coming. Ginny and Hermione opened the door and crept outside, standing just under the shadow of the porch. 

“Molly,” Kingsley said calmly, “we have had information…”

“I’m sure you have,” she snapped, fingering the wand that she had placed in her apron, the other hand fighting around the pitchfork she had been using on the flowerbeds.

The Minister glanced back at those with him and they put their wands away. Hermione recognised one of them. She had fought in the final battle alongside those who had given their lives, she knew Draco had been a death eater…everyone knew his past and now they were going to condemn him for it. 

“Is Mr Draco Malfoy currently residing here,” one of the men shouted at Mrs Weasley. 

“I don’t see how that is any business of yours,” she snapped back. 

Hermione grabbed Ginny’s hand and gave it a tight squeeze. The red-head took the hint and disappeared upstairs to check on Draco while Hermione stayed to watch. Her eyes flickered over to Harry who was rising from his chair. It must have been him who told of Draco, he had said that they would have to be questioned. Hermione had never felt more betrayed, even Ron’s betrayal felt less sharp than the loss of trust that had snapped between her and Harry in that moment. 

“Who told you of his whereabouts?” Harry asked walking over to the group. 

So it wasn’t Harry? Hermione felt instantly better but then it was replaced by the horrid feeling of unease when she tried to think about who it could be. 

“That is confidential Harry. We have had an anonymous tip off that Draco Malfoy is residing here after being held by an unknown group to the ministry.”

“He is residing here because he is unwell,” Molly snapped. 

“Why not St Mungo’s then?” one of the men said. 

“Do you have any idea what they would do to him at St Mungo’s?”

“Only what a death-eater would deserve,” the man spat back. 

“Ex-death eater,” Hermione shouted coming forward, “or do you not remember the trial?” 

Kingsley looked at Hermione and smiled in welcome but all Hermione could muster back was a scowl. How dare he come in here demanding answers! Draco had done nothing wrong; he was the one that had been wronged! Did nobody seem to get that? 

“We need to see him,” Kingsley said, “I’m sorry but that is just the way it has to be. Mr Malfoy is on probation, anything that may be seen to deviate from this has to be brought into question.”

Hermione glared at the minister and Molly did not say anything. Their silence was broken by a voice behind Hermione.

“It is okay, I will answer any questions that they have for me,” Draco said walking up to Hermione but almost collapsing on her as he did. He was too weak for this and Hermione knew it. 

“Draco,” she whispered, noticing he had gotten dressed. 

“I’m sorry,” Ginny said coming up behind them, “he wouldn’t stay in bed.”

Ginny helped Hermione prop him up and led him over to the table where they sat him down. Mrs Weasley counjured a glass of water and made him drink it. 

“If you would like to be escorted to the ministry,” Kingsley said. 

“Can’t you do it here?” Hermione said tears threating to spill, “can’t you see he is sick?”

“I’m afraid we can’t,” Kingsley said, looking genuinely apologetic, “but I promise I can give him the best care while he is under our protection.”

“You mean under arrest,” Hermione mumbled.

“He is not under arrest Miss Granger, he is just being questioned.”

Hermione looked over at Draco who nodded his head at her. He held out his hand and she took it, kneeling at his level. 

“I will be fine,” he whispered kissing her on the forehead. Steadily he rose and walked across to Kingsley who took his arm. 

“We will have him back at school as soon as we can,” was the final thing he said before apperating out of the Weasley’s garden leaving the occupants stunned and Hermione devastated that yet again Draco had been taken from her and she did not know when she would see him again. 


Yay a new chapter, sorry it took so long! I have the next one ready and will get that up as soon as I can. I am nearing the end of this novel but hopefully will have a sequel!!! Please feel free to read my other stuff! I have a second Dramione and some oneshots =)

Hope you like the chapter! Read and Review. Thanks. Secret Passion xxx

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