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Madam Promfey is a school nurse.


No. she is not like your average school nurse that takes care of scratches, cuts, bruises, lice etc.

No, She is a nurse like no other. Her day isn't filled with little kids coming in after PE class with sore arms and legs. Her day is filled with students coming in after potions from getting ab-normal burns, Transfiguration from growing odd body parts, and from other students hexing them, causing boils to sprout from their face. Oh, and from the very dangerous wizard sport, Quidditch. ( A sport she highly dislikes, due to the high risk of injuries, and the tension between houses before the competition.) She works for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a school filled to the brim with students like these. Her job may be busy, working from day to night. but she enjoys taking care of the students, watching them grow throughout the years, saving them from serious injuries...... She enjoyed watching her favorite student growing throughout the years the best. He is Remus Lupin.


She remembered the first day she met Remus. Poor pale and skinny fellow, all because of one thing that happened when he was five that changed him and his live forever: One night, he was wandering around outside and heard growling. It was a dog, or so he thought. Remus loved dogs and wanted to pet it. It turned out that it was a werewolf and he got bitten that night and almost died. Any ways, That day Dumbledore, a  nice and brilliant headmaster, if a little off his rocker sometimes. agreed to let that almost-harmless werewolf in the school, and the parents wanted to meet the nurse before they let Remus go in. After they met and had a nice conversation, they thought Remus was in good hands.


Then there was the first day of school. Remus came early to find out where he will go when he transforms: The Shrieking shack. ( Of course, it wasn't called that yet.) Poor, poor Remus have to go through transforming in to a beast every month, even though he was an innocent little boy. This was the first time Madam Promfey had ever taken care of a werewolf, and she wasn't going to mess it up and ruin the life for Remus. Though she was very nervous, considering he was a werewolf...

On the first full moon Remus explained that he didn't ( and never) had any friends and that he was afraid any one would find out about his little (or should it be furry?) problem. Madam Promfey felt even more pity for him and hoped he would find friend that would accept him for what he was, if Remus ever told them. Though it was a very slim chance,  as most studentsand their  families have learned to hate werewolfs. But Madam Promfey was sure, once some one got to know what Remus is like, they would like him, find out that he isn't what werewolf s were known for.


Throughout the years, Madam Promfey watched her favorite student grow up. No longer was he the small, shy little boy that Madam Promfey once knew. Now he was the confident boy with the best friends ever. Madam Promfey thought that they were destined to be friends, James Potter ( Short for his age, Jet black hair and Hazel eyes) and Sirius Black, ( Tall, with long hair. And dark black eyes. Very handsome kid. ) the smart and naughty boys that used their knowledge for mischief. They were like brothers, those two. Inseparable. Always getting in trouble. And Peter, the one that almost honors them. They might of taught Remus to be like them too, naughty.  Always getting into trouble and sneaking around the castle, but she thought it was for the best, as the happier he is, the less painful the transformations are.

James, Sirius and Peter even did something that was illegal for Remus. Madam Promfey remembered in Remus's fifth year, when his transformation became way better than before. After asking him many times, Remus finally cracked and gave in. Before telling her, he looked up with big pleading eyes, saying she couldn't tell anyone, or else they would get in deep trouble. James, Sirius and Peter took a big risk just for Remus. They became Unregistered Animagi, something highly dangerous ( but those four were know for doing dangerous things.) and that’s why its illegal. Of course they didn't care though, and knowing them, they loved the risk. After that, they always went with Remus to the shrieking shack. And the shrieking shack was silent once more.

 Out of school, Remus was very busy, looking for jobs (since no one wanted to hire a werewolf) and rarely visited Madam Promfey. Not that she minded, she was a busy woman. But she promised Remus if there was anything he needed to tell her, she was there, at Hogwarts waiting for him. She remembered very clearly, the day James and Lily got married. She was busy at the hospitable wing and wasn't able to attend the wedding. Remus came to visit her that day, bringing some wedding cake. He looked so happy, it made Madam Promfey wonder again, how could he have been the lonely boy he once was. Then there was the day little Harry Potter was born. Remus came again, bringing pictures of a tiny baby under a mop of jet-black hair and brilliant green eyes. Those were the happy days, expect the fact that Lord Voldemort ( aka Moldy Voldy a name peeves calls him now that he died) was attacking the world wizard and mortal.


And then there was a day, Madam promfey would never forget. It was a sad, but happy day. Little Harry defeated Lord Voldemort, but the cost was James and Lily's life. Poor Remus came in that horrible yet wonderful day devastated. “ Harry..... Was only one.... He should have had a wonderful life..... and James, Lily...... gone.” Remus looked so miserable. “ Sirius...... he betrayed them to You-know- Who! And finished Peter off. All that was left of Peter was a finger! How could Sirius, our best friend, betray James? He was Harry's Godfather for Merlin's sake!”

Madam Promfey looked down at her favorite student, sadness swelling up inside her. Her favorite Remus, lost all his friends he ever had. Three dead. One a traitor.

“ And Harry is with his aunt. I won't be able to see him grow up......”

“ I know, my dear. You've had a long night. Why don't I give you a sleeping potion?”

“ No, Madam Promfey. I.... I think I would just go home.....” Madam Promfey didn't know what to do. But she did know one thing, that only time will heal.


It was twelve years since Remus visited Madam Promfey at the Hospital wing . He found a job (at last) at Hogwarts for the DADA ( defense against the dark arts) class. Madam Promfey was so happy for him ( if not a little worried, as the job seemed to be cursed at the time) and congratulated him. Then at the end of the year. Remus came in with a happy, in not slightly disturbed and sad look on his face. “Sirius was innocent!”


“What?” Madam Promfey asked bewildered. How can he be innocent? There were witnesses and saw what happened. Nevertheless, she couldn't help but wonder what happened last night.


“ It was Peter! He betrayed James and.....” Remus just realized what he was saying. “ How could Peter... Merlin! No wonder why he was acting weird before it happened.....”


“Continue dear.”


“ Well, It was Peter. Sirius was innocent. Peter faked his death and landed Sirius in jail. But I can't believe Peter would do something like that. Better Peter than Sirius though” Remus added bitterly. Madam Promfey felt sorrow for him again. At least the thought of Sirius being innocent cheered him up.


“Oh, Promfey, I am resigning.” Remus continued.


“ Oh! But why? You where doing so well!”


“ Snape kind of let my problem slip, and the parents wouldn't be so happy if a werewolf was teaching their kids.” Remus said, “ But I don't care, I have the Order, and Sirius was innocent!”


“Mmmm....” Madam Promfey didn't know what do feel for her favorite student. She supposed happy, as his best friend wasn't the traitor every one thought he was, but then again he lost his job again. Instead, she said “ Oh but Harry wouldn't be so happy, he liked you the best.”


Sadness crept into Remus's face. “ Harry is so much like his father, I would miss him. But we will meet soon. I must get going, I haven't broken the news to him yet.” Then he turned around and left.


Years past, Madam Promfey wasn't getting any younger, but she still wouldn’t forget Remus. It nearly broke her heart when Remus came back one night in
Harry's fifth years claiming that Sirius's cousin killed Sirius. He was so sad that day and holed up in his house for ages. (Of course, no one could be more sad than Harry) It did break her heart when Remus and his wife died in the battle of Hogwarts, leaving their newly born child Teddy alone But she didn't dwell on it for too long. As much as she would miss him, they was more students that needed her. She had to be strong. She wasn't there for only him, she was there for all the students.


But she would never forget her favorite student and the time she had with him.

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