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I hated the way everyone always gawked at me. Yeah, I get it. I was stood here with the famous Harry Potter, and I was his son – who happened to look exactly like him. Dad never got tired of it, he was always flattered by people coming up to him and congratulating him on his extraordinary work. Killing the Dark Lord and all. I never meant to sound ungrateful or anything, it was just bloody irritating. The first years and their parents were staring at me absolutely dumbstruck. And by staring at me, I meant staring at me stood with my father and siblings. And my oh so large extended family that were bound to come and add to this terrific scene any moment. Though I think a lot of the females present were staring at my brother, though I don’t know what they saw in a man slut like him. James looked a lot like me, only taller – I was the shorty of the family, either that or my little sister Lily was just freakishly tall, as she was nearing my height at a pace way to speedy for my comfort – and he had brown eyes instead of green. He always managed to look effortless and handsome, and I had to work hard to make sure I didn’t look like a troll before I left the house. My hair had its own fun little hobby of standing up in various directions, it looked good on James, but it made me look ridiculous.






Kings Cross was bustling as usual, Muggles totally oblivious to the vast amount of magical folk present at the current time. I was never quite sure how they didn’t notice large ensembles of teenagers and parents slipping straight through what appeared to be a solid brick wall. I figured Muggles were a bit dim. I remembered back to my first day, when I'd taken that first frightening step through a solid wall, and how astounded I'd been at the sight of the crimson train on Platform 9 ¾, I'd stood there staring at it for quite a while in total awe, and even now I couldn’t decide if the damn thing was ugly or beautiful.




It was nowhere near eleven yet, but the platform was still crowded. James had gone off hunting for prey, or rather a willing girl he could slip back into his dormitory later on. He could have been a little more subtle about it considering our parents were watching him with scornful eyes. But subtle had never been his thing. He was flirting with Laurel Jordan again, or perhaps she was trying to convince him that they should pair up as ‘friends with benefits’ more often. Laurel was an awful vindictive Slytherin, giving a bad name to the rest of us. Daisy Wheeler and Sophie Wood – having just walked through the wall and witnessing the scene – burst into a fit of giggles. I had come to find myself almost friends with the two girls. They were in the year above me, and below James, and they were nice enough. Daisy was too pretty for her own good, and it often got her in trouble, not that she couldn’t fend for herself. When I first met her at the Slytherin table in the Great Hall on my very first day at Hogwarts, I’d labelled her as a prissy, uptight bitch. Sure she was rich and her family was pureblood, but she wasn’t always stuck up her own arsehole, especially as the years had gone by. She was one of those girls that other females instantly despised, figure of a model, long wavy blonde hair and smouldering brown eyes, but once you’d spent five minutes within her presence, she was impossible not to love. Sophie was different, a lot shorter than Daisy, only coming up to her friend’s shoulder. She had defined cheekbones and dark brown curly hair with just a hint of red in it, given her Irish descent. She also had shocking green eyes, that always reminded me of our neighbour’s cat in Godric’s Hollow. Sophie was also a fine Quidditch player, an amazing chaser. Anything that made Slytherin look good, I was happy with.




The next person to catch my eye, diverting my attention from my brother and his new playmate, was my cousin Louis Weasley. He was in my year, only in Ravenclaw, not that being in different houses stopped us being good friends around school. He looked a hell of a lot older than fifteen, and the kid was a genius, if only he applied himself a little more. Having spent so much time with Fred while he was growing up, the rebellious side of him was brought out a little more than was healthy. Due to him, Ravenclaw often lost a lot of housepoints, something that the rest of them weren’t so fond of him for. He tousled his dark hair – it’d been blonde last time I’d seen him – and attacked me in a bear hug. He was only a little taller than me (I would reach six foot one day) but he had a massive presence which made him seem a lot bigger than he was.




“Lou-Lou, do us all a favour and piss off would you?” His older sister, Dominique said fondly, playfull nudging her brother out of the way and greeting me with a hug. Louis scoffed at her. Dom was slender, but short, and very elegant. There was something about her demeanour that was intriguing and mysterious, it was less defined as in Victoire, although they looked basically the same, the only difference being Dominique was a natural brunette, though there were visible undertones of Weasley red coming through. I had a feeling she dyed it occasionally, probably stealing Louis’ product, not that she’d ever admit it. Victoire quickly followed Dominique, though heading first for my parents instead of me, most likely to protect their innocent little ears from a tirade of swears that would undoubtedly come pouring out of Louis’ mouth soon enough. The kid had a bit of a problem when it came to swearing. Victoire had graduated Hogwarts the previous year, and was already working underneath the Chief Healer at St Mungos, she definitely hadn’t been sat on her arse all summer.




I was taken aback slightly when Bill and Fleur approached, to notice that Teddy was nowhere in sight. Teddy and Vic had been practically inseperable for as long as I could remember, except for when Ted had to go away for matches, he played Quidditch for the Falmouth Falcons, but as far as I was aware he didn’t have a scheduled match for another month.




I cast the thought aside as I noticed Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey approaching, several steps ahead of their daughters, apparently arguing. Over something petty no doubt, the two of them never shut up. I wasn’t surprised that Molly looked aggravated. Lucy was the more laid back of the two, her hair was as orange as it could possibly be, it was short and uncared for in a way that still looked respectable. She was wearing an overlarge hoody and some scuffed denim jeans, looking oddly downcast compared to her fiery older sister. Molly’s hair was short too, only not as carelessly dejected as her sister’s; it always looked prim and proper, as did its bearer. She was wearing an expensive looking fitted dress that I thought was too formal for the simple occasion of returning to Hogwarts. Lucy propelled herself onto Louis back, and he let out a gasp in response, struggling to steady himself. It was very rare to ever see Lucy or Louis without the other, they were as close as two people could be. While her sister was animatedly catching up on what couldn’t be more than a few days’ worth of gossip with Louis, Molly tried to avoid the calls of Lorcan Scamander, as he tried to battle his way through the crowds. She buried herself in a dynamic conversation with Dominique and Victoire. 




I was nearly knocked off my feet as the blonde idiot I called my best friend hexed me from just a few feet away. How stupid it was of me not to see this coming. Ever since Scorpius and I first got sorted into Slytherin together, we’d greeted each other with the odd harmless curse here and there. We’d both gotten our fair share of bruises from this tradition. We’d never gotten into much trouble for it, even though we were underage and outside of school. Must be my Potter charm.




“Hey, dickhead, how’s the old ball and chain?” I asked draping my arm around his shoulder as he fell into step next to me and we navigated our way far from the crowded space around my parents. He pulled a face at me, before staring longingly off into the distance, it was then I could tell that she was coming.




Only seconds later, a certain redhead cousin of mine threw herself into the arms of my best friend, and they began cackling loudly in a way that made my ears want to explode.


“Scorp! I’ve missed you so much, hey, don’t-“ Rose shrieked as he began tickling her violently.


“I may vomit,” I said, making a faux retching sound, even though I knew I was being ignored. Uncle Ron, who was standing just a few feet away with Hugo and Aunt Hermione, didn’t look impressed. My father was accepting enough of my friendship with Scorpius, but Rose’s dad was a whole other story. Ron absolutely despised Scorpius, which I thought was unfair. When Ron starting moving closer with an angry expression on his face I knew things wouldn’t go down too well.


“Get your filthy hands off her, you little git.” Ron shouted. Everything within a billion mile radius went silent. Rose glared and Scorpius tried hopelessly to compose himself.


“Sorry, Mr Weasley. Didn’t see you there…” he pulled an awkward expression, before turning to Rose and kissing her on the cheek, “I’ll catch you later then, Rosie.”


Scorpius walked away, sending me a I’ll-see-you-later-if-I’m-still-breathing look. I turned my attention to my cousin, she didn’t look impressed.


“For Merlin’s sake, Dad! Why do you have to ruin everything!” Rose yelled, before storming off straight past him, boarding the train with Louis and Lucy following behind her, totally unaware of the scene that had just unravelled before their eyes. Hugo gave his father a sarcastic look, before applauding him. “Well done, Dad. I think that’s a new record.” With that, Hugo left, and I pretended I wasn’t still stood there on my own totally dumbfounded. As I turned to rejoin humanity, I heard Hermione slap her husband on the arm and mutter something about common decency. I made a mental note to myself to check on Rose when we were en route to Hogwarts. 





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