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Roses and Thorns by dwarfcutie100
Chapter 3 : Quidditch!
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Ok. All I know is that its bloody early and I want to kill Dominique Weasley for waking me up.

"Mmph." I pull the covers over my head and turn on my tummy.

"Rose weasley, its quidditch! Get up, get dressed!"

I peep over the covers to see Dom standing at the foot of my bed, already in her robes.

"Find a replacement seeker today." I groan.

"Okay, thats it!"

I shriek as Dom rips the covers away from me, a triumphant expression on her face.

I give her a dirty look as I slowley pull myself out of bed. Thank merlin, it looked nice out today. I was sick of winter, playing in the snow and rain was over and spring was here!

I grabbed my robes as I passed Dom, heading to the bathroom and shutting the door after me.

"Hurry!" Dom whined through the door.

"No, you got me up, I'll take my bloody time." I called back, getting a snort from Dom.

I jumped into my jeans and a black jumper from Nana Molly, she was so sweet.

I sighed, thinking of the feather fun fest with Scorpius. Dom still doesn't know about that, not that I'd want to tell her, that would be scary!

Dom started hammering away on the door, starting a chant of "Hurry Rose, the chaser and seeker can't be late!" She wailed. I smirked at the prospect of being late but pulled my quidditch robes on nevertheless.

I opened the door, dom nearly hitting my on the head.

Dom made a face at me and handed me a hairband.

"Here, its going to be windy today."

"Gee, thanks." I said sarcastically as I pulled my hair into a ponytail.

Dom pulled on my hand like an energetic puppy. "Ready?!"

I slide my feet into my trainers. "Now I'm ready."

Dom lets out a long breath. "Finally!"

We head out of the common room down to the Great Hall. I grab a stack of toast and hurry out, not wanting Dom's evil eye.

We run down to the Quidditch pitch and burst into the dressing room just quickley enough to hear Marcus, our captain and a fantastic beater, give the last of his pep talk.

"Glad to see you two show up; we were getting worried."

I stifle a giggle as Dom apologizes over and over.

"Rose had a late start today." Dom breezes.

I stop giggling and give her the evil eye, earning a beam from her back.

we march outside and I catch a look of Scorpius, his blonde hair shining in the sun.

"Captains, shake hands." I watch as a troll-like guy winces as Marcus crushes his hand.

Madam Hooch blows her whistle and we kick off.

Oh, I love this feeling, the wind in my hair, my firebolt 2000 rising higher and higher.

Alley Schnapps, the commentor, begins. "And off they go! The Gryffindor team seems to be sporting the new Firebolt 200!" Cheers erupt from the gold-and-red clad crowd.

I zoom between the Slytherin beaters, Mack and Patrick, both idiots.

Mack beats a bludger my way, Hah! Easy dodge.

"And theres Rose Weasley, merlin, like a bullet, avoided that bludger from Mack,"

I turn and watch Dom streaming serenly, the quaffle tucked under her arm securly.

"Dominique Weasley zooming down the pitch, quaffle in the ready, Yes! Gryffindor score!"

I cheer along with Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff as Dom loops through the goals, punching her fist.

i turn to my right, theres a flick of gold! Excitedly I begin to chase, down by Slytherin chaser Demrick, down, loop around Patrick, I put on more speed, nearly there, BAM!

De,rick collides really hard with my broom, sending me into a tailspin.

I hear Alley talking but I can't register the words, oh Shit. I'm slipping. I grab on the long part of my broom, screaming my head off. "DOM!! I'M SLIPPING!" I scream. I see her coming but Demrick hits me again and... I've let go. The earth rushes to me with alarming speed and I hit the grass, a cry erupting from my mouth.

I see Dom land and run to me. Her mouth is saying something, but I'm blacking out until I'm gone.




I wake up, in a large room with white pillows and big windows, is this the hospital wing? I see a figure standing near me, he's gorgeous with white-blonde hair and a pointed chin with sleek features. Next to him is a harrassed looking girl with messy brown hair.

"Rose! Are you okay?!" They both ask in unison.

I blink. "Erm, yes, but who are you two?"

The girl laughs nervously. "Rosie, Rosie. that fall was pretty harsh, do you feel okay?"

"I feel ok, my head hurts, thank you. But honestly, I don't know you!" I blurt out.

The handsome boy studies my face carefully. "Madam Pomfrey, can you tell us if Rose is suffering from something?"

Suffering!? I am not!

Madam Pomfrey (A nice sight to see, someone I know!) bustles over and waves her wand. I see a bright blue light come out and scan over me, particulary over my head.

She tuts. "It seems Rose is suffering from amnesia."

The boy's eyes widen and the girl shrieks. "What!?"

Madam Pomfrey continues. "She seems to know where she is and the staff, but her brain has lost who some improtant people, perhaps boyfriends or close friends or even her rivals."

Amnesia, me? I don't think so! "I don't think I have that," I begin sweetly. "I swear, I don't know these people."

The boy bites his lip and turns to the girl and whispers something in her ear and turns to me again. "Right, well I'm Scorpius Malfoy, Slytherin." I smile.

"I'm Rose." He laughs.

"I know that!" I blink, confused. How does he know me?

The girl coughs. "And I'm Dominique Weasley, your cousin."

I laugh. "Cousin? Your crazy."

These people are mental!

AN/ Hey my wonderful readers! I hope you all liked the surprise, amnesia was out of the ordinary so it won't be like all others, I hope I made it different! The wait from me was cruel, I'm sorry I was finishing a school year up and going on vacations so here it is! I don't own Harry Potter books or films. I'll try to get the next chapter up and running soon, I have free time coming to me now! Thanks guys for reading, I'll write soon again! :)

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Roses and Thorns: Quidditch!


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