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I really didn't want to say that, cause really, it's stupid. And anyways, I can take care of that problem right away. Out of my hand, I sprinkle fairy dust. My rags turn into normal clothes, and I even create a trunk to carry it in!

" Maybe she's not a witch, Dumbledore... "

" She'll be OK, Minera. " I don't even notice their conversation as I look up,

" OK, I'm ready. " Just thinking about getting out of here is great. Now I have to know it. He offers his arm too me,

" The quickest way, Destiny. " I take his arm, and we quickly leave. Well, I find that I cannot breathe on the way, so I take gulps of air, as I find we are at another house. I look at the sign... Privet Drive.

" Why are we here, Professor? "

" You'll see, Destiny. " I follow them to the door, where he knocks. A pudgy man, much like Jacob, answers the door,

" Who are you? What do you want? " Not looking offended, the Professor steps in the man's house. I slip in just before the door shuts.

" I am here to see Harry Potter. " Says Professor Dumbledore, looking around the room. It is very well kept, not a smock of dirt anywhere. I see a skinny boy, he looks around my age, come round the corner. He has wild, short, black hair. Glasses, and his eyes are a vivid green. His bangs cover up something, although... I give him a smile, which he hesitently returns.

" What do yeh want with him? " The fat man asks, rather rudely at that. Dumbledore ignores the man, and looks to Harry,

" Can you come here, Harry? " Harry walks over quickly, but not before I see his bruise. A nice purpley black bruise, on his chest. Don't even ask how I noticed it there. I give a gasp, but not loud enough. When no one is looking, I take out my fairy dust, and blow it to him. It works its magic on contact. And above all amazing magic, nobody notices a thing, which I just find weird. Although, Harry does look like weight had just been lifted off of him, and quite a bit happier. I keep thinking to myself, although, this is horrible! They might be even worse, whatever they are to him, then the Gurdens. I feel extremely sad, just the thought of this kid being abused. Without a word, we are taken away from the house. I take huge gulping breathes of air as we land in a strange place. I seize up, and my eyes turn completely black ( I know this because it has happened while I was cleaning the bathroom mirror. ) I see the man snake thing. I see it happen very clearly, a mother, a father, and the cute little baby. And a flash of green light. My body relaxes, and I fall to the ground on my knees. My eyes are wet as I stand up,

" Destiny, what's wrong? " The voice belongs to Harry. ' I can tell him later ' I think in my mind. He's better over anyways.

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