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Disclaimer: NADA ME OWN! J.K own all. ‘Cept my characters that I made up. A/N: Guess What! Oh yea can’t tell ya. You have to read to find out. But someone special is going to finally show up. I’m sure you’ve guessed now. Darn it I ruined it for ya. Oh well. Have a blast reading. And don’t forget to REVIEW!!!! Ginny woke up early and realized that she had to go back to school in a week. She sighed and glanced at the clock, which read 6:30am. Ginny threw off the covers and decided to take a shower. After her shower she put on a pair of Khaki shorts and a red halter top shirt. Ginny put her hair into a French braid and went into the kitchen. Inside the kitchen sat Lori drinking her morning coffee, and reading The Daily Post, a newspaper for muggles. “Hey Lori. What’s up?” Lori looked up from her newspaper, and smiled. “Hey Gin. Happy Birthday. What do you want to do?” Ginny smiled. “I want streaks, just like yours.” Lori laughed. “That we can do. The shop doesn’t open until 9 though, so what do you want to do until then?” Ginny thought about it, and said, “How about we just hang out until then. That works for me.” Lori nodded and then continued reading her newspaper. Ginny went back to her room and found that Alois was back. “Hey Alois. Do you have my letters?” Alois responded by gliding over to her. He landed next to her and she untied the letters. Ginny gave him an owl treat, and Alois hooted his thanks. Ginny petted him, absent mindly, as she read her notes. Gin, Happy Birthday honey. Sorry about not writing earlier. Your father was really busy with the election and all. Then he had to take over and clean up some stuff that Fudge didn’t clean up. Yes your father won the election, and he is the new minister. Everything is going well over here. Fred and George are doing well in their business, though I am not happy about it, I am proud at how well they are doing. About picking you up, I cannot make it and neither can your father, but we are sending Ron, Harry and Hermione to pick you up. They will arrive tomorrow afternoon, around 2. I would like you to be home for dinner, so don’t waste anytime. School is coming up soon, and we need to get your books. Did you get your O.W.L’s? I hope you did well. About the Parkinson’s, yes they have passed, and yes, Pansy is staying with her cousin. Stay out of their business, and leave them alone! I mean it Ginny. Don’t meddle with things that are not meant to be meddled with. You are a Gryffindor, and should only associate with such. Don’t be making friends with the wrong sort! You will be getting your birthday presents tomorrow when you get home. I decided to celebrate later, so you could be home with family. Lots of Love, Mum Ginny sighed. ‘Well I have already made friends with Slytherin’s, so they can’t stop me.’ She un-folded the next note, and saw that it was from Ron. Gin, Hello sis. How was America? Fun I hope. Mum said that Harry, Hermione and I will be picking you up tomorrow around 2. Hermione told me that you were at a Beach house? Ginny I hope you are not getting into any trouble. I have read about those Beaches. Bad things happen their. Send me the address to where you are staying at so we can pick you up their. Though it would be nice to see Aunt Edna, Emily, Uncle Will and Thomas. Happy Birthday by the way. Hope you enjoy it. See you tomorrow. Ron Ginny folded up the letter and put it in her suitcase along with her mum’s letter. She glanced at the clock and it read 8:30am. Ginny went back into the kitchen and waited for Lori to get out of the shower. Lori came out and grabbed Caiden’s truck keys. “Ready?” Ginny nodded, and followed Lori out to the truck. They got in and headed out. Soon they arrived to a local mall, nothing like Venice Beach Mall. It was a small mall that had outlets everywhere. Lori parked the truck and they got out. Ginny followed Lori to a hair saloon. The hair saloon was next to a pizza place called New York Pizza. The hair saloon was called Teddy’s Hair Care. Ginny laughed at the name and followed Lori inside. A man named Charlie, greeted them, and spoke to Lori. “Hello my dear. Back so soon? Didn’t you like your highlights?” Lori smiled and told him, “Oh no, I came here for my friend. She would like some highlights in her hair. This is Virginia Weasley. Ginny, this is my stylist, Charlie.” Ginny shook Charlie’s hand. “Ginny is it?” She nodded. “So what color would you like?” Ginny thought about it and said, “I would like gold highlights.” Charlie nodded and showed her where to sit. Ginny sat in the chair and Charlie got started. First he trimmed and inch off of Ginny’s hair and then washed it. After he washed her hair, he put in the tin foil for the highlights and let it sit. After Charlie was done, Ginny stood up and headed over to the mirror, to look at the final product. “Wow. This is great. Thanks Lori.” Ginny grinned and hugged Lori. They went to the cashier, to pay for the hair-do. They said good-bye and headed out the saloon. “Now what?” asked Lori. Ginny shrugged and looked around. She saw Landon’s Tattoo’s and Piercing’s, and pulled Lori over to it. “A tattoo? You want a tattoo?” Ginny laughed and showed Lori the tattoo on her back. “Oh. You already have one. So then why are we here?” “Because I want to get my belly pierced, and see Landon.” “Oh, Okay.” They went into the shop. “I’ll be with you in a moment,” called Landon from the back. Ginny looked around and found the navel ring that she wanted. Landon came through the curtain, and smiled when he saw Ginny. “Hey Ginny. What’s up?” “Oh not much. I just wanted to get my belly pierced. Can you do that for me?” Landon nodded and showed Ginny where to sit. “Which one do you want?” Ginny pointed out the belly ring that she saw earlier and Landon took it off of the shelf. He took out the piercing gun and attached the ring to it. Then he pulled the trigger and it shot through Ginny’s belly. Landon twisted the ball end on, and Ginny paid for the piercing. “Thanks Landon.” Ginny gave him a kiss on the cheek and left the store. Lori stayed behind for a moment. “We are having a surprise party for Gin. Come around 7. Bring Blaise and Pansy.” Landon nodded and Lori left. “So what were you doing?” asked Ginny. “Nothing. Come on, let’s get back to the house. I am sure Caiden is worried about his truck.” They headed to the parking lot and got into Caiden’s truck. Lori drove back to the house and parked in the driveway. Ginny went inside, and headed to her room. Caiden was still in bed when Lori barged in. “Wake up sleepy head. We gotta lot of things to do today.” Caiden groaned and turned onto his stomach. Lori walked over to his bed and jumped on to it. Then she started jumping up and down like a little kid. “Wake up. Wake up. Wake up,” she chanted. Caiden woke up and grabbed Lori’s legs. Then he started tickling her. Lori giggled and said, “Finally. We got stuff to do. First we need to give Gin our present.” Caiden got off his bed and went to his bathroom to shower. Lori left the room to wake up Amiee. “Come on Ams. We got stuff to do.” “I’m up. Lemme take a shower, and I’ll be out in like, twenty minutes.” Lori nodded and went to the kitchen. Caiden soon joined her, and then Amiee. “Okay first I say we give Ginny her presents and then get her out of the house until 7:15pm, okay?” Caiden and Amiee nodded, and went to their rooms to get their presents. Lori went to get Ginny. “Ginny come on. Time for presents.” Ginny smiled and followed Lori to the kitchen. In the kitchen sat Caiden and Amiee, and in front of them sat a small pile of presents. “Oh guys. You didn’t have to do this.” “We wanted to. Now open Caiden’s and mine’s first.” Ginny was passed a large rectangular box that was wrapped in silver wrapping paper. She opened it up and saw that it was an Extreme 200. “Oh my gosh! Thanks guys. You are the best.” Ginny hugged them both. Amiee passed Ginny another present. Ginny unwrapped it and saw that it was a bunch of DVD’s. “Thanks Amiee. Now I can watch my favorite films n my dorm when I get bored.” Amiee laughed. “No problem. But you have to promise me to stay in touch with me, and e-mail me at least twice a week.” “That I can do.” Caiden handed another present to Ginny. “Another one?” Caiden nodded. It had a car attached, and it said, ‘To a birthday girl who is also a great friend. Hope you enjoy your present and use it well.’ Ginny opened the present and found an invisibility cloak. “Caiden, this is great. How in the hell did you get this?” He smiled. “I’m not going to tell you. Just use it well.” Ginny gave him a hug and a kiss on his cheek. “I will thanks.” Lori handed Ginny a small box and Ginny opened it up. Inside was a silver chain and attached to it was a tigress and two cubs. “Thanks Lori, this is really pretty.” “Oh no problem. I got our wizard here to put some minor spells on it. Most of them are protection spells and one of them is a locator. I have the rind that is the other half of the spell.” “Cool. You guys are the coolest.” Ginny gave them all hugs and then took the things to her room. Ginny unwrapped all the packaging on the Extreme 200. She plugged in the battery saver and turned on her laptop. Ginny set up her account for e-mail and World On-line. WOLing is were anyone could talk to anyone in a chat room, or private chat. Ginny signed on, ‘Sanctusflame666 is signing on,’ read the screen in front of her. Ginny added Blaise to her buddy list and decided to go into a chat room. Sanctusflame666: Hey All. Greenmonkey45: Hey Flame. Jumpingbeanz16: Hi. Freezingdaice36: Sup? Were some of the responses in the main chat. Sanctusflame666: Anyone from Ottery St. Catchpole, England? A small pop-up window came to the screen and it said, Chesswiz01: Yea I am. Sanctusflame666: Hey Ron. It’s me, Ginny. Chesswiz01: Hey. Where did you get the laptop? Sanctusflame666: My birthday. How do you have one? Chesswiz01: Oh dad got a few from the Prime Minister. Something to do with better understanding of Muggles. Ginny smiled and another window popped up. Anguismundi20: Hey Flame. I’m from St. Catchpole. Sanctusflame666: Hi. What’s your on-line name? Anguismundi20: My what? Sanctusflame666: On-line name. Something that I can call you when we talk, instead of just Hey you. Anguismundi20: Oh. about Luke? Sanctusflame666: Okay. Luke it is. So Luke, what have you done this summer? Anguismundi20: Oh not much. I have pretty much stayed inside my house for the whole time. My two best mates went to California for the whole summer to help my best friend’s dad. Sanctusflame666: Cool. Where in California? I am currently there now. Anguismundi20: I’m not sure. Ron’s window was flashing, so Ginny clicked on it. Chesswiz01: So sis. What’s the address? I need to know so we can pick you up tomorrow. Sanctusflame666: 106 Venice Lane. Happy? Chesswiz01: Yea. Well mum is calling me. I need to go and de-gnome the garden. Your so lucky. You don’t have to. Bye. See you tomorrow. Ginny closed the window and continued to talk to Luke. Sanctusflame666: So Luke, tell me about yourself. Anguismundi20: Um...I am about 6’2” and I have short, spiky blond hair. I like to play sports and have been on my school team since I was 12. I am now 17 years old and turning 18 in May. Sanctusflame666: Cool. I turned 16 today. Anguismundi20: Cool. Happy Birthday. Draco Lucius Malfoy was sitting in his green bedroom, at his desk. In front of him was his laptop, Extreme 200. He logged onto his WOL account and went to his favorite chat room. Draco scrolled through the main chat and spotted, Sanctusflame666: Anyone from Ottery St. Catchpole, England? Draco clicked on the private chat button and started typing. Anguismundi20: Hey Flame. I’m from St. Catchpole. Sanctusflame666: Hi. What’s your on-line name? Draco got confused and typed, Anguismundi20: My what? Sanctusflame666: On-line name. Something that I can call you when we talk, instead of just Hey you. ‘Think Draco, think.’ Draco thought of a name and typed it in. Anguismundi20: Oh. about Luke? Sanctusflame666: Okay. Luke it is. So Luke, what have you done this summer? ‘Don’t tell this person too much. You don’t know them.’ Anguismundi20: Oh not much. I have pretty much stayed inside my house for the whole time. My two best mates went to California for the whole summer to help my best friend’s dad. Sanctusflame666: Cool. Where in California? I am currently there now. Anguismundi20: I’m not sure. ‘This person lives in Ottery, but is in California. Who is this person?’ Draco saw the window flashing and clicked on it. Sanctusflame666: Thank you. Anguismundi20: So Flame tell me about you. Sanctusflame666: Um...I have auburn hair with blond highlights. My eyes are brown and I have a tattoo and a belly button ring. ‘This is my type of girl.’ Anguismundi20: What type of tattoo? Sanctusflame666: It is on my lower back and covers a major part of it. It’s a tigress standing square, looking into someone’s eyes. Her eyes are a shocking yellow. Anguismundi20: That is really cool. I have one of two dragons circling each other over a nest. Draco smirked, knowing that the dragons were more of a protection spell, then a tattoo. His mom, Narissica Malfoy, made him get it when he started Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Anguismundi20: Well Tigress, I am assuming you are a girl? Sanctusflame666: Yup. Sure am. Anguismundi20: Well it was nice talking to you. I must leave now. Hope to talk to you later. Draco signed off and shut off his laptop. Draco was still in his green silk pajama bottoms and decided to take a bath. He went into his bathroom and called for his house-elf. “Master, how may I help thee?” “Koss, draw me a soothing bath. I should like to take a long, peaceful soak. Make sure no one disturbs me.” Koss bowed and replied, “Yes master.” He turned on the water faucet to the large garden tub. Draco took off his pajamas and boxers and stepped into the tub. He settled down into the tub and closed his eyes. Ginny sat in her bedroom, at her desk. She was still on the internet. She was talking to a guy who’s screen name was Lebenswelttuebor19. Lebenswelttuebor19: So, what’s up Flame? Sanctusflame666: Oh not much. Today’s my birthday, but that’s about it. Lebenswelttuebor19: Well Happy Birthday. Doing anything for your birthday? Sanctusflame666: Not that I know of. I am staying with some friends for the summer, so I am celebrating with them. My parents and brothers are else-where. Lebenswelttuebor19: Cool. So Flame, what did you get for your b-day? Sanctusflame666: Um...I got this laptop, a necklace, a pet bird, and a cloak. Lebenswelttuebor19: Sounds cool. What did you name the bird? Sanctusflame666: Alois. He was a German warrior. I know your screen name is German, what does it mean? Lebenswelttuebor19: Lebenswelt means life world, and tuebor means I will defend. What does Sanctus mean? Sanctusflame666: Holy. Lebenswelttuebor19: Holyflame...sounds very cool. Sanctusflame666: Yup. Well my friends are calling me, gotta go. Bye. Lebenswelttuebor19: Bye. Ginny logged off her computer and put it away in it’s case. “Ginny! Come on. I need to take you somewhere,” called out Caiden from the Kitchen. “Coming.” Ginny changed into a skirt and heels. She grabbed her purse, and went out to the living room, where Caiden was waiting. “Where are we going?” “To the mall. I need to get a few things, and I want you to meet my mom.” “Okay.” ‘That’s weird. Why would he want me to meet his mom?’ Caiden pulled out his truck keys and opened the door for Ginny. They walked to the truck and got in. “Ginny. Hurry up. My mom is not going to wait forever.” Ginny picked up her pace and caught up to Caiden. Caiden led her to a small store and went inside. It was a small shoe store. “Sit here and stay. I will be back in a few.” Caiden walked to the back room. “Julie, come here quick.” Julie, a friend of Caiden’s, and store-owner came to Caiden. “What do you need?” “I have a friend here, and today’s her birthday. I need you to pretend you are my mom and keep her occupied until 7:15pm. Okay? Can you also drop her off at the House?” Julie grinned, and said, “What’s in it for me?” “I should’ve known you would want something. I will have to think about it, but I promise you will like it. Please?” “Oh okay. Till 7:15pm?” Caiden nodded. “Okay. Go and do whatever.” Caiden gave Julie a hug and led her out. “Ginny, this is my mom. Mom this is Virginia Weasley, or Ginny as her friends call her.” Ginny stood up and shook Julie’s hand. “Ginny, I have got to go. Lori called me, and said she needed help with something. My mom will take you home around 7:15, okay?” “I guess. But what am I going to do until then?” “Watch some t.v. or something. You are in a mall. Shop!” Ginny sighed and nodded. “Okay. Go then.” Caiden smiled and left Ginny and Julie. At the Beach House “We are running out of time. It is 6pm and we have yet to get everything ready.” Caiden laughed. “Lori calm down. She’s not going to be here until 7:30. I called Julie and told her that the time changed. Now you go and fix up the living room and I will get the food, okay?” Lori nodded, and headed to the living room. She supervised the putting up the decorations for Ginny’s surprise party. Amiee and Pansy were putting up the banner, which read ‘Happy Birthday Gin!’ “Your doing good girls. Now move it over to the right just a little bit. Perfect. Now hold it there so I can put the charm on it.” Lori whipped out her wand and pointed it at the banner. She whispered some words and the banner floated. “Great job girls. We are done. Now we just need to wait on the guys.” Blaise was supposed to arrive soon, with a DJ, and Landon. There was a knock on the door, and Lori ran to open it up. “Blaise! Landon! Finally. Did you get a DJ?” Blaise grinned and nodded. They walked through the door and Blaise pointed to where the DJ was supposed to set up. The man was big and bulky. He had a buzz cut hairstyle and gray eyes. “Lori, this is Gregory Goyle. He is one of our mate’s at school. He is one of the greatest DJ’s in all of England.” Greg held out his hand for Lori to shake. “I am pleased to meet a charming girl like yourself.” Lori blushed, and said, “Thank you.” Lori checked her watch and saw that it was 6:30. “Guys, Caiden is in the kitchen. Can you help him set up the food?” At the mention of food, Blaise, Greg, and Landon headed to the kitchen. “Yo Caiden. What up?” asked Landon and Blaise. “Yo Blaise, Landon. Who’s the new guy?” asked Caiden, pointing to Greg. “My name is Gregory Goyle.” Caiden shook his hand, and then put a pile of pizza’s in his hand. “Can you take this into the living room? And place it on the table, that is in the middle of the room?” Greg nodded and took it to the living room. Lori pointed to the table and he put it on the table. Greg looked up and read the sign. ‘So this is a party for a girl named Gin. Like the drink.’ “Lori, who is Gin?” Lori looked at him, and said, “You will meet her soon enough. That’s all you need to know for now.” More people arrived, and some of them were flooing in. Lori dusted the fire dust off of the people and showed them where to stand. “You all need to be quiet. She should be arriving soon.” Everyone hushed and went to their hiding spots. They heard a car pull up and a door slam. Ginny walked up the steps of the beach house and went to open the door. As she opened it, she saw no one inside the hall. It was pitch black and Ginny was getting worried. She turned on the light, and everyone who was hiding jumped out and shouted, “SURPRISE!” Ginny stumbled backwards, “Oh my gosh. Guy’s you are the best.” She was laughing. Lori gave her a hug and put on a large party hat that said ‘Birthday Girl.’ Ginny looked up and saw the banner, and smiled. Greg started up the music, and soon everyone was enjoying the party and dancing. “Hey Gin, come here. I want you to meet someone.” Ginny went over to Lori, who was standing next to the DJ. “Gin, this is Gregory Goyle.” Ginny gasped as she took in the massive guy that was standing in front of her. “Virginia Weasley?” Ginny nodded. “It’s nice to meet you. You have changed little one. Your brother is in for a surprise. Hope we can get to know each other some more.” Ginny nodded. “Thanks for Djing my birthday.” “No problem. I love it.” Soon Lori silenced everyone and asked that they all go into the kitchen. Lori brought out a cake that had 16 candles on it, and everyone sang happy birthday. Ginny blew out her candles and made a wish. “What did you wish for?” Asked Landon, starring into Ginny’s eyes. “Can’t tell you.” Landon smiled. He moved closer to Ginny and leaned in to give her a kiss. At first Ginny was going to move her head so he kissed her cheek, but she leaned into him and they kissed on the lips. “Happy Birthday Virginia.” Everyone who was watching clapped and whistled. “Go Gin.” Ginny blushed and stood up. She cut up her cake and took a slice for herself. Then she excused herself and went out to the beach. The sun was setting and left a nice glowing orange and yellow color against the darkening sky. ‘Happy Birthday Ginny.’ After about a hour of just sitting there and thinking about her past birthday’s, she decided to go inside and join her friends. Blaise found her watching her friends dance. He pulled her aside and spoke to her. “Red. Pansy and I got you a present. Open it up.” He handed her a small box. Inside was a small serpent winded around a large bear. It was a charm that would fit onto her tigress and cub necklace. “Thank you. What do the animals mean?” Blaise smiled and told her. “The serpent is my Animagus form and Pansy’s is the bear.” “Oh.” Ginny gave Blaise a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Blaise hugged her back and then they walked back to the party. “What were you two doing?” Pansy came up to them and looked happy. “Oh sush Pansy, you know I was giving Red our present. And we need to go. Dad said we are headed home tomorrow. We have to pack up. Bye Red. And happy birthday.” Blaise and Pansy left, and soon others began leaving. Ginny said good-bye to her last guest and thanked Lori, Amiee and Caiden for the party. She said goodnight and went to her bedroom. There she undressed and got into her dressing gown and got into bed. A/N: Well...chapter 4. 4126 words and 12 pages. Wow oh best yet... as you have already seen, their is some Ginny and Draco action going on, and a kiss. you didn’t see that a matter of fact, neither did I. COOL BEANS!!! Blah...well yup here it is. Hope you enjoyed reading it, and don’t forget to REVIEW!!!!!!!!! PLZ!!!! For me?

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