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Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me except the plot and a few minor characters. A/N: I would like to thank my first reviewer and beta, Cinder2004. Sorry it took long to get this out, but I have been sick and very tired. Ginny awoke around mid day. Their was an owl perched on the chair in front of her dresser. The owl was small and it gave a loud hoot. Ginny groaned and got up. She went over to the owl and untied the letter that was attached to it. The owl took off out of the window. Ginny sat down on her chair and opened up the letter. It was from Professor McGonagall. Virginia Weasley, Congratulations. You are being accepted into Advanced Potions and Transfiguration. Professor Snape and I are proud of the hard work that you have done previously. Included is a list of the books you will need for the following school year and some extra books required for Potions and Transfiguration. You should be expecting your OWL results soon. You should be very proud on how well you did, and I am sure your mother was thrilled. Remember to do your summer reading and to get those books. Have a excellent rest of summer and I will be seeing you on September 1st. I will be speaking to you and a few others about your schedules. Professor M. McGonagall 'Yes! I am in Advanced Potions. That is bloody brilliant.' Ginny did a little dance and shouted, waking up the rest of the gang. Lori, Amiee and Caiden came rushing into her room and asked, "Is everything okay?" Ginny laughed. "Of course it is. I just got accepted into Advanced Potions and Transfiguration. Do you know how exciting that is? There is only a few kids that are accepted into both, and if you ever meet Professor Snape or McGongall, you would understand why. It is a great honor." Lori smiled and said, "Congrats Gin. Well done. Lets go celebrate." Ginny frowned for a moment, and then nodded her head. 'Speaking of celebrations, my birthday is tomorrow. I wonder if anyone remembers.' Lori, Amiee, Caiden and Ginny all loaded into Caiden's truck and headed to an IHOP, which is International House of Pancakes. Caiden parked the truck and everyone got out of the truck. They went into IHOP and were greeted by a waitress, named Angel. "Hi. Welcome to IHOP. How many will be eating today?" Caiden spoke up. "4." Angel smiled and said, "Please follow me." Angel led them to table that was in a booth. They sat down, Ginny next to Caiden and Lori and Amiee. Angel handed them the menu's and left. Ginny glanced down at the menu and tried to decide what to have. 'Wow there is a lot of pancakes on this menu. I think I'll have the stack of pancakes covered in strawberries and whipped cream.' The waitress came back and asked them, "Hi my name is Angel. I will be serving you this morning. Have you decided on what you want?" Ginny nodded her head and spoke. "I would like the stack of pancakes covered in strawberries and whipped cream please. And hot chocolate." Angel wrote down, and moved on to Caiden. He ordered some eggs with bacon and French toast. Amiee ordered a black coffee and some pancakes. Lori ordered a Orange Juice and some waffles. Angel took off to give the cook the order. "So does anyone want to do anything particular today? Or do you just want to all hang out?" Asked Caiden. "How about a movie?" Amiee suggested. "That's an idea." Lori piped up. "Or we can do our favorite thing that we always do when we come to Venice Beach. SHOP!" Caiden groaned, but was smiling. Amiee nodded her head agreeing to the suggestion. Ginny just shrugged her Gin. It's not that bad. Plus we need to get presents for your birthday." Ginny groaned, but nodded, finally giving in to the pleading of her best friend. Their food arrived in a matter of minute's, and they ate. After eating, Caiden paid for breakfast and left the tip. The group got into his truck and took off to the closet's mall, Venice Beach Mall. The quadruplet agreed to split up and head in different directions. Lori, and Caiden headed to the eastern end of the mall, and Ginny and Amiee headed to the western end. They decided to meet at the food court at 12:30. "Caiden. What shall we get Gin? It needs to be something special. So she can always remember us." They were in CompUSA, a computer store. They were looking at the laptops that were on sale. "How about this one? It's the latest technology, and I am sure I can put some charms on it to make it work in that school of hers. And then she and I can stay in touch." Lori laughed. "Typical male. Thinking only about his pleasures. She was MY friend first, just to remind you. And as for the present. That is an excellent idea. Let's get it." Caiden and Lori went to the counter and told the clerk that the wanted the Extreme 200. The clerk went to the storage room and came back with box in his hand. Caiden and Lori paid for the Laptop, and headed out the store. " what?" Asked Caiden. Lori grinned mischievously and pulled Caiden towards American Eagle. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amiee dragged Ginny into a store called Vilanchi. Vilanchi was a clothing store that was expensive. Only Amiee would think of going in there and trying on clothes. Amiee headed towards the back and took a dress off of the rack. She went into the dressing room to try it on. Ginny sat on the bench outside of it. "Fancy meeting you here," said a voice behind Ginny. She turned around and saw the person behind her. Ginny smiled and motioned for them to take a seat. Blaise and his friend sat down. "Hi Blaise. Who's your friend?" Asked Ginny curiously. Blaise introduced his friend. "This is Pansy Parkinson. She is staying with me for the rest of the summer. She is my cousin. Pansy, this is Red." Pansy smiled at Ginny, who smiled back. 'You have to be nice Gin. Otherwise they'll suspect something.' "Red is a weird name. Don't you think?" Ginny told Pansy her deal with Blaise. "Blaise and I made a deal I will tell him my name at the end of the summer before school starts, if he told me his name. We met at the club, 'Dark Shadows'. Ever hear of it?" Pansy nodded her head. Amiee came out of the dressing room in a cute, short black dress. "You look great Ams." Blaise and Pansy agreed. "By the way, this here is Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson. Pansy, Blaise, this is Amiee Montebeau." Blaise and Pansy said Hi, and then Pansy went to look around the store. "Pansy is in a depressing mood and to make her happy, I brought her here to shop. She just absolutely loves shopping." Ginny frowned. 'I need to write mum and dad about this.' "Why is Pansy depressed?" Ginny asked. "Her mum and dad died. I don't know who did it and how, but they are going to pay for it." Blaise tried to smile, but couldn't. Amiee changed into her clothes and came out of the dressing room. "Ready to go Tonic?" Ginny nodded and got up. Blaise stood up and asked, "Do you want to hang out sometime after today?" Ginny thought about it and responded, "Maybe. I'll call you if I ever want to. Bye." Ginny walked away with Amiee. They headed to the Food Court. Ginny spotted Caiden and Lori sitting by the water fountain, eating a pizza. They walked over to the fountain and sat down. Ginny grabbed a piece of pizza and started eating. "Hey! Did we say you could eat our pizza?" Ginny stuck her tongue out at Caiden. "Even if you did say I could, I would of taken a piece." Caiden smiled and shook his head. Ginny spotted a large package sitting on the floor by Caiden. "What did you get?" Caiden smiled. "Wouldn't you like to know?" Ginny nodded. "I can't say. I am forbidden to by Ms. Lori." Caiden smiled, and continued eating his lunch. After lunch Caiden went with Ginny, and Amiee and Lori headed to go get a present. "So Gin. What's up? How are you liking America?" Ginny grinned and responded, "Oh, it's absolutely beautiful here. This place is wonderful." Caiden nodded, and they continued walking. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Hours Later Ginny and Caiden waited for Lori and Amiee by the front entrance of the mall. Ginny sighed. "What is taking them so long?" Caiden shrugged his shoulders and sighed. "I dunno, but they need to hurry up or I am going to leave them." Amiee and Lori showed up as he was saying that. "Hey! We heard that. That's not nice. Let's go. We have to prepare for fun." They piled into the truck and headed back to the beach house. When they got to the house, they went inside. Ginny headed to her room. She sat down on her bed, and then remembered the list of school supplies. Ginny opened the envelope and took out the list. She glanced over the list of books, Advanced Potion's by Mariotle Stewer Advanced Transfiguration by Charles Galvani Stars of the Future by Greg Nework Defending Against Evil by Norten Crishan Advanced Charms by Charles Galvani Advanced Herbology by Mariotle Stewer Then after looking at the list of books required, she un-folded her OWL results. Ginny looked at the results. Ms. Weasley, Listed below are your O.W.L results. Congratulations. The results have been broken down into two parts, Theoretical and Practical. The first part is reflected as the Theoretical part of the exam and the second part is the practical part. Transfiguration: Theoretical: Outstanding Practical: Outstanding Result: 2 O.W.L's Potions: Theoretical: Outstanding Practical: Outstanding Result: 2 O.W.L's Astronomy: Theoretical: Exceed's Expectations Practical: Exceed's Expectations Result: 2 O.W.L's Divination: Theoretical: Exceed's Expectations Practical: Acceptable Result: 2 O.W.L's Defense Against the Dark Arts: Theoretical: Outstanding Practical: Outstanding Result: 2 O.W.L's Charms: Theoretical: Outstanding Practical: Outstanding Result: 2 O.W.L's History of Magic: Theoretical: Poor Result: No O.W.L's Herbology: Theoretical: Outstanding Practical: Outstanding Result: 2 O.W.L's Care of Magical Creatures: Theoretical: Exceed's Expectations Practical: Outstanding Result: 2 O.W.L's Total O.W.L's: 16 O.W.L's Sincerely, Grisdela Marchbanks Chairwitch, Wizarding Examination Authority 'Wow. Not too bad Gin. Great work. Looks like you are taking all advanced classes this year.' Ginny smiled proudly. As she was looking over her result's, another owl flew in and landed on her chair. The owl was white with a brown chest and had green eyes. Ginny glanced over at the owl and then untied the note from around it's leg. She read the note. Virginia, Happy early birthday. This is your present, an owl of your very own. He is an Eagle Owl. Take care of him. I hope to be seeing you later, at the club. Have a fun birthday if I don't get to see you. Landon Malfoy 'Well that is a surprise. Landon sure has taken a liking to me. Maybe I should go to the club. My own owl. That's bloody brilliant. I am going to write a letter to Mum and Dad.' Ginny reached over to pet the owl. "What shall I name you?" Ginny thought about it and came up with, Alois. The name of a German Warrior. Ginny sat at her desk and pulled out some parchment. Dear Mum and Dad, How is everything going at the Burrow? I hope all is well. Everything is going great over here. I have made a bunch of new friends, and I can't wait for you to meet them. Are you still planning on coming over here to pick me up? I hope so. Dad, did you here about the Parkinson's dying? I found out about it just today. I heard that Pansy is having to stay with her cousin, Blaise Zabini. So Dad, did you get the Job? I hope so. Why haven't you written to me? None of the boy's nor Hermione have written. I kind of find it a bit odd, though I am not worried. What is going on in the Wizarding world? Well it is almost dinner time over here, and I have to help make dinner. Lots of Love. Hugs and Kisses. Say hi to Harry and Hermione for me. Love Ginny Ginny rolled the parchment up and tied it to Alois. "Take this to mum and dad. The address is The Burrow, Ottery St. Catchpole. Hurry. And don't come back with out a reply." Alois took off out of the open window. Ginny went out of her room and into the kitchen. There sat Lori and Caiden talking. They were whispering to each other and didn't notice Ginny. She went over to the fridge and pulled out some carrots and dip. Ginny sat at the end of the table and ate her snack. "Hem Hem. Do you mind not whispering around me please?" Lori glanced over at Ginny and smiled. "Hey. Didn't notice you there. Sorry." Ginny smiled and continued her snack. "So what are we doing this evening?" Caiden spoke up and replyed, "Nothing. You can go to the movies. We are staying here. We have to clean up a little bit. Here is some money. Now go and see a movie and don't come back until 10." Caiden pushed her out of the kitchen and she headed to her room. There she changed into a cute blue skirt, and a white halter top shirt. Ginny brushed her hair and curled it, and put on a layer of mascara and lip gloss. Then she got out the piece of paper that Blaise gave her and called his cell phone number. "Blaise? Hey its Red. Do you want to hang out this evening? I am being kicked out of the house, because my friends are planning for my birthday, which is tomorrow." "Sure. Hold on for a minute. I need to ask if I can use the car." Blaise put her on hold and then came back. "Is it okay if Pansy comes along? She is going to bring a friend." Ginny smiled. "Sure. The address 106 Venice Lane. Come as soon as possible. We will discuss what to do when you get here. Bye." Ginny hung up and then went to go put her shoes on. She put the money that Caiden gave her in her purse and then went to go sit on the couch and watch some television. The doorbell rang and Ginny yelled, "I will get it. Bye guys. I will see you later." Ginny grabbed her purse and went out the door. Standing in front of her was Blaise. Parked in the driveway was the prettiest car that Ginny had ever seen in her life. It was a black 2004 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe Convertible that had silver lining and green trimming. 'How very slytherin.' Ginny glanced at the two passengers in the car and waved to them. Landon was sitting in the backseat with Pansy. Blaise held out his hand, and Ginny gladly took it. They walked together to the car and Blaise opened the door for her and she got in. Blaise closed the door and then got in on the otherside. "Wow. This is a nice car Blaise. Is it yours or your fathers?" Blaise smiled and said, "Actually this is my brothers. He gave it to me as a really early birthday present. He went off to college and had no use for it. So Red. Where do you want to go?" Ginny thought about it and then said, "How about we go see a film? I have never been to the theater's." Landon and Pansy looked shocked. "You have never seen a film? Well I know the perfect place. It is called a Drive-In and they play old films. It is cheap also." Blaise put the car in drive and headed onto the highway. They drove for about 15 minutes and then Blaise pulled into the Drive-In. He parked the car and they got settled. Ginny turned around in her seat and talked to Landon. "Landon. Thanks for the owl. He is pretty. I named him Alois. How did you know it was my birthday?" Landon smiled playfully. "I guessed." Ginny laughed and shook her head. "No really. How did you know?" "Your friend Lori, accidently let it slip last night. Remind her not to drink too much next time." Ginny nodded her head and then turned back around. The movie was about to start. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the beach house "Okay, now that Gin is gone we can get to work. Lori, floo to The Burrow and get Hermione Granger over here. We have a bunch of work to do if we want to pull this off." Lori nodded her head and went to the living room. She took some floo powder off of the mantle and threw it into the fire. It burst into high flames and turned green. Lori stepped into the fire and yelled, "The Burrow." Lori disappeared from the fireplace and landed into the fireplace at the Burrow. Ron, Hermione and Harry were sitting down in the living room, playing Exploding Snap. "Who are you? And what do you want?" Asked Ron boldly. Lori smiled and said, "My name is Lori Wright and I live next door to your Aunt Edna. I am a friend of Ginny's and I am here to collect Hermione. We need her help on somethings back in America." Lori turned to Hermione and said, "We need your help. Common lets go." Hermione stood up and started following, but Ron took a hold of her hand. "She can't leave. What do you need help with?" Lori rolled her eyes. "Gosh damnit. This is going to take too long to explain. Can't I just borrow her, and then she can come back and explain. We really need to get going. It's urgent." Hermione whispered into Rons ear and then he nodded his head. "Let's go Lori. I need to be back before 10 though." Lori nodded and then threw in the floo powder. She shouted, "106 Venice Lane," and flooed back to the beach house. Hermione followed behind. Lori headed to the kitchen and then sat down next to Caiden, who had a bunch of papers in front of him. "Got her. Let's get started." Caiden handed a list of things to do, to Lori and Lori took off. Hermione stood in the doorway looking bewildered. "This is a beach house. Mrs. Weasley won't be too happy to find this out." "And that's why you are not going to tell her. Hi. My name is Caiden and that's all you need to know. We are planning a surprise birthday for Ginny and we need your help. We need you to make everything invisible to her. Please help?" Hermione sighed and nodded. "Won't we get in trouble for using Magic?" Caiden smiled. "I put up wards around the house so that the Ministry wouldn't be able to detect it. I am very powerful for a young boy. I guess it's because I come for a long history of pure blooded wizards and witches." Hermione nodded and pulled out her wand. Caiden got back to studying his list. "Occaeco Ginny," whispered Hermione. She looked around and saw all of the decorations that were hung up. "Well there you go. May I leave now?" Caiden muttered, "Thanks. Yea you can. Bye," without looking up. Hermione sighed and left. She arrived back at the Burrow in no time at all. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back at the Drive-In The movie finished and Blaise started up the car. "So what do you want to do now?" Landon suggested going to the club, and that is where they headed. As soon as they got there, they got out and went in. Pansy and Landon danced together, and Blaise and Ginny danced. Ginny glanced at her watch and saw that it said 9:30. "Blaise, I have to be back at 10." Blaise nodded. He went over to Landon and told him, "I am going to go drop Red off. I'll be back to pick you all up soon. Have fun and don't cause too much trouble." Landon laughed and then continued dancing with Pansy. "Common Red, let's go." Ginny followed Blaise to the car and got in. He started the car and drove off. "So Blaise. How do you know Landon?" "We met when we were younger. My dad owns a company in England and has a branch out here in California, and every summer we come out here for vacation. Where are you from Red? You don't sound like your from America." Ginny smiled and responded, "That's because I am not from here. I live in England. Ottery St. Cacthpole to be exact." Blaise's eye's lit up at the name. "You live near Draco. Cool beans. Do you know Draco Malfoy?" Ginny nodded. "Is he related to Landon?" Blaise frowned. "It's not my place to say. We are here. Bye." He leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek. "Happy Birthday Red." Ginny blushed and got out of the car. She went up the steps and entered the house. Then she went to her room and changed into her nightgown. Ginny layed down on her bed and went to sleep. A/n: This was pretty darn long. 3624 words long. Cool beans. 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