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Life had not been easy for Harry Potter since the return of Voldemort.  He had always felt as if h was living under a microscope, but now the pressure was far more intense, knowing that according to the prophesy, it was his fate to kill or be killed.  But throughout all the newfound stress and notoriety, the worst part of all was the dreams.  Seemingly every night he would enter Voldemort’s mind, gaining new insights into his nefarious plots, and this particular night was no different.

As Harry drifted asleep he found himself standing on the deck of a wooden ship that he soon remembered was the one that had brought the Durmstrang delegation to Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament.  Headmaster Igor Karkaroff stood on the deck, slipping further inside his thick fur coat as h attempted to shield his face from the cold swirling winds. His breath would instantly freeze every time he exhaled, and his beard appeared to have icicles on it.  They were now in the upper reaches of the North Atlantic, growing ever closer to the polar ice caps.

Karkaroff was startled from his cold induced stupor when Voldemort suddenly burst onto the scene.   Brimming with anticipation, he exclaimed, “This is it Igor, I can sense it! Take us down!”

Karkaroff turned and barked some orders to his men, and the bow of the ship turned sharply downwards, cracking the thick surface of ice as it slipped beneath the water, taking the rest of the ship with it. Voldemort cast a charm, creating a massive air bubble around the deck so that they would have no problems breathing underwater. 

The ship plunged deeper and deeper beneath the surface, the water becoming darker and murkier the further they went.  Finally, Voldemort signaled to stop as they approached the wreckage of a very futuristic looking aircraft that had come to rest on the ice shelf.  He cast an explosive curse, sending the metal shards of the wreckage flying in very possible direction.  When the dust settled, he then stepped inside and began to look around, and it didn’t take long for him to find what he was seeking.  A rush of excitement came over him as he wrapped his hands around a small blue cube that seemed to be glowing with energy.  He felt triumphant, knowing what power was now within his grasp.

Harry awoke with a start, anxiously examining his surroundings to confirm that he was actually perfectly safe in the Gryffindor Common Room.  After catching his breath, Harry attempted to process this information.  He had no idea what the blue cube was or why Voldemort was looking for it, but having sensed the triumphant feeling that accompanied its discovery, he knew that the fact that it was now in Voldemort’s hands could not possibly be a good thing.  Time was of the essence, he must report this to Dumbledore immediately.  He quickly threw on his robes and made his way to the Headmaster’s office, reciting the password to gain entrance from the stone gargoyles that guarded the stairwell. 

When Harry stepped into the office, he found Dumbledore sitting behind his desk as usual.  He had just begun to doze off in the midst of some paperwork, but became alert at Harry’s sudden presence.

“Harry, I know not what brings you hear at this late hour, but I must warn you, as always, about the connection between the Dark Lord and yourself, while it may serve us well, it may easily be fixed to serve his purposes, as I am sure you know all too well now.”

Harry was fully aware that it was wise to practice occlumency, but many times the temptation to see inside Voldemort’s mind was just too great.

“He feels triumphant now.  He was on that magic ship with Karkaroff, somewhere in the North Atlantic.  Whatever it was, he found it, and it seemed important. It was some sort of blue cube.”

Dumbledore dropped his quill as a look of grave concern came over his face.

“And what did this cube look like?”

“It wasn’t very big, but it seemed to glow, as if it was made of pure energy or something.”

Dumbledore suddenly looked very worried as he explained to Harry, “We are fortunate that you have discovered this so quickly.  This is grave news indeed, but there is still time to act if we take action immediately.”

Harry was more confused than ever.

“Professor Dumbledore, could you please tell me what’s going on? What is that cube? And what will it allow him to do?”

Dumbledore grabbed Harry’s arm and led him towards the pensieve that rested on a side table in the office. 

“Harry, it would take a long time to explain, so I’ll just have to show you.”

Together, Harry and Dumbledore leapt into the stone basin, tumbling into the swirling mists as they traveled into a distant memory.  When they landed, they found themselves in an enclosed underground bunker.  Its cramped surroundings were bustling with activity.  The walls were covered in maps, and phone and telegraph wires were spread throughout.  A general sense of foreboding seemed to dwell in the air, as if they were in the middle of a warzone, and a battle was coming.   

“This is Germany, 1945,” Dumbledore whispered in Harry’s ear. 

Harry took a look around the bunker and became greatly startled by the figure sitting behind the desk.  Though it had been several years since Harry had last taken a Muggle history class, he could clearly recognize the sight of Adolf Hitler.  Sitting across from Hitler was Herman Goring, the commander of the German air force and one of his closest confidants.  From the looks of things, they had just concluded a meeting of top military advisors, and Harry remembered just enough from his history lessons to know that the war was not going well for Germany at this point. 

“So it has come to this, we have been let down by our army of cowards, fools and traitors!” Hitler bellowed.

“Mein Fuhrer, the option we have discussed may yet bring us victory,” Goring stammered, “You know which one I’m talking about.”

Hitler paused in contemplation, “Is it wise to have the two of them working together?  I fear having too many powerful subordinates in one place, it may give them ideas.”

“Mein Fuhrer, at this point I don’t believe we have a choice.  Arrangements have already been made, and they are both standing outside at this moment waiting to speak with us.”

Hitler was greatly annoyed that Goring had appeared to go behind his back, but lacked the inclination to argue.

“Very well, bring them in.”

With a grand swoop, the door to the office swung open and two very unusual men made their presence known.  The first was introduced as General Johann Schmidt, the director of the Nazi’s secretive scientific organization known as HYDRA.  He appeared to be extremely fit, with his muscles bulging underneath his uniform.  However, his face was disfigured in a very similar manner to Voldemort’s, and its coloring was a grotesque shade of red, which earned him the moniker “Red Skull.”

“He took a serum to try to become a genetically enhanced super soldier, but the formula had not yet been perfected,” Dumbledore explained to Harry.

Harry gulped when he recognized the next man to enter the room from images he had once seen on chocolate frog cards.  It was none other than the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald.  He wore a wizard like cape around his Nazi uniform, and he proudly brandished a powerful looking wand.  He was physically fit with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a square jaw.  In essence, he was the embodiment of the Nazis’ idea of the ultimate man.

Hitler rose to greet them, “My friends, grave times are among us, and if we are to survive, we must work closer than ever.”

“Mein Fuhrer, it is a pleasure as always,” responded Red Skull.

“It’s quite damp and drafty in here, you always were a man of poor taste, Adolf,” Grindelwald dryly observed as he leaned back in a chair and propped his feet on the desk, knowing that he was probably the only person in the world who could safely treat Hitler this brazenly. 

Goring called the meeting to order, “As you know we are short on time, so let’s begin with our first order of business.  General Schmidt, have you secured the Tesseract?”

Red Skull grinned as he reached into his bag and retrieved the same blue cube that Harry had seen in his dream.

“It is secure. HYDRA’s bases have come under attack of late, so I am now forced to carry it on my person at all times just to be sure.”

“So it’s true then?” Hitler prodded, “About the man in the colorful suit with the shield?”

“Captain America is but a nuisance, he will be dealt with soon enough,” Red Skull spat. 

Grindelwald spoke up, “I suppose this is where you want me to come in, and yes, Nurmengard is the most secure site in all of Germany, and you can feel free to visit with your shiny cube, provided I receive my share of the spoils, of course.”

“We will all share in the glory of our victory,” Goring insisted.

“The constant attacks have interrupted my experiments, but when the Tesseract’s power is fully utilized it will allow us to construct weapons we’ve never dreamed of, as well as call on Allies from all sorts of realms,” Red Skull explained further.

Grindelwald contemplated the implications, “So when this new power combines with my magical forces…”

“It will create the most powerful army ever constructed, and will ensure that the Third Reich will reign for the next thousand years,” Hitler concluded.

The four men went on to discuss various details of their plans, creating a tremendous sense of foreboding.  If Harry did not already know the outcome of the war, he would have been very afraid. 

“I think we’ve seen enough,” said Dumbledore as he yanked Harry’s arm, pulling him back through the vortex and landing back in the Headmaster’s office.

Harry’s mind raced, unable to keep up with all the questions he now wanted to ask.  He still wasn’t quite sure what exactly the cube’s powers were, or how it came to rest where it did, but we was sure of it that Voldemort possessing its powers could not possibly be a good thing.



A/N: This story is pretty much my nerd fantasy, so please indulge any ridiculous plot holes.  It contains characters from Harry Potter as well as Marvel Comics.  I do not own anything you recognize.

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