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Disclaimer: Don't own a Darn thing except plot and anything you don't recognize. A/N: I feel that this chapter is a bit short. Not up to my expectations, but i am not very good with club details, as i have never been to one myself. So this will have to do. Be kind n' review. (Sort of like be kind and rewind. i thought it was funny.) Ginny went to her room and showered. After her shower, with just a towel wrapped around her, Ginny was looking for something to wear. She pulled out a pair of low rise, black pants and a black T-shirt that said ‘YOU WISH’ in silver letters, and a green shadow around it. Ginny dried her hair and let it fall down in curls. She pulled on her black Vans and grabbed her purse. Ginny went to her dresser and put on some lip gloss and then left the room. She went to the living room and sat down on the couch. There she waited for Caiden, Amiee and Lori to come out of their rooms. Lori was the next to come out and she was wearing a black skirt, with a blood red shirt that said ‘Love’. Her blond hair was pulled back into a cute bouncy ponytail, and she had a pair of silver hoops in her ears. Caiden came out of his room dressed in a pair of black slacks, a green wife beater, and a silver over shirt. His brown hair was spiked up and he had on his sunglasses. Ginny sighed, and spoke. “Now all we are waiting on is Amiee. She sure takes a long time.” Amiee finally came out and she was looking stunning. She was wearing a black skirt that came down to her knees. Her shirt was white and it said ‘Pure’ in gold letters. Amiee had her hair in a half ponytail and had put slight curls in the ends. “Ready to go?” Everyone nodded and Caiden led the way out. They got into the truck and drove off to the club. Once they arrived to the club, Caiden parked his truck and everyone got out. They all went to get in line. It was around 8.55 when Landon came over. “Hey Virgina. Why are you standing out here? Shouldn’t you be inside?” Ginny looked around to find him. Then she spotted him coming towards her. “They are only letting a certain amount every 10 minutes. They want to make sure it doesn’t get to crowded.” Landon finally got over to where she was standing and smiled at her. “That’s nonsense. Common, I’ll get you in.” Ginny shrugged her shoulder and followed. Amiee, Caiden and Lori took after her, not wanting to be left behind. Landon led them around the corner to the entrance. Standing in front of the door was the largest man that Ginny had ever seen. ‘Wow that man is huge. I wonder if he is related to Crabbe or Goyle?’ Landon spoke to him in a whisper. He pointed at the four friends and then continued whispering. After a few minutes Landon came back to them and said, “You ready to party?” Ginny smiled and took Landon’s hand. They all followed behind Landon. As soon as the entered the club they could hear the music. The dance floor was filled with people. There was a long bar wrapped around the whole club. The dance floor was on a lower level then the bar and so you had to go down some stairs to get to it. There was an upstairs for people who wanted to get away from the noise for a while, and that is where the group took off to. Landon led them upstairs and then took a left. They walked down the hallway for a while and he came to a stop in front of a door. It said ‘Malfoy’ on the door. Landon whispered a magic word and it opened up. “Welcome to my lair. Please enter, and have a seat. I am sure some of you have questions. I have answers.” Landon went to go sit at the desk that was sitting in front of a large window. He looked out the window and saw the dance floor. Ginny took a seat on a beanbag near the door. The others were to scared to sit. “Go on sit. I won’t hurt you. You have nothing to be afraid of.” They finally sat and Caiden spoke up. “Who are you? And why did you bring us here?” Landon smiled kindly to Caiden and said, “My name is Landon Bryan Malfoy and I brought you here so you could see where everything is. Then I was going to take you downstairs so you guy’s could have some fun.” Caiden blushed with embarrassment. Ginny jumped up and looked outside the big window. “Come on. Let’s go dance.” Ginny grabbed Lori’s hand and led her away. The rest followed. As soon as Ginny got to the dance floor, she started dancing. A bunch of people surrounded her as she started to rave. Ginny loved the attention she was getting. As soon as the song ended Ginny stopped dancing and the admirers booed. They started chanting, “We want more. We want more.” Soon everyone was joining in the chant and started clapping when another song came on and she started dancing. Ginny found a dance partner. He had blond hair, and gray eyes. He was wearing black leather pants and a green shirt. Ginny backed up against the guy and started grinding her hips to the beat. She was having a ton of fun. Ginny thought to herself, ‘Wow I sure have changed. Well not really. I just haven’t had the oppertunity to show the real me.’ After the song was done, Ginny went to the bar and ordered something to drink. Her dance partner followed her to the bar but stayed at a distance, trying to figure out who she was. ‘Where have I seen this girl before? Well whoever she is, she is good looking and I think I will go talk to her.’ The young man walked over to Ginny and sat down next to her. He ordered a beer. Ginny turned around on her stool to face the blond. She smiled seductively and winked at the young man. The blond looked confused. He was used to girls swooning over him, but he never had a girl try to seduce him before. Ginny thought, ‘Be careful Gin. You know nothing about this boy. Don’t do anything rash or stupid.’ Ginny got up from the bar stool and was headed back to the dancefloor. A arm reached out and grabbed her by the waist. “Fiesty are we?” Ginny asked the blond in her newly aquired american accent. He replied in a deep british accent, “Only with red heads.” Ginny blushed, and then quickly covered it up. “So what do you want?” “Another dance from you.” Ginny smiled and then said, “What kind of dance? I can do lap dances, strip tease, or just plain old regular borning dancing.” The blond took a while answering. He winked at her and said, “Oh I will go with just plain old regular dancing. For now anyways.” Once again he winked at her, and finished his drink. He led her to the dance floor and they started dancing to Christina Alguleria’s Dirty. Ginny grinded her hips into the blonds and moved back and forth to the beat. When the song was finished, Lori came up to her, and pulled her away. “Hey! Having fun? Who is your new friend? He’s kinda cute.” Ginny smiled and said, “Yea I am having fun. As to my new friend, I haven’t the darnest clue to who he is.” Lori flashed a mischivious smile at Ginny and went over to the blond. “Hi my name is Lori Wright. What’s yours?” The blond looked at the girl and said, “Zabini. Blaise Zabini. And your friend’s name? What is it?” Lori smiled and said, “Why don’t you ask her yourslef if you really want to know.” Lori went back over to Ginny, who was talking to Landon. Blaise walked over to Ginny and tapped her on the shoulder. Her and Landon turned around in their seats. “What’s your name love?” Ginny smirked and said, “ today my name is Red. And yours?” “Red? That’s not a real name. Why should I give you mine if you don’t give me yours.” Ginny thought. “How about I give you my screen name and you give me yours and then at the end of the summer I will tell you who I am. Only if you give me your name now.” Blaise thought about it. ‘Not really a fair deal, but it’s just a name.’ “Okay. My name is Zabini.” Ginny held the shock inside. ‘There can be more than one Zabini for Merlin’s sake. Don’t fret. Nothing to fret about. Sure he looks exactly like the one at school, but doesn’t mean he is the same.’ “It’s nice to meet you Zabini.” “Same to you. Though your name is kind of weird.” “Well it’s not my real name.” “What is it?” “Can’t tell you, remember? Plus it’s more fun to be secretive.” Blaise chuckled and then went to the bar for another beer. Ginny hanged with Landon and Caiden for the rest of the evening. 5 hours later “Ready to leave gals?” Asked Caiden. Lori, Amiee and Ginny slowly nodded their heads. Ginny let out a yawn. ‘Merlin I am tired. I need some sleep.’ They said goodbye to Landon, and left the club. Ginny was about to get into Caiden’s truck when Blaise came running towards her. “Red. Wait. Here’s my cell number and screen name.” He handed her a piece of paper that said, SnAkEsRuLeAlL69 and (205) 956 - 0239. Ginny quickly wrote down her screen name, Sanctusflame666 and handed it to Blaise. “Bye. I have to go. See ya around.” Blaise said goodbye and Ginny got into the truck. Caiden took off. They arrived at home around 2.30am. Ginny went right to her room and fell on to her bed.

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