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Chapter 1: Meetings “Virgina Weasley! Get your lazy little butt up,” yelled Lori, Ginny’s new best friend. Lori walked into the bedroom and jumped on Ginny’s bed. She pulled the covers off of the sleeping girl and started tickling her. Ginny shrieked. “Go away Lori. It is 7 o’ clock in the morning on a summer’s day.” Lori chuckled and continued tickling the red head. Lori was a petite girl with a nice chest and ass. Guys swooned over her where ever she went. She had blond hair that always had highlights in them. Today they were red. Lori’s eyes were lightning blue and sparkled when ever she was up to mischief. Which was almost everyday. **Flashback** Ginny hugged her mum and dad goodbye. She was at the International Portkey Area and was getting ready to depart to America. Her mum and dad decided that it would be good for Ginny to go to America and stay with Ginny’s mum’s sister, Aunt Edna and her husband, Will Jamieson. Aunt Edna lived in Southern California, and had 2 children. They were 15 and 6 years old. The eldest was named Thomas and had brown hair with blue eyes. The 6 year old was named Lindsey and had auburn hair and brown eyes. “Have fun dear, and don’t give your aunt any trouble or you will be hearing from me.” Mrs. Weasley gave Ginny a crushing hug and a kiss on the cheek. Ron came up to Ginny and gave her a quick hug. “Owl me anytime you need to talk Gin.” Ginny hugged him back and smiled. Ginny gave the rest of her family a hug and went to the gate where she would be leaving to arrive in America. Ginny put her hand on the book that was to transport them, and felt a sudden drop in her stomach. A few seconds later she arrived in America, Southern California. Her Aunt Edna was there waiting for her as promised. Ginny smiled and rushed over to her aunt. She gave her a hug and then asked her, “How have you been? It has been ages since you visited. Where is Thom and Em?” “We’ve been good. How about all of you back at the Burrow? Thom and Em stayed at the house. So where do you wanna go?” Edna smiled at Ginny, and then gave her another hug. “We are doing good. Daddy got a promotion. I think Fudge is finally going to lose his job. At least I hope anyways. He never was a good Minister. I hope daddy runs for minister. Then we might be able to actually afford somethings. And as for going somewhere’s, how about home. I am absolutely tired.” “Ah. I should have assumed you would’ve been. The time difference is a killer, but you will get used to it. Lets go home.” They headed to the fireplace, so they could floo to the manor. **End Flashback** Lori was a girl Ginny met in a muggle mall one day, and lived next door to her Aunt. Ginny was staying with Lori, since it was better for her, as Lori was her age. Ginny giggled as Lori began attacking her with her fingers. “Okay...Okay! I will get up.” Ginnny got up and headed to the shower. After her shower, she came out in a green halter top, jean shorts, and some flip flops. Her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail. She had hints of some makeup but not enough to make her look like a whore. Lori smiled at Ginny, who grinned back. “Remember when you first met me at the mall? You were wearing those freaky clothes of yours, and everyone was starring at you. It was a good thing I saved you.” Ginny nodded at the memory. **Flashback** She walked through the mall looking bewildered at the bunch of stores surronding her. Never in her life has she seen so many stores, and all in one place too. Ginny looked at the map in her hand, deciding which store to go to first. Her Aunt had sent her here with some American money to buy some new clothes. She currently was wearing one of Percy’s old cloaks, and jeans and a shirt underneath the cloak. Ginny decided to go to a store called Hot Topic. As she headed to the store, she felt a pair of eyes on her back. Suddenly someone tapped her on her shoulder and she turned around. A girl with blonde hair and green highlights stood before her. She was wearing a blue halter top with a mini skirt and some knee high boots. “Hi! You looked lost and so I decided to help you out. Plus you look kinda funny wearing a cloak during the summer time.” Lori leaned in and whispered, “And I don’t think you like muggles looking at you weirdly. I know I wouldn’t.” Lori smiled and held out her hand. “By the way my name is Lori Wright, and I live next door to your aunt. I saw you come home with her yesterday.” Ginny looked at the girl and then the hand. She shook the hand and said, “My name is Virginia Weasley, but my friends call me Gin, or Ginny. So what do non-muggles wear? Because I have no clue really. I’ve seen a few things but I don’t know where to start.” Lori glared at Ginny and said, “Keep it down about the muggle stuff. Do you want them to know about us? Come with me, and I will find everything that you will need to survive.” Lori dragged Ginny towards the Body Shop, instead of Hot Topic. Inside the Body Shop, Lori was grabbing shirts left and right. Ginny smiled. ‘This is going to be the best summer of my life.’ **End Flashback** Ginny smiled at the memory. “Yea. That was great fun. So what are we going to do today?” Lori jumped up and down with excitment. “We are going to Venice Beach!” Ginny looked at Lori confused. “And that is?” Lori laughed at Ginny and responded, “Oh yea I forgot you were a Brit. It is like only the coolest beach in South Carolina. And we are going to it. And guess what, we are going to have Greats of Tons of fun! Oh and pack all of your clothes, we are staying until the end of summer.” Lori giggled and danced around. “I’m so happy oh so happy!” she sung. Ginny covered her ears and said, “Spare me the torture please!” Ginny laughed and pushed Lori out of the room. Ginny pulled out her suitcase and put all of her new and old clothes into it. She found her new bikini sitting on a chair along with her sunglasses and a towel. Ginny put the bikini into her suitcase along with the towel and put the sunglasses on top of her head. Ginny ran down the stairs with her suitcase in hand. Mrs. Wright, Lori’s mom, was cooking breakfast. “Hello dear. Do you want some pancakes?” Ginny shook her head no and said, “No thank you Mrs. Wright. I am not really that hungry. I’ll just have some toast.” Ginny grabbed some toast and started eating. Lori yelled down the stairs, “MOM! DO YOU KNOW WHERE MY BIKINI TOP IS?” “No. Did you check on top of the drier?” Ginny laughed. Lori came down the stairs a few minutes later, and they headed to the fire place. They took the floo to the Venice floo port. Lori and Ginny met Loris friends, Caiden Vaneeklen and Amiee Montebeau, at the floo port. Caiden and Amiee, or Ams as her friends call her, bumped into each other one day when Lori went to the beach. Caiden was 16 years old and had brown hair and hazel eyes. Amiee was 15 and she had strawberry blond hair with blue eyes. Caiden, Amiee, Lori and Ginny went to Caiden’s car and got in. They drove to the beach house’s. Ginny looked out the window of the 2004 GMC Truck Canyon Extended cab, and gasped. “Oh my gosh! The house is sooo huge. And pretty. And we are staying here until August. Wow. This is going to be so so much fun.” Caiden laughed at the remark and pulled the truck into the drive. The house was a two story house and was blue on the outside. It stood on stilts about a garage, which Caiden pulled the truck into. Everyone got out and grabbed their bags. They walked up the steps to the front door and Caiden unlocked the door. Caiden held the door open for the ladies and they went inside. Once again Ginny gasped with amazement. Inside the living room was a 52” Plasma Screen t.v. Next to it were stacks and stacks of the lastest dvds. There was 3 tan couches and a coffee table in front of them. They were placed in a U shaped around the coffee table. Lori tugged on Ginny’s hair, and pulled her towards her room. They went inside and Ginny spotted a four post bed. The walls were painted Black and Gold, colors of the Pittsburg Steelers. Ginny smiled. ‘Wow this is great. I love it soo much.’ Ginny threw her bag on the bed and asked Lori, “Lori, am I allowed to do magic?” Lori looked at her and smiled. “Of course...Caiden and Ams are both magic. They go to Gladstone Academy for Witchcraft and Wizardry.” “Okay. Just checking.” Ginny pulled out her wand and muttered a unpacking spell. Her clothes flew out of the suitcase and into the closet and dresser. There were many different colors and styles of shirts, skirts, pants and shorts. She even had a few dresses. Lori helped pick out most of the wardrobe but not all of it. All of Ginny’s clothes fitted her perfectly. Not too big (like the used to when they were hand-me-downs) or too small (where Ron wouldn’t like and disapprove of them). Ginny put on her bikini, some shorts over the bottoms, and grabbed a towel. Ginny headed out of her room and went to the living room. She found Amiee sitting on the sofa watching MTV. It was the Top 40 Video Countdown. “Hey Ams. What’s up?” “Oh not much. Just chillin’ watchin’ some MTV. It’s really cool. I bet you that you don’t have stuff like this at home. Back in Jolly Ol’ England. Eh?” Ginny laughed. “I bet you we don't either. I am going swimming and then going to bathe, do you want to come?” “Yea, sure. Hold on for a few mintutes. I’ll be right back.” Amiee went to her room and put on her swimsuit. She came out and said, “Lets go.” Amiee led the way. They went out the back door and went down the ramp. The ocean was the backyard for the beach house. Ginny and Amiee walked down the beach for a few miles until they came to a crowded area. “Okay. This looks good to me. So what do you want to do?” Amiee laid her towel out and Ginny followed. “ tell you the truth, this is my first time seeing a beach and actually being on one. What do you recommend.” Amiee grinned and shook her head. “Oh my god. You never been to a beach? In your entire life?” Ginny shook her head no. “I feel sorry for you chica. I guess that means I need to be showing you around instead of sitting here. Common, lets get going. First stop. The Arcade.” Amiee picked up her stuff and pulled Ginny behind her. Amiee led her another mile up the beach and then headed onto the pavement. They walked toward a building that said, ‘The Arcade’, on it. Amiee and Ginny went inside the building and headed towards a game. It was called ‘Master of Mars’. “What is this?” Ginny asked Amiee. Amiee just shook her head and laughed. “It’s a video game. You kill Martians with it. It’s quite boring in my opinion, but Caiden just absolutely loves this game. He is the master of it. Every weekend when we have time off, this is where you will find him. Here and one other place. We are going to take you their later this evening. It’s going to be tons of fun. Next stop. The tattoo and piercing shop.” Ginny followed Amiee to the shop. The bell rang, announcing to the shop owner that some had entered the shop. “I will be with you in a moment. Take a look around,” The owner called out from the backroom. Ginny went over to a wall that had pictures of different types of tattoos on them. One in particular caught her eye. It was of a Tiger sitting on some grass staring with piercing yellow eyes. Amiee smiled disecrectly. She had always wanted a tattoo and her dream was about to come true. ‘I wish that stupid person will come out here. I don’t have all day.’ A young man came out of the back room. He was wearing a green and black shirt, black pants and combat boots. His hair was spiked up and he was wearing a tribal necklace. “How may I help you fine ladies?” Amiee turned around as did Ginny and responded, “I would like a tattoo.” The man smirked. ‘I know that smirk, but it can’t be him. This one is good looking and has brown hair. It just can’t be him.’ Ginny thought. ‘I guess I will see if it is him or not.’ “Malfoy?” He turned and looked at her. “Do I know you? I would know if I knew you, because I could never forget a beauty like you.” Ginny blushed and responded, “My name is Virginia Weasley.” The man just stood there. “You don’t recognize the name?” Ginny was amazed. ‘There can’t be that many people named Malfoy, can there?’ “Should I?” Ginny frowned. “No. Nevermind. I have mistaken you for someone else. Sorry.” Ginny blushed. “Don’t be. So are you wanting a tattoo?” Amiee took over and said, “That would be me. I would like a small tribal tattoo on my lower back please, and one on my shoulder of a red rose with thorns.” The mysterious Malfoy nodded and led them to the back room. There he gave Amiee instructions. “I want you to lay on your back on this table. Get comfortable, because you will be here for a while.” The man pulled out all of his ink and needles required for the job and waited for Amiee to get comfortable. “You ready?” Amiee nodded and then put her head down on the table. The man got started. Ginny decided to find out a little bit more about him. “So Malfoy, what’s your first name?” The man continued his work and answered the question. “My first name is Landon. My turn. Where are you from? You don’t sound like your from around here.” Ginny smiled. ‘So you like games. I love games. Bring it on Landon.’ “I am from England, St. Ottery to be exact. I came here for vacation and to get away from my annoying git brothers.” Landon glanced up for a quick moment at the mention of England and then went right back to work. Ginny noticed it and found it odd. ‘He must know the other Malfoy’s. He’s got to be related some how.’ “Landon. Do you like to party?” Amiee asked from her position. “Sure. Any guy does.” Amiee smiled, though no one could see it. “Do you want to meet me and my group at ‘Dark Shadows’?” Landon smirked. “Sure. Just tell me where to meet you and tell me what time. I’ll be there anyways. I have some other matters to attend to before anyways.” Landon put the finishing touches on the tattoos and stood up. “Finished. Now there are some rules you must follow. You can’t get the tattoo wet for 48 hours and you must keep the bandage on it for 24. Now Ms. Weasley, do you want one also?” Ginny shook her head no. “Common Gin. It’s cool. You’ll be fine. It didn’t even hurt at all. And look how cool it looks. I am sure your brothers won’t find out about it. I sure won’t tell them.” Amiee went on and on about the tattoo, and Ginny just finally gave up. “Okay. Okay. I’ll get one. I would like that tiger one that is over there.” Ginny pointed to the tiger tattoo that she was looking at earlier. Landon smiled. “Excellent choice Ms. Weasley. Now the same rules apply as they did to your friend. Lay down. Now where do you want it?” Ginny thought and thought. “How about my lower back?” Landon smiled. “Excellent.” He put the needle to her back and turned it on. ‘Wow. This feels pretty cool. It’s prickling my skin.’ 1 Hour Later “Done. Don’t forget to not go into the water for 48 hours. I will meet you both at ‘Dark Shadows’ around 9pm, is that okay with you?” Ginny and Amiee nodded. They waved goodbye and left the store. “Do you want something to eat?” Amiee asked as her tummy rumbled. Ginny nodded. Amiee took off in the direction of the beach house and Ginny followed, trying not to get lost. Amiee came to a stop in front of a food stand. She got in line and ordered some frenchfries and two soft drinks. Amiee took the food over to where Ginny was sitting. “Thanks. So what do you want to do next?” Amiee shrugged her shoulders. “I would like to get back to the house and change to get ready for the club. We are leaving at 7. And it is 5 already.” Ginny nodded in agreement and they took off to the house. They arrived around 5.30 to the house. Inside a very worried Lori and Caiden were sitting on the couch. “GINNY! Where have you been? I’ve been worrying about you. How can you take off without leaving a note? I thought you were more responsible then that.” Lori sighed and shook her head in disbelief. “Sorry. I didn’t expect to be gone for so long. I was only wanting to go for a swim and then tan on the beach.” Ginny put her head down. She had disappointed one of her closet’s friends. Lori went over to her and gave her a hug. “It’s okay. Now let’s get ready for this club.” Ginny smiled and headed to her room.

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