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The Branded, Braided and Broken by 11whimsy
Chapter 2 : The joy of waking up early
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                Gleaming like a candy, the Hogwarts Express rumbled happily as children ran through its corridors and doors. Scanning the area, I recognized old friends and enemies. For example, Cho Chang's air headed giggle makes me want to puke. But I guess I feel a tiny bit bad, considering her boyfriend got killed by my good ole' man.

                It felt good to be back here, watching Draco chat with Blaise and Zabini, the second years pretending like they were so cool. And the first years, confused, crying as they bid their parents farewell. One of them ran into me as I headed for the train, lugging my stuffed trunk laboriously. "Watch it," I growled, and the kid looked up at me with terrified eyes before running the opposite direction.

                "No mercy from Viviane," the ever slimy Malfoy chuckled. "Need any help?"

                "No, move," I grunted, hoisting my trunk onto the train. I wonder if Harry Potter would find it suspicious if I just sat down in their booth. I  giggled at the thought.

                For now, I was stuck with the Sylitherins. I sat between Draco and Goyle, who casually dropped his hand on my thigh. Disgusted, I smiled politely as I brushed it off. Goyle looks like a pile of fat and terrifies me. Someday, I will find an excuse to curse him.

                Pansy was giggling hysterically and had a smear of red lipstick on her tooth. Being the kind friend I am, I didn't tell her. Zabini told me I looked great, which made me smile. But I was so tired I found myself nodding off onto Draco's shoulder. Before I knew it, I was asleep.

                "Wake up, Viv," a gentle voice urged. Yawning, I opened my eyes to see Draco. Startled, I pulled out my wand instinctively before I remembered I wasn't in any danger. Draco shook his head smiling. "Are you just looking for an opportunity to hex me?"

                "Of course," I muttered, pulling my stuff together. The tiny first years scuttled off with Hagrid into the row of small wooden boats. I turned and headed for the carriages. Being Voldemort's daughter, seeing thestrals is somewhat of a given. But even they could smell the evil in my blood, whining and stomping the ground. I climbed onto the carriage and listened to my stomach growl we were whisked away toward the castle.

                The Sorting was boring, as usual. Sylitherin and Gryffindor split the cream of the crop while the awkward or nerdy kids headed off to Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

                 Dumbledore, the old, wrinkly man my dad is truly terrified of, gave some stupid speech about how Gryffindor won the house cup last year and how we should all be careful about "dark forces" pulling us apart. Yawn. Then he introduced this disgusting hag of a woman, Professor Umbridge. I do not like cat people. This lady had it written all over her.

                We headed off to our Sylitherin dens and learned the password (dingle dots-- we get the most retarded ones) and sat around, telling stories about summer. A lot of guys began checking me out while Draco was cuddling with Pansy, making my stomach sick. I acted nonchalant. But what I was actually looking forward to was divinization, potions and defense against the dark arts, all of which we had with Gryffindor. Then I could spring into action.


                I woke up early to do my hair and makeup, then headed down to breakfast. Draco is already up but looks tired. I don't want to think about him and Pansy right now and their "back to school" celebrations.

                "Good morning," he yawns.

                "Good morning yourself," I snap as I snag a muffin, biting into it hungrily.

                He laughs sleepily. "Someone's grumpy."

                I sloppily pour myself some juice and gulp it down. Then I pull out my wand, fingering it gingerly. Embarrassingly enough, I can't wait to use it again. To use merely a flick or swish and change the world. Although it sounds terrible, I've already used the forbidden curses. The cruciatus on my Dad, who wanted to feel the pain and ordered me. The imperious on Draco as a joke. And then, of course, killing the mouse. I don't even really remember doing it. But I did.

                After breakfast, we head to potions. Snape is kind of weird, I don't know whose side he's on. My dad trusts him a little bit but is cautious. It's never been clear to me if he knows who I am.

                "Greetings, Viviane, Draco," he murmurs as we enter the class.

                Draco nods and heads off to distract Snape while I dash over to the seating chart. I hurriedly erase Zabini's name and put me next to Harry. On second thought, I move Hermione next to me, then Draco after that.

                "Miss Riddle," Snape calls and I snap upright. "May I ask what you are doing?"

                "Uh, just checking the schedule," I improvise. "Can't wait for our sedatives unit."

                Snape smiles and tells me to sit down, which I do gratefully.

                "Good morning, Professor," a cheerful voice rings, and, turning, I watch Hermione Granger enter the room. She brightly sets down a neat stack of books and turns to me.

                "And you are?" she inquires politely.

                "Viviane Riddle," I spurt, smiling.  "You're Hermione, right?"

                She smiles graciously. "Yeah." That's when Harry Potter enters the room. He looks a bit frazzled, his hair standing up and his glasses askew. He glances at the seating chart then takes a seat next to me. I begin to open my mouth to bid him good morning, but Hermione gets there first. "Hey Harry,"
 she says, leaning in front of me, "did you remember to do the summer reading? I just remembered I forgot a book and it--"

                "Oh, Hermione," Harry scolds sarcastically.

                "Oh, shut up," Hermione snaps, "but I'm guessing you don't have an extra copy of 10,000 Herbs and their Properties?"

                "Actually, I do," Harry says, stretching. Hermione raises her eyebrows in surprise.


                "Do not have a copy," Harry finishes, grinning lazily. Hermione scowls. Feeling awkward sitting in between them during their friendly banter, I decide to break the ice.

                "How was your summer?" I ask.

                "Terrible," Harry says, frowning like there's a bitter taste in his mouth. "Staying with the Durselys."

                "A muggle family?" I guess and Harry nods. "Muggles can be quite ignorant and stupid sometimes."

                "No, this one is unusually stupid and ignorant," Harry laughs. "They're awful."

                "That's a shame," I agree.

                "Oh, dear lord, here comes Snape," whispers Harry, quickly sitting up straight.

                "Potter," Snape hisses as he approaches our table. "Did you complete the summer reading?"

                "Yes sir," Harry stammers.

                "Lies won't get you anywhere Potter," Snape breaths, gliding away. "3 points from Gryffindor, do your homework, after all, you're a legend… aren't you?"

                Harry waits until Snape's out of earshot then shakes his head. "Why me?" he asks himself angrily.

                "It's nothing you've done," I say comfortingly. "I think he just hates Gryffindors in general."

                "No," Harry says firmly. "There's definitely something about me he hates. You don't see him picking on Hermione, do you?"

                "That's because she's probably done her reading," I say, trying to suppress laughter. "Not a very rewarding experience."

                Harry smiles. "True," he agrees softly, and Snape starts class.

                "The art of potions is going to become very advanced this year as you prepare for your O.W.Ls," Snape said, glaring at the class. "You will learn about potions that makes your blood curdle, heart twist, and hair bend. You will discover the subtle intricacies in a Draught of Living Death. Before we begin, open your books to page 230 to brew the base for Haigism, the elixir for most hexes. Get started."

                I glance at Harry and he flips open the book. Squinting at the ingredients, his face betrays his thoughts. "Er, do you know what any of this is?"

                Bending over, I stare at the list. It's a tad tricky, but I actually did do the summer reading. "A bit," I admit.

                "Splendid," Harry says, pulling out the tray of herbs. "Ladies first?"                                                          *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^

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The Branded, Braided and Broken: The joy of waking up early


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