Hermione Granger had been living a very nice, uncomplicated life after the fall of Voldemort. That changed very abruptly. She could remember every detail of the day that changed it all.

At seven-thirty sharp on the 1st of September, Hermione got out of bed, bouncing on the balls of her feet, for today was the day she was going home! She had never really felt complete in the house of her parents, and that feeling had grown when she found out who she was and attended Hogwarts for the first time. Hermione realised, however, that this year was her last in the precious castle, and something inside her died a little at the thought. She looked around the room she was living in, again realising that this would be the last time she would call it hers. She was moving out straight after finishing Hogwarts.

Finished with her early morning think, but by no means finished thinking for the day, (unlike her best friend, Ron Weasley, who often had to think very hard to get one meaningful thought into his head) and she started her last minute packing. After her small OCD moment, Hermione walked down the hall to the bathroom and turned on the shower. A small smile graced her lips as she put her hand under the spray, feeling the perfect temperature- not too cold, but not hot by any means. Many of her most brilliant ideas had happened with the aid of a nice morning, or sometimes evening, shower. When she had finished with her shower, no brilliance but her average popping into her formidable mind, she cast a simple drying spell. Another smile for the fact that she was able to do said magic without being expelled.

Dressing quickly, in simple jeans and a t-shirt, Hermione headed downstairs to make her Mum and Dad a quick cuppa and some breakfast before they had to leave for Kings Cross. At eight thirty eight her Mother strolled down the stairs, a sleepy smile on a face that was quite different from her daughters, not because of age, but a rather more pressing matter, but we will get to that.

“Mum, we are out of your coffee whitener. Shall I just pop to the shop to grab some?” Hermione’s mum smiled and nodded to her only child. Jean Granger’s family was a small one, with her and her husband being only children, but they helped each other out.

Hermione pulled her favourite shoes on, black Converse All Stars, and her coat, and headed out into the frigid September air. Looking around the deserted streets of her little home town, Hermione was a little surprised. There’s always someone out... what’s going on? She thought but carried on regardless.

As Hermione was about five minutes from her house, but still fifteen away from her destination, she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She knew this feeling well form her months on the run. Someone’s watching me! The panic sped through Hermione’s veins, but she showed no emotion on her face. Slipping her wand from the holster she had bought that strapped to her upper arm, Hermione stopped in the middle of the street.

As Hermione stood there with every one of her senses alert, she heard a pitiful yowling coming form the alley a few feet in front and to the right of her. Keeping her wand slightly pointed in front of her-enough to be a threat, but not enough that the innocent muggles in the houses around her would suspect anything if they were to look out of their windows- Hermione crept slowly towards the alley.

With the sound growing steadily louder, more pitiful and helpless with every tentative step she took, Hermione reached the alley.

Peering around the corner of the alley, an alley she had passed countless times in her life, yet thought nothing about, she noticed the sounds, sounds that were very obviously those of a dying animal, had changed. They had changed into a very faint whispering, the whisper of cloth on something unyielding. Whether it was the ground, or something else that the fabric was brushing, Hermione suddenly decided she didn’t want to know.

But it was too late. As soon as the thought had entered her head, two sets of golden eyes shone out of the darkness, penetrating all the way down to her soul. SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! The mantra ran through her head as she backed away, sensing more than seeing the two creatures approaching her from the shadows. I should have left well enough alone! Always having to be the brave bloody Gryffindor!

There was a strange growling sound coming from the pair of creatures as they stepped into the overcast day. They were beautiful. The woman had golden eyes, hair that flowed like melted chocolate, a slender body, and skin that looked like freshly fallen snow. She walked like with a ballerina’s grace, although she wasn’t much taller then Hermione herself. The man prowling next to her had hair like bronze, eyes that were only a little lighter, skin like his partner’s, and his very move was underlined with a power that promised either intense pain, or intense protection.

They both looked at her as if they were having her as their next meal and it was obvious to Hermione what they were, although why they were in the sleepy town of Sawtry, she had no idea.


The word reverberated in Hermione’s head. Fear accompanied the panic that was now throbbing through her veins with every beat of her heart. Adrenaline told her to peel out of there as fast as her legs would carry her, but her logical mind told her that that course of action would incite a chase, one which she would never win. Guess I don’t need a shower to have brilliant ideas.

As that thought went through her head, the male snapped out of his hunting pose to look at Hermione with his head cocked to the side. He had a small crooked smile gracing his lips. The smile clicked in Hermione’s head, but the memory that went along with it eluded her.

“Bella, love. Stop, the hunt is over.” The man reached out to touch his partner on her shoulder and she relaxed immediately. His voice was like honey. Hermione loved honey; she couldn’t eat porridge without it.

As this new thought popped into her head, the male threw his head back and roared with laughter. “Edward, what is so funny?” The female, who he had called Bella, turned to him with a half- amused, half-curious look on her face. Her voice was like the tinkling bells that Hermione played with when she was a baby. “This girl has rather funny thoughts, my love.” He full out grinned now.

Just at that moment, the wind started up, blowing Hermione’s scent towards them. They both stiffened, as if they couldn’t believe what their nose was telling them. Bella was the first to break her stupor, turning to Hermione, who had also stiffened and frozen. She looked deep into Hermione’s eyes and gasped.

Reaching behind her, Bella gripped onto Edward’s arm. “Edward, look at her eyes! I never thought I would see them again.” Edward then leaned forward to look, and confusion passed across his features.


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