"Sirius? You still awake?"

"No, Moony, I'm moving awake."


"Shut up. I'm tired."

Sirius laid his head back down on his pillow. Trying desperately to ignore the nagging voices in his head. 

What had Lily said to Maylea? Why wasn't she telling him? What is going to happen to James now? Does Lily even feel remotely bad? 

"Sirius..." came Remus' voice again.

Sirius sat up and looked at Remus. He looked about as drained as Sirius felt. Everything about him made him look emotionally drained. Every line on his young face stood out making him look older.  His stress was basically written on his face, although he didn't know why Remus was so worried.

Remus made a small gesture towards the door and got out of bed. Sirius thew his covers off with a huff and walked out into the common room with Remus. 

"What?" Sirius snapped. 

"I'm really worried." Remus whispered, "About James and Lily."

"Who isn't?"

"Evidently them... Maggie's pissed at Lily and Dorcas says they're literally screaming at each other every night. Her and Alice have no clue what to do!"


Remus scowled and whacked Sirius' head, "Honestly Sirius, learn girls' names after you snog them."

"I don't remember snogging anyone named Dorcas!!"

"Honestly. If I didn't remind you constantly you'd forget your own name."

Sirius sighed, "Alright smartarse, back to James and Lily."

"Right, What do we do?" Remus asked. 

"I don't know!! I already tried getting them back together! That worked out well..."

"Maybe we just start over?"


"Yeah!! Cause didn't James say he's gotta start from the beginning?"

"Congrats Moony! You came up for air long enough to listen!!" 

"Ha. Ha. But what if we just get them to be friends again!"

"Friends with benefits.... That would work...." 

"Okay. I think I have a plan, but we have to get Maggie and Maylea on board."

"Fine..." Sirius muttered. 

Remus' expression turned to horror, "Oh please tell me you two didn't break up again."

"No! Not that I know of at least." Sirius 

"Is this about what Lily told her?"

"I-I think...." Sirius sighed, "Whatever she said, it was about me. And it really hurt Maylea." 

"Well, once James stops being all depressed, you can ask him." 

"Yeah. That needs to happen soon. Teachers are starting to take notice. Minerva is freaking out. It's kinda funny."

"It's not funny at all." Remus lowered his voice again, "You hear Lily got detention from her?"

"Well, I'm not surprised. That was pretty nasty." Sirius chuckled. 

"But it didn't even hit James!" 

"You can still get detention for trying. I honestly didn't think her transfiguration skills were that bad..."

"That poor lamp-shrew." Remus shook his head, "Why hasn't anyone found it yet? It's a freaking glowing shrew!" 

Sirius laughed and thew his arm around Remus, "Alright Moony, what is this plan your devious mind has come up with?"

***                ***                ***


"Shh!! Sirius!! It's called the library for a reason!"

"That made no sense, sweetie."

With a slight disapproving sigh from Maylea, Sirius pulled out the seat next to her and plopped himself down with a thud. 

"What you doing, love?"  he asked, propping his feet up onto the table. 

"Studying." Maylea replied stiffly. 

"May I inquire what?"

"Ruddy divination and potions." 

Sirius quickly gave her a look over to see if there was anything he could do to distract her. Until then he didn't realize she was reading a book with one hand and in the other she was stroking something that looked a lot like a grey pillow. 

"What is that?" Sirius said with a look of disgust.

"That, love, happens to be a cat." Maylea answered without much more than a head turn. 

"You don't have a cat."

"It's Xeno's."

"What are you doing with Lovegood's cat?!"

"Dunno. Crawled into bed with me this morning. Figured I'd bring him down here to cuddle. Seeing how he's the only one who will."

"Hey!! That's what I came down here for!"

Maylea looked up and rolled her eyes at Sirius, "No you didn't. You came here to see if I wanted to shag."

"Do you-"


They sat in silence for a few moments. Sirius racking his brain for a solution to distract Maylea. He couldn't just blurt it out. She'd get mad. But he wondered if he could snog her. He hadn't since Christmas. And he'd totally tell her the plan when they're done. Probably.


Sirius was snapped out of his own world to see Maylea getting up. Her thumb bleeding everywhere. 

"What happened?!" Sirius stood up defensively.   

"Sirius! Take it easy! It's just a papercut!" Maylea snapped, holding Sirius back with her other hand. 

Madam Pince hushed them both and Maylea started walking away. 

"Wait, where are you going?" Sirius called after her. 

"To go get a bandage or something!" Maylea hissed. 


"What?!" she snapped.

Sirius took her hand and pointed his wand at the cut, "Episky." 

Immediately her thumb stopped bleeding, and Sirius smiled at her. She blushed and directed her attention to her thumb. 

"Oh... Er... Thanks." she stuttered, avoiding Sirius. He instantly wondered if that had anything to do with what Lily had told her. Sirius watched as she sat back down. 

"Lea?" he whispered. 

Ignoring him, she picked up the potions book again and practically buried her nose in it. 

"Lea? What happened? Did I do something wrong?...  Is this about what Lily said?"

Maylea's face went pale, and her book closed with a snap. She slowly put down the book and stared unmoving at the bookshelf. 

"Lea?" Sirius said softly. 

" Dime que me quieres.  "(1) she said quickly, her hands flying up to cover her mouth. Obviously immediately regretting whatever she said. 


"Nothing. Nothing at all." she squeaked between her fingers. 

"You can speak Spanish?"

"Oh... Yeah of- of course." she took her fingers away from her mouth and smiled, "My dad was from Spain." 

"Why didn't I know that?"

"There are a lot of things you don't know about me."

"Well," Sirius said, propping his feet back up, "Maylea Lavone. 16. Birthday; February 16th. Ravenclaw. Brown hair. Gorgeous eyes. Gorgeous boyfriend. Speaks Spanish. Has a sister. Lives in London. Friends with Lily Evans. Not a virgin. Refuses to shag her current boyfriend-"

"Okay... That's enough out of you." Maylea laughed as she put her hand over Sirius' mouth. He licked it in retaliation.

"What about me?"

Maylea closed her book and smiled, "Sirius Black. 17. Birthday; October 29th. Gryffindor. Black hair. Gorgeous grey eyes. Extremely hot girlfriend. Bad boy. Marauder. Favorite color is red. Brother hates his guts. Abusive parent. Adorable tattoo on his left shoulder. Ran away this summer. Lives with best mate James Potter. SO not a virgin. Quick temper. Did I say extremely hot girlfriend?"

 Sirius' jaw hit the floor, "How did you- How come I-"

"You are an open book, Sirius. Pero... Te amo "(2)

"Was that an insult?!"

" No sè y no vamos a averiguarlo " (3)

"Oh come on. That's hardly fair."

Maylea leaned over and gave Sirius a quick kiss. Very far from a snog, but he obviously wasn't getting any more.

"So what's the real reason you came to the library?"

Sirius lowered his voice so nobody but Maylea could hear him, "I need your help." 

Maylea raised an eyebrow, "Well I'm your girlfriend, I'll help with anything." 

"Well, We're getting James and Lily back together."

"Not gonna happen."

"But just as friends."

Maylea rolled her eyes, "Sirius, that's like telling fire to not melt ice."


"If we get them to be friends; James, the fire, will so screw it up and either A: try and snog Lily, the ice, or B: just totally won't go along with it. I mean, you don't just forget that someone tried turn you into a shrew. I will give Lily points for originality though. I was expecting a frog."

"Come on Lea, just hear me out." 

"Fine, explain to me how you expect this to go on without a flaw."

"Uhm, I don't really expect it to go off without a hitch but.... Remus will tell James I need to talk to him in the Transfiguration classroom tomorrow night and Maggie will tell Lily, Minerva wants to talk to her-"

"Isn't the transfiguration classroom empty on Thursday nights-oh.... Well, where do I come in?"

"You're with me, watch duty. Make sure nobody comes out, and no one comes in."

"Oh goodie. I don't see that going wrong" Maylea said sarcastically. 

"So you'll do it?" Sirius said holding out his hand to her.

" Seguro. Por qué no. " (4) smirked, taking his hand. 


She quickly kissed him, "Leave me alone. I have to study."

"Damn you and your hot foreign language." 

"Leave, Sirius." She smiled. 

"Tomorrow." Sirius stated getting up. 

" Mañana " (5)

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