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Fragile Heart by suria
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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“Awwhhh…Giselle, don’t be sulky. I promise you that I will always always always love you! As much as the stars on the sky. Enough?” Ron grinned when he wrapped his muscular arms around a girl’s waist. A pretty girl with straight long black hair was throwing a sulky face at him. She had a lean and thin body, her skin was fair and flawless and her eyes were stunningly blue. After a while, she smiled and gave a peck of kiss at Ron’s cheek.

“Enough.” She giggled. Ron looked at her in her eyes, both of them stayed silent for a while. Slowly, Ron leaned forward, closer and closer…

Hermione who was in the invisible cloak stood silently at the door with her hands grabbing the door knob as a support. Her cheeks were wet and her eyes were blurry with hot tears. She was frozen. She couldn’t believe what she saw.

Now that she remembers, that girl was her junior. She was the new chaser that Ron praised a lot. Hermione gripped the door knob tighter.

The Marauder’s Map that she was holding on at the other hand dropped. Even though it was hidden under the cloak, the noise was enough to shock Ron.

He looked attentively at the spot where Hermione was standing. 7 years of adventures made him more alert of anything around him.  

Slowly, he let go of his hand around Giselle and walked to the door. Hermione’s mind was blank, she didn’t even move. She stood there like a statue while Ron was coming closer to her.

He reached out his hand and groping around. He could feel the cloak and his face turned pale.

He pulled it slowly, exposing Hermione who was sobbing silently. Hermione didn’t even look at him. Her gaze was fixed on the floor. She felt suffocated.


“Ron, why is she here? What is happening?” Giselle asked him. It seemed that Giselle didn’t know about their relationship. Hermione felt stupid letting them looking at her in that state.

“Sorry for disturbing.” Hermione stormed out and ran as fast as she could to the dorm. Ron ran after her, trying his best to catch up with her, but he was no match with her speed.

Hermione reached the Gryffindor’s common room to find Harry sitting down restlessly on the couch.

He stood up when he saw Hermione.

“Hermione!” Harry pulled her wrist but she shoved him away and ran to her room.

“Hermione, wait!” Harry said, half-screaming but she didn’t stop.

On that time, Ron stepped inside, gasping for air. His eyes were looking wild for Hermione.

“Where is she?” Ron asked Harry with no answer in response.

Ron took out the Marauder’s Map and the cloak and threw them on the floor.

“Explain yourself, Mr. Potter!” He threw a hostile glare at Harry. He couldn’t believe that Harry would betray him.

“What’s there to explain? Sooner or later, she will found out and I don’t want to see her being fooled by anyone.” Harry answer calmly.

“You are my best friend. How could you?”

“So does she. Ron, I hate to say this but I’m on her side this time. What you did is just terrible. Two-timing her? If you don’t want to be with her, you could just let her go instead of cheating! I told you before, I won’t let you play around with her feeling! I’ve seen her crying a lot because of you before! And I won’t let you do it again!” Harry could feel an overwhelming anger within him.

“Oh, yeah?” Ron came forward and threw a fist at Harry. He punched him right on his face. Harry fell down with blood dripping from his nose. He stood up, grabbing Ron’s colar and stared angrily at him.

The portrait swung and a girl came in. It was Giselle. She ran forward to stop Harry. She was shocked to see them fighting. His Quidditch’s captain and his boyfriend.

“Harry, Stop!” She glared at him. Harry let go of Ron’s collar and turned around to his room.

“You won’t last long.” He was disgusted seeing her defending Ron.

Giselle sighed heavily. She looked at Ron in his eyes.

“We need to talk.”

“Giselle…I’m tired. I just want to sleep.” He tried to avoid her but she tugged his shoulder facing her.

“Explain.” There was a frown on her face. Ron didn’t know what to do. He remained silent.

“So, the rumors are true? You’re going out with Hermione Granger behind my back?” She breathed heavily.

Ron put his hand on his waist. He was so tired with all the drama that he made and it left him with no option but to tell the truth. Even if he lied, Harry would plan the next step and his lies will slapped him back right in his own face.

He knew Harry too much that he was sick of how nosy he can be.

“Okay, listen here… Giselle, I need to tell you something. I’m sorry but I date her way before I met you.” He breathed out a heavy sigh. He didn’t dare to look at her in her eyes. Giselle was shocked to hear it.

“So, I’m the third party here?”

“I’m sorry. But, I’m not lying! I’m not happy with her. She didn’t have time for me. She just study, study, and study! With you, I found happiness…”

“So, why didn’t you break up with her?” She began to lose her patience. Her eyes were teary. She couldn’t believe he lied to her and she wasn’t stupid not to know that she shouldn’t make enemy with the brightest witch.

“I’m waiting for the right time.” Ron said slowly.

It was a lie. He never intended to leave Hermione. Even though she was so boring, he knew that he could never find anyone better than her. He just wanted someone to care for him, and Giselle was there when Hermione was busy with books.

He knew deep inside, he didn’t love Giselle as much as he loves Hermione but it was the attention that drew him to Giselle.

Slowly, Giselle walked towards Ron and slapped him in his face. Ron didn’t look back at her. He knew that he was at fault.

“Listen carefully. Ronald Weasley, you and I, we never know each other starting tonight!” She left to her room with Ron still standing silently in the common room and his palm on his cheek. That night was the worst night for Ron.


Hermione pulled a pillow to her face, she cried like crazy. She curled herself on the bed with blanket covering her whole body. She couldn’t believe that Ron cheated on her. She knew she was supposed to feel glad that she knew the truth but it was too painful.

“What am I lacking? Am I not pretty enough? Or not feminine enough? Or not funny enough?” She cried herself to sleep.

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Fragile Heart: Chapter Two


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