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I turned around to see the person who’s girlfriend I was currently not, have never been and will never will be; James Potter.

"Afternoon Potter" I smiled, turning on my heels.

"Lexi, I hear you're staying with Dom for the summer?" He smirked. His eyes lit up when I nodded in response. "So, does that mean that you'll be coming to the wedding at the end of it?"

"Yes, I will be attending Teddy and Victoire's wedding at the end of the summer"

"Well, I guess that means you can be my date then..." He smirked.

"Well you guessed wrong then" I stated simply.

"I am sorry Jamie but are you trying to steal my date for Teddy and Victoire's wedding away from me?" Dom asked, wrapping her arms around me in mock hurt.

"Your date? I saw her first!" He whined.

"Yeah well I asked her first!" Dom smirked.

"How? We barely knew she was coming to the wedding till, like, today? How could you of asked her first?" Okay. So now Potter was throwing a mini-tantrum. That was mature. And attractive.

"You know that even if you did ask me first I'd probably have said no..." I mumbled, stopping the little jokey argument that had broken between the two cousins.

"You'll say yes eventually" He smirked walking away.

"No" I replied.

After another half hour of walking around and making small talk with every Potter-Weasley in the garden, dinner was finally served. It was a 'barbeque', with burgers, chicken, cheese, hot-dogs, lamb and a wide assortment of side-dishes like salads, chips and breads. I took my seat in between Dom and Victoire, staring at the variety of food on the table. In the seconds after the dinner's announcement, the big group dashed to the table. There was no waiting for everyone to sit down before food was being snatched off the table and everyone as filling their plates.

I took one bite of the hot-dog that I had picked up and took a small bite. The food was amazing, better than anything I had at my parent's house and even rivaling the excellent food that the house elve's at Hogwarts made. It was no wonder that everyone was stuffing there face across the table.

"This is amazing" I turned to Dom.

"Of course it is, my Nana cooked it" Dom stated rolling her perfect eyes. If this was what Dom's nana's food was like, it was amazing that she wasn't so overweight she couldn't walk. Then again, Dom was part Veela and a Quidditch player, so she would never be fat and even if she was slightly over-weight, she'd look far better than me.

"See you all decided to start without me!" a cheerful voice called from behind me. I turned around to see a familiar man with bright turquoise hair walking towards the table. Victoire stood up and hugged her fiance, planting a peck on his pale cheek.

"Well if you wanted us to wait for you then perhaps you could have got here on time" George suggested, as Teddy took his seat on the other side of Victoire.

"Well I would have been here on time if someone at this table hadn't decided that it was a good idea to have auror training on sundays..." He said, looking directly at his godfather, who shrugged in reply. Teddy picked up a piece of chicken and started to fill his plate, though many of the other people at the table were nearly finished. He looked around the table, noticing me next to Dominique.

"Lexi! Vicky told me you were staying with her for the summer." Teddy smiled.

"Hey Teddy how are you?" I asked back. Although Teddy was over six years older than me, I knew him pretty well. The thing was that when you hung out with and became friends with anyone of the Weasley's, you seemed to become friends with nearly all of them. Teddy was an honorary Weasley, so was in with what they did. Every Weasley seemed to take care of one another. So when Dom and I were both lost in our first two years, it was Teddy who showed us around. So although I hadn't seen Teddy in about three years, I knew him pretty well. He was a good friend.

"I'm well thanks, guess you heard that we're engaged" He smiled, holding up Victoire's hand with the stunning diamond ring on it. It glimmered different colours as it sparkled in the light.

"It never came up" I replied sarcastically.

"Yes, well Lexi, not to bore you with the details, but I'm sure Dommy has told you it is at grand-mère and grand-père's villa in France on the 28th of August, so we will be leaving to France on the 25th of August at 7am and you will be returning on the 31st of August, the day before you are going back to Hogwarts" She listed, making sure not to miss out a single detail. Victoire was planning all of her own wedding and seemed to be obsessed with it.

"Speaking of the wedding" Teddy said, capturing the attention of the entire table "Jamie, do you want to be my best man?"

Victoire and Teddy made a good couple. Both were attractive and captivating with their looks, Teddy as a metamorphoses, Vicky as a Veela. They had a lot in common, they were both fun, clever and nice. At least Teddy use to be. The idea of placing James Potter as the best man was not clever; it was stupid. He would obviously do everything wrong. And it was not nice, definitely not for me.

"Think carefully before you answer, it means you have to make a speech and come over and help me with the wedding planning, a lot" Vicky laughed. Potter stood staring at Teddy, as if absolutely honoured that he would consider letting him take on this responsibility. A wide smile broke out on his face.

"I would be honoured to" He told the perfect, happy couple.

Kill me now.

So by the time Dom's family's barbeque was over, I was ready to die. It was partly due to the fact that Ted's best man was going to be over at Shell Cottage all summer bothering me, partly due to the long day making me very, very, very tired and partly due to the fact that I seemed to have forgotten Dom's earlier advice and let her Uncle Percy drone on for hours and hours bout his insignificant and dull work at the ministry (though he seemed to think it was fascinating and important. No one really could blame me when I collapsed onto my bed almost the second I got back to Shell cottage.

"Are you tired Lex?" Dom asked, entering the room behind me.

"So tired!" I moaned into my pillow.

"Well get some sleep now, we've got a busy day tomorrow. Firstly, we need to make sure we get the RSVP's from everyone, even those who have not replied yet" Vicky said through gritted teeth. "And then the rest of this weekI need some of my bridesmaids to do some important duties for me" She winked at me this time.

"What? You want me to be a bridesmaid! Vicky you really didn't have to do that" I promised.

"Of course I don't have to, I want you as my bridesmaid Lex. We need someone to keep Dommy and Jamie in line!" She giggled. I now understood completely how Potter felt when Teddy asked him to be best man. Of course it was a little different, my role in the wedding wasn't as major, and going down the aisle with Vicky, Dominique and the rest of their veela cousins meant that I would be hardly noticeable and even if I was it would only be for not being as gorgeous as the rest. But I still felt so happy that Vicky would want to remember me in her special day.

"Thank you" I whispered, fluttering my eyelashes to try and prevent the tears falling from my eyes.

"Don't worry, you've done it before haven't you? At Ryan's wedding?" She asked.

"No, that wedding was so small not even I was invited to it" I told her. I'm not sure why this was so overwhelming for me, whether it was from the news or the meaning of the news. I truly felt that after one day of living with the Weasleys, they were treating me like family.

"So thats why I wasn't invited!" She laughed again. If there was one thing about Vicky that stood out was that she was often cheerful. But trust me, you never wanted to be with her when she wasn't calm or cheerful. That was a suicide mission, as the veela temper had been passed down many generations. Dom had it too, though hers was definitely not as bad as Victoire's. Whilst Dom's face went as red as her hair, Vicky's whole body would become redder than blood. "I've sent them an invitation, I do hope he can make it"

"I'm sure he'll try" I replied, calming down and going back to my normal state.

"Well, you both look pretty tired so I'll leave you two for some sleep, but the gossip doesn't start without me, okay?" She commanded casually, winking as she exited the room. In the time I had been crying with Victoire, Dom had already gotten changed and was sitting on her bed with her pyjamas on. I was use to sharing a room with Dom and use to her nightly routine. We shared a dorm with four other girls, Amy Milligan, Natasha Wood, Sophia Thomas and Olivia Cole. The six of us had all been best friends, with Amy and Sophia, Natasha and Olivia and Dom and I in immediate pairs. That was until Sophia and Olivia's 'fight over Freddie' in fifth year, which resulted in neither of them talking at all. Still. It was silly. Freddie was the exact same as his best friend and cousin; arrogant, funny, charming and handsome. But he was much, much more of a player than Jamie. Whilst Potter annoyingly proclaimed his love for me, Freddie proclaimed his love for anything with lips and boobs. Dom and I had been excluded from his game, but Sophia and Olivia were distraught when both of their relationships with him reached their inevitable, nasty end. They spent over an hour fighting and shouting, with Amy and Natasha taking their best friends side and Dom and I being forced to listen. They still haven't spoken since. Therefore, although we are still close friends with everyone in the dorm, there is a small divide between the two pairs.

I followed Dom's action and changed into my red pyjamas, snuggling comfortably into my warm bed. It was eleven O'clock, and after the long and challenging day I had, sleep was all I needed.

"Lexi?" Dom asked, sitting up and flicking on her lamp. A light broke the darkness, and I sensed the girl talk Vicky had asked us not to have yet was about to start.

"Yes Dom?" I muttered.

"Why don't you want to go out with my cousin?" She asked. Well that was strange. And random. And completely not worth waking me up for.

"Why do you ask now?" I said, looking over at her. She looked just as tired as me, however I doubt that was even possible.

"I never thought about it till now, I just realised that I never really knew" Her voice was high pitched. It's tone suggested that she was scared I'd say something rude, telling her off for her absolutely ridiculous question.

"Because he is annoying and arrogant and rude" I told her. "Is that what you were looking for?"

"No, I was just looking for a reason" She shrugged her perfect shoulders. "I just thought you guys would make a cute couple"

She flicked the light off and scrambled under her covers, leaving me shocked and confused.

That was the epitome of randomness.

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