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 George disapparated later on in the day, back to The Burrow. Just a while after he left, Ron and Hermione appeared at the door.

     Ron didn’t punch him, or act oddly to him in any way, so Harry knew that the fact Ginny was over last night was still a secret.

     The three friends lounged around in the front room, looking at photos and reminiscing about their Hogwarts days.

     ‘Ginny will be going back next month, for her final year,’ said Ron, who was lying on the floor on his back, whirling his wand around, creating orange sparks.

     ‘I wonder what seventh year is like,’ Hermione said, a tone of thoughtfulness to her voice. ‘We never did our N.E.W.Ts!’

     ‘Thank God,’ muttered Ron, and Harry laughed.

     ‘It’s not funny, Ronald. I’m being serious. If we want to get anywhere in life we need our N.E.W.T qualifications. I heard the new ministry are opening a higher education school, too,’ Hermione said, crossing her arms.

     ‘As if you need extra, Hermione. You’d pass the Newts with your eyes closed,’ Ron said, and Hermione laughed a little.

    ‘So, what’re you saying?’ Started Harry, ‘you want to go back to Hogwarts for a year?’

     ‘Of course she doesn’t,’ said Ron, before looking at Hermione’s face. ‘Do you?’

      ‘Um, well, I was thinking about it,’ Hermione said, shrugging. Ron sat up and Harry closed his book. ‘You two want to be Aurors, right? Well you’ll get into the training easily! You defeated Voldemort,’ Ron went to say something, but Hermione stopped him. ‘Well I don’t want to be an Auror, I’ve had enough of fighting and defeating dark wizards for one lifetime,’ Harry chuckled, and Hermione smiled. ‘So I want to get into the Ministry.’

    ‘The Ministry?!’ Said Ron. He still hadn’t got used to the idea that now, with Kingsley in charge, the Ministry had become a good place.

    ‘Yes, The Ministry,’ said Hermione defensively, ‘It’s different now. I think I’d have a good chance of setting off S.p.e.w with Kingsley in charge! You know, free rights for Elves?’

     ‘We remember what spew is,’ smiled Harry, remembering Hermione’s committee.

     ‘Yes! And I though, well, I want to do good in the world.’

     ‘You’ve just helped kill off Lord bloody Voldemort, Hermione! I’m sure that’s good enough!’ Ron said, and Hermione threw a book into his chest.

     ‘Yes, I am aware, Ronald. I just think that if I want to get into the ministry, getting Newts would be the right way around it!’ Hermione retorted fiercely.

    Harry thought that he knew why Ron was so against her going back to Hogwarts; he would be away from her. Harry hadn’t yet thought of this, until that moment. In a month Ginny, and now most probably Hermione, would be leaving to go to Hogwarts. Harry definitely didn’t want to return there, it would be too difficult for him to be in the school without Dumbledore; it wouldn’t be the same. Harry and Ron both wanted to begin their lives in work, but Hermione, having a very academic mind, would wish nothing more than to finish her Education.

     ‘Okay,’ Said Ron, defeated. It was quite quiet for a few seconds, so Harry decided to break the silence with news that he’d been dying to speak to them about.

     ‘Erm, Hermione, have you ever heard of ancient curses that tie the last deceased person’s spirit to a house?’ Harry asked cautiously, wanting to tell them the story of Sirius without his friend thinking he’d gone mad.

     ‘What?’ Asked Hermione, ‘No, I haven’t.’

     Much to Harry’s surprise, it was Ron who spoke up next.

     ‘I have!’ He said, smiling at knowing a question that Hermione didn’t. ‘My Great, great uncle once moved into a house in Ireland, with his wife and their three children. Well, the kids kept on waking up every night, saying they heard noises and whatnot, turns out there was a kind of guardian there. The person who died, some old dude; frightening guy, apparently, had cursed himself so he could return as a ghost for the hour before midnight.’

     ‘Don’t be ridiculous, Ron!’ Said Hermione, ‘a person can’t just tie themselves to a home. Once a person’s dead, they’re dead, unless you’re the owner of the Resurrection stone, or if you return as a ghost.’

      ‘Ron’s right, Hermione,’ Harry said. ‘There’s a curse on this house. Sirius came back last night.’
      ‘Harry – ‘ Hermione began, a look of concern on her face. Harry was sure that she was going to give some logical explanation why he’d be seeing Sirius. She was probably going to say it was a dream or something. Harry shook his head to stop her.
      ‘I know what I saw, Hermione. Countless of people have said that there’s no spell that can bring back the dead, but that’s what the resurrection stone did, right?’ Harry said. ‘I know they didn’t come back as their normal selves, and I know that they couldn’t exist in this world. Sirius was here last night, he explained it to me…’
    Harry told the pair about the encounter with Sirius. He told them everything, apart from what Sirius had said regarding Ginny. Once he finished the story, Hermione was, for once, lost for words. Ron sat with a thoughtful look on his face, he looked as though he was caught somewhere between anxiety and longing. Harry thought that he knew why; Ron was thinking that maybe Fred could come back sometime. Harry was familiar with the feeling; he had thought exactly the same the night before. Harry had wondered if maybe he would have a chance to see all his lost ones again.
     ‘So you’ll still be able to see him, then,’ Hermione said. ‘I mean, that can’t be a good thing.’

     ‘What do you mean?’ Asked Ron, who had woken from his thoughts. ‘Of course it’s a good thing, he gets to see Sirius again.’

      ‘I know, but it can’t be healthy for a spirit to be hopping about from afterlife to life and back every night, can it?’ Hermione said, and Harry understood what she meant. Because of Harry residing in this home, Sirius wouldn’t be able to move on to a next life.
      ‘I think,’ began Ron, ‘I think Harry needs to speak to him again.’
      ‘I will be, tonight.’ Said Harry, before summoning three Butterbeers from the kitchen. ‘But until then couldn’t we discuss something different, I need to keep it from my mind.’
     The trio of friends spent the afternoon relaxing and enjoying, something that they had missed out on for a very long time. Harry noticed that Ron was slightly quieter than usual, though. Hermione had noticed, too, and raised her eyebrows when she caught Harry’s eye. They both knew that Ron was thinking of Fred, and if there was any way to get him back, even if only for an hour.
     They had an owl at half past five from Mrs. Weasley, telling them that dinner was almost ready and to come before it gets cold. Laughing, the three of them apparated to The Burrow.
     Ginny grinned when she saw Harry, and gave him a swift kiss on his cheek. Blushing, he sat down next to her and poured himself and Ginny some pumpkin juice.
    Mrs. Wealsey came bustling in with Mr, Weasley, both holding plates laden with mashed potatoes and sausages.
    ‘Oh Harry!’ she kissed him on his cheek, too, but needless to say it didn’t have the same effect as when Ginny did it. ‘How was your first night in the house?’
     Harry tried his best not to splutter his juice everywhere, but nonetheless, some went up his nose. He swallowed and composed himself before answering, avoiding the eyes of both Ginny and George.

    ‘It was fine, thank you,’ he said. ‘Very quiet, but I’ll get used to it.’
     Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed George snigger and Ginny blush. Luckily, Ron didn’t notice any of this as he was busy trying to tell Hermione subtly that she had some crumbs in her hair.
     Dinner was a happy affair; Arthur and Molly talked about work, Ron, George and Hermione were debating about the safety of broomsticks, and Harry had a few minutes to speak quietly to Ginny.
     ‘Did you get back okay last night?’ He asked, after swallowing a particularly tasty forkful of potato.
     ‘Yes, thank you,’ Ginny smiled. ‘Uh, how was…’ she darted her eyes across to George, who at the time seemed happy enough.
     ‘He was fine, we had a chat in the morning but really, it was OK,’ Harry didn’t really want to damage George’s trust, or upset Ginny.
     ‘Great,’ she smiled and Harry felt warmth all over his body. She had a beautiful smile.
      George, Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Harry all crowded in the kitchen to do the washing up. Well, in reality, Ginny and Ron argued whilst Hermione washed, George dried and Harry put away. Harry found himself laughing at times. He had forgotten how much the two youngest Weasleys were alike when they were angry. In the end, Hermione put up a shield charm around them so they could clean up in peace. After a few minutes of Ron immaturely just repeating what she was saying, Ginny stormed out the back door. Shooting a look at Ron, Harry followed her.
    Ginny was sitting on the garden bench, her face on her hands. Harry could tell that she was fuming.
    ‘Hey,’ he said, sitting next to her. ‘Er, what’s up?’
    ‘That bloody Ron! He’s impossible!’ She said, throwing her arms down. Harry was relieved to see that she hadn’t been crying, but her cheeks were red with anger. ‘Godric, I could kill him sometimes!’
    ‘What happened?’ Harry asked, wrapping an arm around her, and kissing her hair.
    ‘I tripped him, accidentally, and he thought I did it on purpose. I mean, really? If I wanted to hurt him I’d use my bloody wand!’ Harry had to fight back a laugh, Ginny was right; she had gotten into slug club for her hexes. ‘And then we were just arguing, about nothing in particular, really. He’s probably just angry that me and you are together again..’
    ‘You know what Ron’s like, Ginny,’ Harry said. He was in an awkward position, he had to comfort Ginny but he didn’t want to insult Ron. ‘He’s a hothead. Don’t let him get to you.’
     ‘I know. He’s just so bloody difficult at times. And now I’m going to have to endure his pointless jibes all night. You know what I came home to last night? Him and Hermione bloody snogging on the couch. You’d think they’d at least go to their room.’
     Trying to throw the image from his mind, Harry laughed. ‘Hang on, they didn’t see you, did they?’
      ‘No, I sneaked past, and they were too distracted anyway, by the looks of things,’ she said, cringing.
     ‘Oh,’ Harry laughed again. ‘Cheer up, Ginny,’ he lifted her chin and kissed her lips softly. He felt her smile, and then she was kissing him back. Harry had forgotten how good it felt to kiss her like this. He felt as though they were the only two on the planet. They were disturbed by a wet sponge hitting Harry’s face; George had thrown it, and when they turned they saw him in the kitchen window, laughing, and Ron scowling. Hermione was just shaking her head, after probably having to endure Ron’s moaning about Ginny.
    ‘Can I come over again tonight?’ Ginny asked, a blush high on her cheeks.
    ‘Er, yeah,’ Harry said, trying to shake the images that were forming in his head. ‘Sure.’
    ‘Great,’ Ginny smiled. Harry was reminded again of Sirius, and told Ginny what had happened. She was as sceptical as Hermione at first, but then understood and was intrigued. She also had that same look that Ron had.
    ‘Whoa..’ she said, under her breath. ‘What did he look like?’
     ‘Like he looked before he died, I guess. He looked happier, though, as though he wasn’t worried anymore,’ Harry replied, looking at his hands. He checked his watch; it was half past nine. ‘I should be going,’ He said.
     ‘Okay,’ Said Ginny, ‘I’ll be around at about half past midnight, if that’s alright?’
     ‘That’s great,’ Harry smiled, kissing her once more. Ginny pulled him into a hug before they went back to the house. After saying goodbye to everybody, Harry disapparated back to Grimmauld place. 

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