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Quidditch Camp by GryffindorPrincess918
Chapter 15 : In The End...
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The air escaped her lungs as Hermione fell back onto the bed with a thud.




"America just wakes things up in me" she said, trying to hide the blush appearing on her face, but the innuendo all too apparent.




Draco put his hands behind his head and looked at the ceiling, grinning like a Cheshire cat "Me too"




Hermione rolled onto her side, the silky sheets loosely clinging to her stark naked body. She observed Draco, how the feathery light hair fell on his face, his melted metal eyes bore into hers, and his pale, muscular body. She smiled up at him, but was only briefly in the moment. Suddenly it hit her that she had not had contact with her best friends for 3 months now, she was probably fired from her job, and quidditch camp was long over. She flew from the warmth and comfort of her and Draco's bed and began throwing their clothes into bags.




"Um, love, what exactly are you doing?" Draco asked, slowing sitting up




"We need to get back to the Wizarding world! We spent a month in France chasing each other, a month in the villa in Italy shagging like mad, and a month here in America, chasing and pretending to be strangers!"




He nodded, and began getting out of bed, but only to pull Hermione back in it.




"Tomorrow morning we'll pack up and apparate back to the wizarding world. But tonight we have to get some sleep..... maybe" and he winked before he tackled her to the bed.








*Knock, Knock*








*Knock, Knock*




"Its so bloody early, just bugger off!"












"Ron, what was that?"




"I'll go check it out, you stay here Wren."




Fumbling with his boxers, he quickly put them on and grabbed his wand, creeping out of his bedroom. He saw his front door on the floor and immediately shielded himself with the wall, staying out of view. Little bits of debris and dust floated around in the air, lighting up in the sunshine's escaping through the cracks of the curtains. With a deep breath he clutched his wand tightly and pointed it towards the door,








"Seriously, Ron? Who goes there? What are you, in a movie?" said a familiar voice.




The debris cleared and in front of him stood a slightly darker, brightly lit face.




"HERMIONE!" he screamed, running to embrace her.




She was knocked backwards, but was caught by Draco's strong arms. When Ron and Hermione steadied themselves he kissed her cheek happily, but his face grew serious and slightly angry.




"You didn't even bloody owl me" he teased,




"I was uh-hmm... occupied" she said, her cheeks growing rosier by the second.




He chuckled deeply, stepping out of the hallway and letting Draco and Hermione into the apartment. Draco magicked the door back into place and sat down on the couch, feeling out of place and awkward. Ron stuck at his hand and watched in amusement as he hesitated to shake it.




"Don't worry I won't bite" he said politely.




They shook hands, and for the first time, Draco actually felt like everything was going to get better from here. The three of them sat on the couch and talked for only about a minute before they heard the floors creaking. They looked up to see a gingered-haired girl standing in the archway to the hall.




"Ron, who are these people?" she asked quietly, wrapping the sheets around her body self-consciously.




"OH! This is my best friend Hermione and her... boyfriend?" Hermione nodded,




"Draco Malfoy" he finished and everyone exchanged hellos.




"I'm Wren" she piped, her cheeks a brighter shade of red than Hermione's.




Suddenly Wren and Ron looked at each other, realizing just how bare they really were. They quickly excused themselves and returned a few minutes later, still blushing, but now fully clothed.




"I see you two have been.. occupied... as well" Hermione said, coughing to keep the laughter at bay.




Ron's ears lit up brightly, keeping him from making eye-contact with Hermione or Draco. Not even Wren.




"Why don't we go and get some breakfast?" Ron suggested.




“You know what? I think that sounds lovely Ronald. To the leaky cauldron!” Hermione cheered and they all laughed together.








They linked arms with each other and felt the familiar tug of apparation.








The sun shined brightly on the patch of grass Wren and Hermione sat on. They laid out blankets and food, so when their Quidditch players were done they'd have a feast for them. The park was empty, wide, and spacious, providing them all with privacy.




“You know what? Sometimes I wish I had magic” Wren said




“Well, at least you know of it. I’d rather be a squib then never know of this beautiful world” said Hermione, gazing at the wispy clouds above.




Wren nodded and smiled, “You’re right. My mother was actually the witch and my dad was the squib. But they were the most in love couple I had ever met. My father was amazing! And he was so supportive when we realized I was a squib”




“Well that’s good! What about your brother Ted?” said Hermione, shifting her body to the side so she could face Wren.




“Oh Teddy! Haha yeah he’s a wizard, and probably the most quirky and strange. But such a lovable guy.” She said a proud smile on her face.




A comfortable silence followed until they heard shouts above as two red-headed siblings, a raven-haired boy, and a platinum blonde landed onto the soft grass.




“NO WAY IN HELL GINNY!” shouted Ron




“Are you serious Ronald? We all know that, that was a fair goal” screamed Ginny




Harry chuckled to himself and looked over at Draco, who was holding in his laughter quite poorly.




“It was a fair goal” Harry declared,




“Agreed” said Draco.




Ron huffed throwing his broom to the ground and stomped over to Wren, but as soon as she had him in her arms he was like putty. They kissed, cooed, and made googily eyes  at each other. They received strange looks from their friends, but they all immediately began laughing. They all laid out on the blanket, stretching their limbs, soaking in every bit of sun they could get. Hermione curled into Draco, her grin wide and permanent. She would give anything to just stay like this forever, her best friends by her side, and the love of her life holding onto her tightly.




“Oi, Mione, do you mind not shining light on my face?” whined Ginny




“What light?” Hermione inquired




“I was wondering the same thing, it must be a reflection, are you wearing anything reflective?” asked Ginny




Hermione looked down at her hand, her eyes lighting up with love, “Funny you ask Ginny”




Ginny immediately shot up from her spot in Harry’s arm, leaping across his body and attacking Hermione’s left hand.




“No.way.” she said, her eyes growing as wide as saucers .




“Yes way!” squealed Hermione




The ring was simple and silver, with one pear shaped diamond in the middle of the band. And yet it was extremely elegant, and extremely Hermione. Everyone crowded around the newly engaged couple, comparing Hermione and Ginny’s engagement rings. Ginny told Hermione that a simple silver wedding band would do when they married, much like she had a simple rose-gold wedding band. The women spent hours going on and on about how excited they were for Hermione’s wedding while Draco, Ron, and Harry sat in the back underneath a giant oak tree.




“You excited mate?” asked Harry




“More than that, much more” said Draco his grey eyes glinting, wrapping himself in his own little world.




“More than any of you will ever know….”





I hope you enjoyed this story! Like I said to someone's review, I left out details to have something to put in the beginning of the stories sequel, but I'm also working on ANOTHER Dramione but it will have NOTHING to do with Quidditch Camp. I hope you loved this story as much as I did. Thank you for every single review you've ever given me. Honestly, this has boosted my confidence as a writer. I can't wait to make the sequel,  but I will be introducing my other story first. Thank you all (:

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Quidditch Camp: In The End...


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