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It had been dark . Cold. Miserable. The world was becoming unhappy .Scared .Depressed. Only a select cold hearted few were happy and that was only because they had shown such anger and violence to the rest of their world that it gained them power . However one day the flowers began to grow again , the sun was shining and something so beautiful and pure was brought into the world.

A harsh scream filled a dark manor and then an angelic cry brightened up the whole building . A healer wrapped the innocent in a soft woollen blanket and handed the anxious mother her jewel . She was not disappointed before her lay the most beautiful infant . Her eyes were like aquamarines , her nose was perfectly formed , her lips were full and rosy pink and there were a few golden blonde hairs scattered across her pretty head.

The mother cradled her angel child close to her chest and kissed her delicate forehead . A sharp knock on the door interrupted the mother and daughter's moment , “Come in” the mother answered. A man with silky white hair entered the room . He smiled at the pair “Have you thought of a name ?”

“Jane” she answered .“Perfect" the father said “Jane Adeline Malfoy.”



The next day Narcissa entered her other child's bedroom “Draco ,come here I’ve got someone i want you to meet” the small one year old boy came away from his toys and walked slowly to his mother . He pointed to the baby girl “This is your sister ; Jane,” Draco gave the biggest smile and waved to the little girl. “Now Draco I want you to promise me that you will look after your sister forever,” the little boy nodded and kissed his sister on the cheek . On that day the small boy vowed to himself that he would protect Jane until the day he died and that he would be the best big brother ever.

“Narcissa” Lucius called out “Your sister is here” . Narcissa quickly left Draco's room “Bella, how are you?” she said to her sister. “I am well , is this her?” she asked as Narcissa handed Jane to her sister “Yes, she's beautiful isn't she”

“Yes even more perfect than Draco if that is even possible, I am sure she will be a great witch one day"

“As long as she is happy , I do not care.”

Throughout the rest of the day Jane was admired and talked about . The clock struck 8 and a cold air filled the manor . A hooded figure entered the large drawing room . Narcissa's face was filled with horror and she brought Jane closer to her . Lucius looked nervous and worried , but glad that the house elves had taken Draco up to bed earlier. Bellatrix’s face was full of glee because before them stood Lord Voldermort.



"Bellatrix’s ,Lucius , Narcissa and this must be the newest addition to your family"

"Yes my lord , her name is Jane" Narcissa replied . "May I ?" the Dark lord pointing to Jane , Narcissa looked nervously at Lucius , he nodded quickly . Narcissa stood up and unwillingly handed Jane over to Voldermort. "Hm, she is very special , she will be very powerful one day and will certainly want her as one of my most trusted followers , unless you have anything against it ?" he questioned Jane's parents,

"No of course not my lord" Lucius answered quickly ."Excellent she will receive the mark when she is fifteen" he declared and with that he handed Jane to a stunned Narcissa and apparated out of the manor.

"NO , no he cannot she will only be a child " Narcissa cried. "It is a great honour for her , you should be proud of her" Bellatrix said to her sister . "Why did you yes Lucius , he will kill her " Narcissa screamed at her husband," I’m sorry , but she will be fine , she is brave " Lucius replied to her . Narcissa stared down at her daughter and a tear fell down her cheek as she wondered what was to become of her daughter's future.

31st October . It was Halloween and the Malfoy family was sat by the fire . Draco was playing with Jane and the two parents were smiling at their happy children. All of a sudden Bellatrix apparated into the drawing room "He is dead !Our lord is dead" she cried and fell to the floor dramatically . While Lucius called an emergency death eaters meeting Narcissa took Draco and Jane up to their rooms .

"Mummy what's happened ?" Draco asked

"Abad man is dead" she answered

"Is that why your smiling?"

"Yes I’m very happy" she smiled down at him , her children were now safe and she could sleep peacefully .




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