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 The walk back to the Heads Dorm was silent, but a comfortable silence. Draco couldn't believe what had just happened. Hermione Granger, had expressed feelings for him. They had kissed. And he felt like the luckiest guy in the whole world right now as he walked hand in hand with the perfect girl. And she was. He had always dreamt of a smart yet endearing and funny and sweet significant other. And she had been right there in front of him this whole time. It just took him so long to realise it. But with this new relationship presented a challenge. Yes, they were Head Girl and Boy, but they were Gryffindor and Slytherin; Fire and Ice. They had to keep this a secret, if anyone found out, hell would arise.

Hermione felt his soft fingers stroke the back of her hand as they walked back to Heads Dorm.  Her stomach flipped a little and she couldn't stop smiling. You wouldn't notice, but she was glowing inside.  It was surreal, being romantically close with her arch nemesis. Okay, so maybe that was a bit harsh… Child hood enemy was more like it. She hadn't felt this happy in a long while and she was astounded that Draco Malfoy was the one making her feel this way. It wasn't love... yet. But love hinted and she could see it in the future. Who would have thought?! This feeling was nothing she had felt before, the warmth and happiness inside. Ron never gave that to her and she knew this was real. However, there was a burning question eating away at her... What would people say?


'Draco...' she said quietly as they walked. He smiled adorably, he didn't think he'd ever get over how good his name sounded coming from her lips.


'Yes, Hermione?'


'I was wondering... what if someone found out about us? Wouldn't it be bad for your family? We'd never be accepted...' she replied unsure. Draco sighed and looked at the brown haired beauty. They had stopped walking and they stood facing each other in the corridor. He raised his hand and brushed it against the side of her face. So soft... perfect.


'Hermione... I've said before... I don't care about my family anymore... Really, I don't. I'm different now, and i've moved on from that. But I suppose you’re right, If people knew about us, it’d be difficult. So I say we keep this on the downlow for now. But i'm willing to make this work if you are. I can't say that I'm in love with you, its too soon for that, but i can see happening, and this is a first for me. I've grown feelings for you, something i thought impossible... I care about you. So Hermione Jean Granger, would you do the extraordinary honour of being my girlfriend?'


'Of course, Draco.' she smiled lovingly. He pulled her close and she smiled into his shoulder. He smelt of apples and his crisp shirt was comforting. 'We can figure this out.'


'Ahhh...' Draco smiled. 'Come on you, lets get back.' And with that, he pulled her along. When they reached the Heads Dorm, something occurred to Draco. The password.


'Hey... I think we should change the password again... Don't you think 'felix felicis' is a little... pretentious now?'


Hermione laughed but she had to agree. 'Hmmm, you're right. But what ever will we change it to?'


'Draco's amazing, perhaps?'


'Har har...'


'Oh i know... Fire and Ice.. the perfect combination of us both...' He said with a wink. Hermione rolled her eyes at him.


'That sounded very suggestive Draco... but okay, Fire and Ice it is.'


'Brilliant!' Hermione laughed at him again. He was funny, she'd give him that. As they entered the Common Room, they stopped and faced each other. Draco wasn't really one for soppy moments, but right now, he just couldn't help it as he stared into those great big brown eyes. They were beautiful.


'I am so happy that you're now mine, Hermione.' He saw her cheeks flush. She really was adorable, he thought, as he rested his forehead on hers.


'Same here.' she replied. This time, his stomach did a flip. That was weird. Not a feeling he was used to.  He pulled her close and whispered 'goodnight' into her soft hair. And with that, he gave her a light kiss and headed off to bed. Hermione stood there amazed. He had quite literally taken her breath away, his sweet breath and velvet voice. How was he so perfect?! She span around and grabbed her head, trying to make sense of it all. She couldn't stop smiling, like a little kid on Christmas morning. Needless to say, a smile coated her lips as she fell asleep that night.


The next few weeks were incredible. In between classes, Hermione and Draco got to know each other better as people and got to know themselves as a couple. Not to their surprise, they had a lot in common. Hermione found it nice to be with someone of her same intellectual level. She could have conversations with Draco that didn’t require repeating something ten times. He was funny and charming, and always a perfect gentlemen. The Malfoy could even be ridiculously sweet at times. Being with Draco was easy. It wasn’t like being with Ron, that was always a constant battle. She could now be herself, and that was something she liked.


‘Good evening, love.’ Draco said as he walked through the Common Room door one night. ‘How was your day?’


Hermione, who was slumped on the couch with books piled around her, looked up and sighed. ‘It was long… And I missed you. I only saw you in Potions today!’


Draco crouched down beside her. ‘I know, it’s hard. But at least with have the evenings together.’


‘True that, this Head Dorm is very handy…’ Hermione smiled cheekily and Draco raised his eye brows.


‘The Gryffindor Princess couldn’t possibly be suggesting…’ Draco mocked.


‘Shhhh! Of course not.’ Hermione smiled, innocently. Damn she was good, knew just how to tease him.


‘Ah right… I liked our little game today by the way.’ Draco said, laughing. Hermione joined in, in remembrance. As they best cover for their relationship, Draco and Hermione had agreed to be distant and cold to each other in public. This was difficult, so they made a game out of it. They were allowed to argue and call each other names, like they used to, but each would secretly know it was a joke and find it funny later. Today’s example had been particularly amusing.


‘Malfoy, move.’


‘Excuse me, Granger?’


‘I said move! You’re standing in the way of my cauldron!’


‘Please would be nice, you know…’ Hermione glared at him, but had to look away after a few seconds, for fear of laughing. Draco saw this, and fought back a smile.


‘Please.’ Hermione spat. ‘You know, the longer I live with you, the more insufferable you become. Maybe Harry and Ginny were right.’


‘Oh please… Like its easy living with you.’ Hermione shook her head and began chopping roots.


‘Can you grab my Lacewing Flies?’ she asked Draco. She did not however, expect would happened next. At all. She felt his hand on her bum, squeezing. Luckily, they were at the back of the classroom as Hermione nearly yelped in surprise and Draco had to put his hand over her mouth.


‘No, Granger, but I can grab something else.’ He said with a wink. Hermione tried to regulate her breathing and she stared at him.


‘You are unbelievable.’


‘I’m a Malfoy, Granger. Did you expect any less?’ Before she could answer, they were both interrupted by Professor Slughorn.


‘I don’t know what you two are arguing about, but it’s going to stop now! I paired your together as you are our Heads and should set an example! Now pack it in!’ Hermione and Draco fought fits of laughter for the rest of the lesson.


‘Insufferable am I, Hermione?’ Draco asked.


‘Oh, completely…’ she replied before planting a kiss on his lips. He chucked into her mouth. He stood up and sat on the couch, pulling Hermione on top of him. She straddled him and leant down to return to his lips. Draco ran his hands up her back and knotted them in her hair. He pulled it back gently and kissed her neck. Hermione shuddered as he left a trail of kisses from her collar bone to her jaw line. He continued up and as he kissed behind her ear, she let out a moan. Weak spot. Bringing his lips back to hers, he intensified the kiss, pressing deeper and pulling Hermione closer. She found her hand at the nape of his neck, toying with his hair. She grabbed a fistful and pulled gently to receive a moan of pleasure escape from Draco’s lips. She kissed his collar bone gently, down to his chest and back up again, nibbling every so often. She felt him rise and press into her through their clothes and she couldn’t help smirking a little inside. She was doing this to him! She continued kissing him passionately, until they both sighed and looked into each other’s eyes.


‘You know what Draco… you might actually be sufferable!’ she said with a wink.


‘You… Hermione… are such a tease.’ Draco said, breathless. ‘But you’re bloody amazing!’


‘Why thank you!’ Hermione laughed. ‘You’re not too bad yourself!’


‘Oh is that so?’ Draco asked cheekily. Before she could reply, he began to tickle her and she fought to get off of him in a fit of laughter. By the time they had settled down, they found themselves cuddling on the arm chair. Hermione was pleasantly surprised…


‘You know Draco, I never thought you’d be one for cuddling…’


‘I’m full of surprises, Hermione!’ He replied, as if it was obvious. ‘Hey, tomorrows Saturday, how about we go into Hogsmeade together?’


Hermione bit her lip. ‘But people will see us. You know we can’t go public!’


‘I know, but we could pretend to be on official Head business!’ he said with mock pride. Hermione laughed but looked at him warily.


‘I don’t kn-‘


‘Oh come on! It’ll be fun!’


‘Fine! Official Head business it is!’






The next morning at breakfast, Hermione joined Harry and Ginny at the Gryffindor table. Hermione was never really one for lying, and as she sat down, she became suddenly nervous at the idea of having to lie to her two bestfriends. They knew he well, what if they could tell she was lying? Would they know it was about Draco? No… Surely they wouldn’t just jump to that.. Right? A hand waving in front of her face pulled her from her thoughts.


‘Hermione? ‘ Ginny’s singsong voice came. Hermione snapped back into reality. Come on girl, FOCUS.


‘Morning!’ she said brightly, ‘Going into Hogsmeade today?’ Please say no, please say no.


‘Morning Hermione, we are actually, care to join us?’ Asked Harry. Damn.


‘Ahhh I’d love to....’ she lied easily (a lot easier than she expected) pretending to be disappointed. ‘But I have to pick out decorations and colours for the ball with Malfoy…’


‘Ah you’re kidding!’ Ginny said.


‘Nup…’ Hermione sighed. ‘You guys were right…. Living with him is pure torture.’


‘We told you!’ exclaimed Harry, ‘he’s never going to change!’


‘I suppose… Oh god, he’s coming over..’


‘Granger.’ He nodded towards Hermione with a twinkle in his eye. ‘Potter, Weasley.’


Ginny and Harry nodded coldly and Hermione stood up, eager to get away. ‘Come on Malfoy, let’s get this over with.’


As the two walked away, they couldn’t help but snicker. ‘I’m impressed with your acting, Hermione, very believable.’


‘Thank you.’ Hermione laughed. The November air was biting and Hermione pulled her coat tighter around her. It hadn’t snowed yet, Hermione supposed it was too early for that. But frost covered the grounds, making the scenery sparkle in the morning sun. It looked to be a beautiful day.Hermione’s nose had gone pink, and Draco found it rather cute. Looking around for any viewers, he put his arm around her.


‘Are you cold?’


‘A bit, yeah…’


‘Did you want my cloak?’


‘I’ll be alright, besides, that’s a bit suspicious. Malfoy would let Granger go cold remember…’


‘Yeah but Draco wants to keep Hermione warm!’ he replied and Hermione smiled.


‘I’ll be fine! How about we go to the Hogs Head? No one ever goes there, so we can have some privacy.’


‘Fine by me.’ Aberforth Dumbledore was behind the bar, cleaning the filthy glasses when Hermione and Draco walked in. Not much had changed and it still smelt like goat. He greeted Hermione warmly but acted very cold when he saw Draco. Draco wasn’t surprised. He had very nearly signed his brother’s death warrant. They found a small table in the corner and ordered two Butterbeers. Hermione’s fingers were regaining feeling as she sipped the hot drink. It was about half an hour before they were finally warm again however.


‘Hermione… I swear to Merlin I just saw Potter and Weasley outside… It looked like they were coming in.’


‘Oh my gosh, are you serious? They can’t catch us here!’ Hermione whispered furiously. As she did, the door opened and cold air whooshed in. Black hair and Red. Shit.


‘Draco.’ Hermione whispered, ‘we have to go. Look, they’re going upstairs, quickly!’ They darted out the still open door, into the cold, away from Ginny and Harry. As they ran around the side of the pub, they burst out laughing.


‘I can’t believe they didn’t see us!’ said Draco, amused.


‘I r-r-eckon!’ replied Hermione, shivering. Draco pulled her close.


‘Ahh love! You’re freezing!’


‘I kn-know…’


‘Would you like me to warm you up?’ Draco asked, slyly. Hermione’s stomach flipped but she tried her best to be brave.


‘And what would that consist of, may I ask?’


Instead of answering, he pinned her against the wall of the pub and pressed his mouth to hers. She responded quickly and wrapped her arms around his neck. Draco pulled her leg up around his waist and held it there while he kissed her… down her neck… and back up again. He ran his hands up under her coat and Hermione shuddered at the cold, but his hands were so warm! And it felt great against her skin. He caressed her side and under her breast before pulling his hand back and grabbing her head gently. After a few minutes, they were both panting.


‘Warm?’ Draco asked, cheekily.


‘Very!’ replied Hermione, rather breathless. Draco chuckled. ‘If this is head business, then I promise you this; I will be paying a LOT more attention to my duties.’


Draco sighed. ‘Oh wow… How did I manage to land THE most perfect woman?’ And with that, he kissed her gently on the forehead.











And here's chapter 11 guys, i hope you like it... Do you think they're moving too fast or...? Feedback would be greatly appreciated! ~LadyMalfoyx



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