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Snow fell in the town of Cokeworth, each snowflake unique in size and shape. Snowflakes are like humans, in a way. Each is different, just like humans are different from each other, whether it be in appearance or personality. Some humans are cold-hearted, and others are kind and forgiving. Some are beautiful, others are not. It is also of human nature to be jealous of one another.

But what if jealousy affects something more than just a friendship? What if it breaks the kind of relationship that is bonded by blood? What if it ruins the bond of two sisters?

That’s what happened to the Evans sisters.


Petunia was a decent person overall. She wasn’t mean; narrow-minded, a bit. Nor was she gorgeous in appearance, inheriting her father’s dirty-blonde hair and scrawny structure. She was often teased by the boys on the playground who called her “skinny bones.” She had learned to ignore them by now, but they wouldn’t ever stop with their infuriating name-calling.

Then there was Lily. She had her mother’s emerald-green eyes and auburn hair, and a personality as sweet as honey. Pretty much everyone in the small town of Spinner’s End knew Lily as “that adorable red-haired girl.”

Lily would follow Petunia around every morning. When their mum would ask Petunia to go buy some fresh bread from the bakery, Lily would hop out of her chair, grab her coat, and trot right behind Petunia out the house. The five-year old would skip happily right beside her, smiling and waving at the people in town.

Petunia used to find her little sister’s behavior quite embarrassing. “Stop skipping, Lily!” she would tell her, but Lily would innocently respond: “Why?”

Thus, Petunia had given up, but she was never able to suppress a small smile. However many times her sister would embarrass or annoy her, she would never stay mad at her for long.

The baker knew Lily and Petunia well; they came around to his bakery about four times a week. Every morning when they’d pay him a visit, the baker would smile and welcome them in. He’d pull out his freshest batch of bread and Petunia would pay and thank him.

“Any time, Petunia.” he’d say with a wink.

But when Petunia turned around to head back home, she realized that her sister was not following her. Petunia spun around and saw Lily looking at the bakery items longingly.

“Lily, come on!” Petunia said irritably. “We have to get back home before it snows again!”

“Can we buy the strawberry-flavored one?” Lily asked hopefully.

“No Lils, Mum only gave us enough money for bread.” Petunia said, grabbing hold of Lily’s arm and dragging her towards the door.

“Hold on!” the baker said, who had been watching the two. “You can have one for free, Lily m’dear.” And with that, the baker pulled out the pastry and put it inside a paper bag.

Lily took it graciously and thanked the baker ecstatically.

“Anything for my favorite regular customer.” the baker said with a wink.

Although pleased with the baker’s kindness, Petunia was bothered at the fact that Lily always got what she wanted. No adult could resist her charming smile and ‘adorable’ nature. Adults always had to dote over her, and never took any notice of Petunia—she felt invisible whenever she was with Lily.

After saying good-bye to the baker, Lily and Petunia set off towards their home. The snow was up to Petunia’s ankles, and she had difficulty walking through the snow. Her lips were now cracked and the wind felt as if it were biting at her face.

“Petunia,” Lily said, panting in the attempt to keep up with her. “Can we build a snowman after lunch?”

“No.” Petunia said simply.

Lily frowned. “Why not?”

“First of all, it’s way too cold. And second of all, I’m seven years old—that means I’m too old to waste my time on making a snowman.” Petunia said with a sniff.

“Just because you’re seven doesn’t mean you’re too old for playing in the snow!” Lily said. “And I think you’re just being mean!”

“I’m not being mean!” Petunia said defensively. “All I’m saying is that I don’t want to make a snowman! Now stop annoying me.”

“You are too being mean! You never play with me anymore, and all you ever do since your birthday is boss me around!” Lily said defiantly.

Petunia simply shook her head, and didn’t respond. Neither of them spoke another word to each other for the rest of the walk home.


Petunia was sitting alone in the living room that afternoon, curled up on the couch next to fireplace, reading her favorite book. It was about four children with special abilities, and Petunia had always wished that she was one of them—she dreamed of having special powers and being able to fly, read minds, turn into an animal—but with great disappointment, she’d always have to tell herself that none of it was real…

She gazed out the window and saw Lily determinedly pushing a large ball of snow. Lily pushed and shoved, but the boulder-like snowball would not budge. Setting aside her book, Petunia contemplated the idea of helping Lily. She hoped none of the neighbors would see her…

Finally, Petunia stood up and grabbed her coat and mittens, then stepped outside. Immediately she was hit with a cool blast of freezing air. She walked towards Lily, who was surprised at seeing Petunia arrive.

“Why are you here?” Lily demanded.

“What, can’t I help you build a snowman?” Petunia said, mocking disbelief, but smiling.

Lily gave Petunia a bright smile, and the two began to build. The hour felt like a few minutes, and pretty soon the snowman was built. He had a smile made of coal, and a stick for a nose. (Lily had eaten the carrot.)

“He’s perfect!” Lily exclaimed, admiring the sisters’ work.

“Yes,” Petunia muttered, smiling. “He is.”

How could such a sisterhood have gone so wrong?


A/N I hope you liked it! Not many stories are written about Petunia, which shocks me since I think there’s so much to explore with her character. And you’re probably wondering why she seemed nice-ish, but come on, she’s only seven! Do you think a seven year-old would have been nasty to her little sister? No. There’s a reason why they didn’t get along later on. You’ll just have to keep reading to see how that plays out! And don’t forget to leave a review! :)

P.S: I know this was a short chapter, but it's just a prologue. Hopefully the next chapters will be a bit longer.


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