Part Twenty Seven


My head rested on Scorpius’ bare chest, a blanket pulled over our bodies, as we lay together on the small, plaid sofa in his hidden room. He was asleep now, his chest rising and falling steadily with each inhale and exhale. I had tried to close my own eyes, but I found I couldn’t sleep after everything that had happened.




I hadn’t dashed down to the dungeons to meet him to sleep with him—it had just sort of happened. But I wasn’t upset now. I wasn’t like all of those girls that had sex with a bloke and then cried for weeks over losing their V-card. Scorpius was a gentleman through the whole thing and kept asking if he was moving too fast or going too far, and I didn’t regret what we did. I loved Scorpius, and it didn’t feel wrong in slightest.




I looked at his pale skin, stretched tight over the muscles in his torso. I traced our names with my fingertips on his abdomen. Then I traced I love you.




“I love you, too,” he mumbled.




I sat up, nearly knocking the blanket off of myself. His grey eyes were barely open—it was like he was peeking through his eyelashes at me.




“I didn’t know you were awake,” I said lamely.




He shrugged. “Just woke up.”




I nodded. It felt slightly awkward now that he was awake. I looked down at the blanket covering us. It was a grey comforter with green decorative stitching.




He poked my side. I met his gaze, and his signature half-grin appeared. “Are you okay?”




I nodded again, and then smiled in return. “I’m tired,” I admitted.




He gestured toward himself. “Come lay back down with me.”




I snuggled into his arms, pulling the blanket taught around us. I was afraid that without the comforter’s security, I would feel too exposed for my liking, even though it was obviously just the two of us in the room.




We lay there for several minutes without saying anything. I twirled the ends of my hair in my fingers restlessly. I wanted to talk, but it felt stupid and childish to just ramble after having just done something that was so monumental.




“What’re you thinking about?” I finally asked, breaking the silence.




He shifted slightly. “Meeting your dad,” he said, with an air of honesty.




I groaned. “We still have a month before we have to start worry about that, right?”




He shrugged, and I propped my elbow on the cushion to get a better look at him.




“I guess. You reckon he’ll hate me straight away, or d’you think I’ll have to slip up and say something stupid first?” I could tell he was only half-joking.




I leant in to kiss him quickly and chastely. “Dad won’t hate you… He’s just very … protective of me. But I’m sure Mum has given him a very long speech about how he and your dad don’t need to act like schoolboys anymore, how the war is over, and there’s no need for their idiotic rivalry anymore.”




Scorpius snickered. “Sounds like you’ve heard that speech before.”




“I’ve got it memorized.”




He laughed, and, being so close to him, I could feel his chest rumble with the pleasant sound of his chuckles.




“Besides,” I continued, “Hugo likes you, and Al and Lou have come around. My parents love Hugo best, and Al reminds Dad of Uncle Harry, so he likes him a lot. He’ll trust their instinct, I think.”




“Yeah, and my father will trust Dralia’s opinion on who the next Minister for Magic ought to be,” he responded sarcastically.




I shrugged. “She is a very smart toddler.”






Albus and Jeanette had been very flirtatious ever since the end of the Quidditch game. Every time he and Scorpius would get to talking about Quidditch (which seemed to be every day anymore, really), Jeanette would swoop in, batting her eyelashes and agreeing with every positive comment made about Albus’ chasing ability.




Albus would turn a bright red each time Jeanette started in, and he would sputter some nonsense about how it’s really nothing at all, just a bit of fun, and then Scorpius would just back away carefully, and their strange flirting would ensue.




It was really very, very odd.




But it was a nice change of pace from them being so awkward.




At lunch one day, when Scorpius was sitting at the Gryffindor table with us, Louis came barging in, holding Lily and some boy by the collars of their school shirts. He came marching up to where I sat with Scorpius, Al, and Jeanette, a look of pure annoyance on his face. He thrust the two towards us.




“These idiots were snogging! In the middle of the entrance hall!”




I looked up at him, amused. “So?”




“Snogging in the corridors, Rose! It’s against the rules!”




I rolled my eyes. “So take a few points from their houses, you grumpy goblin. Stop making a scene.” I turned to a very embarrassed Lily, who was looking anywhere but at the boy next to her. “Who is he, Lil?”




She was biting her lip nervously. “This is… Eli.”




“Ah.” I looked over at the boy—he was donning Ravenclaw robes and had brown hair and square-framed glasses. He seemed normal enough. I thrust my hand out. “Rose Weasley.”




He looked at my hand for a minute, back at Lily, and then shook it almost hesitantly. “Uh, Eli. Eli Fillmore.”




“Well, Eli, Lily,” I said, putting on my best Head-Girl voice, “You really should refrain from snogging in the corridors, especially such public ones. I’d normally take ten points each from your houses, but since Louis here has decided to go with the punishment of public humiliation instead, we’ll count this as a warning.”




Louis growled from behind them and stated vehemently, “I’m writing to Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny, though!”




I looked at Lily, who looked mortified. “He won’t, don’t worry about it. Just go on, the both of you.” I waved my cousin off and watched as she and Eli practically ran out of the Great Hall.




I rounded on Louis. “Lou! She has liked that bloke all year! Give her a little privacy, would you?”




Louis looked affronted. “But Al and I are supposed to watch after you and Lil and Rox! It’s our job!”




I looked over my shoulder to where Albus was still flirting shamelessly with Jeanette, and then turned back to Louis. “Does it look like he’s particularly concerned? He seems a bit preoccupied to me.”




“Well, then its double duty for me! I can’t have all my cousins going around and snogging and shagging any random bloke!”




There was a loud sputtering sound from beside me. I turned to see Scorpius, turning quite red and choking. Apparently, Louis’ mention of shagging had bothered him greatly. I shoved a goblet of water towards him and patted his hand reassuringly.




Lou, completely oblivious, slapped my boyfriend on the back heartily. “All right there, Scorpius? Anyway, like I was saying, I can’t have you lot off doing Merlin knows what with Merlin knows who!”




Now I was getting angry. The over-protective gig was getting really very annoying by now. I slammed my pumpkin juice down, and a little of the orange substance slopped over the edge of the cup.




“For your information,” I said rather angrily, “All of us Weasley and Potter girls will do Merlin knows what with Merlin knows who whenever we want, and that, Louis, is that!”




I stood, shouldered my school bag, and marched off to Charms, with Scorpius, still red-faced with embarrassment, running after me.



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