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 The library was relatively quiet at this time in the morning on a Friday. The morning sun bleakly shone through the coloured glass in the windows. Draco and Hermione sat at the long, elegant table in the corner, waiting for the prefects to arrive. It had been a week since their evening in the Heads Tower and Hermione and Draco had been on friendly terms ever since. Although they hadn’t spoke about what they were, friends or whatever it may be, it was a silent understanding. They continued to have hot chocolate together most nights and the slight hint of romance was threatening to form. However, things were uncertain still. Hermione forgave Draco for the past, but how easy is it to go from mortal enemies to friends or lovers in just a few weeks. No, these things took time. There was so much they didn’t know. The unspoken truth that they both felt hung in the air and they knew it. To each other’s amusement and yet deep frustration, they tried so hard to stay away from that particular topic.

'Honestly?! Peppermint toads?' exclaimed Hermione, in disbelief.


'What?!' Draco said aghast. 'They're nice!'


'But how can they be your favourite sweet?'


'They just are! Better than just chocolate frogs, how boring!' He mocked her with a wink. They had been having this argument since they left the Heads Common Room and Draco had unwrapped a peppermint toad.


'Ha Ha..' Hermione replied playfully and softly punched him on the arm.


'Hey!' he pushed her slightly and she giggled. The sound of her girly laugh set Draco off, and the two Heads sat in the silent library, laughing very loudly together.




They silenced immediately and looked around. Eight people were standing there, uncertain, with confused and surprised expressions. Draco's smile faded, but Hermione's didn't falter. He obviously wasn’t yet adjusted to being friendly with a Gryffindor publically. It was an entirely new concept for him, so Hermione let it slide. She looked up at Prefects and pointedly ignored Ron who seemed to be standing very stiffly next to his sister.


'Hi! Thanks for getting up so early. Sit down,' she said brightly and gestures towards to table. Not looking at all reassured, the prefects sat around the table, all muttering 'hi's and 'goodmorning's. Draco nodded curtly but remained silent, much to Hermione’s amusement. Surely he can’t be nervous… With his pride and all…She started the discussion anyway.


‘This year’s going to be busy, naturally with N.E.W.T’s and all, but we want to make it memorable too! Today I think we should organise a few Hogsmeade visits up until Christmas and maybe start thinking about the Ball? What do you all think?’


She’s a natural, thought Draco. Nods of agreements and small smiles appeared on the Prefects faces. Weasley was staring at him hard, and he wondered what he could possibly have done to piss off the ginger. Oh yeah, getting along with his ex…Draco laughed silently to himself. He was suddenly disrupted by a tap to his arm.


‘What?’ He said defensively as he looked at Hermione.


‘Hogsmeade dates! Are you even listening?’ Oh right, he zoned out.


‘Yeah, sorry. How about the end of this month, one for November and two in December?’ Hermione nodded and looked at the prefects,


‘Does everyone agree to this?’ She asked reasonably. More nods.


‘Yeah that works!’ piped up Ginny, ‘Then people can get their Christmas shopping done.’


‘Excellent!’ said Hermione, satisfactorily.


‘What about the Ball? Anyone got ideas for that?’ Draco asked. It seemed many of the prefects were taking back by his less Death Eater like demeanor. He shrugged off their shocked expressions. He knew he’d never be accepted again.


I think we should have a Fairytale theme!’ Pansy drooled whilst gazing adoringly at Draco. Instantly, Hermione felt boiling in her stomach. She was jealous and this was an odd feeling. She clenched her jaw and looked at Draco who was staring at Pansy in disbelief.


‘Of course you do, Parkinson… Any other ideas?’ said Draco coolly. Pansy was taken aback by the use of her last name and dismissal of her idea. She crossed her arms and sat back in her chair, pouting. Hermione tried her hardest to suppress a smile.


‘How about a Mascaraed Ball?!’


‘Dragon themed! After all, you did use one to break out of Gringotts!’


Hermione and Draco looked at each other skeptically. The suggestions were crazy.


‘You know what guys, we’ll sort it out at another meeting. Thanks for coming today and we’ll let you know when the next one is!’ The prefects left in two’s after saying Goodbye, most looked relieved to get out of there. Once they had left, the Heads sat silently at the table in the Library. Draco broke the silence.


‘Well, I’m glad that’s over! Did you see the way Weasel-bee was staring at me! If looks could kill….’


‘Woah, I wouldn’t think a Malfoy would be intimidated!’ joked Hermione, mockingly. He glared at her and she laughed.


‘I’m hungry, we should go get some breakfast.’ Draco stated abruptly.


‘Typical man, always thinking about your stomach.’


‘You’re being awfully cheeky today aren’t you Granger!’


‘Oh, are we back to last name basis now?’ Hermione pretended to be shocked. Draco smiled knowingly.


‘No… we’re not, Hermione. I like first name basis us.’ He said in a perfect voice. Hermione’s stomach flipped. Us.


‘Me too.’ She said as she flushed pink. Her cheeks didn’t go unnoticed by Draco and he obviously found it greatly amusing.


‘Are you blushing, Hermione?!’ he teased.


‘No!’ This only caused her to blush more.


‘Awwww!’ It was her turn to glare at him now and he took a step back in mock fear. Hermione rolled her eyes and continued walking. But… they weren’t heading towards the Great Hall. In fact, she didn’t know where they were.


‘Draco, where are we going?! I thought we were getting breakfast..’


‘We are!’ a grin broke out on his flawless face.


‘But the Great Hall isn’t this way!’


‘I know, I thought we’d go to the kitchens, then we could have breakfast together.’ Oh wow, why is he so perfect! Despite her speechlessness and smiling, Hermione was genuinely touched by this. It was sweet, and she didn’t think sweet was something Draco Malfoy was capable of. They walked in silence the rest of the way, side by side, but still distance between them. It was comfortable and it felt right. It wasn’t long before they were standing in front of the familiar bowl of fruit. Hermione reached out her finger and tiggled the pear. The kitchen was just how she remembered it, warm and cosy, with copper saucepans hanging everywhere. There was a small table near the fireplace and a wooden stool. The last time she had seem that stool, Winky had been there, sipping Butterbeer. She smiled a little, how so much had changed since then. Dobby was here too… With the tea cosy’s on his head, always eager to help.  ‘Harry Potter and Master Weasley, Miss Granger…’ The sound of the little elf’s voice rang in her ears and she laughed sweetly and sadly. Draco looked at her quizzically.


‘Oh, I was just thinking of Dobby…’


‘Ah.. Yeah, me too..’ He replied. Then Hermione remember, Dobby had been the Malfoy’s elf.


‘Despite what you may think, me and Dobby were pretty close when I was young. I had no one else to play with, so Dobby would sit there with me. I was… sad to hear he died actually. He was my first friend.’


Hermione was stunned for a moment, she had never heard Draco say anything emotional about his childhood before. She didn’t know what to do so she smiled and touched his arm.


‘He was a good elf. I liked him…’


‘Yeah, he was… Now food!’ he changed the topic abruptly. Hermione laughed and agreed.


‘What can’s we do for Master Draco and Miss Hermione?’ a small voice said.


‘I’m feeling pancakes…’ Draco suggested and Hermione rolled her eyes.


‘Okay, two plates of pancakes please, with ice cream and strawberries!’ Hermione asked kindly.


‘Of course, Miss! Will be right away!’ The little elves bustled to prepare the breakfast and the two Heads sat down at the little table by the fireplace. Draco observed them as they worked.


‘They really are alright, I suppose…’


‘Ha! Did you just admit house elves were decent?’


‘Yes I did… Oh god, don’t go all S.P.E.W on me now!’ He said jokingly. Hermione turned crimson. How did he know about that?!


‘What? Didn’t think I knew about that?’ He laughed. Hermione blushed ever more.


‘Shhhh!’ This only cause Draco to laugh harder. Hermione was grateful that the elves chose this moment to deliver the pancakes as Draco had to stop laughing. They looked amazing and Hermione couldn’t wait to dig in. They both scoffed their food down quickly, and in complete silence.


‘Gosh, they were delicious!’ Hermione exclaimed. Draco laughed again.


‘Yeah, they’re so good.’ He smiled. As they left the kitchens, they thanked the elves. After that breakfast, classes didn’t look too appealing. Hermione had Ancient Runes, one subject without Draco. As they reached the corridor where they would part, she turned to say goodbye.


‘Well, I suppose I’ll you later in the Common Room?’


Draco smiled adoringly, ‘Of course.’


Hermione smiled and turned to walk away, however she didn’t get very far as someone’s arm spun her around. It was Draco.


‘Did you miss me already?’ she joked.


‘Very funny… I was just wondering… I f you wanted to have dinner with me tonight in the Common Room? Instead of in the Great Hall… Only if you want to of course…’ His eyes twinkled as he spoke. Hermione stopped breathing and was finding it hard to form a coherent sentence. Was his asking me on a date?! For dinner? Alone? Ahh! Pull yourself together!


‘I… I would love to.’ She said as she exhaled. If it was possible, Draco looked relieved.


‘Lovely.’ He said as he swung his bag over his shoulder. ‘Cya later then Hermione!’ And with that, he walked off. Hermione tried to get her head around what had just happened. Sure they were friends now, and pretty close ones at that. But some things had definitely remained unspoken about. And now he had asked her to dinner? Was it even a date? What would this lead to? She groaned as she walked to class, her insides fighting each other with sheer excitement and pure nervousness.


It was six o clock before Hermione got back to the common room that night. She looked around nervously, but it seemed Draco wasn’t here yet. She decided to run up to the bathroom and take a shower quickly before he arrived. The shower was soothing and helped calm her nerves. She didn’t even know WHY she was so nervous! It was absolutely ridiculous. It was just Malfoy! Well … It was Draco… She stood in just a towel in her room. Her trunk was open and clothes were sprawled everywhere! She didn’t know what to wear. Was this a real date? Should she dress up? In the end, she threw on a simple navy blue dress, that came to just above her knees. It was modest and elegant but somewhat casual at the same time, playing it safe. She added a black cardigan and small black flats. With a look in the mirror, she decided she was satisfied. She didn’t know if Draco was in yet, or what they were even doing for dinner but she walked down the staircase anyway.


To her great surprise, Draco was in. He was sitting at a table he must have conjured with candles and all. There were two chairs, and he occupied one. The other was arranged so it was slightly pulled back. There were two bottles of Butterbeer and two plates with what looked like lasagne. It was truly perfect and Hermione was overwhelmed by the effort he had gone to. She just smiled as she walked over to him. As she reached the table, he stood up like a true gentlemen. Hermione saw he was wearing jeans and a crisp black shirt. Casual and dressy. He was perfect.


Draco’s eyes gazed over the woman in front of him, in a beautiful, dark dress. He let a hollow whistle, which caused her to blush and giggle a little. He liked it when she blushed, it was rather cute.


‘You look stunning.’ He said, charmingly as he gestured her to sit down with him. She smiled broadly and it was a pretty sight to see.


‘Thank you,’ Hermione said nervously. This was a date and she was actually excited about it. ‘I didn’t know what to wea-‘


‘It’s fine, no… It’s perfect’ Draco smiled.


‘Draco, this is amazing. How did you do all this?’


‘Magic.’ He said with a wink and Hermione smiled, amused.


‘Right, how could I not have known!’ she said as if it was obvious. ‘I really wasn’t expecting this…’


Draco paused, unsure. ‘Do you like it?’


‘Of course!’ Hermione said quickly. He looked cute, with his eye brows furrowed like that but his face relaxed when she reassured him. ‘It’s wonderful!’


‘Good! Now dig in! You don’t want it getting cold!’


‘Yes sir!’ said Hermione, jokingly and they both laughed. The lasagne tasted so good and they both finished relatively quickly. Dinner was great and they laughed and talked throughout it all. Hermione realised that she more than ‘liked’ Draco now. He was charming and endearing and funny. She didn’t know how she felt about more than liking him, but honestly she didn’t care. He was making her happy. After dinner, they sat by the fire, still on separate arm chairs and drank Draco’s hot chocolate. Suddenly, Draco had an idea.


‘Hermione, do you want to go for a walk?’ Hermione was taken aback.


‘What now? Its night time!’


‘You’re such a goody-two-shoes!’ he laughed, ‘Of course now, silly!’


Hermione rolled her eyes and looked at him scathingly.


‘Ah okay then, lets go.’




Before Hermione could even begin to consider what she was doing, she found herself walking through the castle at night with Draco Malfoy. And strangely, it didn’t feel wrong. They didn’t walk for very long and as they came to the Astronomy Tower, Draco walked over to the balcony. This was their destination. Hermione joined him and they looked over the lake, the moon reflecting on its watery surface.


‘Its beautiful, really.. Isn’t it…’ he said. Hermione looked up at him.


‘Yeah it is…’ however, she wasn’t sure if she was talking about the scenery or him. He looked down at her and smiled warmly.


‘A lot has changed, hasn’t it.’


‘That’s for sure, I never thought I’d be having romantic dinners and late night walks with you.’


He grimaced and brought his hand up to stroke her cheek. Hermione’s heart stopped. He was actually touching her! And she liked it.


‘Dance with me..’ he asked. And with a flick of his wand, soft music played. Hermione smiled down at the ground. Surely this was a dream? They rotated and swayed in circles to the gentle song. Hermione had honestly never felt as safe and peaceful. She was happy! Draco’s heart beated furiously against his ribcage. He never thought he’s be this nervous around a girl. It was almost comical that Hermione Granger was doing this to him. But he liked it, a lot. She had rested her head in the crook of his neck. He had to say it now… He couldn’t wait any longer.


‘Hermione…’ he whispered. She looked up at him. ‘I… I like you.. a lot. I know that we’ve had our…. differences in the past… But I promise I’m different now. I’ve tried to be your friend, but I don’t think I can do that without falling for you anymore. That night in the hospital wing, when you came to see me, I’ve never felt happier. It’s crazy, absurd that this is happening really… Who would have thought… And like you would even give a former death eater a second chance right… But i’m falling for you, Hermione, more than I ever dreamt I would.’


Hermione stared at him in awe for a few moments. But it felt like years. She looked into his silver eyes which contained hope and longing. Her heart was beating fast and her stomach was flipping, but she was smiling broadly. She had never been happier. He was right, this was absurd, Draco Malfoy making her the happiest she’d ever been. But it was right, and she knew it. She leant up on tip toes and his lips met hers. This kiss was slow and gentle but the passion was powerful. Draco’s hand knotted in Hermione’s hair and her hands went to the back of his neck. She lost all thought, only that she was kissing Draco. His lips against hers, moving perfectly. Pleasure clouded her mind and she felt bliss inside. As they broke apart, they both smiled longingly at each other. Draco pulled her close and kissed her forehead gently. It was going to be a hell of a ride, but it was going to be worth it. She was all he needed, she made him happy and that was everything. He couldn’t help but smile as he looked into the starry night, with Hermione’s small frame in his arms. Hermione sighed with happiness. Somehow, the unexpected are the best things that happen to us.





Wow, so i haven't update in ages! But its holidays now and i rediscovered my love for fanfiction! A big change happened in this chapter, and i'm not 100% sure with it yet, but i'd love feedback! Let me know what you think guys :D And im sooooo sorry for the long wait... :S ~LadyMalfoyx

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