“Hiya Mommy. Guess what?”

“You accidently flushed you brain down the toilet?”

“You’re mean.”

“I’m honest.”

“I’m hurt”



“Very mature Black”

“James. OI JAMES!!!!”


That boy will never grow up. There, he’s off to complain to James again. It’s always the same, and when I say always, I mean always.


“James you’re being deceived! She’s a Death Eater in disguise I’m telling you. She’s plotting against us! She’s planning on flushing my brain down the toilet! James, JAMES!!!!”


I walked towards the dining room levitating our dinner with me. I don’t have to be in the living room to know what’s happening. I told you right? This happens everyday! Sirius tries to play some prank on me, gets a nice telling off, runs to James and tells him how evil I am while James says something to soothe him. I just don’t know how he does that. I mean, how can you soothe a six feet tall, amazingly built twenty-one year old baby?


“Come off it Padfoot you know she’s only joking”

“She’s NOT!”


“I’m hurt”

“I love you more than I love her. Feel better?”


I can actually hear him grinning. Want to know what usually happens next? I continue preparing the dinner table and he comes scampering to tell me the good news.  Scampering.


Here he comes.


“HA! He loves me more than he loves you. In your face Evans”

“I happen to be Potter now”

“You wish!”


And he goes scampering back to James.


I’m telling you this happens every single day. You know what’s weirder than that? I enjoy it. Sirius is like our eldest son and believe me when I say this, Harry is following in his brother’s footsteps very obediently.


“James, bring the two kids. Dinner is served”

“We are not hungry”

“Just get your bonny arse in here Black”



He’s whining. He’s actually whining. Oh didn’t I tell you? Whining is another one of his traits.


“James tell her that I don’t have a bonny arse”

“Lily he doesn’t have a bonny arse”


This is when I decide to walk in. Storm in more likely.


Oh. My. God.


They’re doing it. They’re actually doing it. They’re flying.


On nothing.


“How the… Wha- What the bloody hell!”

“See Evans, Voldy is not the only one that can fly. Not anymore.”

“How are you doing that?”

“Nah ah. We’re not telling you.”

“Fine. James? How’re you doing that?”


James landed safely and smoothly on the sofa. He patted the seat next to him asking me to join. As I sat next to him he drew me closer, rapping his arms around me.


“It’s simple Lily. It’s sort of like opening your third eye. You know what I mean?”

“You mean, it’s a state of mind?”


Sirius landed right next to me heavily. Dropped on me more likely.


“Yeah Evans and you can’t do it, because you’re like, too mean.”


I turned to James.


“Do you think he’ll ever grow up?”

“Not even remotely possible”


Sirius sat up straight abruptly.


“What? You’re taking her side?”

“No Padfoot you know I love you just as you are”

“HA! That’s two for me and nada for you Evans.”


 I give up.

“No you can’t”

Wait I didn’t say that out loud did I? How th-

“No you didn’t”


Sirius is resting his head on the arm of the sofa, wearing the biggest smirk on his face and that’s saying something. He only smirks this much when…



“You don’t have to scream Mommy. You just have to think.”


I turn to James to demand that he removes Sirius from the house immediately when…




It only made the two of them burst out laughing, which meant…




They’re now rolling on the floor, laughing, which makes me storm out of the room. How dare they? It’s my head. They have no bloody right whatsoever! Ugh why am I even surprised? This is James and Sirius, Padfoot and Prongs we’re talking about.


I slam our bedroom door shut behind me. I’m never going to let either of them come within ten yards of me. Ugh the nerve of them.



“Go away!”

“Hey come on. We’re sorry”


He sounds genuinely sorry. I’m probably overreacting. He’s my husband after all. Why can’t he take a look inside my head?


But Sirius…


“Lils open the door. Please?”



“Get out”

“I’m coming in”

“Don’t you dare”


And he apparates in. What is with these two?


“Lils I’m sorry”

“Go away”


“I’ll hex you”

“You don’t have your wand”


There he goes again. That smirk! Ugh it’s so annoying when he smirks like that.


Because it’s so hot.


I know.




“Come on Lils. Can’t I know what’s going on inside your head?”


“Why not?”

“It’s my head”

“Now it’s mine”


He covered the distance between us with one stride and lifted me off my feet and into his arms. Is there even a point in struggling against him? Well no but I love seeing his muscles flex when he-


“You only have to ask and I’ll show you any time”

Now I’m really mad.

“You do realize that your whole face turns red when you’re really mad don’t you?”

I’m not thinking anything.

“You’re adorable you know, when you turn beetroot.”

Face, I’m warning you, stop blushing.

“Or else?”

“I hate you”

“Is that why you’re blushing?”


This is the moment when you scream inside your head.


“Merlin Lils that’s loud”

“I hate you”

“You sound like Padfoot”


Insert ear splitting scream.


And a very powerful kiss.


He just brought his lips crashing down on mine. And do I need to say that I love it?



“Stop it James please”

“Lils I love it. You’re so innocent you know that? I love listening to all your thoughts.”

“For how long have you been doing this?”

“Since the day you said yes”

“What about before that?”

“I had no right to”

“And now you do?”

“And now I do”


He captured my lips in his, dropping me on the bed. He kissed me like there is no tomorrow, like this is our grand exit from the physical world. But even though this is the last we spend on Earth, it wouldn’t be the last day we spend together. We’re one in two contraptions called bodies, but we’re one in heart and soul.


As we became one in body I got that strange feeling of content. The feeling of being home.


We spent the whole night in complete bliss, melting into each other.


Until the dawn brought with it the Twenty First of October, Nineteen Eighty One.


Hey guys! Thank you all for reading. I know this is very short, but it’s something that suddenly came into my head, readymade :D Please let me know what you think J I love your opinions.


Love you all.

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