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Rebuilding Life by Jinx Labelle
Chapter 10 : Bloodshed
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Draco was awoke by a quiet humming noise and blinked sleepily at the bedroom which was bathed in silver light.He pulled himself up and stretched.Hermione hummed and moaned in her sleep,beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

"No "She breathed quietly.

Draco shook her gently .

"No!"She moaned ,louder this time.

"Hermione"Draco spoke as he shook her slightly harder this time.

Her eyelids fluttered.

"Oh Draco "

"It was just a nightmare"

She nodded meakly at him and gazed into his eyes.

"It was horrible,the car ,the people ....."She trailed off .

"I know ,I know it's in the past now.I won't ever let it happen again I swear"Draco hushed as he stroked her wild hair.

Hermione relaxed a little feeling reassured by her husbands words.

"I'm going downstairs ,do you want a drink?"

"Tea please"

Hermione got up off the bed struggling slightly because of her expanding stomach.She smiled at him before leaving the room.Draco listened to her dainty footsteps descending the stairs .Soon the click of the kettle could be heard also.

Draco was dropping off when a sudden scream shattered him from his dozy state.Instinctivly he jumped out of bed and bolted down the stairs almost tripping at the bottom.

"Hermione!"He shouted in a panic ."Hermione!"

What he saw in the front room was not what he expected.His mother lay panting against the wall covered in blood.A deep gash ran along her cheek and deep bruises were forming on her arms.Hermione stood motionless in her nighty ,spilt tea surrounding her feet .Suddenly she seemed to snap out of her daze.

"Oh Narcissa what happend?"She exclaimed with tears in her eyes.

"He came"She whispered .

Draco came forward to take his mothers hands .

"Who came?" Draco asked frantically.

"Lucius"She gasped as she collapsed on the carpet into a bloody heap.

"No,no,NO!"Draco screamed as he frantically attended to his mother .

Hermione ran upstairs to get her wand .Upon reaching it she sent of an emergency flare spell to alert the emergency medi witches .With that Hermione came back downstairs as quick as she could .

"We need to try and stop the bleeding she's lost a lot of blood"Hermione spoke as calmly as she good.

Draco made a grab for a nearby tea towel and pressed it to what seemed to be the biggest cut,the one on her cheek.Hermione came over clutching various rags and ripped off Narcissas jacket.A deep ,jagged wound seeped blood on her stomach so Hermione tried in vain to stop the bleeding .

"Hello?"An familiar voice called from the hallway .

"Oh Luna in here !"Hermione cried.

Luna and another witch ran into the room.Upon seeing Narcissa they rushed over and began performing various spells to her .

"What happend?"Luna asked as she placed a pillow under Narcissas drooping head.

"My bloody father"Draco snarled.

"Okay ,you need to alert the Aurors ,I'm going to have to take your mother to hospital"She replied calmly .

With that Luna and the other witch prepared Narcissa for emergency apparation .

"Are you coming ?"Luna asked "We need to go now"

"Hermione you go "Draco replied flatly.


"Just go I have other business to attend to"


"Just go"

Hermione looked down before silently taking Lunas hand .Then there was a loud pop and the party disappeared .

"That pathetic excuse of a man!"Draco hissed before apparating .


"Oh father"Draco shouted menacingly through the empty manor.


"You pathetic excuse of a man ,beating your wife ,harming your son , you coward"He screamed into the emptiness .

Then he noticed a shadow shift at the bottom of the hall.Draco stepped forward quietly and then ran over to the shadow.

"There you are"Draco snarled as he grabbed his fathers throat.

"Draco,you disappointment"His father spat .

Dracoshook his head in fury.

"You!You hurt my mother ,you raised me to be a malicious purist,you made me join something I never wanted to "He shouted down at his father.

Lucius smiled slightly."I did my duty ,it's not my fault you were weak"

"Weak?Weak?Your the ones that weak.You almost killed a woman you coward "He whispered to him loathingly.

"Yes you are weak.You can't even kill me ."Lucius snarled.

Draco didn't say anything.

"Do it ,I know you want to .Kill me"Lucius breathed into his sons ear.

Draco pointed his wand at his fathers neck .He stood there for a long time tremble long before dropping his hand.

Lucius smiled and stepped back.

"I knew you didn't have it in you"He laughed before apparating into thin air.

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Rebuilding Life: Bloodshed


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