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 31st October

My heart pounded dangerously, when they say it feels like there heart is going to burst out of their chest, they ain’t lying!

Neville and Luna walked beside me both looking scared as hell, well Neville, he was pale the colour of paper. Luna however looked excitedly around at everything it was almost as though she had been waiting for this adventure.

I don’t know what I’m feeling. I’m bloody frightened out of my mind that’s for sure but that feeling sort of gave me a rush of eagerness and thrill flooded through me as though the feeling of being scared out of my mind gave me this. Perhaps I liked the feeling of being afraid. No- that sounds bad, how can anyone like the feeling of that, it’s a horrible thought.

Stupid me.

Then why the hell do I feel like this?

Oh well, focus Ginny, focus.

I’ve been so used to telling myself to focus this year I’ve stopped bothering. I’ve at least said it one hundred times in the two months that I’ve been as school, every lesson, doing homework that entails being horrible to muggles and explaining the wand movements for the killing curse, when I’m in detention, trying to get asleep at night. So yeah! I’ve said it a lot.

“Should we just go back now?” Neville whispered to me looking around the corner to check if anyone has coming.

Oh god, I haven’t even told you what were up too, you must be thinking “what the hell are we doing out and sneaking about” Stupid me forgot to tell you. Were going out to steal the sword of Gryffindor, nothing major just about to risk our lives for this god forsaken war. So yeah, its not much of a big deal.

What the hell!  OF COURSE IT’S A BIG DEAL.

“No, we’ve come this far and we can’t just go into the great hall, it would draw to much attention” I whispered back madly at him. I know I shouldn’t be mad but were here now.

“What if there are nargles all in there or wrackspurts, they can get into your brains and infect it. Some have been known to be deadly” Luna said joyfully.

Me and Neville glanced at each other but said no more.
The final corridor until we reached the office arrived.

It was pitch black, the only thing that was letting us see was the reflection of the moon on the windows.

It was almost full moon.

It was also Halloween, we should be at the fest, but really its not a feast, the food is the same as usual (which still hasn’t got any better) and on most feasts we can actually talk, today everyone has to be silent while talking.

Of course there is the odd dare devil who passes noted under the table but they always get caught, we’ve stopped bothering now.

The D.A. was going strong, our secret wasn’t out yet and I only hoped that it would stay that way.

A door creaked.

The two of us (me and Neville, Luna didn’t even flinch) Turned around instantly, eyes wide afraid of what was there.

Bright yellow eyes. They reminded me of Crookshanks (Hermione’s cat). Who incase you didn’t know had just disappeared like a year ago (strange cat) I think it was sad that Sirius died to it wanted to mourn (again, strange cat)

Anyway, I’m done rambling.

It came into the light of the moon and showed its scruffy fur. Off course bloody Mrs. Norris. Who I’m sure is bloody evil, he knows everyone’s business. It wouldn’t surprise me if she/ he (never knew what gender that can is) pulled out a marauders map.

Neville trembled beside me. Slowly he backed away.

And Luna still had no idea what was going on. She’s just too carefree she is, it scares me sometimes.

“Go away” I hiss at Mrs. Norris who just mimics me and hisses back.

Horrible cat- I moan way to much.

Actually I like cats. I very much like cats. In my first year everyone thought I was depressed because someone had petrified Mrs Norris. Of course that wasn’t the reason, but I like cats. They are cute and are nice to cuddle- Mrs Norris is not.

“Don’t tell it to go away. I like Mrs Norris. The cats really cute… even though it does tell on me, but I think that it only does that because its scared of Mr Filch” Luna smiled to herself still looking at Snape’s office’s gargoyle.

“Lets just get in quick” Neville almost ran over to it wanting to get away from the cat.

“We’ll have to hurry because its going to go get Filch in a minute and to be honest I don’t fancy getting a detention” I panicked, also moving over to the gargoyle.

When I looked back the cat was gone, only a little furry tail being flicked behind the door did I see.

“What’s the password?” Neville ask

“Emerald eyes” I answered, sounding totally stupid, but whatever.

“I know it sounds silly, but that’s the password”

“Emerald eyes!” Neville pronounced sounding a big wary, almost scared I was tricking him. As if I would do anything like that!

Without a word of warning the gargoyle bounced to life. Neville gave a squeak, he’d never been in his office again.

We had to hurry, no doubt was the troublesome cat already at filch, I just hope filch is a slower runner than we are, or that he won’t go get Snape and the Carrows. If he does then I might as well go jump out of a window, it might save me some pain.

That was a joke by the way, I’m not really going to jump out of a window.

I’m sick of it all though, the Carrows teaching us dark arts and pressuring students to support the dark side, Snape sitting back being a coward as usual, Filch once again going over to the side that has the most power and us students powerless to do anything.

There is no such thing as rights at Hogwarts, we just don’t have any.

Hogwarts has come somewhat of a prison here without Harry and its getting worse by the day. More and more students are getting injured and hurt, I even saw a first year come out of the portrait room with a bloody eye the other day. Its sick.

Anyway back to the present.

The room was dark, Snape was finally out of his office and was actually in the hall today for the so-called feast that was currently going on to celebrate Halloween.

We all entered the office, perhaps one of us should have stayed outside, but what-ever. I don’t really care if I get caught Infact the thought of that gives me a slight sense of excitement.

Perhaps I’m getting this feeling because finally I’m apart of this war and am actually helping out rather than sitting down and going along with what the dark side has to say.

I fell pathetic when I put it that way.

“There it is. That sword killed the basilisk that Harry killed to save Ginny” Luna whispered dreamily staring up at the blade with intense interest “Its quite beautiful isn’t it”

I nodded slowly looking up at Dumbledore’s portrait, he was currently asleep his head resting on the arm of the chair. He looked extremely funny but I kept myself from laughing, Infact I swear I felt a tear slide down my cheek.

Focus Ginny! You’re here for a reason.

“I can’t reach it Ginny. I’m too small” Luna said hopelessly

“Well I’m not much taller than you, Neville you go” I say standing back. I’m quite small (shamefully) and If Luna can’t reach it then I won’t have much help either.

“Why can’t we just use a wingandiaum leviousa spell to get it down” Neville said nervously looking at the sword as though it was an impossible task.

“Well unless you want some kind of alarm going off then please feel free to try it” I say back with irritation floating through my voice. Be calm Ginny, be calm.

“Then why would it work if we just go grab it, surly a alarm would go off” Neville debated.
I thought for a minute, why were we taking it with our hands? Surely it was more dangerous.

Before I could even open my mouth to come up with some ridicules excuse Luna answered “All the death eaters don’t like muggles, there for they wouldn’t put enchantments around it to stop muggle actions. They would expect people to use spells to get the sword, not their hands” Luna pronounced more loudly than was wise.
“Just do it Neville”

Once I said that Neville immediately went up. His face in plain concentration but his eyes shower immense fear of what was about to happen. He feared the unknown, because that’s all were really scared off.

There was movement outside, shouting had started and I knew at once our time was up, if we wanted to get out of this we have to do it now. Not in two minutes, now!

“Neville get it!”

He ran the rest of the way, he grabbed the sword and all three of us legged it to the door. Luna was the slowest of us all and was behind us. Me being first (my quiddittch skills has paid off) managed to reach the door and I swung it open quickly.

We doubled back immediately.

There standing with his arms crossed and his eyes switching between the three of us was Severus Snape in a long black clock that he usually wears (does the guy ever change)

The Carrows was behind him smirking as though they finally achieved something.

I could feel my heart beating, I felt like it was about to burst open with how fast it was going, and I could feel Neville’s next to me doing the same.

The air became intense and even Luna suddenly became quite and oddly aware of her surroundings.

Were so dead, we are so, so dead.


“I will ask you again, why are you in my office and why do you happen to have the sword of Gryffindor in your hand which was currently under protection under the dark lords orders” Snape shouted at us, his hands curling around his desks, I felt like he wanted to pounce at us and strangle us to our deaths.

We stayed silent.

Neville was shaking madly net to me, looking at the ground to scared to look up into Snape’s eyes. Even Luna couldn’t look at him but was instead looking up at the portraits surrounding the room pretending to not have a care in the world as usual, but I saw through her; her eyes showed how frightened she was, Luna is just a good actress that’s all.

I however forced myself to look at him, I needed to prove something to him to show that I am not as cowardly as he is.

“We were stealing the sword” I said honestly, I really hope there wasn’t a hint of fear in my voice, that would just give me away. Anyway we might as well tell the truth, were not going to get away with this. I’ll be either at home this time tomorrow or dead, I think I prefer dead at this minute.

I mean can you image what my mum will have to say, she’d be the one to kill me and it wouldn’t be pretty so in the end I’ll be dead anyway no matter what happens, I might as well just get it over and done with now and let the death eaters kill me in one nasty curse than face my mothers wrath.

It would save me so much time and pain (not to forget shouting)

“And why would that be” Snape snarled making sure I heard every word.

Even Neville looked up. He was staring at me with disbelieve and warning. Me being me ignored it.

“Because were not on your side, we are on Harry’s side whether you like it or not”

The words escaped my lips before I could stop them and the moment Harry’s name came up I suddenly stopped breathing, memories came flooding back to me and I felt extremely dizzy as though I was about to fall over.

And the feeling felt so amazing.

He eyed me for a minute or two, I was violated well at least I felt so.

“I must say you are extremely brave Weasley, I’ll give you that. But you dare say another word against the dark lord you will be out of this school before you can say potter

Then Carrow number one stood up (Amycus Carrow) staring up at the headmaster with disbelief flashing onto his face “You mean your not going to kill her, or at least expel her. Your going to let them go”

“I will give them a detention with Hagrid. he needs some help with something dark and dangerous in the forbidden forest” I small smirk escaped Snapes lips.

He was no longer looking at me but was instead pacing the room, he was obviously irritated about something.
“go! Before I change my mind”

I had heard those words so many times before by the Carrows and I was sick of it.

But I left anyway.

Why the hell is this year going so slow


A/N I’ve been getting some reviews asking why the chapters are so slow going and how the story is going slow, this is because I wanted to make it seem like the year was going slow for Ginny and everything and make you feel like that too

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