Last time: Lily has decided to be James fake girlfriend and her mother Marilyn is VERY excited.

After a quick shower I found the clothes that Sally had brought over, a simple off white dress that would sit above my knees, she had also brought my favourite piece of jewellery; I guess her way of saying sorry of the dress. It was a simple lily locket that sat on a long gold chain that reached my belly button. Once I had the clothes on I ran a rush quickly through my hair and I was about to pull it into a messy bun to hide the long locks when Sally cracked into the room.

"I'm sorry Miss Lilly, but I have come to do your hair for you. I know you don't wish it but I'm sure you will look very pretty for the Potter boy." She smiled at me.

I nodded her okay and let her set to work on my hair.

I couldn't think of life without Sally, she was just part of the family. She normally ate dinner with us and we bought her gifts for Christmas and her birthday.

She softly did something with my hair for about ten minutes before telling me I was all set and showing me her hard work in a mirror.

My hair was down bulled to one side like last night with a braid through it. Sally tried to put makeup on be but I convinced her not to, she insisted that I at least put on mascara. I grabbed my the plain white bag that had also been laid out for me and put my wand in it and set off to go have breakfast.

Walking into the kitchen the first person to see me was James. He was looking good in gray tee-shirt that showed off his muscle-y arms. He looked up from his massive stack pancakes and smiled at me.

"Hope there is some food left for me?" I teased nodding towards the huge pile of food on his plate.

"Only if you hurry." James laughed.

"Ah, Liliana there you are." Said Alison looking up from her pumpkin juice. "Once the post gets here we will head off to get clothes for you."

I was about to protest and try and get out of shopping when mum cleared her throat and shot me a pointed look.

I rolled my eyes and looked around the kitchen table. Seeing some fruit salad I scooped it into my breakfast bowl and begin to eat.

I think I had gotten through about half of my fruit when two owls came flying through the window both carrying about five magazines each.

Alison leapt up and just about ran over to them. She snatched the magazine that was closest to her. My mother who was slightly further away got there soon after. Not getting up myself I watched their facial expressions. They both looked over the moon.

Mum read allowed. "'Potter's in love'"

I snorted and James laughed.

"'Has our bad boy finally settled down?'" Read Alison from another cover.

There were many more like the first two.

"Well I don't think I could have asked for a better result. This is perfect." Beamed Alison passing over a magazine for me to see.

I was on the front cover with James arm wrapped around my shoulders; I had a worried expression on my face. The photo was nice enough but my hair looked too nice. I was still not used to seeing it red yet.

"Okay, we don't have a moment to spare, lets go, lets go, lets go." Rushed my mother, Alison beamed at her. I think they were going to become good friends.

††††† 3 hours and too many dresses later †††††

"So what is this dress going to be for?" I asked as I slipped the millionth dress over my head.

"Well you and James have to make some kind of début so I was thinking the annual going back to school party, there is always media at those kind of things. I was thinking of letting it slip that you and James will be there and that way there will be maximum coverage. It will be happening tomorrow night (31 of august) at the Weasley house so we have to make sure you look amazing." She finished. Alison was soon to be my least favourite person in the world. I have to go to the bloody night before school goes back party.

After another forty-five minutes later we found the perfect dress. It was a black lace thing that showed 'just the right amount of skin' as Mum and Alison had put it. The dress sat above my knee and we got some stunning burgundy pumps to match. It was decided that I would wear the necklace that I had on today because it could become my 'calling card' whatever that is.

Once the shopping was done we said goodbye to Alison and made our way home. I had nothing better to do for the rest of the afternoon so I re-read my school textbooks for the 10th time. I was a little like the famous Hermione Weasley when it came to school. I like to do well, and I needed to keep my grades up if I was to get into the Auror program.

I wonder how tomorrow is going to turn out, there will be so many people from school there and all the girls are going to hate me once they find out I'm 'dating' James Potter.

Waking up the next morning I thought of my dream. I had dreamed of James Potter. Nothing dirty, mind you, we were just sitting and talking. It was nice. I stretched my arms above my head and looked around my room. My trunk for school was packed and sitting on my window seat with books in stacks around it. I was all packed for school tomorrow. The outfit we had bought yesterday was hanging on my mirror. This sight bought butterflies to my belly. What if it all ended badly and Alison's plan didn't work? What would happen then?

I didn't have any more time to worry because my train of thought was broken by Sally appearing in my room.

"Miss Lily, you must get ready now! The young Potter boy is down stairs waiting for you. He said to tell you to bring a hat. Don't know why, such a strange thing to say." Sally mumbled the last part, I was curious too.

"Thanks Sal's. Could you please tell him I will be down it a few." I replied. The house elf smiled at her nickname.

I walked over to my walk-in-robe trying to find an outfit that mother dear hasn't put together. No suck luck, she must have gotten rid of all my favourite clothes while I was staying at the Potter's. She had always wanted to.

I flicked through and found some nice blue jeans and a deep red knit jumper that I put on over a plain skin-tight long sleave top. Remembering what Alison had said, I found my necklace and put that on too.

Sally had hung a pretty straw hat with a small rim on the door handle of my room, she had also left a note stuck to the door:

Madam Marilyn and Miss Alison have asked that you wear mascara, sorry. I know you look pretty without it.

Love Sally.

I smiled; she was such a sweet thing. Doing as I was told I added a few coats to my lashes and rushed out to meet James.

"Well don't you look beautiful." Said James when I walked into the living room. Sally was sitting next to him nodding.

"You know you don't have to flirt with your fake girlfriend." He laughed at my reply.

"I see you have a hat." He said nodding towards the hat in my hand.

"Yep," I said popping the 'p'. "But why?"

"We are going out, and unless you want everything you say in Witch Weekly tomorrow I would suggest you tie your hair up as well." I laughed at his reason, it did make sense.

Not bothering about the hair tie I flipped my hair forwards and stuffed it all into the hat.

"All set." I smiled, laughing a little when I saw James pull out a beanie and sunglasses and put them on.

"So where are we going?" I asked when we left my house.

"My third favourite place in the whole wide world." James smiled wrapping his arm round my shoulder. "Ready to go?"

I nodded and he aparated.

When I looked up I saw that we were inside a beautiful little bookshop. I looked up a James in surprise; I did not peg him as the reading type.

"I know, bit of a shock yeah? But I love this place." I smiled at this. I really didn't know James as well as I thought I did.

After spending a few hours looking through the thousands of books, both magical and muggle alike we left the shop. On the way out I saw the name; Mooney's Books.

I grabbed James hand; he looked down at me with a confused look.

"Well I am your girlfriend." He laughed knowing I was right. Alison told me whenever we were in public; even if we are alone we still have to act.

"So if that was only your third favourite place what are the two that beat it?" I asked James when we sat down on a near by park bench. It looked out over a valley. It was a really beautiful site.

"Well my favourite place in the whole world is Hogwarts." He said, on that I would have to agree. Hogwarts was truly amazing.

"And your second?" I asked leaning into his shoulder more.

"That is a little more predictable, my uncle Gorges joke shop." He said smiling.

"Well that place is pretty amazing."

We talked about our favourite things for about another hour till my tummy rumbled.

"I think we really should feed that thing." James laughed. "I'm guessing you skipped breakfast?"

I nodded, I really am quite hungry.

We both jumped up and James led the way over to a quiet looking café. There were not many people in the shop but the tables and chairs outside were completely empty. That would be the safer place to sit.

A little old lady came out completely dressed in purple. She was very sweet and took our orders promising they would be out soon.

I was having pasta considering it was lunchtime and James ordered potato and leak soup.

The food had just arrived when I heard an excited scream coming from inside the shop. James and I turned around to see where the noise came from but couldn't really see all that well with the sunlight shining onto the window of the shop.

We both just ignored the noise and continued with our lunch. I was learning a lot about James that I never knew. When the subject of school came up I was surprised that he knew a lot about the books we were reading. Seeing my look of surprise James said, "you really think that I get such good marks in school without reading the books in advanced?" He laughed again.

"You really are not the person I though you were James Potter." Smiled back, one of my rare full smiles that showed the veela in me. He looked shocked and spluttered a bit before he spoke again.

We had been sitting at the café for about half an hour and were finished with our lunch, James stood up and offered his hand to help me up.

"Come on, we better pay and go. I think we have been a little too lucky so far." He looked around worried as if searching for reporters sitting in the bushes. The wind had picked up a bit and I had to hold onto the hat. It was getting a bit chilly too.

"Are you cold?" He asked. I kind of shrugged, even though it was true. James unwrapped the gray scarf that was around his neck and handed it to me.

"Thanks." I said after talking it from his hand. This time he shrugged and wrapped his arm around me again. He was a fair bit taller than me so the top of my head only came up to his shoulder.

We both walked into the shop and James payed. As we walked back to the shop door James pulled ahead to open it for me. Very sweet of him. As I stepped through a big guest of wind blew and knocked the hat off my hair, letting my red curly locks billow down my back. James made a run for the hat and I was about to put it back on to cover up my hair but it was too late, about thirty reporters were already surrounding us. Shit!

We made a run for it, James still had his arm wrapped around me and when he stopped I hugged closer to him hiding my face from the reporters. James then quickly aparated is away, but not before the reporters had taken hundreds of shots.

We burst into his bedroom. I let out a laugh, "well you were right James, it was to good to be true." We both laughed together.

"I talked to Alison this morning, before I cam over to your house." He said sitting on his bed.

"Before you go any further, can we please go to my house. I'm not sure what time Sally wants me there to get ready and she is bloody scary when she is rushing." He let out a laugh.

"I know, before you came down stairs she gave me a good talking to, saying even though we were fake dating if I ever hurt you she would make my life a living hell." He said laughing. I burst out laughing too. That was just like Sally, even though she was up to my hip she sure liked to act like both of my parents put together. James wrapped his arm around me and we suddenly appeared in my bedroom. James used his wand to move all my stuff from the window seat to my bed so we could sit down together.

"You were saying about Alison?" I asked. He blushed. Oh god, what had she said.

"I don't think you're going to like what I have to say very much." I gulped. "She said that tomorrow at the station we should kiss in front of the train. I quote 'it would make a very good photo opportunity'." I blushed and laughed at the same time. I can imagine her saying that. "She also said that we should practise kissing so that the first one wouldn't look awkward and like a first kiss."

"And let me guess, my mother thought this was an amazing idea?" I laughed trying to ease the tension in the room.

"Yeah, Alison said your mother was very enthusiastic about the whole thing." James said laughing. This whole kissing topic made me realise how close we were sitting together. Our legs were touching and our faces were only a small distance apart.

"So are you going to slap me if I kiss you right now?" He asked. I pretended to think about it very hard and then laughed; I suppose it is just what we have to do.

I shook my head. No I wasn't going to slap him if he kissed me. He nodded and leaned closer our lips were almost touching, "thankyou again for doing this."

Then his lips touched mine and it felt so right, even though we were only fake dating this kiss was amazing, really awkward but amazing. James put his hands on the small of my back pulling me closer. I reached forward with my hands and put them around his neck. I was mashed up against him and his back was on the wall of the window seat when I finally pulled away, we were both gasping for breath.

"So do I pass?" I asked, laughing.

"I think Alison will be proud." He smiled. "Well I better let you go and get ready, I'll be back at seven to pick you up."

I looked over to the clock on my bedside table, it was freeken 6:00pm. Shit I was soo running late. James laughed at my panicked expression. Then aparated away.

James' POV

She tastes like strawberries. And she was one damn fine kisser, I didn't think that I was going to get that carried away in our first kiss, even though we were only fake dating, it bloody well felt right. I had a quick shower and chucked on some black jeans and a formal white shirt, I was just dong the buttons up when Alison knocked on my door. I yelled for her to come in.

"Well you sure do look nice James, that is just the right outfit. You mother will be proud." She said sitting down on a chair in my room.

I just shrugged, a little voice inside my head told me I wanted to look nice for Lily. No, can't be true. She is just some girl that I'm 'dating'.

"So what's the deal for tonight?" I asked Alison.

"Okay, listen up good because I am only going to say this one time." She looked at me and I nodded. "You will not be drinking at all tonight, neither will Lily." She paused to think. "Well you can give her one drink that looks non-alcoholic if she is all tense and freaking out. I spoke to her mother and Lily can dance so you will dance together for a few fast songs and then I want you two dancing to a slow one. Whisper in her ear make her laugh. No snogging on the dance floor just kiss the top of her head or something.

"You will be home before midnight, make a lame comment about needing your beauty sleep. I don't want either of you looking like crap for your big kiss at the train station.

On your way into the party say something like 'I'm so excited to be going back to Hogwarts and taking on the responsibly of head boy' then wink and say something like 'it will be so much better since my girlfriend Lily is head girl' then walk off. You got it?"

I nod, "no drinking, no snogging don't be home to late. Dance, make a few lame arse comments and then get out of there. I think I'm all set."

Alison nodded, looking please that I remembered it all.

Lilys POV

I had about ten minutes till James would be showing up and Sally was still doing my hair. Shit, shit, shit! I was going to run out of time.

Sally noticed my panicked state and tried to apologise again. "Miss Lily, I'm sorry I knew you and James were alone and I didn't want to interrupt." Sally looked like she was feeling really bad, but this was not her fault.

"Sal's, don't worry this is not your fault at all I should have kept an eye on the time a bit better. But thankyou for not coming in when James was there." I smiled at her. If she had it would have been very awkward.

Sally, I do believe is the wonder elf. She got my hair and makeup done in under ten minutes, she just left my hair hang free but she had to brush it first and that can take a while. I had to wash my hair to get the knots that had appeared from mine and James kissing. I had the same makeup on I had for the ball but this time I had smoky black eyes that makes them look really green.

I sprayed a little of my two favourite perfumes on, strawberries and lily, and made my way down stairs to James. I was only five minutes late.

"Sorry I'm late." I smiled at him when he stood up.

"Nah don't worry about it, I think it may have been my fault that you had so little time to get ready in the first place." After realising what he said both of us blushed.

I looked around the room for mum, I thought she would have come to see me all dress up.

"Miss Lily, Madam Marilyn said to tell you to have a lovely night and they will see you tomorrow." Said Sally. I smiled at her, with both my parents being really busy she was like a mother to me.

"Thanks Sally. Talk when we get back yeah?" I ask her, she loves it when we sit like sister on my bed and talk about everything. She has a house elf boyfriend call Charlie.

"Oh yes Miss Lily, I can't wait." She jumped up and down looking excited.

"Shall we go James?" I asked looking at him, he was just wearing jeans and a smart white top but god did he look good.

"Of course my lady." He mocked. Then wrapping his arm around me he aparated to the front of the party.

There are reporters screaming at us and flashes of their cameras everywhere. James looked down at me and kissed me on the forehead. Right Lily, time to get acting. I winked at him and stood on my tippy-toes, which mind you was very hard thing to do while wearing these amazing pumps, and whispered in his ear;

"Who do you think would kill me first, my mother or Alison if I did something un-lady like and flashed them?"

He laughed and whispered back, "I think they would kill you together, take it in turns to swing the bat." I laughed this time and then looked out towards the crowd of paparazzi swamping us. Being careful not to use my veela smile I started walking pulling James along behind me, I didn't want to be in their line of sight for any longer then possible. James caught up quickly.

"James, James over here. Are you excited to be going back to Hogwarts tomorrow?" A lady in the crowd asked, she has short frizzy blond hair and a pretty smile.

"Yes I'm thrilled to be returning to Hogwarts, I can't wait to take on all the responsibilities that head boy will bring. It will be even better since my girlfriend is head girl." He gave a massive smile and winked. I let out a laugh; I would bet anything that Alison told him to say that, word for word.

"And what is the name of James' girlfriend might I ask?" Said the lady looking at me.

"Lily." I smiled.

"And Lily are you excited to be going back to school?" She asked, this time look at me directly. This made me a little nervous, What if I said the wrong thing?

" Very excited. James and I can't wait to begin studies and I don't know about him," I paused to look up at him, "but I am worried about all the work. I am hoping to become an Auror, like James ,so it's important to get top marks."

At this James pulled me away so we could continue into the party.

"You know I think you are fast becoming Alison's favourite person, she has been trying to get me to let it slip that I want to become an Auror or a while now but I have never managed, and you just did it first shot." He smiles down at me. Even in high heels he was taller than me.

The rest of the party was pretty uneventful, I danced with James a few time and he got angry at any guy that tried to hit on me, which of cause made me laugh. I could feel the eyes of the paparazzi on us at all time so I was careful to always look affricate. The only thing that was really a problem was when Summer, the skank from hell came over.

"OMG James. It's soo good to see you! I've miss you so, so much." She whined sounding icky sweet. I wanted to puke.

"Oh umm, hey Summer." James said looking annoyed.

"Oh, and who are you?" She said looking at me.

"Your kidding me right Summer, are you to daft to tell it's me, you know Lily the girl you hate?" I said annoyed. I hated this girl. James snorted when said the work 'daft'.

"Lily, what the fuck are you doing with James Potter, I though you would know by now that he is too good for you." She spat. James shifted me so he was shielding me from her.

"Sorry Summer, but I don't appreciate the way you are talking to my girlfriend. Please leave us alone." James spat looking pissed off.

"Are you fucking kidding me James, you could do soo much better than ugly Wilson, you are too good for her." She hissed. Caleb came up behind her.

"Who are you calling ugly slut, I guess you haven't noticed but every guy in the room is drooling over Lily and not you. No matter how slutty your dress looks." Caleb said glaring at her. I looked to see what she was wearing, it was a plain black dress that looked like it was made out of stretchy cotton that showed half her boobs and barely covered up her arse. She was looking very trashy. I noticed Sam my bestfriend coming up behind her, she was looking amazing in a tight red dress that though was very slutty Sam managed to make it look elegant at the same time with her waist long dead straight gold blond hair.

"Slut, keep your boyfriend in check. He just groped me on the dance floor. I guess you are just not satisfying enough for him and he wanted something better." She smiled. That's what I love Sammy for, she always knows how to get Summer off my case. She and I have been bestfriend's since first year. I pulled out of James' arms and ran over to hug her, I haven't seen her since school broke up because she went overseas with her family.

"Sammy!" I scream launching my self at her.

"Hey Lil's miss me?" She asked pulling out of the hug.

"You know I always miss you," I smile looking at her. She has changed so much since last time I saw her. Sam's always had an amazing body but over the past 3 or so months she has really grown into it. Her breasts look at lease a cup size bigger. "Damn girl, you look good!" I told her then leaned closer, "nice boobs Johnsons." I winked using her last name for extra effect.

"They have really come along haven't they." She smiled, looking quite proud.

"Uhh, hey James good to see you again." She said not even looking at him, here eyes were burning holes into mine.

"Yeah you to Sam." James replied wrapping his arm around me again. Sam noticed and then looked at me.

"Hey Lil's. You. Me. Toilets. NOW!" She all but screamed looking very excited. I looked up at James and kissed him on the cheek.

"Don't tell her anything here okay?" he whispered into my ear.

I looked up and nodded, does he really think that I'm at stupid?

As Sam and I made our way over to the bathrooms I whispered into her ear, "go along with everything I say and don't ask questions. Promise I will explain everything later." She nodded, but still look confused.

"So Lil's care to tell your bestfriend what going on?" She asked.

"Well you know how I have liked James for ages?" I ask her, I was having trouble keeping a straight face. This was all utter bull shit.

"Yeah." She said laughing.

"Well I caught up with him on the holidays and he told me that he has liked me for ages too but was too scared to say anything! Can you believe that?" I squeal pretending to be excited, out of the corner of my eye I can see reporters moving in, but trying not to be seen by me so I would keep going.

"So anyway over the past couple of weeks we have been spending lots of time together doing the most romantic things. You know how I love the way he is with younger children so responsible and kind. We even studied together, school is as important to him, as it is for me." I say, at least some of what I'm saying is true. I can see reporters writing down everything I say.

"Aww Lil's I'm so happy for you, you guys look really into each other. Come on I better get you back to your boyfriend. James has always been such a sweet guy." Smiled Sam, damn she was good at the whole play along thing.

When we started walking she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "sleepover tonight, I need to know EVERYTHING."

I nodded.

When we got back over to James I rushed into his arms, kissing him on the cheek.

"Time to head back I think Lily, you know I need my beauty sleep." The reporter around him laughed.

"Let me just say goodbye to Sam and then we can go okay?" I look up at him. He nodded and let me walk the few steps to my bestfriend.

"Hi-ya, going to head back. Meet me at mine in an hour yeah? Bring your trunk we can take you to the station." I smile at her. She nods and gives me a quick hug.

I make my way back over to James and we head off. Aparating as soon as we were outside.

"You were brilliant tonight Lily. I really do think you will be Alison's favourite person." He says and I blush at the complement. "So I forgot to ask, are you okay with the whole kissing in front of the train thing?" He asked looking at me.

I laugh, "yeah, it should be okay. Do you think we need to practise again?" I ask, both he and I know I am not just begging for a kiss. Practising will be really necessary.

"Yeah I think we should. Now good?" He asked shuffling closer to me on my bed, which we were sitting on.

I nod and move closer to him.

Our lips brush once before he leans closer and brings his hot mouth to mine. I don't hesitate this time in bringing my hands around his neck. I let my fingers play with the bottom of his hair. James lent closer to me so I was lying down with him on top of me. His hands went to the back of my hair, fingers winding through it. He leans closer and pushes his body up against mine. Then I remember, James is only my fake boyfriend. This realisation makes me pull back slightly and bring my tongue back into my own mouth. I break the kiss. I open my eyes and see James blushing.

"Sorry, I guess we got a bit carried away." He laughs, a nervous laugh.

"Guess we did. So I will see you tomorrow at the station?" I ask.

"Yeah. See you tomorrow." He stood up and aparated away.

God that was one amazing kiss.

Hey everyone I really hope you have enjoyed the story so far. After ] I realised that I have left a massive point out. you may have been confused as to why James would not be allowed into the Auror program as his father (Harry Potter) is head Auror, well in my story Harry was head Auror was a while but when he had kids Ginny convinced him that he has had enough danger in his life and should take a step back so he can be their for his kids.

Hope this clears up any queries, feel free to ask any questions or tell me if you have any ideas for the story.

Please drop a review.

Yours truly, Belly.

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