After the funeral Hermione was sat in Draco’s room thinking. What if he hadn’t taken that curse for her?  Would she be dead now? But she had been stronger than him hadn’t she? Was there a possibility she would have survived this?

Hermione lay on Draco’s bed taking in the slytherin colours throughout the room; somehow it felt warm and comforting, like a piece of him was sat next to her. It felt strange not having Draco, almost like there was now another huge hole in her heart.  Tears stung her eyes as she realised that she would never see that stupid smirk again. She wouldn’t admit it but she loved that stupid smirk. She opened the draw in the bedside cabinet to see what sort of things Draco had kept in there.

There was a slytherin tie, his watch, his head boy badge, a black leather book and a small framed picture.  Hermione picked up the picture and saw a little blond boy running around his mother laughing. Draco was only about five in this picture but Hermione had never seen him look happier than he did in this picture. Hermione smiled sadly thinking of poor narcissa who had lost her only son. How could Lucius do this to his own family? But of course he hadn’t aimed for Draco. Draco had just jumped in the way. Hermione wondered how Lucius felt knowing he had killed his own flesh and blood. Probably nothing knowing that heartless monster .She thought to herself.

After slowly putting the picture back in the draw Hermione slowly picked up the leather bound book. She cautiously opened it, and found it full of little notes. Hermione decided it wouldn’t hurt to read of the notes. Granger’s parents dead, god she must be heart broken

 It was like a diary but in notes Hermione kept reading: Stupid weasel, calling granger a mudblood I just had to punch him. Wait what am I saying why do I care that he called her that?

Saw granger today. She looked so sad there wasn’t that geeky cheerfulness in her eyes. She looked kind of hollow.

2 days to trial. What if they send me to Azkaban? I wish my parents were here.

Trial day, potter spoke as he said he would, I kind of regret being such a dick to him. Granger spoke too. Hard to believe really, maybe she’s not so bad.

Made a huge mistake. I’m an idiot. Poor potter all he’s done is be good to me and this is how I repay him. I’ll go talk to him tomorrow.

I got HEAD BOY this is the second chance I’ve been waiting for! Hope granger’s head girl. Bet granger’s head girl.

Made friends with granger, didn’t see that one coming but surprisingly I’m glad. Swear I saw her looking at me at the feast.

Granger’s the only one I trust in this place. I feel like myself around her.

My mother is writing to granger but not me? How did she know granger’s mum? At least she’s ok. Should I tell granger who it is?

Mother meeting granger tonight. I’m going even though Hermione asked me not to. I need to see my mum. I need to see Hermione’s ok too. God knows when I started liking her but I’ve never felt like this before it’s kind of scary, what if I mess it up?

“Don’t read my diary granger it’s rude” the soft voice shocked Hermione so much she screamed and dropped the book. “Draco? But that’s impossible” a smile crept on Draco’s lips, not a smirk but a honest smile. “Not completely impossible I needed to talk to you”

“But how… how are you here?”

“Long story all in due time though I promise. Firstly how many of my notes did you read?” he said raising a thin eyebrow.

“Not too many”

“I’m guessing you read most of them didn’t you?”

“Yes I just couldn’t help myself, but only the ones about the past few months”

“Look what I said in some of those it’s um…”

“I didn’t know that all this time we’ve been feeling the same things” he grinned

“We have?” Hermione realised her mistake instantly

“Uh so um how are you here?” he sighed slightly.

“Well you’re note awake”

“Yes I am”

“Will you let me explain, this is your mind showing you how you would feel if your fears were reality. There’s something about the curse that we were both hit with, I took most of it but you were hit by a bit too, anyway something about it is giving you a choice about what happens and for some reason all your choices involve me. This is the worst choice and how it would feel.”

“But it felt so real”

“It was supposed to, besides didn’t you notice all the times you skipped hours or days of time? Like after molly left the hospital it went straight to my funeral and it skipped all of the speeches at the funeral except yours and Harry’s or even how you got up here after the funeral.”

“Oh I never noticed”

“I gathered that. Anyway your choices. So um there’s this one obviously, where I die and you survive but you always feel guilty over this.”

“Well I’m defiantly not choosing this one I can’t go through this again it hurt enough this time.” Draco chuckled and leaned against the wall

“The second choice is losing your memory”

“That’s not so bad I can get my memory back”

“Actually you can’t you’ll forget everything since just after the war. You’ll forget your parent’s deaths, Ron cheating on you, the kidnapping and me but well both wake up perfectly fine all injuries healed with this one”

“I can’t forget you though”

“There is a chance of us falling back in love again but you’ll never remember loving me before”

“Oh what’s the third choice?”

“You losing your eyesight”


“Well you were hit in the face with the curse, the thing is you need to make a hasty decision otherwise you’ll both be dead”


“They don’t know what the curse is, Lucius made it. So basically it’s killing both of us slowly so you need to wake up and tell them what the curse is before we both die.”

“Oh what will happen if I’m blind?”

“Well I’m not fully sure of our injuries but we both live and remember each other”

“Ok well I don’t really want to forget everything but I don’t really want to be blind either” they sat in silence for a moment.  “Blind” Hermione finally said.


“I chose to be blind it’s much better than losing everything”

“You would choose to be blind just so that you don’t forget me?”

“Any day, so what happens now?”

“Well you wake up blind, you’ll forget most of this dream and all except making the decision an why you made it”

“Great there’s no chance I’ll remember the dream or what’s written in the book?”

“A tiny chance but it almost impossible”

“Ok well I guess I’ll see you on the other side then”

“Yeah maybe but remember when you know I’m ok you’ll probably hate me for saying I did all those things to hurt you”

“But I know that you didn’t it says so in your book”

“You won’t remember the book”

“Oh ok then bye I love you”

“Goodbye” and the last thing Hermione saw was Draco’s smirk before the world went black.


Hermione opened her eyes knowing the world would still be black. “H…a…rr…y?” she choked. Someone took hold of her hand. “no it’s me Luna, do you want me to get harry?”

“yes, please” Hermione said finding her voice. A few minutes later she heard footsteps enter the room. “Hermione! I’ve been so worried”

“harry I’m blind”…



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