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“If I walk in on Tosh and Heidi snogging one more time, I swear to Merlin I will personally see to it that their lips, tongues, and hands are chopped off, diced into little pieces, and then burned.” Roxy informed us as she violently threw her bag on the floor and jumped on James’ lap because there were no more vacant armchairs.

 “Where were they snogging this time?” Sydney asked, not even bothering to look up from her homework as she wrote about a million words a minute in perfectly neat script.


“The kitchens, of course. On top of the table, no less. Oh and I forgot to mention that neither of them was wearing a shirt and Heidi had her hands on his zipper.”


“I am never going to get that awful image out of my head now, thanks Rox.” I groaned.

“Hey don’t blame me! Blame your horny best friend and little brother that like to shack up on tables for all of the house elves to see.”


“Great, now that kitchen has become permanently tainted for me. I’ll never be able to eat late night bacon there the same way.” James whined.


“Think about the house elves, mate. The poor sods had to witness it.” Weasley said and patted his cousin on the shoulder.


Now don’t get us wrong, we love the fact that Tosh is stepping up and that Heidi and him are happy together, but the problem is, we don’t know if they are actually ‘together’. Whenever someone asks if they are officially boyfriend/girlfriend, they immediately shout “NO!” and then go snog in a broom closet.


Honestly, it’s worse than Weasley and me. At least we don’t scar the heinous elves in the kitchen. We have class and snog in broom closets where there are only spiders and mice there to watch.


“Tosh better not let Heidi start distracting him from his quidditch.” James muttered as he pushed Roxy off of his lap causing her to squawk obnoxiously and punch him on the shoulder. “We’ve got a game coming up, and we are going to need our keeper to actually, you know, keep.”


I rolled my eyes at the fact that James would only be concerned with his bacon runs and quidditch team rather then being disturbed by Tosh and Heidi.


“Nice play on words there, mate.” Logan commented stupidly and then reached out for a fist bump.

 “I really don’t think that classifies as a play on words.” Roxy grumbled bitterly as she massaged her sore arse for the whole common room to see.



“I’m going to have to side with Rox on this one.” Sydney commented, causing an argument to erupt between the four about what qualifies as an acceptable play on words to get a fist bump.

Since the whole thing was highly idiotic and, as you know, I try not to surround myself with idiots, I turned back to writing my Defense Against The Dark Arts homework which was, of course, due tomorrow.



I was literally bullshitting the entire thing, which normally I’m a complete pro at, but since it was Defense and therefore my worst subject, I was having some difficulties. I furrowed my brow and bit my lip in concentration as I tried to ignore the current World War III and remember what in the hell cured wizards from dragon scratch poisoning.


That’s when, completely out of nowhere, Weasley just blew up. Figuratively of course, but I wouldn’t be opposed to the literal version of it especially because he was blowing up on me. “For fuck’s sake, Blazer!” He shouted, standing up angrily, and attracting the attention of the entire common room. “You ruined my essay!”


I was about to ask what the hell he was talking about when I looked down and saw that ink had spilled, completely soaking his nearly finished paper.



“I swear to Merlin that I didn’t do that. I was going to copy that later!” I exclaimed quickly so I didn’t get blamed anymore for something that I know that I did not have any part of.



“Well thanks to you, I have to rewrite the entire bloody thing!” Weasley growled, completely ignoring the fact that I didn’t fucking do it, and stormed out of the common room.



“I just fucking told you that I didn’t do it, alright?” I yelled to no avail at his retreating figure. What the hell just happened? The rest of the room was silent, and I glanced at my friends, who had shut up for once, and they all looked like they were equally as confused.

Normally, it was me who started flipping out after Weasley had done something to purposefully irritate me. Weasley rarely just exploded.


A mix of curiosity and anger forced me off the floor to follow Weasley. “I’ll be right back.” I mumbled and stomped off, completely ready to scream at the arsehole when I found him.


I had no idea whatsoever where the hell Weasley went, I realized as soon as I stepped out of the Portrait Hole so I pretty much just walked around aimlessly, hoping that he’d just pop out of thin air so I could whack him upside the head for being a prat.



Unfortunately, I figured chances of that were pretty damn slim.


I figured wrong when my arm was unexpectedly grabbed and pulled into a broom closet. I instantly knew it was Weasley. How? Well, no one else would be so daft to pull innocent girls into broom closets without worrying about looking like an insane rapist. And also, I recognized the familiar feel of his lips on mine as soon as the door shut.


Alright, so let me get this straight, so first he starts going crazy on me one second and then the next he’s snogging me? Either Weasley is bipolar or just straight batshit crazy.


Now if I had any small ounce of self-control in my body then I would’ve pushed him off of me instantly and cursed him out for acting like a git. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending how you looked at it) I had no self-control whatsoever, and I let my eyes flutter shut and instantly started snogging him back.


Enthused by my response, he lifted me up and pressed me against the wall for support as I instinctively wrapped my legs around his body to get him as close as humanly possible.


The fire behind his kiss was electric as his lips trailed down my neck and collarbone causing me to moan and tilt my head back. He had his fingers wound through my hair with one hand and the other hand was undoing buttons on my shirt as fast as it could to try to gain access to as much skin as possible.


His large hands roamed my naturally tanned stomach after pulling my shirt off completely, leaving goose bumps wherever they touched. Getting restless at the fact that while his mouth was busy giving me what felt like hickey after hickey all down my neck and chest, and that mine was just sitting idly by, I pulled his face back to mine.



Still with my legs wrapped around him, I shifted my hands from their position on his neck down to his shirt as I ruthlessly ripped open the buttons, not caring when I heard them bounce off the cold stone floor and walls.


This seemed to excite him even more and after he shrugged out of the rest of his shirt, he fiddled with the back of my bra while my hands went to work at unbuttoning his jeans.


I knew what was happening, what was inevitably going to happen, yet I didn’t want to stop it. I simply couldn’t stop it; I was too far in. Anywhere and everywhere that he was touching or kissing felt amazing…Incredible even.


I had never felt this with Adam. It was never this passionate with him. We snogged because I felt like I had to; he was my boyfriend after all. There was nothing particularly all that enjoyable about it. It wasn’t bad, per say, but it was nothing like this.


I always said no to him when things went to far, but with Weasley I didn’t want to. That’s what frustrated more than anything. Adam was my boyfriend, one that I had had for a very long time, while Weasley was just some bloke that I hated that I hooked up on occasion. Yet I found myself more willing to have sex with him rather than Adam.



Weasley’s hands toyed with the hem of my knickers and for the first time, I didn’t push him away. I was finally going to lose my virginity, and for once, I didn’t care and I wasn’t the least bit scared.


That’s when the door suddenly flew open and light burst into the broom closet. Weasley and I jumped apart so fast that you would’ve thought we’d been electrocuted.



“What the fuck, man?” Weasley yelled hoarsely when he saw that it was just James. But James, rather than shooting some sort of smartass, obnoxious comment our way, looked to be in a panicked state causing my heart rate to drastically increase.



“Roxy is trying to find you guys! COME ON!” He shouted, ripping us both by the arms and pulling us out of the closet. Weasley and I both frantically tried to button our clothes back up while James dragged us down another empty corridor and pushed us behind an ancient tapestry that smelled like rotten cheese.



James and Weasley casually whispered to each other while we hid, but I remained completely silent. My heart raced and my brain was having serious difficulties processing normal thoughts. What the hell was I just about to do?




A/N: AHHHHHH, SHE LIVES. There is absolutely no excuse to me not updating for so long and I am deeply sorry. I also recognize that this is an extremely short and shitty chapter for being gone for so long, but hey, it’s still a chapter.


I recently became obsessed with One Direction…who I don’t own by the way, and I began to write fanfiction about them and I guess I just completely forgot about this story and all my others. I’m going to try to get back to it as best I can. I promise not to abandon you guys again even though I can’t promise when the next update will be.



I still love you all and I still read all of your reviews, which are always lovely. Thanks so much if you’ve stuck with me. You are all awesome.

Sorry the spacing is so weird by the way.

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