“Draco, what’s going on?” Luna questioned, as she struggled to keep up with his quick pace.
“Nothing, I’ll explain later,” Draco called back, “For Merlin’s sake Luna, hurry up!” Luna quickened her pace, trying to keep up with Draco. A tent which was just in front of them was suddenly set alight. Luna gave a high pitch shriek whilst Draco just grabbed onto her wrist.
“We need to go into the woods,” Draco stated, pulling Luna along with him.
“But what if they’re in the woods?” Luna replied in a panic stricken tone. Draco gave an aspirated sigh,
“They’re not in the woods, trust me. Just hurry up.”

Luna did as she was told, quickening her pace to match that of Draco’s. He still remained to have a firm grasp on Luna’s wrist, though he seemed to me loosening it. Draco pulled Luna into the woods, but they headed the opposite direction to which the majority of people were running.
“Shouldn’t we follow the crowd?” Luna questioned, again, panic was clear in her tone.
“No, they’ll follow the crowd,” Draco replied dully. Both Luna and Draco trekked deeper into the woods before the echoes of screams of destruction faded away.

After ten minutes of walking in utter silence, Draco slumped down by a tree,
“I think we’ll be alright here.” Luna sat down next to Draco, throwing off the heels which Narcissa had forced her to wear.
“I prefer you with out all that junk on your face,” Draco commented.
“What?” Luna replied, slightly confused.
“That junk? Makeup?”
“Oh!” Luna exclaimed in realisation, “Mrs Malfoy wanted me to make a good impression.” Draco simply scoffed before turning his attention to the leaves on the floor. Although they could no longer hear the sounds of what was unravelling at the campsite, flashes of green light every so often shot into the sky.

“Are you okay?” Draco asked.
“Yes, I’m fine,” Luna replied, transfixed on the flashing sky, “Are you?”
“I’m fine,” Draco replied, “I just keep rethinking that scream you did when the tent set on fire.” Luna glanced at Draco to notice him smirking,
“I’m not used to things openly setting alight in front of me,” Luna moaned. Draco still remained smirking, though it faded slightly as he looked up at the sky.
“I hate that my parents do this,” he admitted. Luna looked at Draco but didn’t choose to press questions on what he meant. “I’ve been looking forward to the World Cup since I found out England would be holding it, Father and his friends had to go ruin it. They do this with everything.”

“I’m sure they didn’t mean too,” Luna replied, feeling that she needed to say something to show that she was listening.
“No, but they don’t take into any consideration of anyone else do they?” The sky above them, again, flashed a violet green.
“We can all be selfish at times,” Luna smiled, “We lose track of reality.”
“You’re never selfish,” Draco scowled, “You’re too nice.”
“Mommy always ‘a smile and a nod are better than a cob’,” Luna replied in a sing-a-long voice.
‘A cob’?” Draco questioned in confusion.
“It’s a Muggle term for sulking.” Draco looked at Luna with slight disgust at the mention of the word Muggle,
“Don’t you ever just want to shout at people though? The majority of the school is constantly slandering your father’s magazine, and people are always making fun of you.”

Luna focused her vivid blue eyes upon Draco and smiled,
“Well they haven’t really a good reason to make fun of me, do they? Because I like to look at the world in a more different, positive way. What’s so wrong with that?” Draco shrugged his shoulders passively,
“I guess people don’t like those who don’t follow the social norm.” Luna let out a small laugh,
“The way you speak, you make it seem that I walk around speaking in a different language.” Draco smiled, taking another glance towards the sky,
“I don’t like the clothes which Mother has bought you,” Draco admitted, his eyes still transfixed on the sky.
“Me neither,” Luna admitted, “But Mrs Malfoy insisted. It would have been rude to refuse such a kind gesture-”
“-It’s not a kind gesture!” Draco exclaimed in aspiration, “Mother only bought you those new clothes so you wouldn’t embarrass us whilst we take you out in public!”
“I know,” Luna muttered.

A silence developed between Luna and Draco once more, the sound of birds disrupted from their sleep filled the air.
“I don’t think you’d embarrass us,” Draco mentioned.
“It’s fine,” Luna smiled, “You don’t need to justify what you said.”
“But I don’t want you thinking that I think you’re an embarrassment, you’re not. You’re one of the few people I admire due to their individuality.” Luna, again, turned her bright blue vivid eyes onto Draco, smiling wildly.
“Thank you, that’s very sweet to say.” Draco gave a weak smile.

“Aren’t you cold?” he questioned, noticing how violently the leaves on the trees seemed to be shaking due to the wind.
“Not really,” Luna replied, “I’m used to cold weather, Bluntins love the cold.” Draco cocked an eyebrow at her but, like Luna earlier, chose not to ask questions to press the matter.
“At least take my jacket,” Draco suggested, already taking off his jacket.
“No, it’s fine,” Luna answered, but Draco ignored her, placing his jacket on her shoulders. “Thanks.” A silence again brewed between the two, though less awkward like the one before.

“Draco, can I ask you something?” Luna pronounced, breaking the silence and making Draco jump at the sudden sound.
“Yeah, sure…”
“Why are you being so nice to me?” Draco looked at Luna in a peculiar manner, unsure of how to respond. “I don’t mean that in an insensitive way,” Luna added on, trying to defend her, “Just, you’ve always shrugged me off when I’d come visit. Only last year at Hogwarts you started the nickname ‘Loony’. It’s just unusual that all of a sudden you are being nice to me.”
“I’ll carry on being horrible then,” Draco spat, slightly offended by what Luna had said.
“No!” Luna exclaimed in a slightly high pitch voice, “I don’t want you to be horrible; I was just, it doesn’t matter!”

Draco glanced at Luna and gave a small laugh.
“I don’t know why I’m being nice to you; I suppose I feel that I have too.”
“What do you mean you ‘have too’?”
“Exactly that,” Draco replied coolly, “Mother likes you and she wouldn’t be happy if I made your time spent with us hell would she?”
“Why, what was you expecting as my answer?”
“I’m not sure,” Luna replied honestly, “Not that.” Draco didn’t know how to respond and so turned to his attention to the sky which had stopped flashing green.
“I think it’ll be safe to go back to the tent now.”
“Okay then,” Luna replied coldly, picking her heels up from the floor and carrying them in her hand.

The two of them walked back to the campsite in silence, an odd snapping of a twig filling in gaps of sound. As the two entered the campsite there was an eerie feel, it felt completely deserted though, Luna and Draco knew full well, it weren’t. Luna quickened her pace, closing the gap between her and Draco. Draco, aware of this, also slowed down his pace of walk to avoid Luna falling behind. There was an odd rustling noise coming from a tent which had previously been on fire.
“Draco…” Luna whispered, “I think there’s something in the tent.”
“It’s probably just someone hiding, or an animal,” Draco replied in a matter-of-fact voice, “Hurry up.” But Luna didn’t quicken her pace; she remained still, transfixed on the tent. Draco had walked 3 metres before realising that Luna was no longer following. He turned round to see Luna nearing the tent.

Luna edged closer to the tent, her heels still remained firmly in her hand. She could feel her heart in her mouth, but Luna seemed desperate to help whatever was trapped. Luna went to lift up the edge of the tent before feeling a firm grasp on her hand.
“Are you mental?” Draco spat, inches away from her face, “You’ve seen what’s just happened here! Then you go off, following the sound of mysterious shuffling. That’s how people get themselves killed.” Luna stared at Draco, though her attention was still fixed on the tent.
“Draco, what if it’s a child? They might be hurt?”
“And what if it’s Sirius Black? He might kill us?” Luna pulled her hand sharply away from Draco and then lifting a sheet of the fallen tent up.

An owl flew out from under the tent canvas, hooting loudly as it flew into the night sky.
“Are you happy?” Draco muttered as the two of them began walking back towards their tent.
“We’ve done a good deed,” Luna replied, thinking that this would justify her action, “Don’t you feel good about that?”
“No.” Luna gave an aspirated sigh, clearly not understanding Draco’s thought processes. The two of them carried on walking, and Luna could see their tent in the distance. She noticed how the Malfoy’s tent seemed to be one of the few which hadn’t been destroyed in the process of whatever had happened.
“The reason why I’m being nice to you is because I think you need a friend,” Draco randomly said.
“What?” Luna replied in confusion, making herself stumble slightly over a broken chair on the floor. Draco rolled his eyes, waiting for Luna to be at the same pace as him again.
“Well Mother and Father clearly aren’t that interested in your well being. You hadn’t even been here a day and Mother had already gone out and bought you an entire wardrobe to the complete opposite of what you normally wear. You don’t deserve it, I don’t want you to change who you are.”

Luna looked at Draco and beamed a smile which he had never seen before.
“That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me.” Draco smiled awkwardly, breaking eye contact from Luna. As they carried on walking, Draco could see Luna was still smiling as she walked alongside him in a much happier way. As they arrived outside the tent, Luna grabbed hold onto to Draco’s wrist, still smiling widely.
“Thank you for looking after me tonight,” Luna said, her blue eyes swimming with happiness.
“It’s fine,” Draco muttered, slightly took back by Luna’s behaviour. She leant in, giving Draco a kiss on the cheek before heading inside the tent. Draco stood there, slightly dazed, not fully registering what Luna had done. The only girls to ever have kissed him were his mother and Pansy. Yes, it was only a kiss on the cheek but the action had completely taken Draco by shock. Yet, a part of him, deep down, seemed to be ecstatic that Luna Lovegood had actually kissed him.

That a girl as pure as Luna Lovegood seemed to have found something good inside a Malfoy.

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