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James Sirius Potter walked down the pathway to Hogsmeade from Hogwarts with his friends. His girlfriend Heather Hawkins was holding his hand and chatting with their friend Jim Donaldson.

James has black hair and glasses. Some said that he looked a lot like his father, but James begged to differ. He hated when people compared him to his father.

“Hey James,” Jim said, “Did you finish the potions homework?”

“Nah,” James laughed. “Slughorn’s senile these days anyway…”

Heather started to say something but a loud whooshing noise interrupted us. A nearby copse of trees started to sway even though it wasn’t windy. A blue box started to materialize.

“What the hell is that?” James breathed.

The blue box stopped materializing and the door opened. A man with wavy dirty blonde hair and a woman with curly brown hair stepped out.

“Harry Potter!” the man cried. “How the devil are you?”

He rushed over to him and jovially shook his hand. He then glanced at Heather. “So you and Ginny broke up?”

The woman slapped his arm. “Doctor!”

The Doctor waved his hand. “Don’t answer that! Tactless, I know. You should see River when I ask stuff like that…”

He smiled at me and looked up at Hogwarts. “Ah it looks like it hasn’t aged a day… How long has it been?”

“Uh… Who the ruddy hell are you?” James spluttered.

“Oh god… It’s before the Battle isn’t it…” he muttered. “Shoot…”

“The Second Battle of Hogwarts took place more than fifteen years ago,” Heather said. “This is James Potter, Harry’s son.”

The woman whistled softly. “Excellent job Doctor…” She turned to face the trio. “Pleasure to meet you. I’m Angela.”

“You look just like your father, James. So much that the TARDIS latched onto your signal…” the Doctor mused.

“TARDIS?” repeated Jim.

“My ship,” he answered, waving his hand at the box.

“Like a rocketship?” Jim pressed.

“No! Yes! No! If it helps you, yes. But not really,” the Doctor responded distractedly.

Angela rolled her eyes. “Sorry kids. He’s a child sometimes.”

The trio and the Doctor let out indignant, “Heys!” at the same time. The Doctor glanced at the three of them. “They’ll do.”

“For what?”

He grinned. “Come along.”

The Doctor led them to the blue box and pushed open the door. “This is the TARDIS!”

The trio stepped in and Angela and the Doctor followed. The teens looked around, only fairly impressed.

“Well?” asked the Doctor asked excitedly.

“It’s nice,” said James.

“It’ll do,” said Heather critically.

“Do you have any food?” yawned Jim.

“Seriously?” the Doctor yelled, throwing his arms in the air. “No ‘It’s bigger on the inside?’ What is with you people?”

“We’re wizards, mate,” reminded James, smiling. “We aren’t muggles.”

“Wizards,” growled the Doctor to Angela, “They’re like the elves. Boring as sunbathing.”

“Oi, what’s wrong with sunbathing?” said Angela indignantly.

“Never mind that, let’s go for a spin!” cried the Doctor. “Where should we go?”

“Go where?” asked Heather.

“Any part of time or space. We could go to the moon. Or Panem. Hell, we could even visit Godric Gryffindor. Lovely guy, owes me ten sickles. Not so keen on Salazar though. Nasty little fellow,” babbled the Doctor. “How about we watch Harry Potter being born? How about New York City? The year 5962. What a great year! The planet Ruzow has quite literally the greatest truffles in the Andromeda Galaxy. That’s my vote. What about you kids?”

The teens looked at him, their jaws dropped. James was surprised to say the least and Jim stopped thinking about food for a minute.

“I love that face,” squealed the Doctor. “That’s the face I was looking for!”

“How about we go to Luna Base?” I suggested.

His face brightened up and he ran over to the controls and started pressing buttons. “Hold on tight!”

Angela followed to help him and looked back at them. “Buckle up!”

Heather’s eyes found a row of seats and nudged the boys. They walked over and strapped themselves in.

“Geronimo!” sang the Doctor as he pushed down a lever. There was another whooshing noise and the room started shaking.

Laughing, Angela latched onto the Doctor’s arm. “This is the life!”

He grinned and briefly hugged her before an alarm bell started going off. The console started flashing and part of the console started smoking.

“What’s going on?” yelled James.

“Don’t you worry!” coughed the Doctor. “We’ve just hit part of 2957 and we’re coming in hot!”

“Where are we landing?” called Angela, who was on the other side of the console, trying to extinguish the fire.

“The Capital,” whispered the Doctor, his face paling. “Right in the middle of the Second Rebellion.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” groaned Angela. “Can you try to land her somewhere else?”

The Doctor tried to answer, but the TARDIS started groaning and making strange noises.

“We’re coming in!” yelled the Doctor, bracing for impact. Angela quickly ran to a seat and strapped herself in.

Suddenly, the TARDIS stopped making noises and the alarm stopped. But, the smoke continued enveloping the room. They had landed.

“What the dickens?” muttered the Doctor, before raising his voice. “Extractor fans on!”

A whirring noise started and the smoke started to be sucked into vents on the wall. By the door stood the strangest creature any of them had ever heard. It was four-legged with sharp talons at the end of each finger, had tight pale white skin and was the size of a human. On its hind legs, they had long reptilian tails, arched backs and heads that had jaws wide enough to fit a human head. A faint smell of roses started to emanate from it.

“Nobody make any sudden movements,” said the Doctor quietly. “Don’t make a sound.”

The creature looked confused and was glancing around as if trying to identify its location. “Katnisssss,” it breathed.

The Doctor slowly walked over to stand next to Angela. “Can you enter its mind?”

The creature growled at the Doctor’s voice and stood on its hind legs. Quickly Angela closed her eyes and entered its mind. A single thought came from it. Kill Katniss. Kill Katniss. Kill Katniss.

She reached for the magic inside of her and tried to extinguish its life. Nothing happened. None of the words of death could kill it.

“Doctor,” she whispered as quietly as possible. “I can’t kill it.”

“River keeps an extra gun in the drawer behind you,” he responded.

The creature started to sniff the air and began to slowly make its way over to the stairs that led up to the console.

Angela put her hand behind her onto the console and opened the drawer. She started shuffling around and finally found it. She quickly whipped it in front of her and shot one bullet. It hit the creature directly between the eyes and it collapsed.

“Nice shot,” complimented Jim, grinning, as everyone else sighed in relief.

The Doctor walked over to the corpse and scanned it with his screwdriver. “It’s a mutt,” he said, mostly to himself.

A commotion outside caused the Doctor to walk over to the door and open it. Before it could be opened, however, the door flung open and more of the creatures flooded in.

“Get up the stairs and barricade yourselves into one of the rooms!” yelled the Doctor to the teens. They glanced at the mutts swarming towards them and they jumped up and ran up the stairs.

Angela started shooting at the creatures and one by one they fell. The Doctor found the right setting and began pointing at the creatures who fell to the ground. For every creature that fell, another two took its place.

They fought fiercely for ten minutes, before an explosion outside caused all of the mutts to run out of the TARDIS. Angela took a shaky breath and glanced over at the Doctor. He was bleeding from his lip and his tweed jacket was torn.

She stumbled over to him and hugged him. “It’s good to be back.”

The Doctor smiled weakly. “Oh the fun.”

A groan outside caused them to break apart. A man was crawling towards us. He was covered in blood and his left leg was missing.

“See if you can find the leg!” yelled the Doctor as he ran over to the man, his screwdriver already scanning him.

Angela nodded and left the TARDIS. The first thing she noticed was the awful stench of rotting sewage. She reached out to sense if anyone was approaching her. As she walked, she saw mounds of dead mutts and a few humans. Most of them were decapitated and there were tooth marks on the neck.

She shuddered and soon found the leg underneath a ladder. By this time, gruff male voices could be heard, drawing near to their location. She grabbed the leg and ran back rapidly.

“We’ve got company!” Angela yelled, slamming the doors shut.

The Doctor was on the ground washing the blood off of the man. James was helping and Heather was right behind, biting her lips. Jim was on the bench, looking as if he might be sick.

“Get us back to Hogwarts,” grunted the Doctor, as he furrowed his eyes in concentration as he carefully washed off blood near the stump of the leg.

Angela nodded and started pulling levers and pushing buttons. The room began to shake and the whooshing noise started.

“What kind of Doctor are you?” Heather asked hesitantly.


“Of medicine?” she pressed.

He threw a glance at her. “Not specifically.”

“I’m in training to be a healer,” she said.

His face brightened up. “Why didn’t you say so?”

“I’m still in training,” she said.

“Nonsense!” the Doctor exclaimed. “All you have to do is re-attach his leg.”

“Doctor, even if I am able to do that, he still has a dislocated arm, two broken ribs, and is bleeding profusely from his mouth and that cut on his neck,” Heather argued.

“See! I never would’ve guessed that!” the Doctor said, smiling broadly.

Heather sighed and set to work upon the man.

A/N: Any guesses who the man is? I’ll give you a hint. I hated how he died. It reminded me of Lupin and Tonks’s death…

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