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AN- Everything written here is property of J.K Rowling except for the canons and Plot :)


Chapter one, six years later

‘You might want to get up now, dad’s about to blow his head,’ was the first thing I heard on September the first.

I opened my eyes, but then had to close the quickly, light was shining in through my opened curtains. I ripped the covers off myself and felt the cool morning air all over my body as I walked/ stumbled to my closet, stubbing my toe in my trunk on the way before my eyes could adjusted to the light.

‘Merlin!’ I grumbled, grabbing my toe.

‘Now Katie!’ My 15 year old sister said, popping her head back in my door to see me stretching and making baby hippogriff noises.

‘Alright, alright, I’m up!’ I replied, holding my hands in front of me in the mock/surrendering position. She gave me a dirty and continued down the stairs.

I swear ever since she was made a Ravenclaw, she’s been, well, the typical Ravenclaw, if that’s not being too prejudice. But seriously, she knows everything about anything (in the magical world) and she likes to learn, just to make sure you got it, she likes to read and learn for fun. Who likes to read and learn for fun? And she’s also so strict and follows the rules precisely, I don’t think that’s a Ravenclaw trait though.

‘Where’s my briefcase?’ dad was saying as he past my door, then five seconds later, ‘Where’s my muggle hat?’ as he walked the other way. Not looking in once to say good morning.

I sighed to myself and went down stairs for breakfast after getting dressed and adding a few last things to my trunk. The kitchen was chaos. Dad was walking around grabbing bits of food and trying to drink his coffee all at once. Lindy was trying to get Georgia dressed and Jasmine was just sitting there eating her eggs reading the Daily Prophet, to tell you the truth I think if I read as much as her I would have an information over load, she just keeps on reading! No wonder she’s the smartest in her year. Karen was cooking me some eggs, but was already half way there so I didn’t bother telling her it felt like I had eaten a whole swarm of butterflies already.

About an hour later we were all piling into the car. I’m surprised we all fit actually, two trunks in the back, Jasmine’s owl, three children, (one in a baby seat) and two adults in an old white buggy. We pulled into the station with 20 minutes to spare.

‘Sorry Katie, I can’t take you I have to get into work, but Lindy will go with you if you want.’ He said giving me a tight hug. Well I couldn’t say I was surprised, but it was a blow. I looked over to Lindy she smiled at me, while gripping Georgia’s hand so she wouldn’t run off anywhere.

‘I’m sure I’ll be fine,’ I gave Lindy a small smile.

‘Are you sure?’ she asked eyes with fake worry.

‘Yeah, she’ll be fine. I’ll stick with her.’ Jasmine helped me out.

‘Oh well, okay.’ She realised she was beaten.

‘Bye girls have a good term,’ dad said giving us one last kiss and before I knew it he was gone and Lindy had headed off into the shopping bit of muggle London.

‘C’mon kiddo,’ Jasmine said putting her arm around my shoulder and guiding me and my trolley into the station.

‘Why am I so surprised?’ I asked taking control of my trolley and physically shaking my head, as if that would clear the thoughts.

‘I don’t know. She’s such a faker. I don’t know what he sees in her.’ She agreed

‘If only we were old enough to tell him what we really thought,’ I sighed

‘Agreed’ she said as we reached the barrier.

The butterflies in my stomach, turned into Cornish Pixies when I realised that I was about to step foot on the barrier and leave in the train for the first time. I mean I’ve been on the barrier before, but always with the protection of my dad’s hand, never without it and always leaving the way I came in.

I saw a family of familiar faces head in there before us. The Potters, of course everyone knew the Potters, because the famous Harry Potter defeated the Evil dark lord Mouldy Shorts, like 19 years ago. But that’s not the reason, well it kinda is, well anyway. We used to go to their annual New Year’s Eve party since I can remember, we stopped going when I was about 6 though. Mrs Potter is friends with my dad who was in Harry’s year at Hogwarts.

Mr and Mrs Potter are very nice, but I have only occasionally spoken to their kids. I use to stick with dad or watch everyone else at the party. I enjoyed doing that, watching them dance and the Weasley/Potter clan children play games. One time I did play dolls with Lily Potter, Dominique Weasley and Rose Weasley who was very nice, but a bit bossy, Lily was a sweet as ever and Dominique was really funny. But that’s about the only time I ever have talked to the kids.

‘Ready?’ Jasmine asked from my side, pushing me from my thoughts down memory lane.

‘Yeah let’s go,’ we pushed our trolleys through and casually lent against the barrier and quickly followed them, catching them on the other side.

Once again my breath was taken by the scarlet steam engine, with smoke drifting over the platform covering the clean air in a grey haze. People were here and there calling out to friends or saying goodbye to family.

‘C’mon, let’s give our bags to the guy,’ Jasmine led the way towards a man loading trunks into the train. I kept my pack with me and followed Jasmine back to the platform.

‘OI Jazzy’ I heard someone shout.

Next thing I knew, my sister was surrounded by three of her friends, one was already in uniform, I guessed she was the Prefect for Ravenclaw. I awkwardly stood to the side and watched the people around me. My eyes instantly fell on a red headed clan at the other end of the station.

I only really knew Rose and Lily, who probably didn’t even remember me. But from those New Year’s Eve parties I could only dream about being part of that family. It was so big and loving. They had survived the war and suffered tragedies, which only bought them all closer. I watched the Potter’s walk up and greet them, there was little Lily who ran off to meet her cousin Hugh, I think he was called. I watched them all talk happily and crack jokes. I noticed like usual Albus was the only one who inherited his dad’s black hair. The vela’s children, I think their names were Victorie, Dominique and Louie all had strawberry blonde, but it was more on the orange side.

‘Katie, we should probably board the train now,’ came my sister’s voice for the millionth time that morning breaking me from my thoughts and stares, she pulled me towards the train.

‘Katie! My, haven’t you grown since I last saw you!’ said a voice as we entered a compartment. I looked to see a girl with brown hair cut in a bob and brown eyes to match. I recognised her as Rachel Green, my sister’s best friend.

‘Hey Rachel’ I smiled. The train pulled away from the station with a jerk and everyone crowed to the window to wave to family as we left. Jasmine and I stayed to the back, it would be silly to wave to no one in particular.

‘Well, I have to go to the Prefects meeting, see you guys in a bit,’ said the girl I saw before with her Hogwarts uniform already on. She had blond curly hair tied in a messy bun, and amber eyes.

‘Later Carly,’ Jasmine said as she left the compartment. ‘Now, we have to find you some people to sit with, you can’t stay with us you need to make your own friends’ she said, turning to me. ‘Come on, see you guys in a bit.’ She waved as she left the compartment in front of me.

I followed her down the train in my clumsy manner, trying not to bump into to many people who were standing in the isle as we passed.  Every carriage we looked in to find me a seat was either full or didn’t have any first years in it.

‘In coming!’

‘Heads!’ I heard two people shout, and ducked my head just in time to see some Weasley Wizarding Wheezes fireworks whizzing down the carriage isle. The boys who had previously called out were chasing after them.  I noticed they both had red hair and took a guess they were two Weasley’s.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the worried looks on their faces as they chased after it with their wands out. I always thought they were the best invention. You can’t stun them or try to blow them up they only expand and get more serious, you had to use a special spell to get them to stop, that’s all I knew.

By the time we got to the end of the train we hadn’t see one carriage that was practically empty, I did come across one and when we opened the door the first thing they said to me was ‘Arianna Zabini, Pureblood.’ The moment I heard that I didn’t want to be there and my sister saved me in the nick of time, before I was invited in.

In the last carriage we came across was a boy and a girl sitting opposite each other, the girl was reading, what looked like a very old book and the boy looked like he was having a conversation in his head, he looked nervous and bored at the same time. They both looked familiar but I couldn’t see their faces well. I looked at Jasmine and she gave me an encouraging nod and left.

I wasn’t sure if I should knock first or just open the door. So I compromised and did both. As soon as I had done it I got both their attention at once. The boy looked confused, when the girl looked up at me beaming.

‘Um, hi… err… well everywhere else is full and um, I was well, I was wondering if I could, um sit with you.’ I finished in a rush. The boy smiled and the girl answered.

‘Sure, come in, I’m Rose Weasley and this is my cousin Albus Potter,’ she started, still beaming at me.

‘You can call me Al though,’ Al chimed in,

‘You’re Katie Boot, aren’t you?’ she finished. I smiled back, amazed that she still remembered me and nodded my head.

I walked in sat down next to Rose, looking over at Albus, I had never really looked at him up close but his eyes were emerald green and he had jet black hair, I really couldn’t stop staring into his eyes. I only realised we were both staring into each other’s eyes, sort of like a staring competition, when Rose cleared her throat, and he blinked.

‘Ha! I won’ I said, poking out my tongue.

‘Really?’ he raised an eyebrow,

‘Really’ I grinned.

‘Let’s  go again then!’ he grinned back, leaning forward and putting his chin in his hands which his elbows were resting on his knees. Rose just shook her head smiling and went back to her book.

‘If you really want to lose again, okay’ I smirked, doing the same as him.

We played this game for at least 20 minutes, it soon changed from not blinking, (just because Al wasn’t winning) to not being able to smile, a straight face competition. The compartment was silent with the occasional ‘yes I won!’ or Albus or I would laugh or complain about something being unfair (more him than me).

‘And I thought Al was the most competitive person I know.’ Rose grinned after about 30 minutes of our stupid game. She had either finished reading or had gotten sick of it (I think it was the former) and was ready for conversation.

We talked for a long while about home and families (more them than me) and what we were going to miss. I found out that Rose’s younger brother was called Hugo and that he and Lily Potter would be coming to Hogwarts in two years. They also told me funny stories about home and their gigantic family. Like how Louis, James and Fred were the jokers even though Louis was a year younger than them, they were best friends. We talked a bit about our parents’ generation at Hogwarts and I found out that unlike James Potter, Albus hated the attention, he hated being in the spot light. He wanted to prove his own (that explains the competitiveness) and he much preferred to stay out of the spot light.

‘Let’s play exploding snap!’ Al said jumping up to get the cards out of his pack, just as the trolley lady came and we had sat in silence for a few minutes.

‘Anything from the trolley dears? You guys are the first ones,’ she smiled at us. Coming to think of it I was quite hungry, I bought some chocolate frogs and cauldron cakes. Rose and Al bought much the same except some liquorish wands as well and Al got some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. Soon the talk was turned to Hogwarts, the exploding snap cards stayed in their pack on the seat while we ate and talked.

‘So, Katie what house do you think you’ll be in?’ Rose asked.

‘Err, I haven’t really thought about it,’ I replied, finishing off my cauldron cake.

‘Maybe you’ll be a Ravenclaw like your sister,’ she suggested, my smiled faltered.

No I did not want to be in Ravenclaw like my sister, no, no, no. I don’t want to be like her. Although I do love her terribly, I just don’t want to be like her. I’m not smart like her, but I kind of don’t want to live in her shadow. It’s kind of the same as Albus but not really, because Jasmine wasn’t famous. Of course I didn’t say this out loud but Rose saw my reaction and continued, ‘Or not you know, maybe Hufflepuff or Gryffindor.’

I gave Rose a look of complete and utter confused seriousness, ‘What the hell is a Hufflepuff?’ I said. Albus cracked up and Rose looked so stunned, the look on her face was so priceless that I couldn’t keep my straight face and began to laugh as well. She looked as though someone had just asked her what a book looked like. Al’s laugh was quite contagious and soon she was laughing too.

Once we had calmed down a bit, the door slid open and in stepped a boy with platinum blonde hair and very pale skin, although his cheeks were rosy and his eyes were a soft blue. Rose cleared her throat and stiffened, then turned to look out the window. Albus stopped laughing at once, but he was still smiling looking at the boy. I looked over at the boy too, he had a small smile playing on his lips.

‘Hello,’ I smiled at him, ‘Do you-‘ but I was cut off by Rose nudging me in the ribs ‘Ouch?’ I grunted looking at her.

‘Yes?’ she asked, rather rudely to the boy at the door.

‘Oh, I was… well… um, well wondering’ he cleared his throat, ‘All the compartments are kind of filled and well… can I sit?’

I was about to say sure but as soon as I opened my mouth again I was elbowed ‘Ouch!’ I said frowning to Rose, but she didn’t look at me.

‘How come it took you this long to not be able to find a compartment? We’re over half way there’ she said icily.

‘Oh, well’ said the boy rubbing the back of his next, he looked completely at home leaning against the door frame, but nervous at the same time. ‘I was sitting with some people but then they said some rude stuff and I knew I didn’t really want to sit with them, so I… you know left,’ he finished lamely.

‘Sure Malfoy, you can sit with us,’ Albus said, not in a nasty way, but he staring at the boy expressionless.

‘Thanks Potter,’ he said taking a seat next to him, that’s where I had remembered this guy from he was Scorpius Malfoy.

I had previously seen him sitting in the carriage where that girl told me her blood status, I remember seeing him looking a bit, I don’t know, disappointed, out of place, type thing.

‘So,’ Malfoy said breaking the awkward silence. ‘Did you guys see the Puddlemere United game?’

‘YES!’ Al almost screamed like a girl, ‘How good are they? They’re having a great comeback now they have Oliver Wood on their team.’ Then to two were off on their talk about Quidditch.

I half-heartedly listened and put in my input as my favourite team was Appleby Arrows, who had just recently thrashed Puddlemere. Rose bought out her book and started reading again. I didn’t notice, but the more I talked to these guys the butterflies went away, I don’t feel so nervous anymore.

It was starting to get quite dark outside when Rose said we should probably put our robes on. She still hadn’t said a word to Malfoy and kept giving Al dirty looks. The boys went to a nearby bathroom and we got changed in the compartment.

‘What’s with you and Scorpius?’ I asked as we changed.

‘Nothing,’ she answered stiffly,

‘Well, if it’s nothing why are you being nasty to him?’ I reasoned

‘We just don’t get along, okay?’

‘Have you ever met him before this?’

‘No, but I just know he's a little death eater, stuck up like his father!’ she practically yelled in my face,

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ I said wisely, as the boys joined us again.

Rose sent me a dirty and got her book out again. The two boys and I played some games of exploding snap, all I could say was that by the end Al and Scorpius’s faces were covered in ash. The games only ended when the head girl, Victorie Weasley came to tell us that we were only minutes away. Apparently Rose had previously asked her to come and tell us so she would know when to change into her robes.

Victorie Weasley another person in the Weasley clan, I think I mentioned her before. With her strawberry blonde hair that was more red than blonde.

‘Albus, really? You’re already a mess and we haven’t even arrived yet,’ was the first thing she said when she opened the door grinning and shaking her head.

‘His obviously not as good as he thought,’ I laughed, she had just come in when I had snapped and made his face worse. Scorpius was laughing too. Rose looked at Albus and couldn’t help laughing either; the look of shock on his face was priceless.

‘Hey Victorie’ she smiled,

‘Hey Rose, I came to tell you we’re almost there, but you’re already in your robes,’ she said spying Rose’s clothes. ‘You’re Katie Boot, aren’t you?’ she said turning to me, I nodded, she smiled, ‘You wanting to be in Ravenclaw like your sister? You know she’s so far topped every mark I got and I always got the top mark in my year. I bet you’re just as smart as her,’ she smiled at me encouragingly at me.

‘I haven’t really thought about it that much, really’ I shrugged,

‘Oh well, we’ll soon find out,’ she smiled, looking over to Al, ‘seriously Al, don’t be so worried,’ she laughed shaking her head, Al looked as though he had just been stunned. ‘Well I have to go,' she did a Scouring charm on Al and gave Scorpius a small smile that didn’t really reach her eyes, like the other ones had and cleaned him up too, then left.

Not even five minutes later the train pulled into Hogsmeade Station. The four of us hoped off the train into the crisp air. It was a relief after being clumped up in a stuffy compartment for about 5 to 6 hours. People were chatting all around us and heading out of the station to the carriages, which were pulled by thesterals, well that’s what my sister told me.

‘C’mon this way,’ Rose said tugging Al’s sleave. We walked along down the station trying not to be separated, towards the other end I heard a gruffy voice calling ‘Firs’ years! Firs’ Years over here.’

As we got closer I saw a giant man. I’m not exaggerating. He was huge! He had a bushy beard and cute black button eyes. ‘ ‘ello there Albus and Rose.’ He boomed, smiling and bringing warmth into his eyes.

‘Hey Hagrid,’ they said in unison. So this was Hagrid. My sister had told me about him, but I never imagined him to look like this. To tell the truth I preferred this to what I was thinking.

We all boarded the boats and everyone was chatting excitedly. I was in a boat with Scorpius and Al, I don’t know where Rose was, she hadn’t talked to me since our discussion about Scorpius. Once we were all in the boats Hagrid boomed 'Forward!' and we started to move.


thanks for reading guys :)

i would really like reviews, because this is my first fan fic and want to know if im doing alright.

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