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            It was a few years after we had graduated and started our new lives in a new world we were trying to fix from the Dark Lord’s views of controlling the muggles and putting them in their rightful places. Lily and James, Alice and Frank Longbottom both escape the Dark Lord three times and I had the weirdest vision ever.


I was in a hospital room watching two different, very pregnant mothers giving birth to their children. When I stepped closer to look on who these women were I noticed it was Alice Longbottom and Lily Potter. I had no idea if she was actually pregnant but I was happy. James and Frank were standing right next to each woman but the saddest part was Sirius and the rest of the gang wasn’t there.


I sat up straight in bed and my eyes wide. Deep down I knew Lily needed me and I knew James needed Sirius. It had been half a year since I lost my sister in the war. She died protecting Remus, she actually died in his arms and I never saw him this upset. He had pushed himself away from everyone.


Next to me, Sirius was rubbing his eyes before he looked up at me with a from upon his lips and I grinned at him. “Get dressed; we’re going to St. Mangos and hurry up. I am not waiting for you all night to get dressed.” I said to him as I already jumped out of bed and putting on a pair of pants and a t-shirt after I discarded my night gown. I had to buy new clothes because I am already three months pregnant with our first born child and most of my clothes were skin tight because he liked the clothes that tight on me. We rushed to the fireplace and flooed to the hospital.


I can tell he was worried about me when he shouldn’t be. I didn’t tell him about the vision I just had even though it wasn’t a long vision. I rushed foreword and asked for Lily Potter. They gave me the room and we rushed as fast as we could up to the stairs. We ran down the hall and into the room that Lily and Alice were both sharing. I rushed to Lily’s side and shushed her, letting her know that I was there for her and smiled at Alice, letting her know the same thing.


We waited in the waiting room with James and Remus. I sat there with my eyes down because Remus wouldn’t talk to me even when I started to talk to him. He would just walk away sometimes just out of the room and come back about an hour later. I closed my eyes and let my memory come back to me even though it makes me cry in silent. I can hear James and Sirius talking a bit but I blocked it out.


We had been walking back to Cassie and Remus’ flat to have our own little party when we were being attacked. Men in masks and I knew who these guys were. Death Eaters and they worked for the Dark Lord. We all pulled out our wands and started fighting these men in masks. I had successfully taken out six at once while Sirius took out three at once. When a scream sounded I turned around in time to see my sister fall into Remus’ arms.


Cassie was hit by the killing curse and Remus’ just sat there on his knees holding her to his body. I couldn’t breath and I felt my tears fall down my face as my eyes blurred up. Before I knew it I lost myself. I was numb. The power inside of me was like a ticking bomb. At any moment I could blow up and that’s what happened.


My little ticking bomb inside of me just let go and blew up everything inside of me. My arms flew in the air, a battle cry letting go from my own lips and my eyes closed. I could feel myself knocking out all the Death Eaters onto the ground. When I finally stopped I was being held by Sirius.


Remus looked up and frowned at me. “Stay away from me.” He spoke and laid my sister down on the ground before disappearing on the spot. I looked up at Sirius as fresh more tears falls down my face and he picked up my sister in his arms. He was just as sad and I can tell.


We had buried my sister in Gypsy’s Cemetery and Remus didn’t bother to show up. I considered him a brother and still do.


I was yanked out of my memories by warm hands on my face, clearing the tears from falling down my face. I smiled sadly at Sirius as he looked me in the eyes. I could sense Remus in the room. “Thinking of Cassie again?” Sirius asked and I nodded with a sadder smile.


“When am I not?” I asked him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled me up onto my feet and that’s when I noticed James wasn’t in the room. “Where’s Prongs?” I asked.


“He is visiting his wife and his new born son.” Sirius said and rubbed my belly. I was pregnant during the Potter wedding but I ended up loosing that child because of the ambush a few days after the wedding. I was sick and I stayed locked up.


“I want to see the little one before we go home.” I said softly and took his hand, walking back to the room but I can hear Remus behind us. I didn’t bother to know on the door but walked right in. James and Lily both looked up with smiles upon their lips. “Alright hand me that boy before I start crying again.” I said to them and I watched James get up and placed the small baby in my arms as I sank down onto the chair.


I looked up to see James clearing his face from the tears and Lily spoke. “Cries like a baby and he’s married.” She said to me and I laughed softly. I looked down and noticed the boy’s eyes are opened. I gasped when I noticed they were Lily’s eyes.


“Oh Lily, he’s just adorable.” I said and looked up after he closed his eyes. I passed him off to James. I heard James letting out another sob and I knew he was crying because his son got his mother’s eyes.


“I would like you and Sirius like to be the godparents of little Harry James Potter.” Lily said as she looked at me and I grinned.


“I would love too.” Sirius and I both said at the same time. I looked Lily in the eyes and grinned. “Of course especially since I’m pregnant again and I would love it if they grew up together.” I said to her and she smiled brightly at me.


“Congratulations Demya, I’m so proud of you. I hope you raise this child with lots of love and spoil this one as much as James is going to spoil Harry.” Lily said and James let out a soft laugh. We all let out a soft laugh and I looked to see Remus staring at the ground even as I rub my stomach. I liked being pregnant because it gave me something to do when the kids get older and I could teach them my ways especially if one of them has the sight like I do. I might of seen it as a curse but it still saved lives when it felt like it. We stayed for hours and then it was time for them to go into hiding. They asked Sirius to be their secret keeper and he agreed. I kept my visions open so I could watch over Harry even if I couldn’t be there in person but I’ll always watch over him.

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