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After a few seconds of tightness and feeling stuffed through a rubber tube, Albus, Harry, and Professor Jemison landed in the Atrium. Albus took a couple of seconds to straighten up his clothes and attempted miserably to flatten his hair. His could only imagine how his mother would react if she could see his appearance right now. He frowned to himself as he turned around and followed his father and the Headmaster into the lifts.

“Where are we going now?” Albus asked. The Ministry of Magic always fascinated him ever since his first visit to his dad’s office when he was 5 years old.

“Well, I have a meeting this morning with the other heads of departments and the Minister of Magic. I will be escorting you and Professor Jemison to the Department of International Magical Cooperation where you will be meeting your other fellow classmates. From there you will meet with the other representatives from the other schools and their Ministers of Magic and other ministry officials.” Albus stomach gave a sudden lurch. He has been waiting for days to meet everyone else who will be a part of this program. However, he wondered what the other students will be like? Who were the other Hogwarts students that get to participate with him? Will he feel home sick when it comes time to visit these other schools? Will he accepted by the other students at the schools? Numerous questions were racing through Albus’s mind when the lifts pulled to a sudden stop.

“Level Five: Department of International Magical Cooperation” said a cool female voice. Albus, Harry, and Professor Jemison stepped off the lift and walked down the corridor into a large open area. The room had numerous windows that help filled the space with sunlight. Paper memos where flying everywhere. In the middle of the room was a long wooden table, similar to the staff table at Hogwarts school. There were chairs surrounding the table. Three students and their parents were already sitting at the table.

“This is where I leave you guys. Kingsley and Seamus will be with you in a few minutes after the meeting.” Harry shook the Headmaster’s hand. He then turned to Albus.

“Good Luck son. You will be great.” Harry hugged Albus and walked back to the lifts.

“Shall we Mr. Potter?” Jemison gestured to Albus to lead the way over to the table and Albus gladly took the lead. As they approached the table, Albus recognized the three Hogwarts students that were stilling at the table. His face showed a mixture of emotions. It lit up at the site of two of the students. However, the site of the last one made him scowl.

“Alby!” a fiery red head girl came running up to him and engulfed him in a massive hug. There was only one person that was allowed to call him Alby and it wouldn’t upset him. After the girl release him he smiled down at her.

“Rosie! I didn’t know you were chosen to be in the program” Albus said to his cousin. Albus and Rose were the same age but Albus was taller than her. She had waist length auburn hair that was bushier that ever. Her eyes were a crystal blue; her face was covered in freckles around her nose, and she was very slender. She was really pretty. Rose was one of Albus’s best friends even though she was a Gryffindor. They have been best friends as far as Albus can remember.

“Well mum and dad wanted to wait till the dinner at the Burrow to announce it to the entire family.” Rose gestured over to her parents. Albus waved over to his Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron. They returned the gesture and walked over to the lifts and left. Rose and Albus chatted as they stroll over to the table so that they can join the other students. By the time the two cousins reached the table, the remaining parents already left. Only the students and Professor Jemison, who was currently examining some of the portraits on the wall, remained in the enormous room.

“Albus!” a blond boy in Ravenclaw robes yelled. Scorpius Malfoy has been Albus’s best friend since their second year. He was tall and muscular with sliver eyes and white blond hair. He stood up and walked over to the cousins. Rose blushed fiercely when Scorpius approached.

“I am going to go talk to Annabel” Rose mumbled before she hurried away. Scorpius glanced at Rose before he turned back to Albus. Albus swore he saw his best friend blushed.

“Hey mate. How has your summer been so far?” Scorpius asked

“The same as usual. Racing James in the backyard and laughing at him when he cries because I beat him. Lily, Samantha, Roxanne, Emily, and Jordan being extremely annoying with their constant girl chat every day. I swear I can’t wait to go to the Burrow in August to finally get away from it all.A whole week of nothing but relaxation” The Burrow was Albus’s favorite place. He loved the quirkiness of his grandparents’ house.

“Yea, tell me about it” Scorpius chuckled as he ran his fingers through his hair. “Father has been working Leo and me to death at the firm. He is always saying that he will not have us wasting our summers away doing trivial things. I swear if it wasn’t for today’s meeting, I will probably be filing away stupid law documents and listening to boring conversations with his ancient law partners.” Albus laughed at his best friend. Scorpius hated working at the Malfoy’s Magical Law Firm during the summer holidays. However, Mr. Malfoy wants his sons Scorpius and Leo, Scorpius’s younger brother who was a third year at Hogwarts and had a twin sister, help him run the firm when they graduate from Hogwarts. Scorpius didn’t want to work at the law firm; Scorpius dreamed of being a Healer once he leaves Hogwarts but he didn’t have the heart to tell his father.

“How about you come to dinner at my house tonight? Mum is preparing this big dinner for Annalisa this evening. It’s their first time meeting her. Plus she is bringing along Annabel and I can really use some backup.” Albus grimaced at the mention of her name. Scorpius chuckled slightly.

“Sorry mate. We have to go to a charity gala tonight for Libra’s Sophisticated Young Witches group tonight. I am her escort.” Scorpius pouted. Albus was about to reply when he heard a giggle. He turned around

“Oh. Hi Annabel.” Rose and Annabel McMillan were standing in front of him.

“Alby, why didn’t you tell me you were participating in the program? We received our letters over a month ago and you could have owled me at any time.” She looked at him with her honey brown eyes and spoke to him in her whiny voice. Annabel was really pretty. Her brunette hair hung in loose waves down her back. She had a Hufflepuff ribbon in her hair. She was short and curvy. Normally Albus would have found her pretty attractive. However, her overbearing personality scares him a lot.

“Sorry. I was going to owl you after the meeting today and give you the full details.” He said as he hurriedly went to stand by his cousin. Scorpius and Rose giggled at them.

“That’s alright you are forgiven. Anyway we have more important things to be excited about. I get to meet your parents tonight at dinner.” Annabel squealed and hugged Albus again. Albus looked over at his two best friends with a pleading look on his face. Rose and Scorpius shrugged at him.

“Students can you please take your seat at the table. The other schools are arriving now.” Professor Jemison shepherd the four teenagers over to the table. Albus sat between Scorpius and Annabel. Professor Jemison took a seat next to Rose just as the lift doors open again. A small mousey girl appeared also.

“Now introducing the delegates and Headmaster of Durmstrang Institute of Magic.” She read of a piece of parchment. A short stout man with expensive silk robes stepped off the lifts with four students in thick red wool robes.

“Why we didn’t get an introduction like that?” Scorpius whispered into Albus’s ear.

“Because our Ministry Of Magic is hosting the meeting, therefore we don’t need one.” Annabel said before she was shushed by Rose. Annabel threw her dirty look but remained silent. The newcomers approached the table. The short man walked up to Professor Jemison

“Faegan! It is so wonderful to see you again.” He said heartily as he shook the headmaster’s hand.

“But of course Nikolai. I haven’t seen you since our days at Durmstrang. I am glad to see that they have picked a well-qualified person for the position of Headmaster. I was honestly beginning to get tired of all the Headmasters who wanted to bring the Dark Arts overall curriculum back to the school” Jemison then turned to the four students sitting down at the table. “Students this is Professor Nikolai Batalova, the Headmaster of Durmstrang and a former classmate of mines.” He then turned back to the headmaster.

“I would like to introduce you to the Student Ambassadors for Hogwarts. This is Miss Rose Weasley, Miss Annabel McMillan, Mr. Albus Potter, and Mr. Scorpius Malfoy. These students are among the brightest in their Houses and among their year and will do an excellent job in informing the students of Durmstrang of our customs.” Professor Batalova smile at them.

“It is a pleasure to meet you. Here is the student ambassadors of Durmstrang.” He gestured to his four students to come and stand next to him. Albus examined the students. Now that they removed their wool robes, Albus could see their uniforms. Each student had on blood red sweater vests and white button down dress shirts. Albus noticed that the color of their ties were different and the emblems on their sweater vests were each different. He thought that this may be because of the different houses at Durmstrang. The males had on khaki pants and the females had on khaki skirts that stopped above their knees and woolen tights. Everyone had brown dress shoes on also.

“This is Danila Krum, Afya Nosov, Anatoliy Rubin, and Dmitriy Krum.” The students nodded their heads at the mention of their names and took a seat. The girl name Ayfa Nosov sat next to Scorpius and smiled at him He smiled back at her and stared at her.

“Scorpius! Stop being such a pig!” Rose scowled at him. Scorpius blushed back at Rose before he spoke.

“I am NOT a pig Rose Ginvera Weasley. Just because some guy is not drooling over you for once does not make me a pig.” Scorpius responds. Rose stood up to continue to argue with Scorpius. However, before Rose could respond, one of the Durmstrang boys approached her.

“Excuse me miss, but this fell out of your pocket.” He held out a small silver locket. Rose gasped.

“Thank you so much. My father gave me this the day I was born.” Rose looked up into the boy’s eyes. They were a dark green and crinkled when he smiled at her.

“Sorry I didn’t get your name?” Rose felt breathless as she stared back into the boy’s eyes as she sat back down. She felt heart melt as she looked.

“Dmitriy. Dmitriy Krum.” He flashed his smile.

“It’s nice to meet you. I am Rose Weasley.” She whispered.

“Krum! Come take your seat. Beauxbatons delegates are about to enter.” Batalova commanded. Dmitriy let go of Rose hand and went to sit beside the other boy from Durmstrang. The girl that Scorpius and Rose were arguing over scowled at her and the turned to face the lifts. Scorpius looked murderous.

“Now introducing the delegates and Headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.” The woman read off the same parchment. A woman with copper skin stepped off the lifts. She had on a pale blue dress that flowed behind her. Her hair hung in a loose braid that stopped at the small of her back. Albus thought that she was very beautiful. Just behind her, stood four students who were wearing pale blue peat coats. They approached the small queue.

“Welcome, Madame Pombert. I hope your travels were good.” Jemison shook the woman’s hand

“These are the student ambassadors for Beauxbatons.” She pointed at the students. The students had on peat coats with the school emblem, although the girls’ were longer than the boys’. The boys wore long sleeve shirts made of a thin material under their peat coats, black slacks and hard bottoms. The color of their shirts was different and there were different crest on their shirt. Albus figured this was because of the house difference once again. The girls meanwhile, wore the same type of shirt as the boys but they also had on black thigh length skirts, thin tights, and sliver heels.

“Ava Laderouter, Bouvier Castonguay, Ciel Quessi, and Dominique Weasley.” She stated as the students took their seats at the table.

“Dom!” Rose squealed. She ran around the table to hug her cousin.

“Rosie! You are doing this too? This should be fun. I missed you over the summer. Spending the summer at Grandmere and Grandpapa mansion is so boring. I can’t wait to go to the Burrow in August.” Dominique hugged her younger cousin. She flipped her strawberry blonde hair over her back. She then notices Albus.

“Hey Sev. How are things?” Dom asked Albus. Dominique is the only person who ever cause him Sev.

“It’s good Dom.” Albus loved Dom but she was much closer to James. They still had loads of fun together though

“Now introducing the delegates and Headmaster of Salem Institute of Magical Education.” The woman disappeared once again. A woman in a black suit stepped off the lifts. She looked stern. Four students followed her off the lifts. They walked to the table and stood behind their chairs. Jemison did not get up and great the headmaster this time.

“Good Morning. I am Dean Aasera Johnson and these are my students.’ She pointed to the students. Each student had on black and white letterman sweaters with a big sliver “S” embroidered on the right side of the sweaters. Other than that, the students didn’t wear a uniform, more like muggle clothing Albus observed. As the children began to take their seat, she stated their names.

“This is Ethan Roberts, Jayden Young, Sophia Murphy, and Juan Gonzales.” The students looked around and observed the other ambassadors and headmasters at the table.

“They sure do have a haughty expression on their face.” Rose whispered to the other Hogwarts students. Albus, Scorpius, and Annabel all nodded in agreement. Just then the lifts opened for a fifth time and out stepped a small group on Ministry officials. At the front of the queue Albus saw Kingsley Shacklebolt talking with a short, stout, muscular man in light blue robes that resembled his father’s ministry robes. When they approached the front of the table, Kingsley made a podium appear and two rows of chairs appear behind him. The remaining adults took a seat and Shacklebolt began to talk.

“Welcome students and headmasters to the British Ministry of Magic. We hope that your visit and trip here was a good one. I am Kingsley Shacklebolt; Minister of Magic. I would like to introduce the two officials that will oversee the entire project.” He pointed to the two officials that were sitting the closet to him “Mr. Erik Folland; the International Prime Minister of Magic and Ms. Kamila Andal Head of the Department of International Magical Education.” The audience clapped as the man Kingsley was speaking with approached the podium first.

“Welcome and congratulations to each and every one of you students here who are sitting in front of me right now. You guys represent the best and the brightest that your respective institutions have to offer.” Albus saw all the American children poked out their chest. He fought hard to hold back his laughter. “This year the International Ministry of Magic alongside with the Departments of International Magical Education and Magical Cooperation wants to incorporate a new amazing opportunity for the students apart of the magical world. To describe more of the program to you, Mrs. Andal will come to the podium and speak.” Prime Minister Folland took his seat and an elderly frail woman took the podium.

“Hello students. This year we are beginning a new international affairs program to the magical education realm so students from other countries will be able to interact with each other from around the world. For the inauguration of this program, we select the four most well renowned magical schools in the world; Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Drumstrang Institute of Magic, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, and Salem Institute of Magical Education. The success of this trial determines whether the program will continue and whether we will extend it to other schools.” She clapped her hand “Well now let’s get down to business.” Mrs. Andal waved her wand and little light blue pamphlets landed in front of each one of the students. Albus looked over his. At the top of the page listed four students, each from a different school.

“The students’ names that are written across the top of your pamphlets are students you will be working with for the duration of this program. Will you please get up and meet your group now.” The students got up and began looking for their partners. Albus began searching for his group. The girl from Durmstrang approached him.

“You’re Albus Potter, correct?” she asked.

“Yes. And you are?” Albus asked her. She smiled at him. Albus noticed that she had a really pretty smile

“I am Danila Krum.” She held out her hand and Albus shook it.

“Nice to meet you.” Albus replied Just then two other students approached them.

“Bonjour. My name is Ciel Quessi from Beauxbatons.” He shook Albus and Danila hand. His name sound vaguely familiar to Albus.

“Aren’t you Dom’s boyfriend?” he asked him

“Yes, I am dating Dominique Weasley. How do you know her?” Ciel asked quite defensively

“I’m her cousin, Albus Potter.” Albus said quite smugly

“Oh, well it is nice to meet any family of Dominique. She is such a lovely girl. I already met her parents.” Ciel said conceitedly. Albus could already tell that he wasn’t going to like this guy.

“Oh, you mean Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur? They are quite nice people when you are on their good side. They get along with just about anybody. Wait till you meet the rest of the Wotter clan.”

“Oh, I will. Dominique invited me to stay at the Burrow next month to meet the rest of your family. She said all the children stay at her grandparents’ house the month before they return to school.“

“Good luck with that.” Albus stated and he left it like that. All of the male Weasleys were protective of their female family members. James was particularly more protective of Dominique than any other family member except Lily of course. James is going to have a field day he privately thought to himself. Albus turned to the other student that was standing there. She was extremely pretty Albus thought. She was about a head shorter than Albus in her heels. She was wearing a button down silk black blouse under her letterman jacket. She had on a pair of dark blue jeans that hugged her very curvy body and a pair of close toe black pumps. Her curly blonde hair was sitting on top of her hair in a messy bun. She had a gorgeous white smile. Albus stared at her till she started looking awkwardly at him.

“Sorry, my name is Albus Potter and you are?” he held out his hand so she could shake it

“Sophia Murphy from Salem” Albus thought her American Southern accent was extremely cute.

“Nice to meet you.” said Danila. Ciel just nodded and her direction and went back to starring at Dom. Mrs. Andal called the group to order once more.

“You take your seats next with your group. Now in front you are the schedules of the times you will be meeting at your respective schools. “Albus glanced down at the schedule.

October 17th-October 31st: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

January 8th- January 22nd: Durmstrang Institute of Magic

March 17th- March 31st: Salem Institute of Magical Education

May 8th- May 22nd: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic

“Great. I get to play host first” Albus thought to himself.

“You will take the same classes that the ambassador for the school is taking unless otherwise prescribed. For an example, Hogwarts and Salem ambassadors will not be taking Dark Arts courses at Beauxbatons and Durmstrang since it is not a part of the curriculum of their home school. You will have the opportunity to take an additional elective class. You will discuss your course pickings later in the summer. Also ambassadors will be sleeping in the same chambers as your group; this includes the host of the respective school also. The main objective of the program is to encourage international unity. When traveling to the host school, you are expected to wear the same style of uniforms as the students in the school. No exceptions. Since Hogwarts is the first school on the list, the ambassadors of Beauxbatons, Salem, and Durmstrang will be getting their robes fittings done before they head back home. The other fittings dates for the other school dates will be announced accordingly.”

Just then Dmitriy raised his hand. He was sitting next to Rose who was blushing extremely hard at the moment.

“Yes Mr. Krum?”

“How are we supposed to pay for these clothes? This is going to be quite expensive.” He asked

“That is an excellent question. There is a fund set aside at the International Magical Embassy for the program. This fund will be split up between the four schools and this will pay for any out of pocket expenses that may come up during the year.” Mrs. Andal said. “Are there any more questions?”

The room remained silent. Mrs. Andal continued with her speech.

“In addition to the regular courses that you will be taken, you are required to take a culture class of the respective country you are staying in. These classes will meet at the Ministry of Magic in that country and will be taught by the Heads of the Department of International Magic Cooperation. I would like to introduce them to you now.” She turned and four ministry officials stood up and made their way to the podium.

“Here we have Mr. Seamus Finnagian from the British Ministry of Magic, Mr. Viktor Krum from the Bulgarian & Russian Ministry, Mr. Bellamy St. Andre from the French Ministry, and last but not least Ms. Amy Spencer for the American Ministry.” There a general round of applause for the Heads of Departments before they took their seat once again.

“You will meet every Saturday with the officials from the Ministry from 9am- 5pm to ensure that you have thoroughly gone over everything that needs to be taught. And yes, student ambassadors have to meet at these meetings also. This will ensure that your group is united and that you could help along the way. Lastly, with the information that you learn from these session you are expected to convey these to your fellow houses. This is important because you and the rest of your year will have An OWL grade for this.”

Sophia lightly brushed Albus’s arm as she raised her hand. Her touch sent shivers down Albus’s spine.

“Yes Miss. Murphy?” the woman asked

“What about the ball at the end of the year?” Sophia asked

“Ahhh yes. The ball will be in Amsterdam. You will play host at the ball. This is a kind of “thank you” for your participation. More details will be given once it gets closer. Well this concludes our meeting. Please take your pamphlets home and study them more and I will see each and every one of you on October 16th at Hogwarts.” The Ministry officials got up and left on the lifts. The other members of Albus’s group were discussing something when Sophia walked up to him.

“So Albus.” Sophia turned to him. He blushed


“How long are you going to be at the Ministry?” she asked.

“Well my dad works here so I will be here all day.”

“Would you like to go catch lunch with us?” she pointed towards Danila and Ciel.

“Sure. Let’s go” Sophia grabbed Albus hand. Albus blushed a little but Sophia didn’t notice. They were heading towards the lifts when Annabel came running up to them

“Albus!” Albus stopped right in his tracks. Annabel looked at Sophia and grimaced at her.

“Well, would you like to introduce to me to your new friend?” she said in a slightly cold voice.

“Annabel, this is Sophia. Sophia this is Annabel”

“Hello.” Annabel said. Sophia dropped Albus hand as Annabel ran to Albus’s side. Albus thought a sad expression crossed of her face but it wasn’t there no more.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you.” She held out her hand for Annabel to shake but she ignored it.

“Want to do lunch with Rose Scorpius and me?” she asked in a whiny voice. Albus hates when she does that.

“Actually I am having lunch with my group so we can get to know each other better.”

“But you have all year to spend with them.”

“Look, its only lunch. Plus you are coming over to my house for dinner so I will see you then.” He gave Annabel a quick hug. Sophia grabbed his hand again.

“Let’s go.” She said and the four students stepped on the lifts. Annabel was scowling after them.

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