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  Johanna felt a cold rush of air swarm all around her. She felt as if she was going through another portkey. She head the others screaming around her but she stayed quiet. She squeezed  her eyes shut until everything stopped spinning. When they did she slowly opened her eyes. She gasped at what she saw.


 All of the children were in a beautiful grand hall. Johanna guessed they were in a castle similar to Hogwarts. But this one seemed like it came out of a fairy tale. The skeleton was still in front of them and had it's hand wrapped around Teddy's wrist. Teddy's hair automatically changed back to teal and the group watched carefully as the skeleton slowly turned into a handsome young man. He had crystal blue eyes and jet black hair. His clothing was as if he was a prince of some sort.


 Johanna and Rose's mouths dropped. Johanna thought he was the most gorgeous guy she had ever seen. Rose breathed out, "Wow."


 Johanna nodded. "Yeah.", she said breathlessly. Michael raised an eyebrow. He turned to the boys and asked, "Hey what's wrong with them?"


 James exclaimed, "It's because this guy is totally sexy!" All the other children turned and stared at James. James shrugged and exclaimed, "What? He IS!"

  Teddy shook his head at James and turned back to the handsome man. "Um do you think you could let go of me now?" The man released Teddy with a disgusted look on his face. He pulled out his wand and exclaimed, "To get this ring each of you will have to duel me and win! We will start with-" he points to James. "You."

 James' jaw dropped and he threw up his hands. "Why me?" James notices the ring still on his finger. He laughs and and says, "Mate why do you have a ladies ring on your finger? Why would you even want to steal it from Gregory?"


 The man coughed uncomfortably and blushed. "Um well. You see my name is Count Dewey and I was getting married to my beautiful fiancé Sophie. She was the most beautiful girl in the world so she deserved the most beautiful ring. The best was in the tomb of Gregory Lovenchi and also, you see, Sophie and I had the same sized fingers. But that damned trap got me! I almost got out with the ring too!"

 James snorted and roared with laughter. Between laughs he exclaimed, "That sucks mate! You and your girlfriend has the same sized fingers!" Dewey's face was engulfed with rage. He pointed his wand at James and yelled, "This is why I chose you, you arrogant boy!"

 James immediately stopped laughing and pulled out his wand. Dewey started to back him up and James started to walk backwards. He said seriously, "Man I totally don't think your sexy anymore!"

 Teddy patted him on the shoulder. "Good luck mate!" All the children backed up and stayed far away from the fight as possible. James yelled to them, "Your just going to leave me with this deranged man!" He ducked as fire shot at him from Dewey's wand. Teddy called back, "Sorry but it's the only way to get the ring!"

 For the first time in her life Johanna Malfoy actually felt sympathy for James Potter. As much as she disliked him, she worried for him now. But then her arrogance she inherited from her father kicked in. She thought, 'Well it was his fault we got here anyways.' She rolled her eyes and watched the fight.

  James stood motionless on what to do. He tried to think back on all the spells he had learned. He shouted in his head, 'Dammit! Why didn't I pay attention!' He quickly looked to the left and saw Johanna. He felt his heart speed up and his breath get caught in his throat. He has had a crush on her for as long as he can remember but is too terrified to pursue anything with it. He knows that she hates him and she would never go out with him. Whenever he talks to her, his mind goes blank and he just says whatever pops out of his mouth; which is most likely something very stupid. He has always admired her strong attitude and determined gray eyes.

The only person who knows about any of this crush is Lily.

He had to give props to his little sister. She was smart to find it out; well she said his crush was obvious. But James has always been jealous of his sister's knowledge, she had inherited that from their mother. He had been extremely surprised when she was sorted into Gryffindor. Their whole family expected her to be sorted into Ravenclaw. Lil' even said the sorting hat considered Ravenclaw but over all chose Gryffindor for her courage. Courage that she shared with Johanna.

Another thing that made him love Johanna was when she pretended to be his sister. That was a horrible year. When James' father found out about Dolohov, he was dangerously quiet. Something none of James or his siblings were used to. But they knew everything about the war and what happened to him when he was younger; so they understood. But their mother Luna seemed the best person to make their father talk. James loved his mother, she just seemed the best person to talk to when having a bad day. Back at Hogwarts, a couple days ago, James heard a nearby Hufflepuff call his mother "Loony" and lets just say that guy will be in the hospital wing for a few weeks. But when Harry found out about Dolohov wanting Lily, that's when everything came crashing down.


  The Potter family basically had protection charms all over the house; not letting Lily go anywhere. Not even to Johanna's house. They didn't even want to send her to Hogwarts but after Lily (and also Johanna) begged profusely, they let her go. But then when they all left for Hogwarts it was even more terrifying. James didn't want anything to happen to his little sister. Then came that infamous day, the day they went to the ministry. When Dolohov cornered them and told them to give up Lily. James and his twin had protectively wrapped their arms around their little sister, preparing to fight for their sibling. James was shocked when Johanna stepped forward. They where all prepared to fight but when she did that everyone was in shock.

 Before anyone could stop her, Dolohov grabbed her and they apparated away. The look on Scorpius face made James' stomach drop and tears spring up in his eyes. Sadness, shock, anger, more sadness. Scorpius ran over to the spot where Johanna just was and he lost it. His whole body shook with tears and screams. James understood the feeling, Dolohov had wanted Lily dead. So it was basically a death sentence. Not only was Scorpius going to lose his sister, but his twin. James looked over at his siblings, if anything happened to them, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself. It finally hit James that the love of his life just saved his sister's life and will most likely be dead in a week.

 He looked around at everyone, Albus left Lily and went over to comfort Scorpius. Lily was sobbing and that night even James let tears fall. That week was hell. Dumbledore let the Potter kids and Scorpius leave early for the summer. James' aunt Hermione and uncle Draco were going mad trying to look for her. Poor Lily thought everything was her fault but James' father convinced her otherwise. James barely saw his father that week because he was constantly with the other aurors trying to find her. Albus was so quiet at times you'd think he would never speak again, like their father, and at night James could hear Lily's cries and his mother trying to soothe her. He only saw Scorpius a few times, but when James did see him, he was a wreck. Same with his aunt Hermione. She constantly had bags under her red eyes and tear stained cheeks. Even little Beth knew something was wrong.

 James was scared, but somehow he knew Johanna would be okay. She's strong, she could make it out okay. Maybe with a few cuts and bruises but alive. The day that they found Johanna was a few days before her and Scorps' birthday. Scorpius said it was the best birthday present he could ever get. When Johanna was admitted in St. Mungos, James immediately went to go see her. He went in the room with his family. James never thought he could see his sister so vulnerable. Her scared green eyes and her holding of their mother's hand. Something she hadn't done in a while. Hermione sat next to her daughters bed holding her hand. James' eyes flickered over to Johanna and he held in a gasp. Her beautiful face had scratch marks all over her cheeks . James' guessed it was from being tortured and in his mind's eye he got a visual. He closed his eyes and tried to think of something else. He looked again at Johanna and imagined her when she was well.

That's when he heard a beautiful voice scream, "JAMES!"

 James' eyes snapped open and he snapped out of his trance. Just in time for him to see a green light hurdling towards him. He jumped out of the way and it hit the wall. He recognized that spell; the killing curse. He shouted at Dewey, "What the bloody hell man!?"

Dewey exclaimed, "I will not give up this ring! I will do anything to stop you!"

Johanna covered her mouth after she screamed out James' name. Did she just do that? She continued to hold her hand over her mouth as she watched James. Teddy looked over at Joey shocked, "Joey! You just saved his life!" Johanna smiled and nodded. 'I did didn't I?' she asked herself. James looked over to her and mouthed, 'Thank you!' She forced a smile and nodded.

James looked back at Dewey and exclaimed, "Locomotor Mortis!" James smiled as he watched Dewey's legs lock and freeze. The other children roared with laughter as Dewey struggled to move. James laughed and yelled another spell, "Rictusempra!"

Dewey's legs unlocked but he started to twitch and laugh hysterically. He dropped to the floor and rolled around clutching his stomach laughing and yelling, "Stop! Stop! That tickles!" He rolled with laughter and tears streamed down his cheeks. "Please! Please! I beg you, I can't breath!" he exclaimed between his laughs.

James smiled and shook his head. "Uh no I don't think so." Dewey's face was a mixture of pain now but he continued to laugh. "Please! It tickles! P-please! Y-you w-win!"

James continued to use the charm. He asked, "Promise?"

Dewey nodded! "Yes! Yes! You win!"

James released the charm and quickly bowed to his classmates. Dewey lie on the floor clutching his stomach breathing hard. James triumphantly smiled and walked over to the group. Everyone clapped but Johanna. Teddy patted him on the back. "Good job you little bugger!"

James rolled his eyes and saw Rose looking at him with wide eyes and clapping with an amazed look on her face. James knew Rose had a crush on him and he was creeped out by it. The way she looked at him was like he was a piece of meat. He inwardly shuddered and looked over at Johanna, who wasn't clapping. Just looking down at her shoes. James tapped her on the arm and winked at her. "That's how it's done Joey!"

Johanna scowled down at her shoes. She muttered, "Shut up Potter." Johanna was mortified. She actually did something good for James and it was on total accident. She knew that if she didn't call is name, he would be dead. But still she couldn't help the feeling coming over her at the time. She felt another tap on her shoulder; it was James again. He looked at her in a way she never seen him look at her before. He smiled and said, "Thank you again."

She shook her head and blushed. Wait blushed? 'Since when do I blush?', She thought.

"It was nothing."

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